Kartra Lifetime Deal: Is it Available in 2021?

In this Article, the Kartra lifetime deal is discussed. It is a digital marketing platform that gives you many marketing tools to increase your performance and make your work easy.

It also saves you from the stress of keeping all your marketing tools align by placing them in one location.

Kartra has a wide range of tools and features that helps you to boost your sales. You can easily accomplish your goal with the help of Kartra tools.

If you are new to Kartra then let’s have a close on it.

What is Kartra?


Kartra is a famous digital marketing tools package that gives you all the essential features that you need to boost your sales.

To make your digital marketing service easy Kartra offers user-friendly tools that you can easily use.

It almost contains all the possible tools that you need to start your online sales business and after that make this project successful.

To gain a large amount of web traffic Kartra allows you to create and attractive pages and whole websites.

If you do not enough about Kartra then you can have 14 days of free trial that helps you to get familiar with it. If you feel that it fulfills your requirement then go for its premium plans.

The best thing about Kartra is that beginners need a zero level of knowledge to start their work with its attractive tools and features. It works on the process of sales funnels.

The consecutive sequence of steps is called a sales funnel. The main purpose of sales funnels is to transform your visitors into buyers. These funnels are also known as marketing funnels.

It works as an original funnel as you have some visitors and in a funnel, you want to channel them. This is the process that happens in the online platform.

But it is not always possible that every visitor turns into a buyer. Particular things happen when a person enters the funnel and when they leave the funnel.

The main reason for all this effort is to make a valuable offer of your products.

Here are some basic steps of sales funnels:

  • The first time, an unknown lead comes to your website.
  • To collect his email you offer them some free services and your valuable time.
  • When you get his email, you can offer him your products.
  • When the person accepts the offer, he becomes your customer.
  • Keep sending him to email to stay in contact.
  • For selling more things to your customers you have to make a contact with them.

This is the actual process that every digital marketing organization follows.

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Kartra Basic Packages:


You will see four different packages at Kartra’s official site that are available in different price ranges.

All these packages have different features and tools that will make your work easy. Before knowing about the Kartra Lifetime deal pricing let’s have a look at these basic packages.

1. Starter:

You can get at least 20 products, 1 custom domain, 2,500 leads, host 100 pages, and 2 membership sites by spending $99 per month. 

2. Silver:

You get unlimited products, 3 custom domains, 12,500 leads, host unlimited pages, and unlimited membership sites. By spending $199 per month you can get the silver pack. 

3. Gold:

 You get unlimited products, 5 custom domains, 2,5000 leads, host unlimited pages, and unlimited membership sites. By spending $299 per month you can get the gold pack. 

4. Platinum:

You get unlimited products, 10 custom domains, 50,000 leads, host unlimited pages, and unlimited membership sites.

By spending $499 per month you can get the gold pack. Get a 25% discount on any package by buying today.

Kartra Features:

Kartra Features

You know all the struggles as a freelance marketer that you faced during creating pages, promoting products, and gaining traffic.

Also, when you store or update the data in the database much unknown error occurs.

Moreover, in the mailing list, you receive an error that you can not add to your customer.

Here are the tools that Kartra provides with a basic purpose to help you.

  1. Kartra Pages
  2. Kartra Mail
  3. Kartra Leads
  4. Kartra Memberships
  5. Kartra Helpdesks
  6. Kartra Checkouts
  7. Kartra Funnels and campaign
  8. Kartra Calendars
  9. Kartra Video
  10. Kartra Affiliates
  11. Kartra Marketplace
  12. Kartra Forms
  13. Integrations and API
  14. Kartra Agency

Moreover, Kartra includes some training courses that give you a guide about how to use its tools efficiently.

Let’s study these features in detail for a better understanding of what they provide us if you use them.

1. Kartra Videos:

To express your creative idea to normal viewers, videos are the best way. You can easily express your views about a certain topic or can make tutorials.

Also, for a shy or introverted person, digital media is best to say loudly. You can upload videos on a panel by creating a video panel is your website.

