Traffic Secrets Review (2020): Is This Book Worth Your Money?

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Have you read out this book that is titled Traffic Secrets? If not, then here you can have a look at this Traffic Secrets Review.

You might be wondering whether this book is worth your money or not, here we are going to tell you.

If you want to determine and sort out your audience or if you want to get a deeper understanding of your target audience, then do read out this book.

Furthermore, this Traffic Secrets Review will tell you how to increase your online sales and traffic numbers.

We will not take more of your time and will be directly jumping on the pack of information that you are looking for:

About Author Russell Brunson:

Russell Brunson

Before we start with this Traffic Secrets Review, we would like to tell you a lit bit about Russell Brunson.

He is the mastermind right behind these magical and amazing numbers of books.

Furthermore, he penned down Dotcom Secrets book. All of his books have turned to be quite a hit among the online business community.

If you wish to grow and boost your online sales, then it is a must for you to read out these books. Russell has also created ClickFunnels.

We can say that this man is a genius in this area. He is a true marketer and knows well how to sell any kind of product.

As he is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, for the information, this is a software company that he created and founded. This platform gives extensive education to all kinds of online entrepreneurs.

The very first business line that was started by Russell Brunson, it was about selling potato guns and supplements and also e-books.

He is the one who managed to sell over 400.000 copies of his crafted books, yes we are talking about Expert Secrets and DotCom Secrets.

Now below you check out in detail this Traffic Secrets Review and do share with us your feedback about it.

Traffic Secrets Book Summary:

Traffic Secrets

Talking about this Traffic Secrets book summary, here are the details for you! The author of this book is Russell Brunson

Discussing module 1 of this book, it is basically and generally the foundation of this respective book.

Here you will come to know about the strategies and techniques that are important for the online business world.

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In addition, you can know about the marketing techniques that are crucial for the online marketing world.

The module of this Traffic Secrets Review tells us about the concept and approach of marketing discovery.

Most importantly, this module and the specific chapter will give you the information as to how to look for the right market for your products and services.

Moving to module 3, this will give you information and tips about the copywriting secrets. This method and approach are also given the name of a sales pitch.

While you are selling your product, this important concept should always be considered. Your copywriting speech has to be great enough so that customers may show a willingness to buy your product.

Moving on to a further piece of details and information about this Traffic Secrets Review, module 4 is about keyword science.

While selling your service or products, you have to get a thorough understanding of this keyword science. By understanding this module, you will know about the keyword research process.


Besides, the readers will get the know-how about Keyword Targeting method as well as recognizing Keyword intent. The last module is linked to email marketing tactics.

To enhance and boost the sales figures of your business, strong marketing tactics is the key to success.  Here the focus is on email marketing only.

What you can do is to organize the email list of your target audience and then send them emails regularly while promoting and informing them about your products.

What is Traffic Secrets Book?

Traffic Secrets Book

This book is penned down and compiled by Russell Brunson. This book will help and aid you in increasing your leads and sales.

Most noteworthy, with the help of this Traffic Secrets Review, you will get tips as to how to sell more and more products in less time.

For the information, there are three sections entailed and embedded in this reviewed book.

You will generally be discovering and exploring 20 secrets that revolve around the fact of increasing your traffic numbers.

Beyond, this book helps you in teaching and guiding about Facebook Ads editor for the sake and purpose of traffic generation.

You get this knowledge as to how to Setup Google ads and how to make the best use of keyword research tools.

This Traffic Secrets Review tells us that this is a comprehensive book as it focuses attention on Traffic retargeting. It assists you in identifying your dream and target audience customers.

This great and highly useful book provides you with smart ways as to how to work and buy your way in!

Furthermore, you learn about the fact of integrating your varied and different social media accounts.

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What Inside Traffic Secrets Book?

Inside Traffic Secrets Book

Now, here is the deal for you! If you are searching the details regarding what is present in this book, then below-mentioned details can help you out:

Three sections are composed and injected in this book and this Traffic Secrets Review will give you a deeper understanding of these sections.

Section #1: Your Dream Customers:


The very first section is about targeting your dream customers!

Through the clear-cut illustration of this Traffic Secrets Review, you will know concerning how to identify your dream customers.

The reader will be taught about the foundation where your dream customers are hiding and how to recognize them in less time.

This one is a stand-alone playbook and manages to help you extensively. The next secret entailed and embossed in this section tells you the reasons when your target audience hides from you!

