Funnel Builder Secrets Review & Price For Lite Webinar And Full Masterclass

You may check Clickfunnels review and Clickfunels pricing and wondering what’s the best deal for you, if that’s the case, then this Funnel Builder Secrets Review will tell you the best deal to get Clickfunnels.

Russell Brunson in conjunction with the team at ClickFunnels is back with Funnel Builder Secrets – another ClickFunnels “offer you can’t refuse.”

In this Funnel Builder Secrets Review, we are going to discuss exactly what’s embedded in Funnel Builder Secrets and replicate on the pros and cons of shopping for ClickFunnels through this bundle vs. different available options.

The company successfully promoted its “Funnel Hacks” package for an instant. This new ‘Funnel Builder Secrets’ offer was at the start pitched in Russell Brunson’s 2018 presentation at Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conference.

It’s the presentation and offer that infamously sold-out $3 Million from the stage in ninety minutes…

Likely because of the success at 10X Con, ClickFunnels has currently taken the 10X offer and prepacked it as their primary product bundle moving forward.

What Is Funnel Builder Secrets?

funnel builder secrets

After opting into Funnel Builder Secrets, you are taken to the ‘Secret Funnel Strategy’ page which includes a video replay of Russell Brunson’s entire 10X presentation.

If you have NOT witnessed this, it’s a wonderful example of the simplest way to gift and sell to a visitor

As it is typical for Russell Brunson, he brings the audience into his world of promoting and sales funnels, delivers plenty of free value – and demonstrates the way his system of building sales funnels is the path for individuals attempting to 10X their business…

Funnel Builder Secrets consist of product from ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson, and it was at first sold-out from a coaching masterclass webinar that lasted nearly 3 hours.

Funnel Builder Secrets replaces Funnel Hacks to gift you even an extra product also as special ClickFunnels discounts to help you to succeed. I will be treating all this in the review.

Funnel Builder Secrets provides all the coaching together with tools for entrepreneurs that are able to produce their online business but don’t desire all the headaches of developing a blog, maintaining it, integrating a payment processor, the effort of hiring coders, an email autoresponder, and on top all that, don’t desire to be hacked!

So if you’re a businessperson and you have got your message to share with people but don’t understand the tech, Funnel Builder Secrets is ideal for you.

After undergoing all the coaching, you’re in an exceedingly position of building a world-class marketing system.

And…You can make use of this coaching even though you’re unaware of the merchandise you wish to promote yet.

Russell Brunson – The Founder of ClickFunnels

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is among the creators of ClickFunnels and is an around pretty likable guy. He’s a veteran internet marketer and an expert in making use of the abilities an expert affiliate marketer should master, like copy, storytelling, building sales funnels and persuasion.

He is in a good rapport with Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki of rich dad Poor dad fame. Therefore you ought not to worry about getting duped.

If you haven’t check out his bestselling books DotCom Secrets and expert Secrets, you need to do so! They’re masterpieces and completely free. You would like to cover the price of the shipping.

What Does One Get in FBS?

FBS is a software package that helps you to master funnels building and everything associated with it. You’ll never have to be compelled to purchase another funnel program to achieve success with this Funnel Builder Secrets.

You get access to the coaching and access to Clickfunnel Etison Suite which has a Backpack and Actionetics too also.

This is at first the platform where you’ll be building all of your funnels with the techniques and methods that you learn from your Traffic Secrets, Funnel Hacks Masterclass, and Funnel Builder Secrets coaching.

One of the coaching that you’ll get access to, Funnel Hacks, is going to be offered to you the instant you register for the coaching.

All these membership sites are engineered with or on ClickFunnels, so the company uses what they advertise similarly too.

What’s Enclosed in Funnel Builder Secrets?

The main Funnel Builder Secrets package is designed to include everything someone might require to hit the ground running with ClickFunnels.

