Kartra vs Infusionsoft: See Which One is the Best?

Knowing the right tools to create efficient funnels for your business is an important thing to do in today’s world.

This is the reason why you need to compare different software that can help you build funnels for your business.

Today we are going to review Kartra vs Infusionsoft which is an important comparison to let you know the best one in the market

Do you want to know the kicker in this review? 

We have gathered all the essential and authentic information about Kartra vs Infusionsoft and all its prerequisites.

This will be an amazing thing for you to know more about both of this software online. 

We will start with the overview to help you know all the essential things about Kartra and Infusionsoft at the same time. 

There is also a list of all the important features that can help you know which is the better ones in the business. 

Let’s get started with the fun part, shall we?

Without taking more of your valuable ad important time we will head straight towards the best collection of information.

You will be able to know the best thing about both Kartra and Infusionsoft and how they work for your benefit. 

Overview – Kartra vs Infusionsoft:

Kartra vs Infusionsoft

With the online business, one always has various marketing tools to explore. Investing in a new tool can be a smart decision of you know which tool is right for you.

Choosing between Kartra vs Infusionsoft can be pretty tough. But we have reviewed both these tools and you can choose either.

This comparison will help you choose the best one for your business. 

These overviews will give you a better understanding of what both of these amazing funnel building tools are and how they can help you in building amazing sales funnels.

Let’s dive into the overview and enlighten you about these amazing software that is easily available online. 

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Kartra Overview:


First, we have a Kartra which is a new tool in the market and quite popular among marketers.

This software is an ideal choice for an online sales funnel building.

It is a type of all-in-one marketing tool allowing marketers to automate sales and build pages.

Frank Kern; a marketing legend is a sponsor and Andy Jenkins is the one who runs Kartra.

Like EverWebinar and WebinarJam, this software operates under Genesis Digital co.

Here’s the kicker!

Among the core features, a few are automation. Helpdesk, members’ area, and more.

There are various training options as this single tool serves in many ways. Even customer support is quick, responsive while handling issues.

For people who want to start a new business, Kartra is a far better option. Being an all-in-one tool, this saves you from a lot of hassle.

You won’t need a whole team of developers, you can rather use it on your own. Within minutes you can get a kickstart for your online business.

Infusionsoft Overview:


If we talk about Infusionsoft, there are slight differences between the goals set by both. Infusionsoft is more of an all-in-one marketing solution for various things.

It covers Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email, small business, social media, eCommerce, etc.

The popular features of Infusionsoft tackles with marketing automation. Hence the comparison with other email marketing services is quite common.

It gets compared with AWeber, ActivetiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and more.

In this comparison of Kartra vs Infusionsoft, the later offers more reliable features. It not only serves as automation but also has other options.

Not only Infusionsoft a leading software in the online market but a lot more than that. People with a small business can opt for Infusionsoft, due to its affordable prices.

Small business owners can automate their marketing skills and efforts with CRM only.

Want to know the best part?

Either it is processing payments, basic task management, reporting, sales automation, or analytics.

Infusionsoft serves you with all these mentioned features. Then you can also enjoy landing pages, customized workflow, business processes, etc.

Features – Kartra vs Infusionsoft:

Below are the major features and key functionalities of Kartra vs Infusionsoft.

These are some of the important and useful features that Kartra and Infusionsoft bring with them.

All of these features are not only helpful in building you the perfect sales funnel but help in strengthening your business online. 

Kartra Features:


So here are the features Kartra has to offer, let’s take a quick look at them.

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Kartra HelpDesk:

The feature is to allow you to create various HelpDesk so you can answer tickets.

These can be for several products for the customers and clients. The HelpDesk is built-in hence you won’t require a specialized system/services.

Not only this allows you to answer live chats or pop on skype calls with the clients.

But you can also add a product wiki that allows customers to browse through.

Kartra Funnels and Campaigns:

Next, we all know that Kartra is among the best platforms if you intend to build funnels.

It is optimal for creating your desired funnels and that too from scratch.

Here’s the deal

This amazing software also provides many complete funnels according to various niches, goals. With this help, you can build your funnels.

