Instapage vs ClickFunnels: See What’s the Best One! (2020)

This article is based on comparing the two most superior page-building tools in the world right now.

It is sure that everyone recognises them and will surely love to build a page and start a business of their own on these two platforms.


We are talking about Instapage and Clickfunnels.

We will tell you who is greater in which aspect but it does not mean that the other is weaker.

That is why you should go along with the article as we will show you the core difference in these two giant platforms. 

If you are here and reading this article with all your attention on to it then I am assuming that you have more or a bit less of an idea than.

I on these two platforms or if you have less then there is not much of a problem because we will start this article from the beginning and will tell you every single detail about these two platforms.

And if you have more ideas about these two then you already know about these things as well. Sales funnel. Landing page, Squeeze page and sales page.

And if you have an idea about these then no worries we will tell you all about it.

A sales funnel is an image that people see of you before they become your customer or fan so if you want to make more fans or customers then you should create your sales funnel page a bit more attractive.

It helps you make strangers your valid customer and helps you increase your business and helps you in selling your product quickly. 

The landing page is where all your visitors gather or come through a traffic resource that can be a squeeze page that is used for remarketing or it can be a sales page that handles all the selling.

On top of that, these both are elements of the sales funnel. Clickfunnels and Insta page are the two biggest page builders in the online market and existed in the world for a while now.

So let’s just move along with the article and start with our part 1 and then jump on to the other parts.

Instapage vs Clickfunnels: Overview

Instapage vs Clickfunnels

As we are starting with part 1 and as we have mentioned above that we will take it nice and slow and from the top.

So here we go, this part is all about this two platforms story of how they get into existence and much other stuff that will guarantee you of their existence.

Instapage Overview 

The Instapage existed for a while now and from the day it existed till now it is the most advanced landing page builder. The tool is web-based and is popular among many advertisers as well.

With this platform, you can create simple and easy landing pages that provide great quality in front of the market.

Instapage Overview 

This builder has shown the simplicity of building a landing page without involving any tech support of any kind.

Instapage is more than a landing page builder software as it is one of the top 50 conversion rate optimization software, top 10 landing page software and top 50 website builder. 

Clickfunnels Overview

Clickfunnels is a platform where you can create sales funnels to make your online business stronger and to sell products.

The platform will help you build more similar funnels that will help you sell your products physically and digitally. 

Clickfunnels Overview

You can create many different funnels with the help of this tool and if you do not know what other funnels are then here you go.

The other funnel is lead capture funnel, webinar funnel, product launch funnel, auto webinar funnel, membership funnel and much more that you will see when you will subscribe to them. 

Clickfunnels is a choice of millions of people around the globe. In fact, the variety of stuff that they are offering you to start an online business of your own there is no other platform that is offering this much.

The platform is among the top 3 landing page software and top 50 sales software.

Instapage vs Clickfunnels: Features

Instapage vs Clickfunnels

Instapage features

These are the features of this powerful online business platform.

Hundreds of Templates

When you talk about templates then Instapage comes with 200+ templates that are more than enough to design any page as they are easy to customize.

Hundreds of Templates

If you want to import any templates from other landing pages then you can do it easily as this is the best feature of a great landing page builder. 

Tons of Integration

You will find many integrations options on this platform. It assures that you keep connected with your customer by any means possible and your customer connect with you as well.

There are many other integrations as well that is Zapier,  Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot Integrations and much more. 

All integrations help you achieve your goal which is to make your business even go higher and become better than ever.

These integrations are Advertising, Analytics, Call tracking, CRM, E-commerce, Email marketing, Exit intent and pop-ups and of course the best of all Automation tool, there are many more where they came from so just join the page and discover others as well. 

A\B Testing

Split testing is one of the most important features you should have while building an online business of your own.

A\B Testing

Instapage will let you do unlimited A\B testing so you can optimize your page and so you can not ask any questions. 


This feature helps you keep tracking of the visitors that came to your online business, knowing all about what they click and what are the things that they see before we can scroll down. 


This feature is a huge time saver that allows you to create landing pages on a scale.


With this feature, you can also access to many other tools that we think you have not noticed and which are some optimization and analytics tools. 


This is a feature that allows you to connect with Google Ads streamline and let Google ads sync with your page.


