GrooveFunnels Review: Features, Pros, and Cons (2020 Review)

It is high time to check out the complete details on this GrooveFunnels Review.

Here we have penned-down complete features, pricing, pros and cons, alternatives of it.

We know that this platform has become one of the popular sensations these days.

It has revolutionized this online business market.

Furthermore, this tool is totally game-changer. It can bring immense sales and leads for your business.

Moreover, you are free to avail of this platform as a landing page builder, email marketing tool, and also as a funnel builder.

The rest of the details on the GrooveFunnels Review are given below for you:

What is GrooveFunnels?


You might be wondering what is specifically entailed and injected in this GrooveFunnels platform, here you can know that.

This is an essential and top-notch online marketing tool.

In addition, it has the potential to grow all kinds of online businesses in less time.

If you have already used any funnel builder tool and online marketing tool, then you must be aware of the functioning of this platform.

It works similarly like we have Leadpages and Kartra as well as Builderall and ClickFunnels. 

Besides, it specifically and simply helps you in building sales funnels. 

With the use of GroovePages, you can make landing pages.

Upon using its GrooveSell, you can make the shopping cart for your business site.

Then for using email service provider services, you can avail of its GrooveMail feature.

Below we have collected more of the details for you on this GrooveFunnels Review, so do check out them.

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Who Created GrooveFunnels?

Mike Filsaime

Now, we are going to tell who created this amazing platform of GrooveFunnels!

It is none other than Mike Filsaime.

Before we start with the details on GrooveFunnels Review, we like to tell you a little bit about this highly talented man.

Mike is a digital marketer by profession. Most importantly, he has designed a large number of online courses.

He is the creator of immense numbers of software products.

If you think that this is a painful job to start an online business, then do try out this GrooveFunnels platform as introduced by Mike.

Beyond this, this one is a flagship and reliable digital marketing tool.

This same person is the founder and creator of GrooveDigital.

The previous name of this platform was GrooveApps and now it is changed to GrooveFunnels.

You need to know that Groove Digital Incorporation is actually and basically the parent company of all of the Groove products.

Is GrooveFunnels Right For You?


Most noteworthy, this GrooveFunnels is the kind of platform that promises to deliver the best experience to the user.

This is an efficient online marketing tool that is a suitable option for all small business units.

Most certainly, this is a lucrative platform for content marketers and also for bloggers.

So, according to the provided details of GrooveFunnels Review,

We have concluded that this platform is an appropriate choice for online marketers and professionals who sell their products online.

Furthermore, if you run and own a membership site or you build landing pages, then do use it.

However, for some of the professionals, this is not a reliable platform.

If you are not in the business of selling any service or product online, then this platform is not meant for you.

Or if you still have not made your mind to learn such new tools or you do not feel like becoming the part of all in one digital marketing platform, then avoid using such tools.

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What Does GrooveFunnels Include?

There are lots of features that are present on this platform.

Now, with the help of this GrooveFunnels Review, you are going to get in-depth information about these features:

In this platform, we have GroovePages, GrooveAffiliate, GrooveSell, GrooveMail, GrooveBlog, GrooveMember, GrooveVideo, GrooveDesk, GrooveQuiz and GrooveSurvey, Groove Calendar.


GrooveFunnels Review: An In-Depth Look Inside (Features & Demo)



This is a flagship tool for this feature. You can make some professional and highly attractive landing pages with the help of it.

It assists you in making catchy websites and profitable funnels.

Moreover, GroovePages offer you some of the excellent options to make high-converting funnels.

For selling digital products, this is an easy to use platform for you. You are free to offer upsells and downsells on it.

You can even order bumps on it. This feature comes with and is accompanied by a large number of pre-built themes.

This GrooveFunnels Review tells us that GroovePages is a useful feature that guarantees to enhance user experience at all stages.


For the sake of creating and developing powerful content, it is important for you to take surveys as well.

It is only with the help of surveys that you can make interactive looking content for your website.

That is why it is explained in this GrooveFunnels Review that one of the reasons that this tool becomes so popular is because of this GrooveSurvey feature present in it.

Upon creating surveys, you can get enough feedback and views from your target audience.

You can generate some quality leads all with the help of surveys.

There is another plus point for you!

It is recommended to integrate this feature right with GrooveMail so that you can capture more email leads in less time.



This is a powerful feature of the GrooveFunnels platform. This is marked and identified as a shopping cart platform.

As explained in this GrooveFunnels Review, this shopping cart platform works in a way like we have Shopify and ThriveCart.

With the exclusive help of this feature, you can set up and build up your online store with ease and no hassle.

Furthermore, this feature helps you in selling your digital products and all kinds of digital services.

Moreover, with this tool, you can recruit and hire affiliates. You can manage and handle your personal affiliate program as well.