The FBS Package

The Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass (Worth $997)

This 10-week masterclass consists of 10 modules which will teach YOU how to become a master funnel builder. You’ll learn how to come up with your business idea, offer, what funnel to use, how to create the sales copy, funnel design plus how to get traffic to your funnel.

Module 1: Funnel Hacker Cookbook

Going through the Funnel cookbook, you will get an education on the big picture of funnels.

You’ll be chanced to see all the various types of pages, elements, and funnel types.

Module 2: Build Your Offer

In module 2, we’re diving deep into WHAT you’re aiming to sell.

We’ll be operating on:

  • Who it’s for…
  • What it includes…
  • And gathering the assets you would like to create that offer.

Module 3: Choose Your Funnel Strategy

Module three is going to be the last of the “planning” modules. What happens in module three is we’re about to finalize:

  • The flow of the funnel
  • costs of the offers
  • The framing of them
  • And build out a workflow commit to ensuring you don’t miss ANY of the steps

Module 4: Copywriting

When building a funnel, the most significant part is the offer (Module 2). Next, it’s about framing that offer properly within the right funnel (Module 3).

Next, it’s COPY.

There are various methods in which you can get the copy done, and remember… done is better than perfect. Once through Module four, everything will go fast.

Module 5: Power Editor Basic

In module five, they’ll take their funnel plan and copy, and get to work in the editor.

They’ll show you the basics of the way to set up your funnel, get the copy in (something known as wireframing).

Module 6: Funnel design

This is the module where they’ll make your funnels look great.

Fan-flipping strategy.

Module 7: Mobile Friendly Funnel Design

Once your funnel is created, we’ll go through every step to ensure everything appears perfect on mobile.

Module 8: Integrations

In this module, Julie is going to show you:

  • A way to ensure your domains are right.
  • set up product
  • Connect payment gateways
  • And ensure you’ll be able to deliver your product to your customers.

Module 9: Launching your funnel

After all the blood, sweat and tears…You want your launch to go off without a hitch.

So they will show you the way to try and do a top quality management test of your funnel, and provides you with a list to ensure all the details are covered.

Module 10: The Way To Drive Traffic Into The Sales Funnel

There are numerous ways in which you can drive traffic.

  • Blogging
  • Podcasting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Dream 100
  • and more …

In module ten, they’re going to go through every one of those strategies. Therefore, you’ll be able to deep dive into the one that works best for your audience.

Full Access To ClickFunnels “Unlimited” Account

clickfunnels logo

ClickFunnels members at the $97/month package are restricted to twenty funnels in their account – and capped at 20,000 monthly guests.

Members with the ClickFunnels complete Etison Suite ($297/month) get unlimited monthly guests, but are restricted to seventy total funnels in their account…

When you start with Funnel Builder Secrets, ClickFunnels is providing you with an infinite variety of funnels and unlimited traffic to your websites for 6-12 months (depending on that package you choose)…

Important Note: If you are already a ClickFunnels member or antecedently purchased this or the “Funnel Hacks” offer – ClickFunnels is permitting you to repurchase it.

This can thrust out your monthly charge for an additional year.

The Funnel Hacks Masterclass (Worth $1,997)

funnel hacks

The Funnel Hacks MasterClass entails a six-week tutorial that teaches EVERYTHING you need to funnel hack your competition. What is working for them?

What quantity of cash are they making?

The course can show the way to reverse engineer profitable sales funnels for your own business.

Traffic Secrets (Worth $1,997)

In the presentation of Funnel Builder Secrets 10X, Russell talks about John Reese and his best selling “Traffic Secrets” course. Reese magnificently realized $1 Million within a day selling Traffic Secrets…

Russell Brunson bought the corporate from John Reese so that he could make it available it during this Funnel Builder Secrets offer!

