Is Clickfunels MLM? Few things you should know

Is Clickfunels MLM? Few things you should know

Is Clickfunnels MLM? Perhaps, you are going to use ClickFunnels for online MLM, but you have no idea whether it works on Multi-Level Marketing or not. Anyway, if you ask “is ClickFunnels MLM?”, then the answer is “yes”.

Is Clickfunels MLM? Few things you should know

ClickFunnels is actually a sales funnel builder that can help you deal with various business purposes, including the MLM system or you may be familiar with affiliate marketing. Here are a few things to know about Clickfunnels for MLM.

ClickFunnels is the best funnel builder for MLM business

Suppose you have a business and you want to create such an MLM system with sales funnels, then you can create your MLM sales funnel page using ClickFunnes. It is very easy to create funnels using ClickFunnels, even if you do not have any coding knowledge. In addition, you can organize your business all in one system.

ClickFunnels MLM is like a pyramid scheme

When you running an online MLM business, you have to follow the upside-down pyramid scheme theory. The top side or the fourth level is the awareness that makes people realize that your product is so important. The third level is to make them interested in the product you create or sell. Then, the second level is to make them decide. Finally, they will take action like buying, sharing, and join your affiliate marketing program.

Clickfunnels itself offers an affiliate marketing program

Suppose you do not have a product that an affiliate marketing program, you do not need to worry because ClickFunnels itself offers an affiliate marketing program. ClickFunnels offers a BackPack as the best affiliate marketing tool. You can join the Clickfunnels affiliate marketing program to sell ClickFunnels products to other people. You will get a commission for every purchase they make. You can share the affiliate link to other people. Using your own sales funnel, you can make the people attracted and finally decide to buy ClickFunnels plans through your affiliate link.

ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program is only available on the Full Suite plan

If you want to join the ClickFunnels affiliate marketing program or get a BackPack, you have to buy the Full Suite Plan. Basically, ClickFunnels offers two plans, they are Startup plan for $97 per month and the Full Suite plan for $297 per month. The Full Suite plan includes the entire features including Actionetics and BackPack. Meanwhile, the Startup plan does not include the Backpack or Actionetics in the package.

Finally, those are a few things that you may need to know when you ask “is ClickFunnnels MLM?”. Anyway, ClickFunnels is a kind of MLM through its affiliate marketing program. You can either create your own sales funnels to sell your own products or create a funnel to sell ClickFunnels products itself. You will get the commission to sell ClickFunnels up to 40% of the sale. This can be a great idea to earn a lot of income without owning your own products. All you need to do is to buy the Clickfunnels Full Suite plan and use the BackPack tool.

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