In addition, it helps you in locating your dream customers that are generally hiding or congregating from you. Here a new concept is injected and it is given the name of “Dream 100”.

Furthermore, this section guides you that once you have found out about your dream customers, the next step is to build your Dream 100 list.

Create an interesting story for your audience so that they can purchase your products. More of the secrets are embedded in this section.

This provided Traffic Secrets Review gives us this glimpses that how this book educates you in grabbing the massive traffic.

You are instructed about the invisible second funnel that schools you in getting and acquiring potential sales.

While you will read out this section, all readers will be served with the smartest tips as to how to return to their audience calls and to respond to their emails.

If you are still excited about reading this Traffic Secrets Review, then do read out and go through this whole piece of writing.

Section #2: Fill Your Funnel:


The second section of this highly recommended book is about filling your funnel.

In this Traffic Secrets Review, we are going to clearly and seamlessly tell you what is the importance and overall significance of this section.

If you want to get and acquire tons of free amounts of traffic, then this section can coach and train you in this area.

Through this pack of data, you can instantly know how to push your dream customers all into the sales funnel.

The next secret that is revolving in this respective section, it is about getting crazy numbers of traffic in a roller-coaster way and manner.

Your business and sales start to get more consistent. This section will school and educate you regarding keeping on sending streams and a bunch of visitors to fill your sales funnel.

Do not forget to read out its quick and easy to follow 3-5 minute daily strategy.

This well-written down Traffic Secrets Review tells and informs us that how this daily strategy tap chunks of customers and target audience for you.

This is a simple to read a book and all of its injected and embedded sections are easy to understand and quick to follow.

To get the understanding of leveraging Google and to get the right customers for your business, you should be reading in-detail this respective section.

In this same section of filling your funnel, the author of this book Russell Brunson has told us about the fact of creating and making an incredible content for your target audience.

By doing so, your daily number of customers and prospects will rise with every single day. 

The last highlighting and catchy part of section two are about creating and making the most powerful and useful “Tonight Show”.

This show is going to fuel and boost the spark of all of your social media assets. The rest of the details linked and attached to this Traffic Secrets Review are mentioned below for you.

Section #3: Grow Hacking:

Grow Hacking

The third section of this book titled and named as Traffic Secrets is about to Grow hacking!

If you wish to create and craft hub style kind of landing pages, then do read all details embedded and infused in this section.

To push your traffic scale and numbers to another level, this section can be useful.

By making amazing kinds of landing pages, your audience will learn about your products or services deeply and keenly.

This Traffic Secrets Review tells us that developing eye-catchy landing pages makes your products and services amazing enough. 

Besides, there are three main strategies present in this section that helps and coaches you in tapping your distribution channels.

This way it will be easy for you to plug any of your products and services all into some brand new audience channels and streams.

You will be surprised to know that in this section, there is this 5-step game plan.

According to this Traffic Secrets Review, this section will train and help you in building and making an army of expert marketers.

If you want to promote your products on your own and you do not want to spend dollars on advertising, then do read this section of Traffic Secrets book.

Moreover, in this respective and specified section, there comes seven main and primary phases of a sales funnel.

This concept will tell you how to convert and transform your ice-cold traffic all into prospective customers.

Hence, we are quite sure and confident that this Traffic Secrets Review will help you immensely. Up till now, you have got a clear idea that what is written and penned-down in this book.

Traffic Secrets Book Pros and Cons:

Traffic Secrets

The next piece of this discussion is about the pros and cons side of this Traffic Secrets book. Not all books are perfect and they have their downsides as well.

So, let us all check out the particular details that what makes this book special and what is the negative side of this book with the help of this Traffic Secrets Review.



Firstly, this book helps you immensely in making money. It firmly teaches and trains you in generating a large number of leads.

In addition, you learn about the particular strategy and tactics to look for your dream customers.

To save money and to keep your business profitable, you can read this book. It keeps your advertising budget minimum and within your budget line.

If you want to do the advertising of your products and services in a budget-friendly way, then it is a must for you to read this book.

It teaches you about the purpose and correct usage of Facebook Ads (Fb ads) and also Google Ads.

Besides, for the sake of traffic generation, you know about the tactics regarding spending and investing your advertising budget in a smarter and too efficient way.

