Free Clickfunnels Training and Tutorial – Learn some tips on how to start using it?

Building a sales funnel can be very easy when you choose the ClickFunnels builder. Somehow, some ClickFunnels users may find it difficult to boost sales funnel effectively. Thus, they want to find a free ClickFunnels training and tutorial program.

Anyway, you can get the ClickFunnels tutorial program as a bonus. Nick Tsai offers you the Funnel Warrior Starter Kit as a bonus for new ClickFunnels members or the current users. How to start using it and get this special ClickFunnel training and tutorial program?

Using the ClickFunnels Training:

Somehow, you have no idea why you need a special bonus. In fact, this free ClickFunnels training bonus can really help you build sales funnels in the correct way.

There are a few benefits that you will get from this Funnel Warrior Starter Kit. The first is the 2 hours of ClickFunnels video training, so you can learn how to use ClickFunnels for business.

Secondly, you will also get 8 done for your funnel template, so you can apply the right template for your business.

Then, you also get 8 done for your email sequence for the email marketing campaign. Other benefits are Ecom Funnels blueprint, Private access to Me and Ask Any Funnels question via emails, YouTube SEO Blueprint, Facebook Marketing Starter Kit, WordPress Blogging starter kit, and much more.

The value of this bonus is about $3773, but you can get it for 100% free if you sign up for ClickFunnels today.

Getting the ClickFunnels Tutorial:

Certainly, this bonus offer is really interesting for new members. So, you can grab this bonus today because it has a limited time offer. If you are currently a member of ClickFunnels, you can also get this bonus for free. How to get this bonus?

Simply, you can go to the Funnel Warrior Starter Kit page or just click this link to visit the page. After that, you will see the bonus offer details.

You can read the benefits before you grab this free bonus. Once you understand everything, you can just click “Yes! I Want This” in yellow big button.

A new smalll page pops up to require you to enter your email address. Type your email address and then click “Yes! Send Me Those Bonus Package”.

Once you click it, you will see two easy steps so you can get the bonus. In this case, you have to create ClickFunnels account by clicking the link with yellow buttons of “Try ClickFunnels for Free for 14 Days” or “Buy ClickFunnels for 6 Months and Save 56% + Bonuses”.

Keep in mind, you must sign up for ClicKFunnels through those links to get the bonus. If you already have an account, then you can click the blue button of “Yes! I Have Created My Account, Bring Me to Next Step”.

Once you create an account, you can go to the next page to claim your bonus. You can enter your email again and then click Yes! Send Me My Bonuses on the yellow button.

After that, your application will be set and just wait for the bonuses delivered. Want to get special free ClickFunnels training now? Simply, click this link anyway.

What is ClickFunnels?


You may be going across a lot of references and sources on the internet for this explanation, To simply put an answer, ClickFunnels is an online platform that is used by a lot of businesses to build and develop high-conversion sales funnel and websites.

ClickFunnels is one of those software that help businessmen and entrepreneurs be able to generate better leads, sell their products, do their marketing and advertising.

The manufacturer of this online platform made this program with the goal in the mind that they will give users an all-in-one too. This would end the need to riffle through the internet to use third party services for different parts on the website.

This is where ClickFunnels takes the lead over the traditional sales funnel builders. As far as we know, there are no other sales funnel builders that come with so many tools emerging in a single place.

All the sales funnels builders lack something that requires the users to go to the third party websites to have their needs met.

ClickFunnels is a great choice for people that want to generate a website that generate high leads and helps the users to generate better leads, grow their email contact list and make their small business go big!

However, ClickFunnels is mainly known for sales funnel out of all the other ways it serves its users.

With so many tools embedded into a single platform, ClickFunnels makes it easier for the users to be able to develop and build their sales funnel.

These sales funnels in turn generate better leads and sales for the users. However, the best part that we think about sales funnels is the fact that it comes with Pre-built templates.

This eliminates the needs for the users to have to go through the trouble of making their sales funnel from the scratch and waste a lot of time.

