Best Kartra Alternatives to Try in 2021!

For running an online business, you will need various software and tools.

Now, the market surely has a huge variety of options available to help you out.

One such option and a popular tool are Kartra that many of you have heard of. Either you are a newbie or a professional digital marketer, this name is not new.

From affordable price plans to a list of features, Kartra has it all. This online marketing software allows you to do it all.

So you won’t need developers or designers to invest in.

Here’s the kicker!

Kartra might be the coolest tool for beginners and small scale businesses. But the real twist comes knocking around as there are far more other options.

Yes, the market has various Kartra alternatives that you must know about.

Today we will share with you a detailed overview of Kartra and then the best 10 Kartra alternatives. All these are cheaper, far easier compared to Kartra.

So let’s take a look without much ado!

What is Kartra?


Before heading towards the features, you first need to know what Kartra is.

Most of you might already know about this tool but for those who are beginners.

Here’s the deal!

Kartra is otherwise known as an all-in-one marketing tool. This single platform serves you everything and fulfills almost all basic marketing requirements.

To scale on an online business, you will need certain tools and software, Kartra is the answer. Especially for novices, something rather easy to follow is a rule.

So this is where Karta jumps into action and plays a role.

The whole platform comes with training videos and guides that you ever needed. If you are to start an online business from the ground, Kartra claims to have it all.

For instance, the most important features required are:

  • Web hosting.
  • Email marketing tools.
  • Webinars.
  • A/B testing.
  • Cart checkouts.

One of the major aspects that made Kartra a hit is its usability. In other terms, from a learner to a professional, any marker can use Kartra.

For instance, the drag and drop feature is a blessing for beginners. They find it easier to build sales funnels, landing pages, etc.

Then it also offers templates so you won’t have to indulge in coding. Even if you are not a programmer, you can still handle it.

Whereas if you are already an expert with a team of developers, designers. Then Kartra has the option to take part in codes, create things accordingly.

In short, these are the reason why Kartra is a flexible tool for both sorts of marketers. The wide range of options makes it pretty facile to handle the interface.

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What Are Some Features of Kartra?

Kartra Features

Now that the basic introduction is complete, let’s get done with the features that Kartra has to offer.

Page Builder:

Of course, any marketer or an entrepreneur would want a website or funnel.

But the question arises, how exactly can Kartra help to do so?

What’s the bottom line?

Kartra offers a page builder that any of you can use with ease. This feature comes along with various templates to choose from.

Also, the drag and drop feature simply makes the customization pretty facile.

But the issue here is that these temps are what we see almost everywhere.

Hence the features tend to be somewhat boring and too basic. Though the options are wide and clean to choose from like sales pages, blogs, etc.

A/B Testing:

This feature might be a tad bit confusing for beginners. So to put it into a nutshell, A/B testing allows you to change a single web page.

This allows you to check out which change led to an increase in sales.

Various Kartra alternatives offer other methods to do the same. Not only those options are easy to use but also save you a lot more time.

In the case of Kartra, you can create 2 variations of the same page. Then test on various changes like changing fonts, colors, header, or adding buttons, etc.

When we talk about online businesses, testing is one integral component. One can never know which technique will be a 100% success so tests are the only option.

Shopping Cart Feature:

Among the core initial purposes, one was the growth of a robust e-commerce platform.

Now, Kartra allows you to enjoy various built-in features of a shopping cart.

You can add a product to Kartra if you are in e-commerce and then choose either of the 2 options.

Either you can create an upsell or a down-sell. As this process works like a traditional sales funnel, it can help sell online.

So if any of the lead is interested in your product/s, they can buy it. If your lead ends up buying a product, they will receive an upsell offer.

On the opposite hand, if the lead won’t buy then they get a down-sell offer. Now, this offer might be somewhat cheaper than an upsell.

Affiliate Program:

If you allow the leads to become affiliates, you can try to generate more sales. The best part is this can continue along with the selling products.

This is crazy!

When leads buy any product, they will get an affiliate link. Now, they can take a cut of your profits by promoting your products and making a sale for you.

Most of you who are around the online business already know about the affiliate program. Clickfunnels also has made a whole lot of money via this.


Automation is a necessity especially when a business starts to scale up. So the minute your list starts to grow, your first thought is of automation.