This is another important and significant feature of this platform.

In other words, this is an affiliate management tool that all online business units can make use of!

For promoting and effectively advertising your online courses, you can use and implement the operations of this feature.

With the use of it, you can easily check out and see how many numbers of affiliates have joined and become part of your program that you are interested in promoting!

Hence, according to the explanation given by this GrooveFunnels Review, you can now understand that this feature helps you in finding and looking for affiliates.



For communicating with your prospects and to remain in touch with your loyal customers, this is a handy feature of GrooveFunnels that you can use.

This feature guarantees to increase your sales and improves your credibility because your workflow communications become synchronized upon using GrooveMail.

Moreover, it organizes your email list and power up your email marketing game all from A to Z,

As told in this GrooveFunnels Review, you can import leads and be able to create HTML emails seamlessly and conveniently.

This respective feature carries out robust analytics for you as well.

Groove Member:

This exclusive and subjected feature is designed in a way to help out all digital marketers.

In addition, it aids you in running a full-blown and highly professional membership site.

It operates itself on the membership content management system.

This is generally an online course platform that helps you in hosting your courses and also your virtual summits.

Moreover, GrooveMember is not fully and completely launched enough.

But the minute it is going to be fully launched, then it promises to deliver more than its capacity.

You will not find any problem while integrating this feature.

So, feel free to use this platform without any worry as proven in this GrooveFunnels Review and in-depth explanation.



We have managed to so far hear a lot of hype about this feature of GrooveFunnels, yes we are talking about GrooveVideo and all explanation about this feature is given in this GrooveFunnels Review.

For making creative and catchy videos, you can use this feature right now.

If you get successful in making great videos, then it becomes easy for you to grow your online business.

In addition, this feature has this great and immense potential to turn your videos in a way that can generate leads quickly in less time.

It comprises and is injected with its own player skins.

With this feature, you can use your player controls and avail of its auto-play feature.

In this great feature, you can add tags and be able to install call to action buttons and all sorts of prompts.

How amazing it is!


This is a simple and user-friendly feature of this platform.

If you have already used Calendly, then you must be aware of how to use GrooveCalendar.

Most importantly, it is great and going to be best for you if you integrate and amalgamate this feature with GrooveMail.

Like, whenever you book and schedule an appointment, then you can add that appointment into this GrooveCalendar feature.

It can make your workflow procedures improved and synchronized.

Apart from that, this feature claims to trigger and activate your email automation operations.

According to the final verdict given in this GrooveFunnels Review, this is a handy tool that makes this GrooveFunnels platform comparatively a better choice.



As all of you know about this fact that Mike Filsaime has been in this webinar software industry for years and years.

For the reason that he has included this feature of GrooveWebinars on this platform as well!

As shown and fully explained in this GrooveFunnels Review, this is an ideal and useful feature.

By using it, you will for sure be going to experience lots of best webinar hosting options.

Besides, with this feature, you can optimize your webinars in any manner you want to.

You can even replay them and track them by using GrooveVideo.


This is a customer support tool and it is fully embedded and incorporated in this GrooveFunnels platform.

You can say that Mike has transformed and shaped this feature in the form of helpdesk software.

As an example, if you have set up and launched your membership site, then for the sake of handling all communication and messages, you should use GrooveDesk.

Here your customers and prospects are going to pen down their queries and your team will answer them.

According to experts and as proven in this GrooveFunnels Review, it is this quick customer support and helps desk feature that makes any online business reliable and easy to trust.



The importance of search optimized content cannot be disregarded and ignored anymore.

That is why you should use this GrooveBlog feature of this recommended software option.

Upon using it, you can conveniently and hassle-free target your audience.

Beyond, you can publish and upload your content pages in the best manner that will be highly ranked by Google.

It is all with the help of this platform that you can simplify and ease your content publishing process.

We know that WordPress is the current leader and boss when it comes to publishing content.

But the GrooveBlog feature is slowly and gradually making its own mark and position.

The rest of the details and complete info on GrooveFunnels Review is provided below for you.


Moving on to the job and task of creating quizzes and also to make polls, you can use this feature of GrooveFunnels.

Here in this GrooveFunnels Review, we have explained the purpose of GrooveQuiz.

This helps you in sending polls.

Once you start doing interaction with your audience, then make sure to send sufficient polls and handy information to them.

All of this is possible upon using the GrooveQuiz feature.



If you no longer want to use Shopify, then there is this next best alternative for you and it is this GrooveKart.

As you read out the details on GrooveFunnels Review, you can now fully understand why this platform is so much praised.

And the main reason is that so many useful and advanced features are embossed on its premises.

And one reason we have this GrooveKart feature!

There are similar and much better options present in this tool as compared to using Shopify.

