Kajabi vs Kartra (2020): In-Depth Comparison

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Knowing the right ways to run a business is essential if you want to progress in your profession.

You must have the right kind of hooks to bring your customers to the products and convince them to buy more.

Kajabi and Kartra are some of the software that can help you to make money through efficient sales funnels.

The only thing you need to know the right comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.  

Want to know the real fun part of this review?

In this review, we will go through all the important and useful aspects of Kajabi vs Kartra.

You will be able to know every information regarding both of these amazing software to run your business smoothly.

We will discuss similarities that exist between Kajabi vs Kartra.

It will help you in knowing what perks would you get if you choose any one of these amazing software. 

On the other hand, there comes the aspect of differences.

We will also cove some of the common differences that make the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra more interesting.

These comparisons are the real reasons that can help you in making sure which is the best software for your business according to your requirements. 

So, let us get started with the fun stuff, shall we?

We will head straight towards the best and the most remarkable information about Kajabivs Kartra, without taking more of your precious and useful time.   

As we dive into the real deal of all the information regarding Kajabi vs Kartra, you must have a little overview of both of this software.

It will help you enlighten your path better towards the understanding of this software.

Kartra vs Kajabi Overview:

Kartra vs Kajabi Overview

Before we discuss the similarities and differences of Kajabi vs Kartra, let’s have a brief overview of both of this software.

This brief overview will provide you a good idea of both of these software. In this overview, we will also describe some of the things which will be hard to find out kajabi and kartra.

To build a good and better perspective of this software you must be aware of the right things about Kajabi vs Kartra.

By going through this overview, you’ll be able to know their importance. You will also be able to know which one is best for you.

It will also help you to understand which software can provide you more than effects according to your requirements.

So let’s get started with the overview that could help you understand all the aspects of both this software to create amazing funnels landing pages and much more.

What is Kajabi?


Kajabi has appeared as a new name in the online market. It is an online platform that provides a very simple tech system to its users.

This simple system has everything which you need to build. You can also market your courses with this.

If you want to create, host, and launch your online courses then Kajabi has made it super easy.

This online platform was founded in 2010. It’s 10 years of experience means that it is much better as compared to the new kartra.

The software has become a lot mature with the end-user response and timely corrections.

It works on its full potential without worrying about any kind of trouble with the working abilities. 

Many influencers such as Brendon Burchard and Amy Porterfield use this Kajabi, as it has become very famous and liked by the experts who provide the teaching in which they are good at.

It is a useful platform which are accurate for all the professionals to help them grow their business faster and better. 

Kajabi has also emerged as the most preferable in the learning management system and is also competing with Thinkific, Teachable, etc.

It provides you almost all the features that will surely help you in selling and building your online courses.

And that’s the reason why people compare it with the most funnel building tools.

It only lacks when it comes to managing the marketing sites completely of your online business.

What is kartra?


It is a software which is very famous for sales funnel building. This software is used by the owners of the online business owners for many purposes.

These purposes include building out pages, to carry out the online marketing activities and marketing their business.

Moreover, the people who made Webinarjam and EverWebinar are the same people who made kartra.

It is an All-in-One marketing tool that has been liked by many course creators, consultants, coaches, and eCommerce owners.

The reason for its liking is its working capability that can help in making sure the user gets the perfect results that are required for business growth. 

It was launched in 2018 so it has completely new features.

Most of the marketers have completely switched to the kartra platform due to its amazing features which it has brought into the industry.

If you are using kartra then it will be extremely easy for you who build any type of funnel, forms, member areas, and pages.

You can also build the affiliate-program portals, helpdesk, and much other cool stuff with the help of kartra.

The thing in which it lacks is its inbuilt features which are not the best in class.

For example, it lacks and membership site builders and course hosting as compared to the other products like Thinkific, Kajabi, and Teachable.

It can be an amazing choice because it is an amazing and useful marketing tool that comes with every essential perk for business. 

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Kartra vs Kajabi – Similarities:

Kartra vs Kajabi – Similarities

By doing the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra you have to cover many different aspects.

Before you go to some decision it is important to know the similarities between them both. So first of all we will start with similarities of Kajabi vs Kartra.

By knowing the similarities of this both software you will not only come to know about their amazing features but also you will get to know their other qualities as well.

It will help you know what both software brings to the table and have the same capability to perform without any problem. 

 So let’s get started with the similarities of Kajabi vs Kartra.

Some of the most important similarities which you must know are:

#1: Hosting and Creating Membership Sites:

This is one of the most obvious features which both the software has in common.

As you already know that Kajabi is well known for monetizing and hosting your course and it has emerged to give the best membership experience to the people.

And talking about the kartra membership is also well known for providing the best membership sites.

This is why it has a name in the market to perform faster and better when it comes to hosting and creating membership sites for any business. 

Moreover, both of these software offers you the option of building your course. 

Moreover, both of these products also offer you a progress tracking bar on which you can very easily see the performance of your students how far they have made it.

#2: Drop and Drag Website/Page Builder:

Drop and Drag Website

When you are having a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra then this similarity must be considered.

