Funnels Scripts Review (2020) – The Fastest Way to Write Great Copy!

When a person is buying any service or product then he/she reads the description or researches about that product or service.

So, when you provide them with sufficient and relative content to read about they can make up their mind to buy that thing.

Let me explain to you in simple words like the audience to whom you are selling your product trust the wording that you provide with the product while buying them.

FunnelScripts Review & Pricing

The power in selling on the online market is your words that convince your audience to buy any product or service from you.

These words can be the E-mail that you sent for confirmation or to attract your audience or the words that are on your site to attract the audience.

The words that are displayed on your product description or those words that are present on the checkout page from your website. Either way, these words matter to create trust with your audience and to gain a more reliable audience at the start.

With that said, every wording and sentence you choose should play a distinct role in adding your service or product worth.

And when we talk about copywriting, this process is completely based on rearranging the words is a sequence that can help you relate and attract with your audience.

But when we say that we require a copywriter then this can be hard as not everyone can equip the skill of writing in a more modern way possible without any mistakes or errors.

Now: if you are one of those people who are facing similar problems then you need a solution. And what if I say that there is one? In this article, we are going to discuss that one solution that can end your every problem.

This ultimate solution is commonly known as Funnel Script that can aid you in solving several copywriting problems and makes your job easy.

If you want to know about this software program? Then you have come to the right place because we are going to discuss this program in detail.

What are Funnel Scripts?

Funnels Scripts Review

The proper introduction of this platform is it helps you to remove your unprofessional copywriter and replace’s it with a software program that helps you in providing any sales pitch such as a sales page content or Webinar content and even E-mail content sequences.

This effective software is a help to those who are in need but the main question is how does it work and what are the features that this software offers?

To answer these questions I will explain every procedure through which this software works and every protocol that this software follows.

But first let me explain how does it work, well, there are approved and prewritten sales content through which the sales copy is generated.

In this sales copy you are getting basic user input blanks such as benefits of your product or advantages of your service either way and an overview of your product or service with simple and understandable information.

And yes, with this sales copy if you want to add or remove anything you want you are allowed to do that inside the sales template that is provided by the software.

FunnelScripts encourages you to edit that sales page and even it recommends you some better versions of your sales page. Those recommendations are related to your edited sales page hence making sure that you don’t miss any details and features.

Who are Funnel Scripts For?

Funnel Scripts

When you have a store or you are an entrepreneur?

Or if you are able to capture leads then FunnelScript comes handy as it helps you to convert your ideas into words while providing you with a copy of those word written ideas.

Let’s suppose you are a content writer or hire a content writer who is able to provide you with effective content and materials.

That you don’t require a FunnelScript software, this is well and good.

But remember that only some people have the talent to convert your ideas or their own ideas into words.

Hence this talent is worth scouting for but it will not cost you cheap.

So, why you opt for such a scarce talent hunt? Why not opt for this software that can sometimes cost you less compared to those talented people in providing sales page or E-mail content. 

This software is for those who need a professional copywriter to provide them with effective results.

This software will be yours you can own it but a person you can’t hence this can be effective in this department.

Let me explain to you in simple yet targeting words that FunnelScript is made or let’s say designed for those busy, fast earning entrepreneurs who require all those approved sales pages and E-mail content fast and on-demand.

What I LIKE About FunnelScript?

What I LIKE About FunnelScript

To be exact there are 3 main things that appeal to me in using and these are the reasons why I started using FunnelScripts.

1- Provides Approved and Great Copy

That process is easy when you provide or are getting a quick and easy copy and this can be done by any copywriter or even content writer.

But making it sure that it has appealed your audience it will be a 20% to 80% chance that it won’t work in the way you want to make it work.

I personally encourage writing your own copy sales page but when it comes to such software that is making your job easy and effective then why not use it right?  The content that is provided by this software in the form of text it is refined and appealing.

The text and content are constructed in such a way that can appeal to you to buy your own product si why wouldn’t it appeal to those who you refer to as your traffic or audience.

The content is modeled in a most formal way possible with all the corrections that it needs to attract your audience and make their mind to buy your product or service.

2- There are Downloadable Wizards

When your website is equipped with various questionnaires and several FAQs to interact with your audience you can get multiple and a vast range of Web-based Scripts that can help you in achieving your required and desired goal of audience interaction.

But FunnelScripts is also home to a ton of offline scripts that you can use in your other projects.

These scripts are downloadable in the form of Wizards, this can be an aid to these websites that require a large number of questionnaires to follow a large sales page to attract their audience.

