Two Comma Club Coaching Generate 7 Figures in 12 Weeks

Clickfunnels is what all those new marketers use to create funnels and more. The minute it hit the digital world; it became a sensation all thanks to Russel Brunson.

In other words, Clickfunnels is a software launched specially to entertain marketers. So they get to build desired funnels, earn profit and generate revenue.

Like all the things, offered, Two Comma Club is one of them. And it has been in the spotlight since then. To put it into a nutshell, Two Comma Club is a high ticket program. Also, this coaching generates at least 7 figures in 12 weeks.

Today we will help you out by explaining the process. By following the provided information, you can also generate 7 figures in 12 weeks.

So let’s start now!

About Clickfunnels


It was in 2014 when Russell Brunson, the genius blessed us with Clickfunnels. Clickfunnels is an ideal choice for digital marketers and businessmen.

You get to boost your business, capture hefty revenue, clients and sell products.

Russell Brunson is one of the top Entrepreneurs who also wrote books. 108 Proven Split Test Winners, DotComSecrets and The Expert Secrets are among them.

With a single software, you get to build various funnels. Like sale funnels, Optin funnels, product launch funnel and more.

The Creator – Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson

Before we move further into the topic, you must know about the creative mind behind the scenes. It was Russell Brunson who came up with this genius idea and a lot more.

All thanks to his hard work so many fresh minds learned a lot about the online/digital market. He not only gave us Clickfunnels but also many books that changed many minds.

How Does Clickfunnels Work?


Though using Clickfunnel is quite easy. Yet people who have never used an online tool or software do need some help and guidance. With the help of Clickfunnels, one can do almost all the things relevant to sales and marketing.

If you know the tidbits of developing the business, you can earn a healthy revenue. With its help, you can generate leads or boost up the marketing. In short, everything that can push up sales and is beneficial for your business. Clickfunnel lets you build or create it.

If you have created a website for your online business, you do need visitors. But only having visitors is not enough. As these need to be your clients too, only then your work will grow

This is where you can rely on clickfunnels completely. For any e-commerce site, a high conversion rate is also crucial. Instead of creating the whole website, one can instead go for a landing page.

Here the visitors can view the offered services and products. So with fewer efforts, you can work on a way to enhance sales rather than making full-length sites.

Clickfunnel offers a friendly and facile interface for its users. So the user feels ease while using it even for 1st time. The free 14 days trial makes things simpler.

If you don’t want to build funnels from scratch, go for the pre-built ones. You can customize these if there is a need. You want a funnel for selling products or increase the subscription list. Clickfunnels lets you build any sort of funnel that best suits the requirements.

Next, it has an integration feature like with webinars. So you can also use webinar funnels for promotions. Still if one prefers to have a complete website for his business, clickfunnels do that too.

The sites created via clickfunnels turn out to be the most engaging ones. Also, this integration includes various items like videos, animations, etc.

Or you can use an autoresponder like Actionetics, payment gateways and much more. The easy tools let one do the complex work in minutes. So it won’t be a problem if you lack programming skills. The drag and drop interface has made life easy for real.

The Two Comma Club

Two Comma Club

The Club is for those people who succeeded in generating 1 million via Clickfunnels. It might sound too hard or almost impossible but is not. And the people who earn are a part of the club.

A lot of people have earned 1 million via a single funnel.

But that is not a limitation as you can also use various funnels for this purpose. Afterward, you can merge those into a single funnel via a form that the club provides.

Since the beginning, we have seen that Russell Brunson offers things of great value. So in the same manner, Two Comma Club Coaching is a great offer for people who want some serious business.

Though the club is not for almost anyone. But for those businessmen who are up for something big relevant to their work. And if you want to take the whole business to the next level.

This program is for the individuals who are yet attempting to come to an obvious conclusion. Or who are battling to discover how to streamline their funnels.

On the off chance that you have been battling to earn online. Also, need a definite approach to be fruitful, you have to join the 2 Comma Club Coaching.

This is the best training system to bring in money online from your hard work. Period, yes it is major speculation, yet it’s the most secure venture you’ll ever make in your learning.

How to Win the Award?

Two Comma Club

As for the Two Comma Club, you will have to generate the targeted revenue so win the award. Now, for doing so there are some methods that one can adapt.

You can either look up for Facebook ads, online courses, create funnels for others or so on. All you need is to be a part of the club and voila!

Here are some ways to do so and earn the award along with the revenue.

1- Read the Book

Read the Book

The book: Dotcom Secrets is an ideal guideline for all new businessmen. So you can read this book to learn new things and secrets.

This will help you in acknowledging your skillset.

The writer, Russel Brunson has shared his very own experience. You can learn some great tips and secrets from it.

This book highlights all those funnels that one can use for his benefit. Or would turn out to be a great success.

2- Know Your Numbers

Know Your Numbers

Keep a track of your financial metrics as the club knows its numbers.

You can use your dashboard to keep an eye on it and make necessary changes.

The metrics you can manage are many.

