FunnelFlix Review (2020): What Is It? Is It Worth the Cost?

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Just imagine that there is a Netflix for marketing tactics and courses.

That would be the change in the marketing field and this change would be catastrophic.

Just imagine that all of the most brilliant marketing minds are in one room and provide you with some inside for marketing, copywriting, building sales funnels, and anything that can scale up your business. 

Wouldn’t that be great? You are getting tons and tons of marketing information in one place.

Well, one like us can imagine this type of fantasy but some work in parallel ways to achieve that fantasy.

ClickFunnels worked parallel to provide us with what we could only imagine.

They gathered around some genius and brilliant marketing minds and stored them in a portal named FunnelFlix.

This is simple FunnelFlix is exactly like Netflix but it has some marketing inside and secrets that are compiled to make a course.

What Is ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?

What is ClickFunnels FunnelFlix

Now: let me tell you what is FunnelFlix.

The above explanation was just a mere glimpse of the purpose of FunnelFlix but this portal has a significant position and purpose to serve.

FunnelFlix was introduced by ClickFunnels and this was introduced by them because they wanted to target their users and empowering them to have the right and accurate tool to perform their marketing tactics and strategy.

This holds some of the major strategies that can help you with your business and this is what ClickFunnels team wanted and aimed when they created FunnelFlix.

Coming to its sole purpose it is a place where you can have or gain knowledge about each and everything that you require to market anything you want.

You can get this information and knowledge tools from different courses, training videos, and resources.

What they teach are different pieces of one puzzle such as you will learn funnel building, secrets about sales, this will change your mindset, help in your personal development, and it will change your lifestyle.

In the simple verdict, whatever Russel Brunson thought should be important for any entrepreneur to build their business from scratch and establish it to its core as the most profitable business then they can use this portal to get some tips and strategies to make it om the top of the game.

An In-depth Look Inside FunnelFlix:

An In-depth Look Inside FunnelFlix

Here we are going to discuss some of the main features that you can get while using FunnelFlix.

These are specific features and opportunities that you can avail when you get FunnelFlix.

There are different categories in FunnelFlix and each category has its specific place in FunnelFlix and this is what we are going to discuss.

  • QuickStarts.
  • Funnel Building.
  • Copywriting.
  • Traffic Generating.
  • Product Development.
  • Business Strategy.
  • Personal Development.

Above mentioned are the categories for FunnelFlix and now we are going to take a deep look inside each of the mentioned categories.


This is simply a quick start guide that can tell you some advanced features and tricks to start your business from scratch.

This includes few yet effective courses to tell you how to establish a business. These are:

1- 30 Days Summit:

30 Days Summit

What would you do if you lose everything in your business suddenly?

I’m talking about losing all your money, products, customers, your reputation… everything.

All you’re left with is ClickFunnels account, Internet Access, a roof over your head, food in the fridge, and 30 days to make money.

What would you do from Day 1 to Day 30 to save yourself to start making money again?

That’s why Russel Brunson come up with this 30 Days Summit.

Here you will get motivational interviews from  2 comma club and they talk about how would they rebuild their business within just 30-days.

Russel Brunson has asked them what they lost each and every penny that their business has generated, their name, popularity, reputation, Email list, and everything that holds your business foundation?

2- Affiliate Bootcamp

Affiliate Bootcamp

This must be the perfect playlist that you should try for Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Bootcamp package is filled with various interviews from different marketers to learn Affiliate Marketing.

Russel Brunson has done some work to gain this package as he as gathered around some answers.

And he has also collected information by asking different marketers that what will you do if you have to feed your family with nothing but affiliate marketing and you will have only 100 days to build this career?

Through this question, he has aroused several secrets of Affiliate Marketing.

3- Brick and Mortar

This can be the perfect training resource for those entrepreneurs who have their Brick and Mortar business.

This targets some techniques and tactics that are used to empower different entrepreneurs to enhance their sales in Brick and Mortar business.

It is the master class for this type of business.

4- eCommerce


In eCommerce, you are getting a live session segmentation that will help you establish your business through eCommerce.

It targets some secrets and strategies that can help you compete with some giants in this eCommerce industry.

Funnel Building:

This category is filled and packed with courses that strategize on resources on how to build a Sales Funnel and here are some of the courses that I thought were important:

1- One Funnel Away

One Funnel Away

You’re One Funnel Away this is the most popular slogan in the community of ClickFunnels and it has been used in several funnel building activities.