With all these feasibilities Funnel Script also provides you with monster scripts that will help you in uploading those copywritten content to your website easily.

3- Hidden Bonuses

These are not hidden I admit that but these bonuses can be found at the bottom of the navigation of Funnel Scripts. They are present in a discreet location to which you have to find a way to get it

Well, with that said, here are some bonuses that you can avail:

  • First is that you are getting Inception Secrets. This is a live training recording that was recorded by Russel Brunsen. What it means or affects your audience is that it creates inception or delusion in their mind that they are buying a product with their own will instead you are selling that product to them.
  • The second bonus that you can achieve is that you can avail 5 Shared Funnel collection that is pre-built. This Shared Funnel is a part of CLickFunnel hence this can assure you that you can use this Shared Funnel as a part of ClickFunnel.
  • If you want an alternative for the sidebar menu that is already present in Funnel Script then you can replace it by this third bonus. There is a PDF file that can aid you in doing that, as this PDF file can help you in revealing that categorized script menu that is more usable and easy to navigate than the present sidebar menu.

What I DON’T Like about Funnel Scripts?

What I DON'T like About FunnelScript

Comparing directly with the likes of this software, the don’t likes are less as there are to be exact two things that I don’t like but this is a personal preference hence these things are be preferred by other people.

1- Scripts Can be Thin

There is a concept behind FunnelScripts and that is simple. The basic concept behind this software is that this is a platform and it can provide you with the basic information about your product or service.

Then this software turns or converts that information into copywriting content that can be used for any website or page. This is the job of FunnelScripts and it does it well I agree with that.

But sometimes and by sometimes I mean a fluke it does not fulfill the required task as it is program hence you can’t blame it.

Some scripts are failed fail to add enough information that can describe your service or product, in such cases you have to write your script and approve it by yourself hence there is no use of this software.

Can you imagine that you are writing all those points features, headlines, bullet points, and even opt-in options by yourself?

With such a rare case thanks to the program this scenario doesn’t happen frequently in every theme because this can be a real issue there won’t be any use of this software.

2- Pricing of This Software


Let’s not discuss the pricing if this software in detail here because I want to discuss this topic separately in the next heading.

When you have decided to buy this software then you have to cope with the price tag that it presents itself.

I admit the pricing is expensive for such a work but consider this that if you hire a copywriter then what price he/she would charge in exchange for their service.

When relating this software with that it can be expensive and unaffordable.

But let be clear this is an expensive option for those who are starting a new business that requires such service or for those who are already running a small and consolidated business.

Either way, this can be expensive for them hence I would prefer you to hire a copywriter for starters and when your company has established then you can switch to this software.

In-depth Review of FunnelScripts

Now: with all the topics finished here is an in-depth look into the FunnelScript. Well, I have divided this review into 4 sections so that it is easy to read and understand.

Section #1- Logging In Process

Logging In Process

Starting with the first section I want to mention it’s onboarding process and I will also explain this process in detail.

When you log in to your FunnelScript account the first thing that you notice is the dashboard of the software.

There are several options and features that you will see and don’t or you are unable to understand them but no worries because once you have studied them and sent some time in that place you will figure these options and features on your own.

For instance, take the sidebar of this software like this is an elongated version of a scrollbar element when you are designing a website.

Each and every span and script expand to reveal you with furthermore feasibility and visibility at once.

Consider this wording as when you are navigating through the sidebar you would feel like it is covering the whole page to itself. 

Who Am I to complain right? Well, I’m nobody and this is not a big problem as there are features to this software and they had to hide them somewhere so they did. Other than that, the dashboard look is comprehensive and sleek.

 It will show you a great deal of design and colors at a time. It’s 2020, after all, they would cover every designing element that there is.

But after all, the saying and complaints I would give them some credibility that they provided us with ‘how to use’ section that can teach you the functionality of this software and will also train you to use its features.

It is a 4 step guide that comprises all the mentioned operations.

I and the team behind FunnelScript recommend or suggest you to start using this software by watching an introductory video that will help you in understanding the flaws and advantages of this software. 

Most of the people would skip over the video session as they know everything and I was one of those people but when I stayed and watched the introductory video about FunnelScript then I understood the real meaning of these people.

Section #2- Types of Script

There is a vital thing that you need to understand before entering the generating script format. Here are some script types that will help you to understand what script you can generate from this software.

In the above section, I have mentioned all the script types that are categorized accordingly to the useability factor. But I have not mentioned them individually hence here are the script types.

