Kartra vs Leadpages (2021): Which is Good for Your Business?

It is time to have a look at the proper Kartra vs Leadpages comparison and get to know which one of them is good and profitable for your business.

We have penned down their similarities and differences in detail.

Furthermore, this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison is based on funnel building capabilities and page editor function and also user-friendliness.

Moreover, you are going to know which one of them is useful in terms of unique features.

According to the experts, it is seen and heard that Karta is a winner and conqueror in most of the categories. It excels and beats the platform of LeadPages.

Rest of the details, that you can see and check out now:

Kartra vs Leadpages Overview:



This platform is known with the name of Kartra, it is quite a rich-featured kind of platform.

In addition, it is ideal for online business and beginner-level marketers.

You can freely dive into this software if you are setting up an online business of yours.

Besides, this is a valuable and in-demand all-in-one marketing software tool.

In this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison, you are going to see whether Karta beats LeadPages or the other one becomes the winner.

Most importantly, this respective software was launched and introduced around in the time of 2018.

Now, we have seen that online entrepreneurs consider this platform as a great solution to boost their online business sales.

This is one of the best sales funnel builders that one keeps on counting. It is housed with so many features and sub-tools.

Moreover, this is a comprehensive marketing tool that has become a direct competitor for other tools like Kajabi and ClickFunnels and also Builderall.

Its promising features are video hosting. In other words, this is a marketing and advertising oriented platform.

You can use its help desk feature for offering the best customer support. This feature has totally and wholly replaced the use of the knowledge base app and customer support app.

It carries out analytics and tracking so that you can get detailed and daily reporting of your conversions and sales.

Instead of having a checkout tool, Kartra is composed of a shopping cart tool.

This platform consists of an affiliate center and is known to be a reliable affiliate marketplace.

Now, this Kartra vs Leadpages guide is going to tell and explain to us which is the better and best tool for us!

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Giving you a little bit overview of LeadPages, here you can check out that. This tool has made its distinct and prominent place in this marketing world.

Most importantly, it is seen in this industry for a longer time as compared to Kartra.

According to a few of the experts, it is identified as the number one page builder tool, and this fact is also showcased in this Kartra vs Leadpages tool.

It has so far got 46000 paying customer and that is quite an attractive and promising figure.

If you wish to make 200% beautiful looking landing pages without the need and assistance of any coding, then try using this tool.

This tool no longer needs any sort of coding experience and that is completely true. Besides, it does not need any design skills.

For simply marketing your products, LeadPages is recommended to you.

Discussing the important features present in this tool is that it is composed of a huge number of landing templates.

This platform has so far almost 200 landing templates and that is quite amazing. Beyond, it allows A/B testing and comes with the feature of Lead boxes.

With the use of Lead Boxes, you can make and create all sorts of pop-ups. On the other hand, this tool has got Lead Links in it.

Through the help of these Lead Links, you can bring and collect a large number of users right to your webinar and you can do that by simply sending them up a unique link.

Individuals prefer this reviewed platform because it is injected with the Lead Digits feature. Through this exclusive feature, you can easily collect leads with the help of text messages.

Now, you can see through this Kartra vs Leadpages detailing regarding how both of these platforms are the same and different!

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Kartra vs Leadpages – Similarities:

Kartra vs Leadpages – Similarities

Now, we have these similarities part on this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison!

You can now check out that which features are present and officially embedded in both of these tools:

Landing Page Feature Similarity:

In both of these tools, the landing page feature is exclusively available. Both of these tools have a collection of templates and A/B testing feature at their end.

Most noteworthy, these tools allow and permit to use of SEO management features. You can do real-time editing by using them.

This Kartra vs Leadpages full-fledge comparison tells us that these tools allow you to make and create forms.

Moreover, you can do analytics and drag and drop processing. Lastly, these reviewed tools are immensely responsive.


You will be happy to know that both of these tools give training sessions to their users.

In other words, this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison conveys to us this important point that these tools process these training sessions through the help of webinars.