Both of this software have the drag and drop capability which allows you to customize and create the beautifully designed pages.

By using the drag and drop editor in Kajabi vs Kartra, it comes very easy for you to create and modify the sections of your page.

In both of this software, you have to click on the element to modify your page and can easily edit the headlines buttons color texts, etc.

This makes it easier for anyone to customize and add new stuff to the landing pages. You can also modify all the websites easily.

This software is designed for people who know little about programming and need help for setting up their online shops. 

Moreover, both of these also allow you to see the changes being applied in real-time when you are editing for customizing your sales page.

These tools come with preview buttons that also help in letting you see the edits that you make in your page.

It gives you the perfect overview of how things would look on the user end of the page. 

#3: Templates:

When you are doing a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra, then you need to know that both of these software provides the same templates.

Templates are one of the most important things that can help you in boosting your online business.

They provide you the perfect layout for all your products and help you in adding new information without any problem. 

You don’t need to create your marketing pages from scratch as both of these got them already.

It can be a remarkable thing because everything will be laid out for you with just a click of a button.

This not only saves you a lot of time but also helps you in choosing accurate ways to promote your products. 

#4: Funnel Building:

Funnel Building

You must also know that the funnel building in both the software is the same when you are doing the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.

Both of this software is well known as a funnel building tool.

Going into the detail of both. Kartra is well known for a funnel building as it has a campaign function in which there is everything you need.

When talking about Kajabi, it has a feature which is called pipelines. In this feature, you can easily build the workflow of a marketing funnel.

So in simple words, you can say that both of these software provides the users all the features to build a marketing campaign from scratch to top.

#5: Inbuilt Automation:

When you are doing the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra, and you need to know that both of this software have a similar automation capability and flexibility.

Whenever you go for a marketing platform the automation flexibility and capability are very important to consider.

Both of these products have an inbuilt automation capability due to which both of them are capable of performing all types of in funnel tasks, automation, follow-ups, analytics, and tracking.

Both of these software enables you to manage your online business with an autopilot feature.

You can also set the various kinds of activities to fire off with both of this software which is based upon the actions of your customer in your sales funnel.

You might be wondering which of these two has more automation. according to our analysis,

We would say that the automation power of kartra is superior as it provides you the crazy automation within your entire funnel.

#6: Affiliate Marketing Platform:

Affiliate Marketing Platform

You must know that there is a built-in affiliate management system in both of this software when you are having a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.

In kartra, you can have the affiliate marketing center on all of its plans which starts from the most basic to the most advanced plans.

But when we are talking about Kajabi then you must have a pro or premium plan to utilize the affiliate marketing center.

Moreover, Kajabi also lacks in having some advanced features of the affiliate management system just as tracking, payment, and tier commission.

But if you look in the depth, then you can see that both of this software offer you all the necessary tools with which you can manage and create an affiliate program for your product.

#7: Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the last similarity when we are having a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.

Both of these software allows you to send a one-time email broadcast to your entire list or specified users.

By using both of this software you can do everything which your dedicated email marketing autoresponder can do.

When talking about their customer support, both of this software has many active Facebook groups which are very necessary when it comes to customer support and community.

Both of these provide you a knowledge base, email ticket support.

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Differences Between Kajabi And Kartra:


Now let’s discuss some significant differences that you will find in the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.

With these differences, you will be very well aware that which software is better.

#1: Video Hosting:

While having a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra, you must not that they both have different video hosting.

Kartra has its inbuilt video hosting but when it comes to Kajabi it has no such feature.

By using kartra you have a limited video bandwidth on the starter plan, but when it comes to Kajabi it offers you an unlimited Wistia hosting for the videos.

#2: Help Desk:

This is another difference when comparing Kajabi vs Kartra. When you are running customer service and support then the help desk is of great importance.

When we see this feature while comparing Kajabi vs Kartra, then we find that the kartra has the help desk feature but it is not available in Kajabi.

#3: Community Building Tool:

The next difference while comparing Kajabi vs Kartra is the community-building tool.

In this feature, the Kajabi gets ahead of kartra. As you can create your community on Kajabi but not on kartra.

In this community, you can interact and share ideas with your students. This is an amazing feature.

#4: Online Course Assessment:

When we talk about the online course assessments while comparing Kajabi vs Kartra, then here as well the Kajabi takes the lead.

This online course assessment feature is not available on kartra. But Kajabi offers this feature as well.

#5: Blog Creation:

Coming towards the other difference while comparing Kajabi vs Kartra.

Blog creation is a very important future and you will be very amazed to know that Kajabi takes the lead on this feature as well.

You can’t blog with kartra, but with the Kajabi you can have a blog creation with which you can publish your posts.

#6: Scheduling Calendar Application:

The next difference while having a comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra is the scheduling calendar application.

In kartra, you have an inbuilt calendar application. But Kajabi doesn’t have this feature.

This feature allows your customers to book any type of appointment with you.

#7: Campaign And Funnel Share:

You must know that this feature is also offered by the only kartra while having the comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra.

This feature allows you to publish and share the sales campaigns that you have created directly with your users.