With the clear and trouble-free understanding of this Traffic Secrets book, you do not have to worry at all about the concept of keywords ranking.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry and take a headache with advertising bids.



Coming to the cons side of this book, this Traffic Secrets Review will too help you comprehensively and immensely.

There can be so many reasons that you might not show interest in reading this book. And below we have mentioned those clear-cut reasons for you.

So, firstly, this book may not come on your expectations and demands as this book takes a lot of time to read, comprehend, and understand.

According to some of the readers, this is not marked and termed as a rich quick book.

Most probably, this book may not be liked by you as its whole content is focused and concentrated on a real marketing strategy.

One needs to take out enough and maximum time to implement the concepts incorporated in this book.

Though this book titled and named as Traffic Secrets helps you in growing and expanding your business, but this book is not categorized as a rich quick schema. 

This book does not make this promise and claims that you can have massive traffic overnight.

Lastly, the shipping time and duration may take a little bit longer. In other words, you may have to wait for an extended period to get this Traffic Secrets book of yours.

If you are not in the USA, then the shipping time may get extended and prolonged to two weeks’ duration.

To see more of the details on this Traffic Secrets Review, you can check out and easily go through the rest of the content part.

And feel free to let us know whether this book meets your expectations and come out to be useful for your business or not!

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Who Traffic Secrets Book is Created for?

If you are looking for the details that who is the target audience of this Traffic Secrets books, then we can tell you about it

For your information and according to the details embossed in this Traffic Secrets Review, this book is made and designed for anyone and also for all kinds of businesses.

If you wish to get cold traffic numbers for your business, then this book can do magic for you. Moreover, it helps you in getting cold traffic instantly.

You get the coaching on building and making an email list. Those business owners who want to increase and boost their sales online, then for such an audience, this book is made and compiled for them.

Business lines linked to the zones of coaching and consultation then should read this book by Russell Brunson.

Most certainly, this book is made for business categories attached and linked to zones of info products and e-commerce sites.

If you are working in the field of network marketing, B2B, non-profit business lines, then it is widely suggested to you to read this book.

Even more, this well-elaborated Traffic Secrets Review will give you a clear idea that for which kind of target audience this book is made!

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Who Is Traffic Secrets Book is Not Created For?

You need to keep in mind that this book is not made for some specified audience type! Here we have listed down that audience type that informs them reading this book will be of no use for them.

If you count yourself as a person who wishes to make money only fast and quickly, then this book is not made for you.

This book named Traffic Secrets, this is basically and generally a marketing book. And in the marketing field, people should only read it.

Moving on to further details of this Traffic Secrets Review, this book is solely and exclusively focused on sharing the strategies and tactics of growing your online business.

In addition, it tells you specifically and particularly about getting more traffic, more sales, and more profit.

So, what you think about this Traffic Secrets Review, you can share your comments with us.

We guarantee you that this review may have given you a clear idea and crystal-clear understanding that what the purpose of reading this book is!


Traffic Secrets Book Created

Traffic Secrets Price:

Traffic Secrets Price

The last part will tell and educate you about the Traffic Secrets price. According to this Traffic Secrets Review, as you can see that this book has a cost of $9.95 for shipping if you are living in the US!

Furthermore, for international customers, it is $19.95. The package is included with a $509.95 bonus. For bonus details, you can keep tuned and in touch with us.

We can give you the final verdict that if you are investing in this book, then it all means you are productively investing in yourself and also in your business line.

Moreover, you can get this Traffic Secrets book written by Russell Brunson from its official site. In addition, you can have it from Amazon.

Its hardcover will cost you around $18.78. In this price range, the shipping cost is not included.

It has a kindle book version as well. You will only be getting the bonus if you plan to buy this book right from the official website of Russell Brunson.

If you have more questions on this Traffic Secrets Review, then do let us know. We will make an effort to give you a more friendly understanding of this book.


Hence, are you ready to read this Traffic Secrets Book?

You should be!

This is quite a useful book and along with that, the attached Traffic Secrets Review will guide you on deeper notes.

You can keep on tuned and connected with us. There is more to come from the side of this Traffic Secrets Review section.

You can pen-down more of your queries over here and we will be replying to them back to you.

If you have read some other Russell Brunson books, then share your feedback and comments with us.

We know that all of Russell’s books are quite informative, educated, and amazing enough.

On this platform and respective web page, more book reviews penned-down by other expert authors are sooner coming up.

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