How to Use ClickFunnels for Network Marketing? (Guide)

There are many different things in Clickfunnels.

As you know Clickfunnels is an online business platform where billions or trillions people join with each other to support other online business by buying stuff and selling stuff.

It is just a whole big market which is digitalized and everyone love to join this market. 

As we know clickfunnels has been working on many things and still working for and in many things as they want to reach higher and want to give more memberships across the world.

There hardworking is really paying off by the people that are joining them every day and every night.

As they are working and worked for new technologies like sales funnels, Actionetics, webinars, affiliate marketing and much more.

There is another thing that we have not to talk about and its called network marketing as in the Click funnels there is a funnel by the name of Network funnel as well. 

Today we will learn all about the Network marketing or Network funnel in this article.

As this funnel was not so much popular in the old days and still is not so much popular but people are starting to understand it and are getting a hang out of it.

As we are also getting a hang of it that’s why we decided to give you brief taught on it as well. So you can have an idea of what this funnel does and how it works? 

As this relates to MLM which will be discussed in this article very soon but the idea of using MLM by building an online sales funnel, we are also at a learning curve so that why we would like you to know what we know and we also want to learn from you guys.

If you know something about this funnel. And if you do know please share with us in our comment which is down below the conclusion’s heading. 

Using Clickfunnels for MLM

MLM is a great fortune if you just understand it. MLM also works like affiliate marketing or we can say there no such bigger differences between these two.

Using Clickfunnels for MLM

If you need to compare these two then you can say affiliate marketing is based on other people commissions which means we sell other people product and take the commission for selling their product.

On the other hand, MLM works like affiliate marketing but in this, we build a sales team and earned a great commission when the task is achieved by the sales team. 

MLM is also called Network marketing and networking is dependent on sales as it can be increased and can be decreased it all depends on sales. 

Why We Use Clickfunnels for Networking?

Clickfunnels for networking can be very effective when it comes to MLM teams.

Clickfunnels for Networking

As this, is going popular in the market Clickfunnels is launching there own Network marketing funnel so their members should not go elsewhere to increase their sales and marketing strategies. 

MLM company connection with Clickfunnels is quite handsome as they are eager to work with each other and wants to make a digitalize future for the members of their platform who are doing online business.

As a matter of fact, Russel Brunson has a great connection with the MLM company CEO and wants to cooperate with him in this great journey to success. 

The previous version of MLM recruiting funnel which was recognized in Clickfunnels was a terrific start to Network marketing and they still believe it can become much better.

It the current version they can generate leads, build an MLM email list and recruit members to join the team. 

Using Sales Funnels to Get Network Marketing Business

Sales funnel is necessary for nowadays business as consumers can be very informative which means they try to get information about the product before purchasing it and in this sales funnel take part successfully.

As the customer is also looking for less price product means that the customers always want less price and high-quality product.

Using Sales Funnels to Get Network Marketing

So they can socialize and if you are a digital marketer then should take your business to that side to seek new strategies where you can do a network marketing easily and can attract customers. 

Before we go to the main topic of Network programming, we would like to tell you some things that you should not do anymore.

I wonder if you have known all these things you wouldn’t come here in the first place but now you are here and we would like you to know somethings so carefully read them and stick them in your head.

The Lies!

It Is a Number’s Game

This game is not just about numbers is about the people that you have been recruiting without thinking anything.

If you have learned or if someone told you to just recruit every single person into your community then you are doing it wrong.

This can be a floppy idea as you should send your contact to just those who try to stick ties with and by giving everyone the contact there can be fewer persons that will sign and more that will just make dust your contact into the bin instead.

You should use that contact on those who are looking valuable or on those who love to become a part of your recruitment team.

I’ll Take off After One More Recruit

Why many of the companies CEO say that and wait for a recruit to come as they are greedy for recruitments. If I suggest you should note wait for recruits to start yours.

If you are willing to do something just do it, waiting for others can be a time waste.

