What is ClickFunnels and How Does It Works?

It was back in 2014 when Russell Brunson gave us Clickfunnels and it changed the digital market. Today, a large part of marketing and business has grown to a great apogee.

Funnel making and gaining loyal customers has never been so easy. Even the novice have tended to learn and adapt the tactics in minimal time.

As a result, a large chunk of businessmen and newbies showed interest. Apart from that Russell Brunson has been a great entrepreneur. He showcased his skills via various courses and hack classes offered in Clickfunnels.

Today, we are here with a thorough elucidation relevant to Clickfunnels. So all those minds with curiosity and doubts can hold their horses.

As we will share with you everything you ever need to know about Clickfunnels. What is Clickfunnels? How does it work? Or who can use it? All your questions and doubts will be bygone till the end of this article.

So let’s get started without much ado!

What Does Clickfunnels Do?


Being a funnel builder, especially sales funnel, it has been in the spotlight. For all the digital marketers and businessmen, this software is a blessing.

Either you want a little push for the automation of sales or boost them. Clickfunnels is a software of its type and lets you have complete control over things.

From visitors to them being a loyal customer and buying products. You have the total access and power over processes. Still, if you are wondering what you can do with Clickfunnels, here is an answer.

With this single software, you get not only the most amazing prices but also features. You can create landing pages, regular sites, webinars, and opt-in pages and so on. In short, the list of possible items can go on for a while.

The plus point here is the ease of usability, so even if you have zero knowledge, that won’t be a problem. There is a whole bunch of pre-designed templates available for you.

All you need to do it pick any of the templates and change them as required. Or you can build your website/funnel from scratch. Either way, Clickfunnels offer various customization options.

Then Clickfunnels also does for you is that allows you to sell your services or products. Like Russell Brunson, he sold almost everything so you can also do it.

You can further do the promotions on Clickfunnels and indulge others into buying. This would lead you into earning a hefty commission.

The features offered here are quite facile to use and understand. You can create compelling, professional funnels and landing pages.

These are key elements for building up any business. And if your clients are all based on online markets than you can’t deny using Clickfunnels.

These are a few aspects that Clickfunnels offers:

  • It has a drag and drop interface for ease of usage. This lets one customizing the templates also and work without any codes.
  • A/B split test feature differs from others. So you get to compare the products and search for the best one among them.
  • The built-in templates are all quirky designs and professional to look at. You can use them, customize them or take ideas from them.
  • Its email automation and autoresponder are astounding and work like magic. You can manage all the marketing campaigns now without any extra efforts.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?

Clickfunnels Work

Even after the passage of years, people still question; how does it work? Or what are the processes, etc.? Well, Clickfunnels is pretty easy to use, there are no hard and fast rules.

As for people who lack the know-how of technical stuff or online tools, feel difficulty. But that is completely normal as no one is perfect and we all keep learning our whole lives.

Cutting it short, we can say that Clickfunnels can do anything as long it is about marketing and sales. If you know the tidbits of developing the business, you can earn a healthy revenue.

With its help, you can generate leads or boost up the marketing. In short, everything that can push up sales and is beneficial for your business. Clickfunnels lets you build or create it.

Not only this, but Clickfunnels also works in boosting the growth of businesses. If you have created a website for your online business, you do need visitors. But only having visitors is not enough.

As they need to be your clients too, only then your work will grow.

This is where you can rely on Clickfunnels completely. For any e-commerce site, a high conversion rate is also crucial. Instead of creating the whole website, one can instead go for a landing page.

Here the visitors can view the offered services and products. So with fewer efforts, you can work on a way to enhance sales rather than making full-length sites.

Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Bootcamp

Clickfunnels’ Affiliate Bootcamp

For people who want to work on Clickfunnels but can’t due to lack of money. Here is a solution. Use Affiliate Bootcamp.

This program will help you out in making you familiar with affiliate marketing.

If you want online training, Bootcamp is for you. This program will teach you all the basics relevant to online marketing and business.

Learn how to develop effective marketing, and then split test the work done. This will ensure you get the most out of it.

With its help, you can process out things step by step, build a list, design, and implementations.

The most interesting part which makes Bootcamp an ideal choice is that you have to pay nothing. It is for free so one can get an advantage to the max level.

What Is Clickfunnels Used For?