Furthermore, this feature makes this platform of GrooveFunnels more unique, stronger.

For using it, you need to upgrade your account or you can buy this feature separately.

GrooveFunnels Support and Training:

It is with utmost seriousness that this platform caters to the needs and queries of their customers.

We have seen that their support and training team is quite effective.

Furthermore, you can put up any question in front of their customer support team and they will reply to you immediately.

This platform has its searchable knowledgeable base where you are offered a superior amount of training resources.

As mentioned in this GrooveFunnels Review, its customer support department gives you firsthand information and reliable service.

GrooveFunnels Community:

GrooveFunnels Community

If you want to communicate and remain in touch with the rest of the GrooveFunnels members and users, then join their community.

This is the best thing that you can do!

You can join and enroll in their Facebook group.

Moreover, to all beginners, this Facebook community will be extremely useful for them.

Here you can look for help and support. You can do networking and much other stuff.

As explained in this GrooveFunnels Review, upon joining this respective community, you are going to get practical advice and suggestions on how to build funnels.

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GrooveFunnels Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

GrooveFunnels Pricing Plans

You need to have a clear idea of what is the actual pricing of this tool.

Here on this GrooveFunnels Review, you are going to get through information about it.

This software is all encompassed and surrounded with flexible and easy to use pricing structures.

You get lots of choices regarding which package is suitable for you.

First, we have GrooveFunnels’ silver plan.

So, according to the explanation provided in this GrooveFunnels Review, this package starts at the price range of 99 dollars months.

Their Gold plan costs 199 dollars monthly and their platinum plan offers a heavy number of tools and features to the users.

Most importantly, this GrooveFunnels platform is not free to use. But you can use GrooveSell just to get an idea about this platform.

Upon using the free trial of GrooveSell, you get access to the lite version of this software.

In this base plan, users are allowed to avail and make use of GrooveSell, GrooveAffiliate, and GroovePages Lite features.

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GrooveFunnels Partner Program:

Have you ever heard about this GrooveFunnels partner program?

If not, then have a look at the complete and extensive details about it by reading this GrooveFunnels Review.

It is through the assistance of this program that you can earn and get a 40% recurring income.

Moreover, you can earn and be able to receive residual income.

In addition, on the free base plan, you get a chance to make a 20% commission.

Keep in mind that as soon as you sign up yourself for this free GrooveSell account, then your account is going to be automatically signed up for this respective affiliate program.

You can then access and make use of affiliate links. Most noteworthy, this GrooveSell tool is one of the strong and robust affiliate platforms.

It runs on a complete and thorough affiliate system. You get an opportunity to use the product and also affiliate marketplaces.


What Is The GrooveFunnels Platinum Lifetime Plan?

This GrooveFunnels Review is also going to give in-depth detailing on their lifetime plan package.

The best part about this package is that you get access to all of the tools and features on 1005 notes.

Besides, you get this lifetime access in 3 or 6 monthly installments or in 12 easy and convenient monthly installments.

If you decide to pay in full, then you will be charged around 1397 dollars and will be able to get a 35% discount.

In this plan, you get lifetime access to all products of this platform. You are never going to lose access to any of your accounts and data.

Besides, the unique selling point of this plan is that you get a Lifetime VIP ticket right to GrooveKon.

This is basically and generally a famous networking event field that is held and organized each year.

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GrooveFunnels Pros & Cons:

There are pros and cons of this platform and you should get a keen understanding of them.

Though this GrooveFunnels Review tells us that this is an ideal platform but it comes with pros and cons too.

[box title=” ” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#eae8e8″ border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#eae8e8″ align=”center”]


  • This is easy to use the platform and it comes with a convenient to use landing page tool.
  • With the help of it, you can create funnels in less time.
  • This is an all in one and reliable marketing suite.
  • This platform helps you in selling your products with ease and hassle-free manner.
[box title=” ” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#eae8e8″ border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#eae8e8″ align=”center”]


  • This platform needs a learning curve.
  • It can be tough to use for beginners.
  • This tool is in its beta stage so it can be attacked by some bugs.

GrooveFunnels Alternatives:

Now, you have got enough details on this GrooveFunnels Review, here you can see the alternatives of this platform.



Like, if you do not want to use GrooveFunnels, then you can try going for and using ClickFunnels.

Furthermore, this is a proper and highly funnel builder that is used by a wide number of individuals.

This is an easy to use landing page creator.

ClickFunnels is founded by Russell Brunson and he is marked as the best digital marketing influencer so far.

Moreover, this platform allows you to make some high converting funnels.

It claims to convert your visitors into happy and loyal customers.

It captures leads for you and gives you paying customers immediately.



Once you understand the details and provided information on GrooveFunnels Review, then you can decide whether you should use GrooveFunnels or you can choose some other alternative.