The only thing that will keep the business going is you and the only one who can boost your business is you so do not wait for some recruit, start your business and do whatever you can to make it accomplish all over the world.

Spend Most of the Time Looking for Prospects

Finding a prospect can also be an accomplishment for you because it can b really hard for someone to find a prospect.

If you are willing to find one this will be your own choice and can be a difficult one but when you do that we will be the best accomplishment for your life.

A suggestion from us is that you should focus on your Network Marketing with the help of sales funnel there you will find what you are looking for. 

Do Home Meetings

This is the last thing that you should not do if you are starting your business.

Home Meetings

If you did arrange meetings at home, hotels and any other place then you have done nothing and just wasted all your time so now that we have mentioned all the things that you should not do.

Now, we will be telling you all the things that you should do to promote your sales funnels with the help of network marketing.

There are many things like social media traffic, paid traffic, landing pages, email marketing and much more for you today. 

Finding Interest

Social Media

Social media can be a great source to search for prospects.

Social Media

You can start with Facebook and by making friends of friends influence for your product that can be a better job as I assume that you have exhausted all your family and friends so this will be the best choice to go for friends of friends.

You can send direct messages to them but do not send these messages to strangers.

If you are done with friends of friends than we can go towards the strangers as if you message them directly the message will of to their other inbox and that might get lost forever because no one reads those messages.

So for this, you should pay per message so the message goes directly to their inbox. 

Paid Traffic

This prospect can be the best as you can place ads with the help of Facebook Ads and AdWords. You can set demographics so you can target those people only that can be suitable for your product or job. 

And with the help of focused targetting you can only show your ads to those who you think can be serious about your business.

Paid Traffic

You can out remarketing pixel feature on your landing page as well because if someone is not availing your offer and just visiting your website then it can easily pop-up your message to remind them of your offer.

If you just put these two things together then it might work and you might build a solid strategy that can increase your sales and make your business even larger.

Landing Pages

If you are looking to make network marketing success then you should know that first impression is the key to all this success.

Landing Pages

And if you made a landing page that is well designed then it can be a start of a new future for you as it can build trust around you and your customer.

If you have thousands of prospects but you have unable to find a suitable way to recruit them in your contact list with the help of their email. 

In order to recruit them, you must make a landing page that will make them attractive and so they can offer their emails to you for contact. 

Your landing page should be perfect as it should consist of a contact form, capturing headline, key points of the benefits of your offer and the last compelling call to action (CTA).

You should make all the things relevant to each other which means if you have built an ad on Facebook then it should be compelling so the customer could land on your landing page and so you can have his email contact and recruit him later on. 


CTA is the key for your landing as it stands for the call to action so the answer is in its name perhaps.

Call to action is the key to making the customer buy the next step and go towards the end of your journey.

This does not mean that if the customer submits the form this is enough for him or the CTA work is done.


You should make the button attractive and compel the person by typing words like watch the webinar now or visit our site for more information.

This can make the customer more attractive to you and he or she will come back the next as well. 

As long as you have a great CTA with an attractive button and a compelling message the customer will get even more attractive and this is the work of CTA and it can not be done until the customer is fully recruited. 


Email marketing is the best marketing from the day when it was introduced and it is still the best. It is the true definition of Network marketing. If you thinking about why this is the best?

Then you should know that if some opt-in into your email list it is called owned data. After that, you can reach that customer whenever you want as long as he or she does not unsubscribe it. 


The best thing about this marketing is that if you have their email you can easily send them success stories of your company, your FAQs and moreover your starter pack with the help of Actionetics.

Actionetics is the key to making your customer even more attractive to your product as it can build email lists, create email broadcasts and action funnels. 

Through the email automation, you can answer their questions as well and make them believe about the product that you are selling. This is the highest prospect and can be the value as well.

The email marketing can not be destroyed as it is owned by you and you alone, no one has the right of your email. 


This is all that we have learned bout Network Marketing.

We hope that you understood everything in this article and if you have any queries or some information regarding this article please share with us as well.