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Kartra vs Kajabi Pricing:

Pricing is one of the most crucial factors which you must consider before using the online funnel generation software.

You must know the exact pricing details of both of this software so that you may know that which is affordable.

We will also provide you with pricing details of Kajabi vs Kartra. With this, you can easily choose which one is best for you according to your requirements.

Kartra Pricing Plans:

Kartra Pricing

As mentioned before that kartra provides you the access to all features from the Starter-Platinum plan. Kartra gives you 4 interesting packages.

All of these 4 packages give you access to different range of things.

These packages are:

The Starter Plan ($99/month)

This plan allows you to have up to 2500 contacts, two membership sites, 15000 emails per month, 50 GB video bandwidth, a hundred pages, one team member, etc.

The Silver Plan ($199/month)

In this plan, you are given access to three custom domains, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited membership site, unlimited team members, unlimited products, and unlimited emails per month.

The Gold Plan ($299/month)

In this plan, you have access to five custom domains and all the features that are given in the silver plan.

The Platinum Plan ($499/month)

This is the most expensive plan. In this plan, you have access to 10 custom domains and all the other unlimited stuff.

It comes with all the tools and access that you need to boost your business and earn a hefty sum of profits in return. 

Kajabi Pricing Plans:

Kajabi Pricing

While having a pricing comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra, it appears that kartra is expensive but Kajabi is more expensive.

It gives you 3 packages. But the best thing about Kajabi is that it offers you a 14-day free trial.

According to analysis, it was noticed that most of the people do not use Kajabi because of its expensive pricing plan.

Its three packages are:

Basic Plan ($149/month)

You can create three products, three pipelines, one website, a single admin, 10000 contacts, and unlimited landing pages and emails in this plan.

Growth Plan ($199/month)

You can sell 15 products, 15 pipelines, 10 administrative users, one website,25000 contacts, 10,000 members, and unlimited pages and emails.

PRO Plan ($399/month)

This is the most expensive plan in which you can sell a hundred products, hundred pipelines, 3 websites, 100K leads and admins, and 20k active members.

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Which is the Best? (users opinion)

Now coming towards the user opinions that which one of this software is best.

When we compare Kajabi vs Kartra we come to know that both of these Softwares are the powerful All-in-One software.

They both allow the hosting of your online courses by building membership access.

When we look at the depth of both of these Softwares, we see that they both have different purposes.

One of them is a complete marketing suite and a funnel building software and the other is a specialized membership site software.

If we see the thing in which this both are best then we can say that the kartra is amazing for funnels and Kajabi is wonderful for courses.

Now it depends upon your requirement to choose which one is the best for you.

More On User Opinion:

If you are a person who wants to build a funnel then kartra is a perfect choice for you.

But if you or a person who wants membership site software then you should surely go for Kajabi, as it is not so good for funnel steps, landing pages, and order pages with unlimited page builder capability.

There are many comparisons of Kajabi vs Kartra on the internet. But wherever you go you see that kartra has the lead over Kajabi in almost all the aspects.

It is because you can do whatever you want to do with kartra.

By using the kartra you can sell your physical products, digital products which include the ebooks and online courses as well as your services.

Due to the beautiful features that kartra offers is the A/B split testing into your emails and landing pages. While this feature is not offered by Kajabi.

This must be a massive drawback for Kajabi as the marketers and business owners are crazy about testing things.

Going in more depth. The other hidden feature which most of the kartra users themselves didn’t know is an automation and tracking feature within the videos.

So while looking into a detailed comparison of Kajabi vs Kartra, we come up with a decision that.

Can I Integrate both Kajabi and Kartra?

This can be an enticing choice for you to be able to integrate both Kajabi and Kartra.

This can lead to the wish of using both their qualities for the expansion and success of your business. Both of this software can integrate and work accordingly. 

As good as it may seem but it is just a waste of money. There are many things that you can just do it with using the services of Kartra.

So it would not be a wise choice on your side to integrate both Kajabi and Kartra.

You can simply choose one of them and fulfill all your requirements accordingly without having any problem. 

Kartra vs Kajabi – Conclusion:

Using online marketing tools and software are common in business but knowing the right one is hard to find.

Kajabi and Kartra can be some of the efficient choices available over the internet. This comparison will help you in choosing the right one for your business. 

I am sure you will love the content regarding Kajabi vs Kartra. Everything in here will help you uncover the reality of both this software.

The whole review is structured in such a way that you will know every aspect of Kajabi vs Kartra with proper understanding. 

The information about Kajabi vs Kartra is organized in such a way that you can easily reach out to it.

This allows you to know that everything in this article is well researched and authentic. 

We hope that after gaining all the information you will be able to clear out all the doubts in your head.

But if there is still something left unclear then you should not fret about it. The reason behind it is that we are always here for your assistance. 

You can ask us anything about Kajabi vs Kartra and we will thoroughly analyze it.

The simple and viable solutions will elevate all your doubts about both these software in every way. 

In the end, we just want you to stay connected with us for more interesting pieces of content.

Until then we sincerely wish you to have an amazing experience with any of the software you choose between Kajabi and Kartra. 

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