Like average cart value, cost per acquisition, cost per lead, lifetime customer value.

If you keep these metrics in momentum, you are closer to the club. And once you become a part of the club, you can claim the award.

What You Get When Join 2 Comma Club Coaching Program?

On joining Two Comma Club Coaching, there are 2 packages.

  • Home Study Version
  • Intensive In-Person Workshop

Two Comma Club Coaching Home Study Version

It offers the following:

  • Secret Master Class
  • Spy for Profit
  • 6 Months Weekly Coaching Accountability Calls
  • Private Discussion Groups.
  • “2 Comma Club” Members behind the Scenes

This coaching will cost you a total of $1997.

2 Comma Club Coaching Intensive In-Person Workshop

It comes with the following:

  1. Entire Online Program
  • Secrets Masterclass
  • Spy For Profit
  • 12 Months Weekly Coaching
  • Private Discussion Group
  • 2CC Behind The Scenes
  1. Fill Your Funnel along with Traffic Secrets
  2. Also, you can join a live 3-day in-person FHAT Event at ClickFunnels headquarters in Boise.

As for this coaching, it costs $14,997.

Two-Comma Club Coaching Members

Two-Comma Club Coaching Members

This club comprises of more than 200 members. These people joined the club and created funnels for their business. Then earned a heft revenue, all through Clickfunnels that generated 1,000,000.

Further, with this club, the number will only tend to increase with time. Each month you will see the digits boosting up as a result of high-grade coaching.

A few members of the Two Comma Club Coaching are

  • Joe McCall is a real estate investing master. He offers podcasts, products, coaching and marketing services.
  • Trey Lewellen is associated with Lumitact Inc. They are into manufacturing and selling Tactical flashlights
  • Brandon and Kaelin from LadyBoss are up to help women in losing weight and maintain it.

Is Two-Comma Club Coaching For You?

Two-Comma Club Coaching For You

A lot of us face issues or have doubts when trying out something new. The same goes for Clickfunnels and Two Comma Club Coaching. People often find questioning themselves whether is it for them or not?

But, we assure you that it is completely okay to feel that way. We all want to earn a good profit from our business or work.

Especially after the number of diligent efforts we put up, we all deserve some good money.

So for all such people who want to learn about earning 7 figures, nothing beats the club.

If you are in search of some source that grabs the attention right off at first glance.

Two Comma Club Coaching is your ultimate answer and solution.

Yes, it might look like a lot when you hear about the cost. Yet if you compare $2,000 or $15,000 and $1,000,000 you’ll know what is worth and not.

Rather this option is a smart investment that comes with a promising return/revenue. Also, instead of thinking about it, you mush rush to join it as soon as possible. So not only you can gain the benefits but also it is not open all the time.

What If You Can’t Afford It?

One of the major issues that most of us will face is the cost of the Two Comma Club Coaching. Now, when a newbie is already looking for options to earn some money. It can be tough to invest such a sturdy amount.

In fact, at the beginning of entering the digital market and funnel world, people can’t afford it all. Most of you might have left the idea of Comma Club Coaching due to the same reason.

But again Clickfunnels and Russell Brunson have devised a great way. You can start with joining Clickfunnels as it offers a free 14 days trial. Or opt for the Funnel Hack webinar to get your hands on free Clickfunnels for 6 months.

Either way, you will end up learning and being able to start something that will generate revenue. It will be of use while joining the Club Coaching and getting a life-changing opportunity.

Cost of Clickfunnels

Cost of Clickfunnels

If you can’t directly enter the Comma Club Coaching, no problem.

Because Clickfunnels will turn out to be of great help when it comes to making money online.

All you will need is to join Clickfunnels and then opt for any of the offered plans.

Now, there are two plans that you can choose from. Also, some extra plans might hold your interest.

  • $97 per month-Startup plan
  • $297 per month-Etison Suite plan
  • $997 for 6 months-Funnel Hacks plans
  • $1997 per year-Funnel Hacks

Features of $97 plan

This plan comes with the following things:

  • 20 funnels, 20k visitors, 100 pages
  • unlimited leads with 3 custom domains
  • builds sale funnels, not websites
  • can integrate with an autoresponder and shopping cart

Features of $297 plan

This plan offers the following features;

  • unlimited funnels, pages, visitors
  • unlimited leads and custom domains
  • has a BackPack and Actionetics
  • supports affiliate program integration


If we look up at all the things that Clickfunnels offer, this is by far the best. Imagine being able to generate 7 figures and that too in only 12 weeks.

Clickfunnels has always brought up options for people who want to learn and earn. In the past years, countless businessmen and novice succeeded in gaining profit.

And like all the other pieces of training and programs offered this one is also worth trying. Yes, we all agree that putting up such a huge chunk of money is hard.

Some of us might not be okay others might not be able to afford it. But whatever be the reason, this is a genuine option that will change your life.

So we want you to stay connected and tell all the things you want to know about Russel Brunson and his work. We will make sure you gain the most engaging content that sparks your interest.

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