Moreover, to automatically run your video, an autoplay option can be set.

To avoid copyright issues or to make your content secure you should add watermarks in the video. This watermark can be your company name, brand name, or have your initials.

You can play videos on all devices due to its responsive behavior. 

2. Kartra Affiliates:

Kartra Affiliates

The freelancers who promote Kartra products on their websites get a commission from Kartra. The commission rate is based on the type of package that you use on your website to promote.

Kartra gives commission by keeping track of freelancers that promote or suggest Kartra products in their blogs.

3. Kartra Forms:

To create unique and creative forms Kartra gives you the facility of using multiple templates. You can create fields and add different stages by using automation rules.

4. Integrations and API:

Instead of using a drag and drops facility, if you want to write a code then use the facility of Kartra API.

Moreover, to easily run the code on the platform you can also use Kartra integrations and API.

You find different Kartra packages at its official website that are available at a different price range.

Let’s discuss the four packages of Kartra in detail so that you can select the one according to your requirement.

5. Landing Pages:

Kartra gives drag and drops facilities to build creative and attractive web pages. The time that you will invest in writing code for pages will be reduced if you avail of this facility.

You will get more than hundreds of design templates for web pages so that you can use them or take ideas to build a new design.

Templates can be redesign as you want. You can write a simple text in the form of title, heading, paragraph, and a subheading,

The best feature is that all pages are responsive which means you can use these pages on any device with different widths and lengths.

Moreover, if you want you can add a navigation system to it.

6. Memberships:

Kartra gives the facility to make the best membership portal. In an organized way, you can share quality content. You can share a different type of material like training material, creative content, and course content with the viewers.

By using Kartra membership portal builder you can build attractive portals that attract visitors to your marketing sites.

No need to code, by drag and drops objects you can make portals. Also, to give a professional look to your website Kartra offers you many design templates.

7. Sales Funnels:

What is a Sales Funnel Software

Kartra has interconnected tools to create sales funnel efficiently. To guide your visitors, Kartra uses a hierarchal structure. It also helps you to design a multi-page funnel.

You can convert your visitors to leads, then into customers. After that, they will convert into your customers if you give your leads the best services.

8. Kartra Email Marketing And Automation:

To design a professional platform for email Karta offers email marketing and automation. It helps you to generate multiple automated emails.

You will be able to turn on the host of automation based on your customer’s behavior.

For Example

If your customers have not seen your email then Karta will send them an automated message as a remainder.

It helps in increasing customer engagement through emails and messages.

Kartra’s lifetime deal uses an automatic mail responder and an opt-in webpage. To bump, its sales pages come with some extra content.

You need to try it first before believing in anyone’s review. Here are the things that you should do to trust on Kartra lifetime deal.

  • Create and program a website
  • Get a hosting service
  • Use an autoresponder service
  • Use a membership site
  • Try A/B split testing to know customer response

You just not save your money by getting the Kartra Lifetime deal but also get access to many amazing features.

All the tools are available in one software. These tools are enough to start your online business. You can also provide services to your customers by offering them good deals and quality products.

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Exclusive Features Included in Kartra Lifetime Deal:


Here are features that Kartra lifetime deal includes:

1. Build Webpages in a Fast Way Using Templates and Elements:

The best to get traffic is to attract their attention. This can be done by making amazing websites and portals.

As a freelancer, you might think a lot of coding is required to do all the designing but this is not true in the case of Kartra. You can make creative and attractive web pages by just drag and drop objects.

Kartra offers you multiple objects that can help you build amazing sites without putting any effort. Also, it increases your market value and increases your competition.

2. 37 Different Design Templates in Kartra Lifetime Deal:

Although Kartra has hundreds of design templates. But these 37 unique and attractive templates are the ones that you will want. Here are the ten examples of these templates

  1. Optin page
  2. Sales page
  3. Thank you pages
  4. Presell pages
  5. OTO’s
  6. Order Forms
  7. Webinar pages
  8. Subscription pages
  9. Other pages
  10. Affiliate pages

You can also personalize these templates according to your requirement. You can also sell these templates. All you have to do is pick up any Kartra lifetime deal template and make changes to it. Now it is your property and you can sell it without having a copyright issue.