But unlike various Kartra alternatives, it is a pain to use when it comes to automation. The tools offered for automation are also quite tiring to get along with.

It only gets worse!

Kartra’s automation is even referred to as their sequence builder. So when you start the automation, they lag and freeze. This ultimately adds up to the toll and process consumer time.

Apart from that Kartra doesn’t even include an email autoresponder in its automation. Now, this requires you to manually do the part of the email sequence.

For instance, a visitor didn’t buy any product and left the cart empty. So you would prefer to send them an email to invite and offer something else.

Though Kartra allows you to do so. But the problem arises when the customer reply to the email. Then you can’t set up the email to create an automatic response.

Instead, you need to opt for a manual response to every email. For beginners, this may seem to be a simple task. Getting 4-5 emails per day won’t be a big deal.

Whereas massive e-commerce stores consider it tedious as they get thousands of sales. Hence to keep control over this via Kartra is not an ideal choice.

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Kartra Pricing:

Kartra Pricing

Next, we have the pricing plans offered by Kartra. Here, the options vary between monthly subscription packages. Even though the prices of these plans differ yet features are somewhat similar.

The only difference is the number of emails and contacts Karta allows. This choice completely depends on your requirements and budget.

For newbies, the lower ones are a better approach and with time they can switch to other plans.

So here is what Kartra has to offer:

1. Starter Plan:

For all the beginners, this one is for you at the lowest price. For only $99 per month, you can test Kartra. For people with an email list of less than $2500, this one is the best choice.

  • 15,000 emails per month.
  • 100 total pages created.
  • 20 dynamic follow up sequences.
  • 50 GB bandwidth per month.

2. Silver Plan:

For a bit upgraded plan you can opt for this Silver plan that costs $199 only.

It offers features like:

  • Up to 12,500 contacts.
  • 125,000 emails per month.
  • 125 GB bandwidth per month.
  • Unlimited dynamic follows up sequences.

3. Gold Plan:

For those who want to upgrade and have bigger email lists like above 20,000.

For $299 per month enjoy all these features:

  • Up to 25,000 contacts.
  • 250,000 emails per month.
  • 200 GB bandwidth per month.
  • 5 custom domains.

4. Platinum Plan:

This last plan is for all the experts and people who have been around for a longer span.

You need to pay $499 per month and get hands-on a list of features:

  • Up to 50,000 contacts.
  • 500,000 emails per month.
  • 10 custom domains.
  • 500 GB bandwidth per month.

5. Enterprise Plan:

For people with grown businesses, and email list over 100,000. You can get the Enterprise plan but it doesn’t have any certain features.

Instead, you can get a complete customized plan according to requirements.

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10 Best Kartra Alternatives Reivew!

Even though Kartra has its features, tools, and points with a list of pricing plans. But still, various Kartra alternatives are far better.

So we jotted down the top 10 Kartra alternatives for you all to choose from.

Here is the list:

1. Kajabi:


For those who want a real competitive Kartra alternative, nothing can beat Kajabi. This online course platform targets the teachers, coaches, and such entities.

Apart from that this one is also an all-in-one platform for online businesses. The tools it contains can help you to run an entire online business.

This one is an option for those who can afford it, as the plans are not so cheaper.

But Kajabi knows how to entertain the newbies and e-learners. Hence you only need to provide the required content and the rest Kajabi will do.

Coming towards the pricing plans, first of all, it offers a $119 basic package.

It includes 1 website, 3 pipelines, 3 products, and more. Then the further plans can cost you around $319 per month with many advanced features.

2. ClickFunnels:


If you want to start an online business with sales funnels, ClickFunnels is your thing. You can create launch/landing pages, membership websites, and opt-in pages.

The list of tools and features does not end here. Though it doesn’t have any tool for video marketing, features for e-learning websites.

So you can create websites for teachers, coaches, and such niches. Hence you may have to integrate 3rd party services like Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

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3. Simvoly:


This one here is more of a drag and drop the online course and website building platform. You get to turn these innovative ideas into businesses and earn a handsome amount.

Simvoly brings along 50 themes that easily cover almost every business niche. Each of the themes is not only responsive but also optimized for ease of usage.

Then the customization on any sort of device makes things further facile. This platform allows you to start any business of selling courses and such.

Want to know the best part?

You won’t have to get any prior know-how of the technology. Starting from $12 per month is the cheapest plan offered by Simvoly.