In this list of alternatives, we have Kartra for you!

This is a marketing tool suite that helps you in creating the best sales funnels.

It was in the year of 2018 that this Kartra platform was launched and its founder is Andy Jenkins and also Mike Filsaime.

Do you know that both of these professionals created and founded Ever Webinar and Webinar Jam, it is true!

In addition, the Kartra platform offers and gives a large number of funnel templates.

It has pre-built and great looking landing page themes.

You can do video hosting and email marketing on it.



Moving to the third alternative, we have this Builderall for you. This is a marketing software tool and it was founded in the year of 2011.

This is generally a robust and friendly digital marketing platform.

Most importantly, it is injected with a canvas funnel builder tool that helps and guides you in making sales funnels.

You can use its pixel-perfect builder tool that guides you in making the best websites and also landing pages.

With the use of its Mailing Boss, you can manage and organize your email marketing campaigns.

You can keep tuned with us as we have more details for you on this GrooveFunnels Review.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Now moving to the last section of this GrooveFunnels Review, we have answered a few of your frequently asked questions:

These FAQs will give you a deeper understanding of this platform:

Does GrooveFunnels offer free hosting?

Each GrooveFunnels Review section has highlighted this fact that GrooveFunnels or you can say GrooveDigital offer free hosting service to the user.

Moreover, this platform offers unlimited bandwidth and too unlimited storage.

Is it possible to import funnels with the help of GrooveFunnels?

Yes, it is now possible to import funnels all with the help and use of GrooveFunnels.

In other words, you can import any web page of yours right on the other web by using GrooveFunnels.

Is GrooveFunnels platform worthy for the users?

It can be said with all assurance and as explained in these GrooveFunnels Review sections, this platform is worthy for you.

Does GrooveFunnels offer split-testing?

Yes, this platform offers the service of split-testing.

Very few of the tools offer this service and GrooveFunnels is one of them.

This testing phase tells you what changes are needed in your created funnels or developed landing pages.

When GrooveFunnels Live webinar software will be launched?

It is expected that this live webinar software will be made available in the late time of 2020.

Does GrooveFunnels have and possess a blogging platform?

Yes, this respective platform has its blogging platform.

This is titled as GrooveBlog and it is going to be officially available for the users and customers in the early time of 2021.

Can GrooveFunnels integrate with email auto-responder?

This exclusive property is offered by this GrooveFunnels platform. You can integrate it with the email auto-responder.

Like, you can integrate this tool with Active Campaign or with ConvertKit.

When will GrooveFunnels SDK arrive?

This cool feature is going to be available sooner. It is expected that it might be available and shall have its launch in 2021.

Is there any difference between Kartra and GrooveFunnels?

We know that GrooveFunnels is a reliable all in one marketing tool as mentioned in this GrooveFunnels Review.

It guides you on building sales funnels and landing pages.

But Kartra is a digital marketing platform. It does not make use of the Mobile-first approach.

GrooveFunnels is comparatively powerful because it uses and availed 10x better and ideal frameworks than that of Kartra.

What is this concept of the GroovePages mobile-first indexing feature?

This GroovePages makes use of a mobile-first indexing feature and this is the main reason that GrooveFunnels Review sections are so strongly praised.

This feature helps you in developing websites, funnels, and also web pages.

With this concept of mobile-first indexing, we mean that Google is going to rank your mobile web version page as well.

Such mobile version pages are now going to be indexed and ranked by Google.

Does GrooveFunnels is an all in one marketing platform?

It is repeatedly mentioned in this GrooveFunnels Review that this platform is an all in one marketing platform.

You do not have to buy any other thing or tool if you have purchased GrooveFunnels.

This is a complete package and if you feel like integrating it with other tools, you can do that.

Does the GrooveFunnels platform accompany a Facebook group service?

Yes, this platform has its Facebook group.

This group is quite active and it has around and about 50,000 members over there.

You can join and participate in their Facebook group community if you want to further explore this platform.

Does this GrooveFunnels platform is completely legit?

Yes, this platform is completely and wholly legit.

This aspect is also mentioned in this GrooveFunnels Review that this is a legit platform to use.

It has a reputed position in this online marketing space and is founded by the best and highly professional software professional, Mike Filsaime.

Does the GrooveFunnels tool offer any affiliate program opportunity?

Yes, some great affiliate program opportunities are offered by GrooveFunnels.

They have a solid affiliate program offered by them to their users.

To avail of this opportunity, you can use their GrooveAffiliate and GrooveSell features.


So, what’s the bottom line?

All A to Z information is given to you on this GrooveFunnels Review.

If you still have any questions on this software, then ask from us.

And if you are a regular user of this tool, then convey to us any of your best and worst experiences.

Keep tuned with us as more updated info on this GrooveFunnels Review section is coming sooner.

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