Traffic Secrets is an in-depth program that outlines tactics for 125 completely different traffic sources for your business…

Twelve Months Access to Funnel Scripts ($497)

Funnel Scripts is a program which will write all of your sales copy on your behalf. Whether sales copy, headlines, ads, webinar slides, etc.… With Funnel Builder Secrets, you’ve got access to Funnel Scripts for a year…

As a bonus, Secret Funnel Builders additionally includes ClickStart coaching.

To ensure you are not alone on this journey, ClickFunnels can connect you with a ClickStart Coach who will get on the phone with you and walk you through the set up of your funnel.

This is everything you require to create world-class headlines and emails. This tool like ClickFunnels is web-based and allows you to make a replica for your business. This is a list of what Funnel scripts can assist you with:

  • Headlines
  • Email Subject Lines
  • Lead Capture Scripts
  • Product descriptions
  • Video sales letter scripts
  • Webinar opt-ins

How Much Does Funnel Builder Secrets Cost? Funnel Builder Secret pricing

Funnel Builder Secrets Cost

There are 3 selections to get started with Funnel Builder Secrets… the 2 most well-liked choices are the $1,997 and therefore the $2,997 packages…

The most important difference between the $1,997 and the $2,997 packages are the extra six months of ClickFunnels Enterprise account.

The $5,997 package is after all also out there for anyone that’s searching for the additional ClickStart coaching.

The First Selection of $1,997 You Get:

  • Six months of ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $3,564)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass (value $997)
  • One year of Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  • 30 Day money back Guarantee
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

The Next Selection of $2,997 Gets You The Following:

  • One year access to ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $7,128)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass (value $997)
  • 30 Day money back Guarantee
  • One year of Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus

The Highest Level of $5,997 Offers You The Following:

  • 8 ClickStart coaching Calls (value $9,997)
  • one year access to ClickFunnels Enterprise (value $7,128)
  • Funnel Hacks Masterclass (value $1,997)
  • Traffic Secrets Membership (value $1,997)
  • one year of Funnel Scripts (value $2,997)
  • Funnel Builder Secrets Masterclass (value $997)
  • Unlimited Funnels Bonus
  • 30 Day money back Guarantee

Pros and Cons of Using Funnel Builder Secrets?

Funnel Builder Secrets review


The Funnel Builder Secrets program is aimed squarely at entrepreneurs desperate to build a whole online business without all tech problems, and in my opinion, ClickFunnels goes an extended way to accomplish this.

There is complete coaching to get you up and running building your funnels as shortly as possible. I do know it’s tempting to leap right in. However, I urge you to go through foundation coaching.

ClickFunnels is a top-rated product with several fans and teams dedicated to the cause of what they call “Funnel Hacking” therefore you can expect a great deal of community support and help if you build your company on ClickFunnels.

If you build your website making use of Funnel Builder Secrets, then you’ll have your whole business in one place. Therefore you won’t need to hassle yourself about getting various completely different merchandise and paying coders to string altogether.

You do not get to fret concerning hosting fees for a website or maintaining your site or worry concerning your site being hacked.


There is an initial investment price and on-going fees after six or twelve months have elapsed. However, I hope you have the drive and keenness for building a thriving online business.

Therefore this would possibly not become a problem.

Why Does One Need Funnel Builder Secrets?

The FBS Package

Without any doubt, these are the most extensive package that Clickfunnels has got to offer to create a flourishing funnel.

Everything in this package is intended to assist you to be successful: from obtaining traffic, obtaining consumers, marketing to them and convert the consumers to future purchasers.

With such a lot of comprehensive coaching included for every component, you can hardly get it wrong if you choose to shop for a minimum of the $1,997 package for your business.

All packages are worth over $10,000 alone, and simply having one flourishing funnel will quickly cover the cost for any packages.

My most popular package would be to take up the $2,997 package for a full year of Clickfunnels because it’s simply $1,000 more to get six months of Clickfunnels at a reduction rate ($1,000 for 6 further months rather than $1,782).