It offers 20 pages, 1 funnel, and a website, 10 GB traffic, and more. For the advanced features, unlimited pages, and funnels the price goes up to $149 per month.


Next, among Kartra alternatives is another all-in-one platform. focuses on aspiring entrepreneurs who need to manage an online business.

Without having to get any technical knowledge, beginners can work with this tool.

From the drag and drop page builder, you can also create stunning pages. And that too without any programming involved in it.

Here’s the kicker!

These pages turn out to be as beautiful as they would with programming tools. So now you can get the same satisfying results but with minimal effort.

About the prices, it has 3 plans to offer; Startup, Webinars, and Enterprise. From $27 per month starts the cheapest of them all and offers 5k subscribers, 3 sites.

As for the highest one, it offers 15k subscribes, 5 custom domains, and a lot more. Also, offers a 14-days trial before opting for any of the packages.

5. Podia:


If you want to sell memberships, digital content, and online courses then Podia is your tool. This digital storefront is not only user-friendly also requires no advanced skills.

You can register and start with the e-commerce and e-learning business. It has membership modules that allow you to create a membership site.

And that too with various pricing plans.

For building a site to sell products, you can use the Products module for help. This module comes with digital downloads, bundles, and online courses.

Next, it offers a drag and drop interface for beginners that saves you a lot of time.

As for membership plans, it has 2 available options. A plan for $39 per month and another for $79 per month. Apart from these, the Shaker plan has advanced features.

6. GrooveFunnels:


Next, on the list of Kartra alternatives, we have GrooveFunnels that many have heard of.

This tool is the ultimate solution for creating sales funnels, and websites. GrooveMail, GrooveSell, and GroovePages are a few of its tools.

Want to know the best part?

One of the founders of Kartra started GrooveFunnels, so now you know why it is the best. Another all-in-one platform including every tool, feature required for online business.

GrooveFunnels is offering a limited time offer of a free life plan. This one contains 2 of the major tools Groove pages and GrooveSell.

Then the other plans start from$99 per month with more GrooveFunnels tools.

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7. Builderall:


Builder all offers everything from hosting, SEO, email marketing, and much more. In short, every tool you may need to run an online business is here.

If you tend to buy each of these tools separately it might cost you a fortune. Especially for beginners and small scale businesses, it can be a real pain.

It comes with a free 14 days trial so you can test out the basic features. Then it has a lifetime free plan with 3 websites and 100 subscribers.

As for the paid plans, they start from $19.9 per month and offers visitors, impressions, A/B testing, etc. The highest of the lot is the Premium plan for $69.9 each month.

8. Knorish:


This one here is better known as monetization and learning management platforms. People who are eager to share and monetize their knowledge can use Knorish.

The platform for those who build engaging and interactive content for the audience.

Also, those who want to grow and scale up the audience.

It also offers a free Trial plan that has all core features. Once you are all set you can opt for paid plans. The cheapest one is only $39 per month.

Yet offers unlimited integrated payment services, video hosting, etc. For getting some advanced features you can opt for the $350 plan.

9. Invanto:


For any of you who holds an interest in blogging or course creation, Invanto is for you. This is another all-in-one platform for selling memberships, courses, digital products, etc.

A major plus point is the wide range of integrated services. Hence you won’t have to go for 3rd party apps for basic functionalities. The integrated Zapier allows you to connect to any 3rd party services.

The only setback is the lack of LMS features and requires some time to get along with this tool. You need to learn a few things and it doesn’t have email marketing.

10. ThriveCart:


The last on the list of Kartra alternatives is ThriveCart. As the name might suggest, this one is the best checkout and shopping cart tool.

This tool allows you to convert visitors into potential buyers without much effort.

With the easy interface, you can master it in no time. It has some advanced features like A/B testing, templates, and affiliate marketing.

The only drawback here is that you can’t build sales funnels with ThriveCart. Hence it also restricts you from building online courses and sell them.


Kartra has its own set of features, tools that one may find appealing. But the usability, pricing, and limitations make it not so great tool.

Those who lack the know-how and especially those with zero expertise may suffer.

Hence these 10 alternatives provide similar tools and services as Kartra. Yet the prices are far more affordable, the interfaces are friendly, and so on.

We hope you will also find a suitable alternative and start your online business. For further queries, you can contact us at any time and clear the doubts.

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