Clickfunnels Used For

People use it most of the time for creating sales funnels. These funnels let them help in captivating the customers. Also, with these funnels, one can sell a whole lot of services and products.

An entrepreneur creates a funnel for 3 major reasons:

  • To generate leads
  • To run an event
  • To generate sales

Though Clickfunnels is for creating/building sale funnels. Yet if you don’t want to build funnels from scratch, go for the pre-built ones. You can customize these if there is a need. Clickfunnels lets you build any sort of funnel that best suits the requirements.

Next, it has an integration feature like with webinars. So you can also use webinar funnels for promotions. Still if one prefers to have a complete website for his business, Clickfunnels do that too.

The sites created via Clickfunnels turn out to be the most engaging ones. Also, integration includes various items like videos, animations, etc.

Or you can use an autoresponder like Actionetics, payment gateways and much more. The easy tools let one do the complex work in minutes. So it won’t be a problem if you lack programming skills. The drag and drop interface has made life easy for real.

Apart from all these basic things here are some other things to do with Clickfunnels.

1- Order Forms

Next, you can create the easiest process of check-outs for the clients. This leads to reducing cart withdrawal. The usual style order form is best to use or you can prefer step-2 form.

Or you can opt for order bumps to add the impulse purchases so boost the profits.

2- Membership Areas

Furthermore, you can create a membership page. So that training and subscription material get hosted there. The client can log in first and get access to all the content posted there.

This step saves you from 3rd party management software and such other tools.

3- Affiliate Centers

Clickfunnels allows you to add your affiliate program at any sales funnel’s back. This part allows us to change affiliate types, commission plans, do some payouts. This takes a minute only and adds 2 pages extra.

Next, it lets you generate links that will take you to any Clickfunnels page.  Then the affiliates can collect sales. Also, it is possible to create affiliate areas along with downloading banner ads.

4- One-Click Upsells

The one-click upsell is one astounding feature of Clickfunnels. With its help, you can enhance the cart value.

In this way, the customer saves himself time by not going through the check-out procedure. You only have to add pages that will offer extra products/services when the customer has bought it.

Who Can Use Clickfunnels?


Clickfunnels is of the most diverse platform. Its usability is not limited to a thing or two. This platform is what you need if you want to earn some money.

Now, it not only helps you to build the business but expand it in directions with the tools it offers.

Train yourself with it, use your skills in the digital market to bring out the best. There is no other such platform which has so much to offer. So why not devour the fruits if you can do so?

The usage of Clickfunnels is not bound to one person or two. As long as you have some sort of product/service to offer.

Either you are an oracle businessman, lawyer, coach, financial advisor or a realtor. If you have any service to offer, need a funnel, launch/landing page. You are also included in those who can use Clickfunnels.

How to Use Clickfunnels?

How to Use Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels is though for all those who want to sell their products and services. Yet if you are a novice then you may need some guidance and training. So you can put your skillset to use and produce some optimal results.

To build a funnel you do need to have some services to offer. Without that, there won’t be any use of creating funnels or using Clickfunnels.

1- Tutorial Training Videos

It is a great option to know the proper use of Clickfunnels as software for your sales funnel. But it needs a bit of know-how beforehand. Only then one can use it.

Further, not everyone can afford it. So first get a good hand at its usability and then opt it. We will help you to learn that too.

2- Templates

The best thing relevant to Clickfunnels is the templates. As it offers a drag and drop interface to make usability further easy. Customize them according to your choice.

And if you like those as it is then you can use it the same way. These built-in templates are a true blessing for the new beginners.


The inside analytics of Clickfunnels is amazing. As it lets you keep an eye on who is opting or visiting or buying. You can also pick some dates to see any post’s results.

Even if the sales page is not working, you can see that too.

4- Memberships

With the help of memberships or subscriptions, you get so many features. Then you can use these to host your associations, etc. Or you can opt to add lessons along with videos and so on.

5- Home Area

This is a crazy thing that Clickfunnels offer. You get free 5 funnels at first as Russell Brunson gives away these. These funnels worked for him and he wants the users to gain some benefits.

He earned millions and now he’s helping others.

How Can You Make Clickfunnels Work For You?

How Can You Make Clickfunnels Work For You

When you create a website for your product or services or any business. People visit it, observe what it has to offer and leave. Only by visiting the site, they won’t turn in to clients and customers.