This is generally a trial and training session that you are going to get! If you are a beginner or novice, then such tools are recommended to you.

Through these free trial periods, you can easily explore the features of these tools.

From this specific trial phase, you can well see how these tools function!

Keep in mind that it is through webinars and going to live online and also through documentation that this training session is given.

Support Options Similarity:

Lots of support options are present in these tools and more of the explanation on this area is written down in this Kartra vs Leadpages guide.

For the information, both of these tools that we are here discussing for you, they offer phone support and forum support, and also online support.

Moreover, they offer FAQs and too knowledge-based support.

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Differences Between Leadpages And Kartra:


The differences between both of these tools, it is pretty common!

You can see this Kartra vs Leadpages guide one more time and go through this explanation on the list of differences:

Price Difference:

The very first difference is this price plan difference that entails in this Kartra vs Leadpages guide.

If you are using LeadPages, then its basic price plan range starts from 25 dollars on a per months basis.

This is the cheapest LeadPages price plan that you can pursue for! This plan is not recommended to use because it has limited features in it.

However, if you are opting for the basic price plan of Kartra, then all basic features are going to be present in it.

So, here you have to make the smart choice by keeping in mind the details of this Kartra vs Leadpages guide.

It is this price difference that makes this Kartra tool an appealing software option for you.

Categories Difference:

When it comes to categories and features, then Kartra usually wins in this area and LeadPages consists and comprises a fewer number of features and categories in it!

The details entail and embed in this fact that Kartra tools excel in having an affiliate management center, email marketing center, and e-commerce center.

Furthermore, it has a shopping cart and other management features.

Hence, the explanation on this Kartra vs Leadpages guide on tells us that Kartra has commendable and multiple features and this part exclusively lacks in LeadPages.

Integrations Difference:

The last difference that is written down in this Kartra vs Leadpages guide, it is about integrations.

If using Kartra, then note down it offer integrations right with Zapier and PayPal and also with WP Fusion and Braintree.

On the other hand, if using Leadpages, then this tool can integrate with a large number of tools as compared to the capacity and potential of Kartra.

Most importantly, LeadPages can integrate with Wix and WordPress and too with Shopify and Elfsight as well as HubSpot and Provely.

This is the end of the discussion that is about the details of differences present in these tools and we hope that this Kartra vs Leadpages guide has given you a clear and easy to understand explanation.

Kartra vs Leadpages Pricing:

Kartra Pricing:

Kartra Pricing

If you want to test-drive this Kartra tool, then you can do that. You just have to pay 1 dollar and you can freely go for this test-driving.

In other words, you are going to get a 14-day trial period. During this trial time, you can better and easily decide whether Kartra is the one that you are looking for!

However, this Kartra vs Leadpages guide may have given you a clear idea too.

This one is not a free trial and you have to pay a mere 1 dollar for this sake. Regarding the pricing plans and complete packages, here you go.

The starter plan cost you 99 dollars per month. Here you can have 1 custom domain and be able to get in touch with 2500 contact.

Furthermore, you are going to receive 15000 emails and host 100 pages. This package builds up 2 membership sites that offer 50 GB bandwidth.

You can go for the silver plan as well, it charges around 199 dollars per month.

Here, the buyer gets 12,500 contacts and 3 custom domains, Moreover, the package comes with 125000 emails and unlimited hosting of pages.

How about trying out the gold plan that cost and charge around 299 dollars per month!

For the information, this package comes with 5 custom domains and 25000 contacts, and to 250 GB bandwidth.

The last one is the platinum plan and it charges 499 dollars monthly. The package of this pricing plan comes with 50000 contacts and also 10 custom domains.

The purchaser further receives unlimited membership sites and pages hosting.

Now, through this Kartra vs Leadpages guide and in-detail comparison, you can decide which option is cost-friendly for you.

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LeadPages Pricing:

LeadPages Pricing

The overall pricing plans of this platform starts and begins from the range of 25 dollars per month. It can be billed annually as well.