It lets you optimize your campaign structure and lets you manage landing page connections as well as manages all the connections directly to the page.

Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)

This feature is for attracting customer to your page as it is a one on one Ad-to-page personalization feature.

Dynamic Text Replacement

This features all you to captivate your customers by using ads that can talk to them directly about your product. 

This helps you to increase the traffic on your page and maximizes the conversion of personalized post-click experience for every ad. 


This feature allows you to visualize the view for other companies and increase your landing page reviews, approval and launch processes as Instapage also support teams and large organizations that will benefit you and your landing page on a larger scale.

Clickfunnels Features

Clickfunnels Features

Funnel Templates

Clickfunnels also has a variety of funnels templates that can catch an eye of yours.

As these built-in templates are of various kinds and design for a specific purpose and every different kind of business.

Funnel Templates

The templates are organized in such a way that they help you promote products, events, webinars and much more stuff that your online business needs.

This feature is one good difference between the two biggest platforms as there is nothing like funnel building and it is only happening on Clickfunnels. 

Powerful Integration

There are many powerful integrations that are linked with clickfunnels and that will help your business flourish.

The integrations can be email marketing tools, some other websites, payment gateways, webinars and many more that you can think of. 


This feature is the one that made Clickfunnels the best online business platform. It attracts the people and that’s why people want to start their online business with the help of Clickfunnels.

The feature is used for sending emails automatically without hitting any button as it is used for an automated marketing campaign and everything in this feature is automatic. 


With this feature, you can generate leads then divide into segments with the help of funnel actions and then send them to the targeted emails.

Members Area Functionality

This feature is an amazing one as this feature lets you build a membership card funnel that will make a gateway to the customer that wants to see your content or your product.

They should first register them as a member and then they can see your content.

Its gives you access on the customer before they view your content as you can start making an income from this too. 

Backpack Feature

This feature works like affiliate marketing as it is also called affiliate centre.

You can sell some other companies product through your site and if the product sells then you will get a commission through it.

Share Funnel

With this feature, you can share your exact funnel to other people as well. You can share your funnel by the help of share link that is in your CF dashboard.

Once you have shared your link it will be downloaded in the users account once it loads. Clickfunnels also has an A/B testing feature that can test funnel durability and helps you in getting more traffic. 

There is another feature which is called evergreen webinar feature which allows the online business owners to push the traffic of customers to webinars that allow raising the percentage of sales. 

Funnel Fix

Funnel fix is a feature that works like Netflix or you can say it is the Netflix of digital marketing.

Funnel Fix

In this funnel, you will be getting all the courses that you need to master as you can learn what you have to or what you not to. 


In this part, we will learn about the pros of these two platforms so without further due let’s start. 

Pros of Instapage!!

  • Insta blocks help you by making reusable components that will help you by saving your time
  • High-quality templates with great designs plus they are all mobile optimized
  • The collaboration advantage lets you team up with a different person or work in a team for designing landing pages
  • There is no credit card detail you have to give before the 14 day trial unlike Clickfunnels that offers you to submit the card detail first
  • The platform is best for designing the perfect landing pages
  • It is incredibly versatile plus provides a great variety of templates and landing pages designs that you can apply
  • Instapage is an SEO friendly builder
  • Dynamic text replacement

Pros of Clickfunnels!!

  • It is an all in one solution platform, you can organize webinars, can sell your products, process payments and much more that you can not imagine
  • The primary focus of this platform is on the conversion and sales, the design of your funnel is not important to this platform
  • An automatic responder included that responds to the comments of the customers like a pro, it automates the process by monitoring and converting the process
  • You can even do affiliate marketing by using the affiliate management platform which helps by monetizing your passion quickly monitoring and building modules and lessons inside the member’s area platform
  • They have a super successful community of funnel hackers and entrepreneurs
  • Funnel fix collection


This is the end of our article, as we have seen the difference between the two enormous platforms that have to build their respect in front of the people.

These differences that we have shown you of these two platforms are genuine and are the most common differences between these two.

We hope that you will be able to recognize what will be best for your online business.

If you have any queries regarding this article or any other article which is similar to this then you can contact us by simply leaching a comment in our comment section, we will try to reply you as soon as possible.