Funnel University Review: Is the Funnel U Training Worth It?

Let us all check out the Russell Brunson’s Funnel University review details on this webpage.

You will know whether this Funnel U Training worth it or not.

Giving you a rough idea on this course, we would like to tell you that this course is initiated and developed by Russell Brunson.

In this course, he has guided and assisted entrepreneurs regarding how to utilize and make use of click funnels.

We know that ClickFunnels are used for generating and developing traffic.

And this subjected course will further help you in this area.

Funnel University is going to teach you as to how to boost your revenue and also leads.

Furthermore, in this course, you are going to be walked through and you will be allowed to explore every single phase linked to creation, optimization as well as conversion.

Funnel University- Russell Brunson

Funnel University- Russell Brunson

You might be wondering what is more incorporated in this Funnel University course.

By checking out this course details, you will come to know in detail about all ins and outs of this Click Funnels system.

First of all, we are going to tell you the pricing structure for this course:

Funnel University Pricing Details

Funnel University Pricing

If you are planning to opt for this course, then you will be offered with two pricing options.

You can either go for $67 per month package or you can even go for a one-time charge package that is $597 on yearly basis.

For both of these packages, their shipment charges are around and about $ 19.95.

What Bonuses You are Going to Get Along with the Funnel University Package?

You will get a Funnel University Newsletter. Note down that this newsletter is incorporated and packed with lots of recycled tutorials.

Furthermore, you will get tips, and be able to read a wide number of articles as to how to increase your sales.

Moreover, you will be provided with a Funnel Stacking Book and Funnel-U Black Card.

This card act in the form of a flash drive and in this drive, all content and course details are present,

Then as a bonus, customers will get Labs Software Suite.

Here you will get the quick access to different programs like that of “Survey generator” and “Webinar Chat App”, and also “Image Video Generator”.

Lastly, as a bonus, you can enjoy having this CF Pro Tools Software Suite.

This suite is a kind of software package and it will teach you to learn about the basic and primary stuff regarding Click Funnels.

Curriculum Details of Funnel University

Curriculum Details of Funnel University

We can give you this basic and simple of all explanation that in this Funnel University training course, you will be educated on the varied kind of funnel structures.

Here Brunson has well and clearly explained regarding which funnel structures are suitable for your business.

Like, you will be taught concerning if you are linked to the beauty line, then your main focus should be on giving free products and vouchers to your customers.

Funnel#1 Structure of Funnel University- Self-Liquidating Content

Funnel University- Self-Liquidating Content

The very first funnel structure mentioned in this Funnel U training course, it is about self-liquidating content.

Most importantly, the author of this course, he has highlighted this fact that one needs to build up and create his own personal brand.

He has come up with the concept of The Self Made Man in this respective funnel structure.

You can create your own personal brand with the help of social media platforms of podcasts, blog, or by making a YouTube channel.

In this self-liquidating content, you will get guidance as to how to make attractive landing pages that can instantly grab your audience attention.

Russell Brunson has advised that your landing pages should be prepared in a manner that they instantly become heavy traffic.

Furthermore, it is in this Funnel 1 of Funnel U training course that you will get an illustration how to narrow down and transform your large audience all into retaining buyers.

Hence, upon branding yourself, you can easily save and cut down money spend on advertisements. Plus, you will get traffic free of cost.

How Self-liquidating Content Teaches You to Become a Self-Made Man?

You can follow a list of strategies that are offered by Brunson. Like, to create your personal brand, you need to very much passionate.

Moreover, keep on getting feedback from your customers and audience. Lastly, put up your honest opinions.

Funnel#2 Structure of Funnel University Course – The “Invisible” Funnel

Funnel University Course

Next, we have this invisible funnel for you. This structure will teach you how the approach of prepayment is great for your business.

It is believed by Brunson that strong products experience prepayment procedures.

Moreover, this approach gives you high and maximum conversion rates.

If the audience is going to be interested in your service or product, then they will be ready to pay you in advance.

Here in this Invisible funnel structure, you will see three areas and zones. It is incorporated with a sales page.

This page will make it easy for you to create a heavy demand for your respective product.

Then we have the upsell page. In this page, you will get guidance on how to maximize your profits and you will get in hand lots of sales opportunities. Lastly, there is a members area.

How to Make the Best Use of The Invisible Funnel Structure?

If you are still wondering that how this funnel structure injected in this Funnel University course can be helpful for you, then you can use these tips and strategies as well as mentioned by Brunson.

What you need to do is to put up and mention clear cut billing rules on your sales pages. In addition, you have to make your upsell process simple of all.

Plus, do offer different and exciting packages and offers to your customers.

Funnel#3 Structure- Garret White’s Funnel

Garret White’s

We have this third funnel structure for you that play an important role in making this Funnel University course more and more effective.

It is named as Garret White’s Funnel. Do you know that Garret was the student of Brunson, yes it is true!

He claimed this notion this funnel structure was actually made by him. But the real and genuine author of this funnel structure is Russell Brunson.

Most noteworthy, this funnel structure runs on this approach that you need to focus only on your core audience and customers.

And you need to push those customers out who are not interested in buying your product.

You, being the owner of that product will decide who should be your core audience.

How This Garret White Funnel Is Structured?

As you may have seen that in this respective funnel structure of Funnel U training course, you will get a landing page.

Here you will pitch your product or service and you will convince your customers and core audience regarding how it is going to benefit you.

Then this funnel structure is incorporated and immersed with the documentary page. Lastly, it is composed of warrior week.

In this week, you will know how to tell your audience how this product is valuable for them.

Funnel#4 Structure- Continuity Funnel

Continuity Funnel

The last funnel structure of this course, we have this Continuity Funnel. This funnel runs on membership. To access it, you have to pay monthly fees for it.

So, in this funnel zone, you will get this basic teaching as to how to make use of a multiple number of landing pages in an effective manner.

Upon using this funnel, you will see, you can create multiple numbers of sales pages all in one go.

Furthermore, you are free to make sales pages linked to animation and film analysis.

Moreover, you can make a detailed comparison of the opt-ins as well as the conversion rate for every single sales page of yours.

In this funnel, there is a section of continuity upsell. Then there is this area of high ticket upsell.

It is believed by Brunson and he has too advised his fellow readers to take their business on upsell approach.

The best utilization of this funnel structure is to make lots of different sales pages for a varied target audience and different demographics of yours.

It is guaranteed that this funnel structure will be able to give you detail analytics and amazing insight regarding how to make maximum profits.

Is Funnel University Training Course Worthy Enough for You?


If you are a beginner and you want to conquer this online business world, then do buy this course and get effective guidance from it.

It is from this course that you will get advanced information related to click Funnels.


So, what’s the bottom line? Using this Funnel University training course by Russell Brunson, it is great to all online business community owners out there.

If you want to quickly learn all zones of Click Funnels, then be a part of this course.

It is budget-friendly and provides you with extensive content.

Moreover, this Funnel U course is specially designed and meant for the field of digital entrepreneurship.

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