If you prefer for the cheapest package, then that package is going to lack Lead Digits, Lead Links, Lead Boxes, and the feature of A/B testing.

You need to select and opt for a higher tier package if you want to enjoy using all of these features.

This Kartra vs Leadpages comparison tells us that the packages offered by LeadPages put up limitation and restriction in their access to features.

Talking about their packages plans, you can have their standard plan. It is billed 37 dollars monthly or you can pay 25 dollars per year for 1 site.

For the Pro plan, you need to pay and give 79 dollars monthly or pay 48 dollars per year for 3 sites.

In addition, those who wish to get an advanced plan, they are billed 321 dollars monthly or 199 dollars monthly for up to the numbers of 50 sites.

So, what you have got from this Kartra vs Leadpages guide, do share your feedback with us.

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Which is the Best? (Users Opinion)

LeadPages Pricing

Here we are going to fully and properly explain to you regarding which of this tool is best for you!

As you have gone through this Kartra vs Leadpages guide and you may get a little idea concerning who comes out to the victor.

In most of the cases and features comparison, Karta is the winner.

By looking, examining, and analyzing their applications and features, we have come to this conclusion that Kartra is comparatively more powerful.

Now, you need to understand that LeadPages is a simple software that only makes landing pages for you and it has its focus and concentration in one direction only.

It builds these landing pages for the sake of customer generation or the task of lead generation.

However, the platform of Kartra is more than that of simply building landing pages.

In other words, it comes out as a complete package rather than depicting itself as a mere landing page builder package.

Upon using Kartra, you are going to witness how the whole funnel process begins and finishes.

Furthermore, it counts itself as an advanced solution for funnel creation jobs.

Hence, in this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison, we do have a clear winner and it is this Kartra.

Rest, you can use LeadPages as it performs the job of building landing pages with 200% perfection.

No doubt, to decide the final winner, it was such a hard and tough call for all of us.

We kept in mind and assessed both the major and minor details while deciding the final winner.

Even more, we took this decision based on value, price, features, and also updates, solution-driven applications.

More Details on Users Opinion:

As you have come to know about the users’ opinion regarding whether Kartra is best for you or whether it is suitable to go for LeadPages!

Now, we have penned-down more of the details for you on this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison.

Through this detailing and penned-down explanation, you can even get this better and comprehensive idea that which tool is appropriate for you:

How Karta is Good for You?

Here you can see the list of the pros and cons of this tool. Through this written down information, you can see this tool and respective software on the better track.

So, go through and see this comparison on Kartra vs Leadpages. Using Kartra, it will always be useful for you.

In this tool, you are going to see this helpdesk feature.

In addition, through this feature, you can have a live chat with their team and will be able to experience and witness the best ticket support system.

Kartra is the best option for you because it consists of a calendar feature in it where you can conveniently and seamlessly book and schedule your events.

This Kartra vs Leadpages detailing illustrates us that Kartra is a beneficial tool that you can use because it has got a membership portal at its end and also webinar support feature.

Besides, it allows and permits you to enjoy the feature of behavioral tagging as well as video hosting.

You can use its affiliate center and this center comes along with and fully injected with the trait of advanced tracking technology.

This tool is best and suitable for you as it allows you to make professional marketing campaigns and high-quality sales funnels.

Hence, this Kartra vs Leadpages explanation tells and conveys to us that Karta is a desirable tool for you because it has a built-in cart solution that you can avail for doing product shopping.

You can make amazing sales funnels and simply share it with your other clients as well.

This tool is packed with a countdown timer option so that you can optimize the action and too triggering process of your emails and web pages.

How Kartra is Bad for You?

From the above-mentioned details of Kartra vs Leadpages, you can see that how Kartra is a great and ideal tool for you.

Now you can check out the details and important fact regarding how this tool is not good for you:

This tool is a bit expensive and not all users can afford it. Furthermore, its price range is on the higher side if any of the beginners want to use this tool

If you count yourself as one of the novices, then this tool shows and explains to you the concept of a steep learning curve.