Email and Automation Platform:

You can apply for different types of conditions with the visual automation builder. This feature lies inside of Kartra and lets you apply changes within the funnel.

Hence your message will spread across the target audience and you can witness it.

Then there is a communication menu on Kartra where you can upload the email list.

It allows you to configure the email campaigns, individual leads, and other activities.

Kartra Calendars:

For direct contact with the clients, there is another built-in feature.

This one facilitates you to book appointments, events, consultation with the leads.

Kartra Memberships:

The membership site is for those who want to host and build online courses or any member content.

It only gets better!

As you also get the option to have the member’s area branded. Now, this can be drip content, membership levels, files for each, and products.

And then you can automate them based on the behaviors of the users.

Kartra Page Templates:

Kartra has provided so many optimized templates. Hence you won’t have to recreate the pages from scratch.

Either it is sales pages, forms, squeeze pages, optimized checkout pages, etc.

Kartra Video Hosting:

The majority of platforms and tools use an external video sharing platform. But Kartra has its built-in video functionality.

Instead, this feature is a lot more marketing-oriented and mobile-friendly.

In these Kartra videos, you can include CTAs, marketing messages to boost conversions.

Kartra Marketplace:

With the Kartra marketplace, you can promote your products.

Also, this lets people apply to be an affiliate or you can help others with the promotions.

Detailed Analytics:

Kartra has a detailed analytical dashboard to let you see things that happen in the business.

These can be page views, signups, open rates, clicks, and sales made.


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Infusionsoft Features:


In this Kartra vs Infusionsoft comparison, here are the key features of Infusionsoft.

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Marketing Automation:

If you intend to stay in touch with the leads then this is the feature lets you set up an automatic process.

Then this also allows you to create a repeatable sales process. According to the action that leads performed, automatic emails get sent.

CRM (Client Management):

The highlight of Infusionsoft is the CRM inside it. This feature allows you to manage the interactions and relationships with the clients.

The name clarifies the goal is to improve interactions, stay in touch with clients.

Various built-in tools play a vital role, ensuring that your connection remains established.

Appointments Booking:

With this help of this feature, you can not only set up the calendar. But also set up appointment links with the clients.

Hence the clients get access whenever they wish to book an appointment.

Rather than spending time on calls, messages, emails, this will save you from efforts.

This feature syncs with Google Calendar and updates it. Hence a confirmation email gets sent when the time’s booked.

Keap’s Messages:

This feature is relatively a new addition to Infusionsoft. The purpose of adding it was to make management and responding easier and quick.

So you can respond to the messages even from the mobile device. Further, the dedicated business line keeps the work messages and calls separate.

Infusionsoft Invoices:

There is an Invoice payment app so the customers can pay you without a hassle.

Now, this also cuts you some slack, avoids chasing the late invoices or overdue payments. Such late payments can be a major cause of long delays.

Sales Pipeline:

The pipeline feature from Infusionsoft offers a snapshot of the whole business.

It only gets better!

As it happened from one single view hence the leads and contacts remain centralized. This allows you to customize every stage of the sale process.

Reporting and Analytics:

Every activity that occurs in your business, you can have a report on that.

Either it is the sales processes, cycles, or others, the analytics or report dashboard is here.

This allows you to view campaign performance, email open rates, CTRs, conversions.

Also, the sales revenue, history, actions completed by leads, and income.

Advanced Quote Feature:

For those who require some quote detailing, this feature is the best. It allows you to design a personalized yet professional quote detailing.

This can be for your costs, services, and other business-relevant information. Once set up, you can send it to the clients if they need any.

Furthermore, you can create desired proposal templates with your very own logo.

Use this as many times as you want and add standard services within a minute.

Then this built-in functionality lets you provide your prospectus. Along with the complete details of the pricing, services.

Once accepted, move to the Quote email stage from the Quote state.


Pricing – Kartra vs Infusionsoft:

Now, that you have a clear notion about the basic features. We will move towards another main aspect of the discussion.

So in this Kartra vs Infusionsoft comparison, we have the prices of both.

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Kartra Pricing:

Kartra Pricing

First, we have Kartra with its 4 different pricing options to choose from.

These price ranges are set in a certain way, as the business grows you can switch to a higher range.