This course will help you get all the knowledge from the challenge that Russel Brunson, Julie Stoian, and Stephen Larson started named One Funnel Away.

2- Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets

Funnel Builder Secrets is another resourceful course that you can use for your advantage. This course targets some of the main factors to build a Funnel from scratch and take it to top.

This also tells you some advantageous advice on how you should launch that Funnel. You can gain knowledge on building any type of Funnel within ClickFunnels through this course.

Here are some additional pieces for learning that you can gain through this platform. 

  • Funnel University.
  • Funnel Agency Secrets.
  • Unlock the Secrets.


No Funnel is fully prepared if that Funnel is not optimized to have a copy to convert.

And to write intriguing copies to enhance your sales needs commitment to learning different strategies that you can target your audience.

Best Copywriting technique also requires the need for having a glimpse of knowledge about sales strategies. Here are some courses that are available in FunnelFlix about copywriting and sales:

1- Agora Copywriting

Agora Copywriting

This course has top resources so that you can learn different tactics from top copywriters present on Agora.

They are a group of top paid copywriters that will aid you with some secret tips to enhance your Copywriting skills.

2- Agora Media Buying

Agora Media Buying

This course created and provided by Agora offers you with several learning opportunities such as best sales, and unique marketing techniques across the world.

This is a wisdom portal for high-value secrets as high converting ads rate, research, execution, and so on.

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3- Funnel Hackathon

Funnel Hackathon

This live training session is provided by none other than Russel Brunson who teaches you how to target an audience and convince them that they buy from you consistently.

And with that, he also teaches you how and what is the perfect method to deliver your message to them.

4- 10X Secrets

10X Secrets

There is a complete presentation provided by Russel Brunson on 10X Secrets.

And in this course, he has provided a masterclass of this which teaches you how to make a killing pitch in sales and how to intrigue your customers with affectionate and attractive offers.

Now: you will be able to make sure that you never lose any sales through this presentation.

There are other materials and courses included and one of them that I felt necessary to mention is this:

  • High Trick Secrets.

Generate Traffic:

As blood flow is the main factor our body works the same is the case with traffic it is the blood flow for the business.

Thus, it is extremely vital that you have the ability that you can catch the eyes of your visitors who evidently visit your store and display them your offer or product.

These are courses that are contained through live training methods to teach you different tactics on generating traffic on your business.

1- YouTube Traffic Secrets

YouTube has been declared king when it comes to video marketing. This is an ocean of fish that can be used for generating traffic.

Let’s take an example of Joe a superstar king in YouTube marketing, and he explains some of the leverages that you can use if you want to generate traffic through YouTube.

These are common yet effective strategies that can be used by anyone to generate traffic through the YouTube market. 

2- AdSkills


This course is made for those Ad experts and Ad agencies who want to generate traffic through advertisements. This course can teach you how to create or brand your product.

And this will also reach your technique on how to switch from low paying clients to high paying clients that have a big budget and this technique will also help you switch from tough positions.

3- Traffic Secrets

Traffic Secrets

This course might be in demand for those who need traffic on their business. This provides some exceptional tips to generate traffic.

This course is created by John Reese and it is filled with knowledge on how to generate more and more traffic on your business.

And this can also teach you how to convert your clients.

Product Development:

1- Product Secrets

Product Secrets

This course is advantageous for those who have the idea of any product but hesitate to execute their ideas.

This course will target that weak point and help you gain the trick and technique to execute any product idea that you have planned in your mind.

And this will also help you PRESELL that idea to get live feedback.

2- Course Secrets

If you are starting any course and are hesitant to upload that course well, this course might be your best option.

As it will help you get the courage to create and sell the course that you want. You should try this course before starting any other course for your audience. 

3- Outsourced Force

Outsourcing is the best technique to help different soloprenuers to help them achieve their wildest dream for their business.

And through this course, you can easily get different tricks to achieve what you dreamed for your business through Outsourcing.

4- Offermind


Having a proper mindset before creating any offer is necessary and then this course will come handy in that case as it will help you get your mind stable and knowledgeable to create different offers.

Business Strategy:

1- Money Mindset

Money Mindset 

With the help of money, you can achieve everything but this is possible with a proper mindset for money.

Having a proper mindset for money can be the most important initiative to earn money and making money work for you.

If you have a wrong mindset then this course comes handy to make sure that you have the right mindset to make money and spend it in proper ways.