If you would like additional coaching and training, then the $5,997 is for you if you’ll be able to afford the money. The eight calls ought to get your funnel up and function at the fastest time doable.

The coaching is bestowed mostly by Russell Brunson, except for some courses like the traffic membership where it’s given by another person called John Reese who covers the Traffic section of the course.

All these coachings are going to be integrated with Clickfunnels as expected, and give you with all the proven methods and technique that you will use for the funnels.

What I Like About Funnel Builder Secrets…

  • It gives you everything you need to flourish in generating cash from funnels in six to twelve months.
  • Over 100 hours of coaching content lined on every aspect from Traffic, Funnel methods, writing copy and more.
  • A huge discounted package that mixes the best of Clickfunnels offerings.
  • Includes plenty of bonuses in conjunction with what’s being offered in every program.

Who Funnel Builder Secrets is For?

It’s for entrepreneurs who need to make an entire online business complete with sales funnels, a more advanced autoresponder, a pre-built affiliate tracking system, and all hosted on ClickFunnels premises (it’s a SaaS product).

It’s also for entrepreneurs that are quoted a ridiculous total amount of money to create out their sales funnel!

Who Funnel Builder Secrets isn’t for?

It’s for anyone that is on a tight budget attempting to find the way to generate cash online.

But the good news, if that is you, is that ClickFunnels features a very profitable affiliate program and you do not have to be a user of ClickFunnels to be a part of it.

Is Funnel Builder Secrets worth It?


We’re a strong admirer of the value of making use of the ClickFunnels platform. We tend to use ClickFunnels in our business and advocate it to others…

Let’s compare the value of ClickFunnels over twelve months…

Six months of the $297 per month Etison Suite = $1,782

One year of the $297 per month Etison Suite = $3564

If your business is built (or aiming to be built) on ClickFunnels, and you acknowledge that you would like to remain with the software package long term – it’s a no brainer to get this Funnel Builder Secrets to offer.

Twelve months of the Complete Etison Suite at $297 per month alone value over the value of this FBS offer…By paying direct – it’ll save you cash, and everything else enclosed in this package is simply a bonus.

The Funnel Builder Secrets package costs $567 less than the value of paying for ClickFunnels monthly, and after all includes the Funnel Hacks course, Funnel Builder Secrets coaching, Traffic Secrets, access to Funnel Scripts, etc.…

What Happens Once The Six or Twelve Months of Clickfunnels Expires?

After your six or twelve-month FBS package expires, your ClickFunnels account can revert to the monthly charge.

By default, your monthly payment will renew with the total Etison Suite plan, however, you after all also have the choice to downgrade your ClickFunnels account to the $97/month plan at any time.

After the enclosed twelve months, access to Funnel Scripts expires, you’ll be able to either renew for a full 12 months at $497 or cancel.

Does Funnel Builder Secrets Work For Beginners? What if I’m a Newcomer?

If you are in business and recently discovered funnel building and Clickfunnels, positively a Yes!

If you are already a Clickfunnels user and do not need to figure out. Yes!

If you’re still attempting to generate cash online and do not have any plan, No! (unless you’ve got an excessive quantity of cash, then go ahead).

This program is fitted to those who are already promoting products or services or have already got a business in place.

If you are a complete beginner and do not even know the way to generate cash online, I would advise you to go for the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp that’s a great deal of fitted to you.

Funnel Builder Secrets is also a heap better for those who are already within the business and might begin implementing funnels fast.

The main purpose of this entire coaching is to integrate funnels into your market quickly and to come up with gains into your business as soon as doable.

All the techniques that are lined are designed for those who do not have any previous knowledge on anything, however, therefore even as a newcomer in digital marketing can develop these skills fast too!

Can you earn from Funnel Builder Secrets?

Considering what proportion folks hit the 2 comma club (making $1M from Funnels), this seems doable as there are quite a lot of people already in it in conjunction with some that earn $10M.