You need to have such sites and pages that convert with some real high rate. At this point, Clickfunnel is what you may need. It allows you to make landing pages for the visitors so they can later become your customers.

The purpose is to allow marketers to build sales rather than whole websites. Clickfunnels works simply but allowing the new users to have a free trial period for 14 days. In this duration, anyone gets a good grip on its tools and start working well.

To ease up the complexity, there are various pre-built funnels. So one doesn’t need to create a new from scratch. These built-ins are customizable. Once created, the funnel will capture more and more visitors.

If you are up for selling your services then consider using sales page funnels or create one. For webinars, click funnel has the webinar funnels. In short, anything that turns to be helpful for business is here on Clickfunnels.

You can use various methods to make a profit via Clickfunnels. But here we will share a few of them. You can start using these today to get good cash out of Clickfunnels.

Sell Your Products

This one is quite an easy and obvious way that most of us would prefer. Or at least people who have some products or services to offer. So yes, you can sell your very own products here and make a profit.

The mediums that Clickfunnels provide are below listed:

  • Webinars
  • Information Products
  • E-commerce physical products
  • Continuity Programs
  • High-ticket coaching

Earn an Affiliate Commission

Affiliate Commission

For people who don’t have any product to sell, there is another option. You can promote Clickfunnels and bring other people towards it.

The long list of features makes it quite easy to promote it. And with rapid enhance in the number of users, anyone would feel compelled to prefer it.

The affiliate program offered in clickfunnels is for such people who promote it. So only by making others use it, you can earn a profit.

The things that you can promote can be the Expert Secrets book or Dot Com Secrets book. The only thing you need to do is; add value.

People tend to use these social apps way too often and anything they see here will catch their attention.

You can use the training and hack classes offered by clickfunnels to learn more about it. And then you can also use it for building your funnels.

What You Will Need To Know Before Buying Clickfunnels?


As we know Clickfunnels has 2 basic plans to offer; $97 and $297. And a newbie can’t afford this. Especially if a person is investing only, he can’t bear the extra burden.

But here a few tricks you must know before you buy Clickfunnels. Now, these will not only cut you some slack but also bring in some great, extra features.

1- Get ClickFunnels Discount from the Secret Plan

Another way is to leverage the secret plan. Well, the majority of us are not familiar with this secret plan as it is not included in basic plans. So all you need to do is cancel the account after your free trial ends.

Yes, that’s right, cancel out your account.

When you do this, Clickfunnel will offer you 3 new plans. These plans are cheaper. It has a plan for $67, $9 and $37. These are the prices per month. If you opt for any of these plans, you save yourself a great amount.

2- Free Click Funnels Tutorial

The Internet is home to hundreds of platforms. The same is the case when it comes to Clickfunnels. If you are only learning and want some guidance or tips then search for videos.

There are splendid videos available online to help you in teaching the basics. And the best part is these are all free of cost. Apart from that, you can also check the Clickfunnels support pages.

3- Get Special Discount from Funnel Hack Package

The last option is the Funnel Hack Package. You get a coupon code of clickfunnels with this. It also has lots of features and bonuses to offer. This offer allows one to get hands-on clickfunnels for 6 months. All you will have to pay is $997.

Instant traffic hacks, SOAP & Seinfeld email sequences, funnel hack masterclass of 6 weeks. Apart from this many other things are a part of this offer.

4- Sign up for ClickFunnels via Shared Funnels

You might be aware of what Shared Funnel is. Still, to explain it; these are pre-built funnels that you get to share. You can share it with other user or a new user. These funnels come at far cheaper rates than the original.

The only thing you need to do is; create an account using Shared Funnel. The discount you here means now you will have to pay $19 only per month.

5- ClickFunnels Coupon with Funnel Builder Secret

A funnel builder secret plan is also a great source to get a bunch of bonuses and features. In basic plans, there aren’t any bonuses added. But in this secret plan, you do get a great deal.

The price of this plan ranges from $1997 to $5997. It may look expensive but is not. Considering the number of bonuses it offers alongside. Everything seems to be in balance.

You can get traffic secret membership, funnel hack masterclass, inception secrets, etc.


We hope you will find this article helpful and would prefer using Clickfunnels. In case, there are any confusion, doubts, queries, feel free to contact us. We always feel obliged to serve our readers.

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