Kartra Pricing: Is it Worth it in 2020? Complete Guide

A growing business needs productive work solutions that help the company grow.

Are you looking for ideas like this?

Just exhausted from trying different market strategies?

Then you have to look at the unique selling service that is helping your business to expand and turn visitors very easily into customers. One of them is Kartra.

Here in this guide, we are going to address all the important aspects that will enable you to understand the Kartra analysis and how this is said to be all in one solution to see. 

You actually realize how serious it is to run an online marketing company and how difficult it is to try these ideas, but when it comes to Kartra you do not have to worry about it.

It has some efficient solutions for your service!

In addition, when beginning an online company, many items must be taken into consideration, including designing web sites, developing payment processes, etc. 

You may have pretty good ideas and other strategies that will give you a feeling of excitement and encouragement to initiate your plans.

Unfortunately, a great idea and inspiration to come to are not enough to succeed.

An entrepreneur must understand the tricks of the trade in order to minimize the risks of an organization flop.

Features of kartra


There are a number of features that encourage you to use kartra. It has got everything you need, that is why it is known as all in one tool for business.

This all in one marketing solution, Kartra can help you in page building to analytics, sales funnel building to hosting a video and many other exciting features to offer to you.

Page Builder

Page Builder

Kartras’ highly built page builder helps create the sales funnel by dragging and lowering the canvas object very effectively.

You are also aware of what is best in Kartra and do not need additional knowledge about programming to run Kartra.

Compared to its competitors, it enables you to choose the right front editor as click funnel and lead pages.

There are a huge number of pre-built page templates that can be imported easily with a single click.

You can get a number of advantages using page builder and here are some of them.

  • It offers a large variety of exciting page templates.
  • There are numerous amazing icons that help you create sales pages. 
  • The layout is pretty simple and logical to create responsive pages with engagement.
  • It has some really helpful samples with some feedback that will help you create pages.
  • You can monitor the funnel movement and you can even see the customer’s entire experience. 
  • To make your page attractive, you get a perfect photo library to add in your page and it is very easy and simple to use
  • It also helps to organize your page into categories so you can easily locate them anywhere you want. 
  • Different split tests can be performed to increase your opening rates and conversions.

With advantages, it also has some disadvantages too:

  • You can encounter problems like a higher learning curve in building a funnel as a new user.
  • Between the section areas, it offers a very few fancy dividers. 
  • You will get a bit of a disturbing view for mobile due to the arrangement of the page.

Emails’ Campaign

Emails’ Campaign

Emails Campaign is another wonderful feature that helps you to create successful email marketing campaigns.

Kartra is the best email and CRM tool for everyone.

It also supports the development, management and automation of email broadcasts. 

Kartra would not disappoint you if we talk about lead management.

Moreover, for the sales funnel purpose, it is an ideal option because it is going to help with a number of things and they are as follow:

  • Easy to create
  • Only a cv or a text file needs to be uploaded
  • Make sure to clarify each field what it is about.

However, you have to copy and paste the lead to the text box, if it’s not clear.

When you set up, you can add to a campaign, send an email and do everything you can to target visitors to your list for all of Katra.

Moreover, the data security questions that you must send are difficult to complete, especially when you are your first time.

Email Broadcast

Email Broadcast

This can be sent to your activated email list once in a while.

The most important thing is that Kartra will directly deliver your eMail to the package.

It is called the weekly newsletter or something like a vacation deal.

This goes against your competitors, such as mail and active campaigns in which ‘promotions’ or ‘updates’ tabs are often used for their emails.

In addition, Kartra also launched some of the fantastic broadcasting features.

It is like a time-limited orange countdown which is leading to increased sales.

Therefore, you should note that if you restore the tab, this timeout can’t be reset.



Kartra has integrated automation to create and send consumers personalized responses based on actions taken by the consumer.

Moreover, kartra has also improved the workflow of the builder the same as of active campaign and convert kit.

With the help of kartra automation, you can even add the following elements:

  • Subscribers add and remove from the list of sequences.
  • Sending an email of follow up to the consumers after taking the action in the funnel.
  • Analytics can be easily created by showing the performance of the emails.
  • With Kartra, you can even remove inactive subscribers automatically.