There are two ways in which you’ll earn from this program:

First Way:

Implement the ways within the program into your business. You will presumably see maximized profits and sales just by implementing one funnel and acquiring traffic through it.

Second Way:

you’ll decide to register for Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp and use these ways to earn cash promoting Clickfunnels.

If it’s doable, I would recommend going with every way to maximize your profits dramatically. Clickfunnels will operate with any business out there as expressed by Russell within the webinar.

Also, a quick breakdown of total cash you’ll save if you buy

6 Months of Clickfunnels ($1,782) OR twelve Months of Clickfunnels stand alone

Clickfunnels ($3,564)

One Year Funnel Scripts ($497)

Total: $2,279 (6 months) OR $4,061 (12 months)

And the numbers don’t even embody the >100 hours coaching that presently is seen as FREE if you buy Clickfunnels and Funnel Scripts alone.

It’s about a 13 discount for the six months plan and twenty-sixth discount for the twelve months package.

This is already reasonable cost savings if you already determined to start using Funnels, and provides the biggest bang for your buck.

With all the coaching offered by Funnel Builder secrets, I don’t suppose it’s possible even to suffer a loss with such a program unless you do not take action on it.

Besides, knowledge has made people seven to eight figures. Therefore this could be doable for you as well!

All I will be able to say is that if you’re serious in your business and want to get started spending on Funnels; Funnel Builder Secrets IS IT.

Funnel Hacks – The Best alternative.

Image result for funnel hacks system

Remember I told you at the start about a couple of special offers from ClickFunnels many folks don’t seem to be aware of. Right?

It’s referred to as Funnel Hacks.

It is the single available deal from ClickFunnels.

The Funnel Hacks System is simply a coaching program that provides you with a 6-month access to the complete ClickFunnels marketing suite, enabling you to harness the power of modern marketing at its core.

The Funnel Hacks system grants you access to a bundle of tools, together with the ClickFunnels software package in its totality, in conjunction with Actionetics and Backpack, 2 compelling tools.

The distinguishing factor regarding Funnel Hacks, however, is that it comes with coaching sessions and guides that teach you ways to make use of funnels effectively and the way to take advantage of ClickFunnels’ innate power.

Now, bear in mind the UNLIMITED Etison Suite plan costs $297 per month.

With Funnel Hacks you have access to six months of the UNLIMITED Etison Suite for $997 (worth $1782).

Also, you get four unimaginable extremely valuable bonuses as a whole package to set up your business.

These are:

  • Six weeks of Funnel Hack Masterclass training on the way to build utterly completely different types of funnels for each niche.
  • Inception Secrets – all the scripts required to write down high converting copy.
  • Instant Traffic Hacks coaching on the most effective sources of traffic for your business funnel
  • Email sequences you wish to turn your leads into buying customers.

The total worth of all this is $11,555 – you get all the ingredients to begin a business – your funnel software package, training, traffic, copy and email sequences.

You only pay $997.

It is a one time supply.

So if you are new to ClickFunnels or you are upgrading from the basic account, I might suggest the Funnel Hacks special offer.

My Final Verdicts

I will honestly say that FBS is the best deal for your money when it involves making use of ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels itself has reworked my business. Whether or not a small ‘one-person band‘ or an oversized company, I’ve witnessed large development for any company implementing the ability of ClickFunnels.

The bonuses you get with Funnel Builder Secrets alone are worthwhile.

Traffic Secrets & Funnel Scripts change the game. If you are looking to get how to drive traffic to your funnels, then Traffic Secrets alone makes the Funnel Builder Secrets deal worthwhile.

If you’re looking to create a copy that converts like a storm, then Funnel Scripts is for you… and this comes with each tier of the Funnel Builder Secrets platform. Honestly, do not miss this offer and obtain Funnel Builder Secrets today!

hope this Funnel Builder Secrets Review helps you a lot if you want to take the best advantage of Funnel Builder Secrets Review

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