3. Create One-click Membership Websites:

With the help of the Kartra lifetime deal, you can create personalizable membership sites in a short time. You can access these sites to your customers in an easy way.

Moreover, you can also control the time of the customer.

If you have a WordPress site then you can use the plug-in for one-click membership sites. You are allowed to send emails to your customers anytime you want.

Unlike, other software Kartra allows you to create complex membership sites easily.

4. Email Integration and Actionetics:

In the Kartra lifetime deal, you will get opportunities for email integration. Once you have an email integration you can use it with anyone. Here are some examples.

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Active Campaign
  3. Aweber
  4. ConvertKit
  5. Drip
  6. Hubspot
  7. Get response
  8. MailChimp
  9. Mad Mimi
  10. InfusionSoft
  11. Sendlane
  12. Market Hero
  13. Ontraport
  14. Salesforce and others.

Kartra Lifetime Deal Pricing:

Now come to the main point of what is Kartra lifetime deal. The best deal of sales funnels is the Kartra lifetime deal.

It is the best marketing software that creates the best funnels to increase sales and page traffic.

The major thing about Kartra is that it has all the things that you need while doing marketing. It gives a complete service from start to end. 

1. Kartra Requirement Plan:

You can get this plan by spending $97. These plans consist of basic Kartra features. You can create

  • 10 funnels
  • 100 pages
  • 20K visitors per month

Also, you can use advanced features like email marketing and affiliate monitoring software

2. Kartra Etison Suite:

You get this Kartra package at $297. This package consists of standards tools. The most important features are

  • Actionetics
  • Backpack

 Also, you can interact with email lists and email broadcasts. Inside, Kartra lifetime deal you can create multiple email automation.

Moreover, you can ass an affiliate program to your sales funnels.

[box title=”” border_width=”3″ border_color=”#0c87e1″ border_style=”dotted” bg_color=”#ffffff” align=”left”]

Funnel Hacks System:

You can get this package at the rate of $997. Also, if you expect a discount from Kartra, then it is good news for you that Kartra offers you a great discount on its software.

This package comes with great training in marketing. You can get 6-month free access to Kartra Etison Suite as a bonus.

From this bonus offer, you can save up to $1782. Because 6 months of Etison Suite in Kartra lifetime deal can cost you this amount and if you get a bonus then it will be huge for you.

When you go through the sales funnels, you can create unique strategies. When you get to know about all the tips and tricks you can make a large amount of money with the Kartra lifetime deal.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can You Make Kartra Work For You? Kartra Lifetime Deal?

To use any digital marketing tool is important to have a business first. If you do not have a business or sell any product then Kartra is not right for you. Also, you do not have to use any marketing tool and waste your money.

You should have time to create attractive sales funnels. Usually, sales funnels take effort and time to build. Also, you have to be patient while your visitors become your customers.

But with the help of Kartra, you can make creative funnels at low cost and in less time with less effort.

Also, Kartra offers a different course to make its customers comfortable to use their products. All the information and tricks are discussed in the video so that you can efficiently use all features.


Among all other deals, the Kartra lifetime deal is the best option for you. You will get amazing features and tools in one software. The lifetime deal packages come at affordable prices.

All a freelance marketer, you know all the difficulties that a freelancer face and how difficult it is to improve your performance. So, to decrease your time and effort you should use the Kartra package.

It gives you amazing benefits as a freelancer. You get 14 days free trial and have access to all the important features of Kartra.

But if we talk about lifetime deals then these features are limited. It means that you can only use it in a lifetime deal.

To increase your sales in a short time and to attract a large audience it is better to get a Kartra lifetime deal. It also helps you financially because of its low rates.

Also, Kartra gives you the facility to switch between the packages.

It means if you are using a basic package, and want to move on to the next package then no need to cancel your membership.

Because if you do so your money will get wasted. But if you switch to another package then your money with be saved.

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