2- The Anthology by Jay Abraham

The Anthology by Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham is renowned in business strategies, opportunities a hidden secret for business.

And this course is created by Jay Abraham and he tells in this course about hidden secrets and opportunities that you can avail through your business that can be of profit for you and your business.

Personal Development:

1- Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins Private Collection

Tony Robbins has made his name in the marketing community with the clientele base from Conor McGregor, Bill Clinton, Serena Williams, and high profile celebs.

Russell Brunson has arranged some of his presentations that are cost hundreds of dollars to make sure you get the right resources about marketing.

2- The Warriors Way

This course conducted by Garret J. is beneficial for most of the marketing areas as he helps you correct your mindset and make sure that you have the correct mindset to achieve what you desire.


With all of the courses aside this offers you some of the greatest developed documentaries on different topics such as sales & marketing, and social issues.

And here are some topics on which documentaries are made on FunnelFlix:

  • 10x ClickFunnels Story
  • Funnelhacker TV
  • Operation Toussaint
  • Funnel Hacking Live

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Pricing:

FunnelFlix Pricing

FunnelFlix does not have any pricing criteria it can be only bought or achieved.

Whoever has bought Clickfunnels paid subscription and it works with normal ClickFunnels pricing plan such as for basic you have to pay $97 and for the platinum account of ClickFunnels, you have to pay $297.

Either way, you can achieve FunnelFlix membership.

But as there always a but when you get the basic plan of ClickFunnels then you will get FunnelFlix but the training courses and videos are limited.

So, for the Platinum membership of ClickFunnels, you can easily avail of all the features and videos from FunnelFlix.

All of that with ClickFunnels for just $297 no additional charges for FunnelFlix.

FunnelFlix Free Trial:

As you get the free trial for ClickFunnels when you start fresh then the same is the case with FunnelFlix and when you start ClickFunnels with a basic or platinum plan you will get the trial version of FunnelFlix for 14-days.

How Do You Get ClickFunnels FunnelFlix?


Here I will tell you where you can get this type of fascinating service. This is a step to step guide to achieve FunnelFlix.

The process is simple and easy just follow the following steps to get yourself a membership of FunnelFlix.

  1. Just sign-up for the basic plan of ClickFunnels and you can get access to some of the resources in FunnelFlix as I have said before for the basic plan the courses are limited.
  2. You can also upgrade your basic plan from $97 to the platinum plan for $297 to get the full version of FunnelFlix.
  3. When you have the Etison package of ClickFunnels then you are directly a member of FunnelFlix. If you are able to get the Etison pack then you’ll already get the access to ClickFunnels FunnelFlix.

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FunnelFlix Pros & Cons:


  • The courses mentioned are expensive when you buy them separately but you can get them for just $297.
  • The courses are always updated within time so whenever you feel like learning new things you can have it.
  • This is free you just need the membership of ClickFunnels from either plan and you can get this feature for free.
  • The guidance and content that is created by different people who are not seeking to earn money they just want to spread knowledge to similar community people.


  • The courses take time to complete and approximately a month and a person has not that much time.
  • The major courses are available on the platinum plan of ClickFunnels so you have to pay more to get all of it.

ClickFunnels FunnelFlix Special Offer:

The best ClickFunnels platinum deal is their Masterclass Workshop bundle. As there are various opportunities that you can avail.

This Workshop offer is a special offer that is provided by ClickFunnels that provides you 6 months of ClickFunnels platinum plan plus other great advantageous features and bonuses.

These are the additional bonuses that you can avail of if you subscribe to this Bundle.

  • ClickFunnels: you can get ClickFunnels Platinum plan for 6 months.
  • You will also achieve free One Funnel Away (30 Day Challenge).
  • There is a free Virtual daily Funnel you can also get Hack-A-Thon workshop for ClickFunnels.
  • There is a free 10X Secrets Mastery Program that will help with different strategies.
  • With free access to Traffic Secrets / AdSkills, you can rule the marketing game.
  • Finally, you are getting free access to FunnelFlix

This bundle costs around $997.

I know it can look expensive but when you take an estimate of the bonuses that this bundle includes you might be shocked as all of the bundle bonuses are worth $15,770 and that is what I call expensive aside papertyper from ClickFunnels 6 months platinum plan.

So, I hope you will get everything you need to know about FunnelFlix.

Let me know if the comment section if you still have any doubts.