This tool is somewhat slow to use whenever you are going to update and upload pages in it.

Besides, if you want to experience the extra video bandwidth range of this tool, then you need to invest extra money in this tool.

Hence, this explanation on Kartra vs Leadpages comparison tells and proves to you regarding how this tool is bad and not so good and beneficial option for you.

How LeadPages is Good for You?

Now, with all the mentioned details of this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison, we have collected this information concerning how this tool of LeadPages is good and an appropriate option for you.

You can use this tool as its tools are immensely beginner-friendly to be used. Most importantly, it is easy and pretty much facile to use.

The user can either choose or use its free templates or you can use and try out its free of cost templates.

You can utilize the option and feature of Lead Boxes of this tool because it has lots of pop-ups.

Even more, this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison gives us this evidence that LeadPages is best to be used because it can support various and lots of integrations.

Its pricing plans are affordable and easy to purchase. You can use its features like Lead Digits and Lead Links and these features are immensely best and great in all ways.

To make notification style forms, you can use the alert bar feature present in this tool. So, what idea you have got from this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison?

We hope that now your mind has become clear regarding this important piece of question that how this LeadPages is good for you!

How LeadPages is Bad for You?

Moving to more of the details on this Kartra vs Leadpages compared illustration, you can now see and check out how this tool is not an appropriate option for you.

This tool is not injected with a webinar hosting feature. Beyond, it does not offer any feature on membership site hosting and course hosting.

It has no affiliate management system present in it and is not installed with a video hosting platform.

You cannot share its lending page templates and that is a disappointing part of it.

All of its pricing plans are packed with limited numbers of features and that is another bad side of this tool.

So, from all of this detailing that we have collected on Kartra vs Leadpages, we have come on this full-fledge conclusion that Kartra is the winner.

This is the best and suitable option for marketers. For business-industry linked people, this is an appropriate tool for you.

Can I Integrate both Kartra and LeadPages?


There is this last question that might be revolving and fully pondering in your head, it is that whether you can integrate this platform of Kartra with LeadPages or not!

So, here we have written down this extensive explanation for you.

With the details of this Kartra vs Leadpages comparison, there is a simple answer to this question. You can integrate these tools if you want to.

Both of these tools allow and permit integration and you can fully utilize them in the best possible ways.

Moreover, Karta can be integrated with other tools and software options as well. You are free to connect and link this platform of Kartra with other apps at the same time.

This Kartra tool is not at all that much heavy and you can seamlessly connect it with other tools.

In the same way, this Kartra vs Leadpages detailing tells us that LeadPages supports the integration feature as well.

Through the feature of this integration, all of your tasks related to marketing become the easiest of all.

This process of integrating these platforms of LeadPages and Kartra, it takes a few of the minute of yours and no tough processing is included.

To carry out this process, you need Zapier! Furthermore, to accomplish this process, there is no need for coding.

This process can be seamlessly carried.


The first step to integrate both of these tools, you need to authenticate both of these tools.

After that, you have to select one specific app that is going to trigger and activate this process.

Right after this step, your whole process of integration is going to be started and initiated.

Then in the next and preceding step, you need to pursue a resulting action right from the second app and tool that you want to integrate.

In the last step, you have to choose and select the data that needs to send and delivered from one tool to another.

This is the whole process that you have to follow. For more detailing and any queries on Kartra vs Leadpages comparison, we are going to keep on updating you.

You can now follow and carry out this subjected process that we have above-mentioned to you.

If you still have questions on this integration processing, then ask from us.

Right now, we have only told you how to integrate these LeadPages and Kartra tools and for other tools integration process, you have to wait a bit longer.

Kartra vs Leadpages – Conclusion

So, what’s the bottom line? With the help of this extensive guide and clear comparison on Kartra vs Leadpages, you can now decide which one is a true winner.

Moreover, if you have used these platforms or similar like that of them, then share with us your experience as well!

Let us all see and wait when more of the competitors will come into the market.

If you have any questions on this Kartra vs Leadpages guide, then ask from us during any time of the day.

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