Let’ start explaining them in descending order:

Expert SecretsScripts

Now the first one you will notice is expert secrets scripts. These scripts are made and based on Russell Brunson’s book expert secret and if you are a fan of his work then you will love these scripts.

Dotcom Secrets Scripts

By the name, you would have guessed it and determined it. This script is based on Russel Brunson’s book Dotcom Secrets.

This script covers most of the work that Russell Brunson explained in this book hence if you want a reference of that book or want to use such a script that emphasizes sales and marketing this script can be very useful.

Sales and Copy Video Scripts:

This can be compared side by side with the previously mentioned script. But it is a rather more general overview of sales and in this script, you will also get video templates for more attractive power, onetime offers, and webinars.

Case Studies and Testimonial Scripts

In this script, you will be provided with case study templates and according to them ‘a million-dollar testimonial script’ or in other words a testimonial script. 

Bullet Scripts

If you want to create any sales pages that are in bullet format then this script would be the perfect option for you. With that, it also includes email and landing pages.

This script can be useful for performing several tasks at once.

There are a whole lot of scripts that I want to mention but I’m short of words hence you have to discover them on your own. With that said, you will see a list of types of scripts on the sidebar through which you can determine the use of your work and perfect script for your type of work.

Section #3- Generating Scripts

Generating Scripts

Now if you have come this far on this article then you would know that how FunnelScript works but this section is all about what is the function behind its working.

This section tells you an overview of the main process that is of your use. I will provide you with enough information in this section that you will be able to generate your script easily.

There are several videos explaining how a script works and how can it be generated so I will skip that part.

But the part that I will discuss is that you should be able to generate any script by yourself hence this section can help you with that. You should be able to know enough and basics that you can help yourself in generating a script.

When you are generating your script then all you need is to know which input field that you want and which one is no use for you.

When you are generating a script it doesn’t matter which script you are choosing it matters that what are the input field and your niche of a script.

Either it can be of sales, email, or other marketing scripts then you have to input field according to that script.

Choosing the right input method can be effective in attracting an audience who is interested in that particular niche.

There are several input fields examples that you can get it on google or watch a video is you learn quickly by watching a video. Either way, it all comes down to choosing the right input fields that’s all.

This is the main and only purpose of FunnelScripts.

Section #4- Downloadable Wizards

Downloadable Wizards

When it comes to downloadable wizards then the only thing that matters is the use of them.

These scripts are downloadable because they are large and can’t be used online with your website.

You have to download them and insert them offline because they withhold several important techniques to get the attention of your audience. 

These scripts and large but effective on the buyer’s mind hence you can download them in the form of Wizard or pdf there are other options also.

There are several examples and training videos that will explain the main and important use of this Downloadable Wizard scripts.

FunnelScripts Review & Pricing

Funnels Scripts Review

When it launched it used yearly subscription methods as payment. Back then you would have to pay about $497 per year for accessing its scripts and features.

Anyway, when it updated in 2018 it adopted a new payment procedure which was one-time payment. Now you don’t have to pay yearly for using FunnelScript.

As the yearly plan got demolished many users were disappointed and some were excited. These some users were owing high-grade businesses that can afford its price and many users including all those small business owners. 

With the new advancement now you will be paying $797 mentioning it again only for once and buy FunnelScript for good. This is either good or bad it is for you to decide but some criticize it and some love it. 

It may seem more because you are habitual of paying in installments or would have a yearly subscription that was consuming less amount of money than this.

But I would say one thing that is the pricing may be expensive but it is worth it. 


  • The user interface is on point and substantial. 
  • It is easy to use.
  • There are introduction videos for training.
  • You are getting a wide range of marketing and other scripts.
  • The input fields in the script generator make it easy to customize later.
  • You can field the several scripts of the same and single input field.
  • There are downloadable wizards for offline use.
  • If scouted properly there are few yet effective bonuses.


  • Scripts are flawed by size.
  • When downloading individual script it can get complicated.
  • The questionnaire of the wizard can be easy to use and generate.
  • The inexpensive price tag is not suitable for small businesses.

Final Verdict!

I would say that such software can either help you establish your company or demolish your company.

But I will say it will help you for the greater good and if your company does not work along with it then it might be your mistake or you misunderstood this software.

I know I sugar coat most of the stuff but the truth is simple to try it by yourself and have a great experience for yourself.

This can be a great opportunity for you to have your personal copywriter in your hand you can’t own a person but you can own this software.

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