For instance, once you have established a target count, domains, contacts, pages, etc.

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1- Kartra Starter Plan Costs $99/mo:

This first plan costs around $99 per month and has limited contacts (2500) with 2 membership sites.

Also, 100 host pages, 1 custom domain, 100 automation, and 20 dynamic follow-ups.

2- Kartra Silver Plan:

The second plan will cost you $199 per month and comes with 125,000 emails per month.

You will get 3 custom domains, 12k leads, and unlimited automation.

3- Kartra Gold Plan:

The 3rd plan is for $299 per month with 25k contacts, 5 customer domains.

Also, it has unlimited visits, follow-ups, automation, and 250,000 emails per month.

4- Kartra Platinum Plan:

At the last is this highest plan with $499 per month pricing. But here’s the kicker, if you opt to pay yearly, Kartra offers a 25% discount.

Although there are no free trials on Kartra yet you can get a $1 trial in the first 2 weeks.

If you haven’t committed to any of the monthly plans only then you can get the trial.


Infusionsoft Pricing:

Infusionsoft Pricing

When we look at the pricing plans offered by Infusionsoft, there are only 3 options.

Though the number of options is a bit less than Kartra yet the prices are more reasonable.

  • Grow Plan: costs only $79 per month.
  • Pro Plan: costs $149 per month.
  • Infusionsoft Plan: costs $199 per month.

Here’s the deal!

Infusionsoft Kickstart Package is a one-time coaching fee that you must pay.

The only major difference between these plans is the number of users and contacts.

Also, the access to quality features including automation and online selling.

If we compare the pricing of Kartra vs Infusionsoft then the later seems complicated.

Similarities and Differences?


If we look at the common aspects and the differences between both tools, the differences are more.

With one, you can enjoy all-in-one CRM, sales platforms.

Whereas with the other you can build funnels, sell products, automate sales.

The similarities might be minor yet crucial that needs highlight.

  • both offer marketing automation
  • both allow booking and appointments
  • both have calendar
  • both have insight and reporting

As for the integrations, you can easily connect your data or apps from the desired tool.

You can connect it to either Kartra or Infusionsoft and be more productive.

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Which is the Best?

Now, comes the crucial part to decide which of these tools the best is. Kartra vs Infusionsoft, both have their functionalities, features, and whatnot.

What’s the bottom line?

If you want something linked to CRM then for sure Infusionsoft is the optimal choice. But what about those who want an all-in-one software?

Something that allows booking appointments, has HelpDesk, builds funnels, automation.

Then in such a case, Kartra will be the ideal option. The question remains the same about one being better than the other.

So we would prefer Karta over Infusionsoft. But this doesn’t make the later a bad choice for your online marketing.

With Kartra not only the price are reasonable but is suitable for growing businesses.

One can easily understand the functionality and start using Kartra in no time.

Whereas with Infusionsoft, things especially the set up need more time and patience. Unlike Kartra that plot things within hours, Infusionsoft is time-consuming.

Plus the bonus point about Kartra is the onboarding approach and training. Infusionsoft lags in these major aspects.


Wrapping It All Up!

As you have gone through this whole review you will be able to know all the information regarding the Kartra vs Infusionsoft comparison.

At this point, you will be able to choose the right one for you between both of these amazing funnel building software. 

The information about their similarities and differences would have allowed you to know which one is the best according to your requirements.

I am sure you will love the contents of this amazing review because of the conciseness and detail that is put into it.

All the information is organized properly. This helps the readers to reach out to your desired piece of content without a doubt. 

All of this attention to minor details makes the information in this review well researched and authentic in every way.

I am sure that you will love all the information in this review because of the authenticity and helpfulness of the content. 

But if there is still something which is left unclear then there is no need to worry about it at all. 

You can ask us anything which you find difficult to understand about the Kartra vs Infusionsoft.

We will analyze all the problems you ask us and provide you with the right kind of information and viable solutions for your problems. 

In the end, we just want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing and remarkable updates.

All of them would be on the topics that spark your desire.

Until then we wish you to know better about Kartra vs Infusionsoft and gain all the perks that are required from you. 

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