Everything has a self-explanatory cause and follow-up action. It’s also quick to set up pop-ups, thank you messages and answer them.

But for Kartra only automated communication is fine.

You are still relying on other tools, whether you choose to incorporate excels after your customer experience, turnover or sell your backup bid.

Lead Management


Kartra even provides a great value to this section too. In terms of an email campaign, it can easily manage leads:

  • All details about it can be added or removed. 
  • Enable them to access and provide funding for your products. 
  • Visitors’ info and tags can be viewed. 
  • You can see the entire history of customer movement. This includes the sites they opened, the form and videos they watched, and much more. This is great for data protection purposes, but for most law-abiding online companies it was only another problem that could have been avoided.

This helps in attracting potential customers towards your product and converting them into paying ones.

Here a few advantages that sound good for Kartra users:

  • It offers you the chance to add counters to your emails directly.
  • It allows you to monitor the whole movement of the customer. 
  • With the aid of Katra lead management, you can create stylish and attractive newsletters.
  • Excellent email delivery.
  • Inside automation, various elements can be added.

With advantages, it also has some disadvantages too:

  • Even with its paid plan, you can’t remove the Kartra logo from your emails. 
  • The developer of digital software is anonymous. Every step needs a few more clicks. 
  • The number of emails you can send to your price model will be covered  

We felt Kartra’s email marketing work was commendable.

It actually gives big boys in the business a reasonable chance with its excellent integration from e-mails and funnelling.

Kartra Landing Pages

Kartra Landing Pages

This is one of the most essential and most beneficial features of Katra.

This wonderful feature allows you to manage pages in different categories.

Particularly in terms of quick editing, you can arrange your pages in the form of webinar pages, opt-in pages and payment pages in comparison to others.

In addition, it also provides a wide range of customized high conversion pages very easily.

Following are the advantages of Kartra Landing Pages,

  • Due to the simple procedure of building pages, you can easily build pages.
  • In case you’re running Facebook advertisements, SEO and tracking codes can be added.
  • To add Videos into your website, you can use Youtube, Kartra or Vimeo. To check where they quit the video or when they bought it during their video shopping, you can track their activity.   
  • You can easily add many pages simultaneously when building a Kartra sales page and like to checkout pages easily.
  • Items such as opt-in among others and call to action can be dragged or dropped on that particular page.

With advantages, it also has some disadvantages too

  • The main disadvantage is that each time you want to create a form and take different steps before the form is fully executed, you need to create a page and go through a number of steps until it is done.
  • And another disadvantage or kartra is that it doesn’t immediately save the content just like its other rivals.

Kartra Video Hosting

Video Hosting

Kartra offers you a comprehensive video hosting platform.

That will let you concentrate on your marketing without being worried about the frequent uploads of videos on Vimeo, Youtube and Wistia:

Following are the advantages of Kartra video hosting:

  • You can get the feedback of people who have watched your videos
  • You can also check the client’s watched video. 
  • You can also easily organize Kartra videos into various folders. 
  • Simply incorporate content into the app directly and provide in-video activities like subscription and social actions.

With advantages, it also has some disadvantages too

  • There is limited storage capacity, and even though it is the highest plan it has very minimal capacity by bandwidth. 
  • When there are a number of actions at a time, videos stuck a lot 

Clickfunnels VS kartra Pricing

Clickfunnels VS kartra

Internet marketing is gaining so much attention due to its benefits it is providing to users.

Both clickfunnels and kartra pricing are very beneficial business tools one can use to grow their business in a very effective way. 

There is no such difference between them except the process is a bit different. Kartra is certainly cheaper for beginners than Clickfunnels.

Kartra certainly has more value and functionality, even if you only choose its Starter Plan.

Clickfunnels offers two $97 / month and $297 / month price plans while Kartra is only available for $97 / month.

The successful online marketers have created both marketing solutions to fill a gap in the market.

ClickFunnels is designed to make commercial funnels but is not an enterprise platform.

In reality, they abandoned and declared that they were concentrating on their core business to sell information goods as they attempted to create a factual all in the same forum.

Russell Brunson announced on 23 September 2019 that he is concentrating on his core business and making Funnelflix part of the platinum upgrade of Clickfunnels and “sunset” some of their features.

Pricing of Kartra


A simple question arises after reading all of the features and advantages of kartra, which is the price of kartra.

Firstly, you cannot expect it to be cheap enough since it is an all in one tool.

But you don’t need to panic already because Kartra provides some affordable deals too for the potential customers. 

For example, for $1 you can get a free trial for 14 days.

And other customers who are more will then $99 to $699 a month is available for them to use for longer periods of time.

It only depends on the plan you use in order to let you know the price of kartra. 

It has five separate plans, focused on prices and facilities for its customers;

  1. Platinum plan
  2. Silver plan
  3. Gold plan 
  4. Starter plan
  5. Diamond plan

Platinum Plan: This plan is primarily aimed at large-scale traffic companies. In a month it can very easily view up to 50,000 to 500,000 emails.

In addition, you’ll also have 500 GB of bandwidth. 

Silver Plan: This plan is best suited for medium-sized companies during the period of growth. As your business lists increasingly include emails and contacts.

For these companies, this is the best choice. It allows up to 12,500 contacts, 125,000 emails and 125 GB bandwidth. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Gold Plan: While your business is progressing and growing, your subscriber list also increases over time.

This plan lets you get 25 000 contacts in combination with 250,000 emails within one month on the 200 GB bandwidth network.

Starter Plan: This Kartra starter plan is perfect for people willing to start a new and small business.

This bundle contains a total of 25000 contacts, 10 products, and 15,000 emails every month, with a bandwidth of about 50 GB at 100 pages and two membership sites.

Besides this, to let you know that this plan is not only for the starting ones but also for other organizations, including those willing to pursue the silver plan. 

Diamond Plan: For an operating large-scale company with intense traffic, this kind of plan is the best option.

It enables users with a bandwidth of 600 GB up to 100,000 leads and 1000,000 emails in one month. That’s very huge and amazing, isn’t it?

Not just that, you can even choose the right solution for your business after seeing the details of each plan, because each plan has wonderful deals for all types of businesses.

No matter if it is a start-up or a major kartra plan, it meets all your requirements. And this just does not end here, there are a few things that are common among these plans.

There are as follow:

  1. Landing page modules 
  2. Automation of emails
  3. Video and course hosting
  4. E-commerce distinctive features

The main aspects of KARTRA with the amazing workflow system that supports your business in various aspects are all the features that we have mentioned in this article.

With the help of this wonderful system called Kartra, you can interact easily and keep an eye on your customer’s entire journey and stay up-to-date in every step!

What Will You Get from Kartra?

After seeing the vast benefits of clickfunnels you must be wondering why you will choose kartra when there is already an option available.

Well, clickfunnels is also one of the best alternatives for business but kartra is a step ahead than clickfunnels.

Here are a few reasons which will help you in choosing kartra,

  • Video and course hosting
  • E-commerce distinctive features
  • Automation of emails
  • Landing page modules

The Help Desk Tool In Kartra

Help Desk Tool

For running a successful business,

You definitely need an efficient management system to handle all your demands, and you can use the help desk tool kartra to support all of your requirements.

Here is what you can do!

  • In comparison to email management, it is helpful when switching to the ticket system. 
  • It provides clients with many tools such as skype, live chatting and telephone calls. 
  • This also helps to recognize a customer’s ticket record 
  • The support desk also allows the customers to evaluate their Kartra experience.

With advantages, it also has some disadvantages too,

  • Live chatting feature is only available with computer and not with mobiles. 


So, this was our complete guide on Kartra.

We have tried our best to include each and every aspect of this wonderful tool and provides you with all the important information.

Hope that you liked our guide and you have got the information you came here for. With that being said, it’s time to say goodbye.

We are thankful for you that you take out your precious time and read our guide. You can leave us your feedback because we really appreciate it and look up to it.  

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