The online platform further oversimplifies the process of making a sales funnel and since it is very easy to use, it doesn’t require any technical expertise for the users to be able to operate it.

If you are looking for developing better leads and higher conversion on your sales funnel, get ClickFunnels today!

ClickFunnels Features:

ClickFunnels Features5

Since the early days of its release, ClickFunnels rose to fame, and for all the right reasons. When you look at the long list of the benefits that ClickFunnels has to offer, you understand why a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs deem ClickFunnels as the best option.

Having said that, there are a lot of options and features that ClickFunnels has to offer for it’s clientele. However, we are going to be mentioning only some of the best features in details of ClickFunnels and how it benefits the users that sign up with ClickFunnels.

Comes with So Many Existing Templates:

One thing that ClickFunnels gets is that the time is of the essence. ClickFunnels has been made by some of the most genius businessmen and entrepreneurs alike.

That highly skilled team has been able to make a lot of templates for just about every kind of business field that exists right now.

All the users signed with the online platform need to do is to utilize the already developed template to fit their needs and make some tweaks of their own so they can have a ready sales funnel within a matter of minutes.

ClickFunnels is a great alternative to the web designers that used to take longer times to build sales funnels and used to charge extra for any changes that users wanted to make. ClickFunnels allows the users to make the changes as they see fit at any time that they like.

Features a Drag & Drop Funnel Builder:

There are so many features for which the online sales funnel builder is accredited for. This is one of the most important features and is the reason why ClickFunnels became a major hit that it is today.

Among many useful features, clickFunnel comes with a drag and drop visual editor. This editor is rather easy to use and comes in specifically handy when you are planning on creating your own funnel or your websites.

Wether it be from scratch or from an existing template, making a sales funnel with this feature makes it easy for the users and allow them to be done creating a professional funnel builder within minutes.

This tool is very simple to operate and has editable options such as  texts, fonts, buttons, color, etc.

As you might know, controlling these features allow the users to customize a sales funnel that they are building according to them.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons:

When it comes to mentioning the benefits and drawbacks of ClickFunnels, you will find out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a mile.

However, it is essential for you to know about everything that you stand to benefit or lose from signing up with ClickFunnels.

This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons and see whether the platform is really worth it for you.

Here are the drawbacks and benefits of using the ClickFunnels for building Sales Funnels:

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Includes Pre-Built Funnels:

When a lot of people hear about funnels, they think that it is something really hard to make and they need to hire experts to build the funnel for them.

However, ClickFunnels shuts off this idea and comes with a lot of pre-built templates. This comes in handy to every user and can be used by anyone lest of any field of business that they are in.

The users have the ability to customize a template to make their own funnel, which makes ClickFunnels one of the best options on the list.

Works efficiently to generate leads and sales:

A lot of people think that ClickFunnels is overpriced. However, on the other hand, we feel that the price tag of this Funnel builder is more than justified.

As easy as ClickFunnels makes it easy for the users to build their own funnels, ClickFunnels also goes one step ahead in generating traffic on their funnel. The cycle further changes those visitors into leads and sales.

Drag and Drop builder:

ClickFunnels is renowned between the entrepreneurs and busnissmen and for the right reasons. What makes ClickFunnels one of the best options on the list is the fact that ClickFunnels comes with a drag-and-drop editor tool.

This allows the users to be able to add and try all kuinds of dynamic contents in making their funnel the best one that there is.


One of the most pricey options:

Believe us when we say that ClickFunnels is not Cheap. Now, ClickFunnels may be effective, but ClickFunnels charges its users a fairly huge amount as compared to the other Sales Funnel builders.

Granted that ClickFunnels come with three different pricing plans, even the cheapest pricing plan of ClickFunnels costs more than the other funnel builders.

Below Average customer service:

ClickFunnels is one of the best platforms that can be used for making the sales funnel, even the best. However, it has some shortcomings.

If you were to need help of their customer service team, you are likely to be hung to dry by their customer service.

Sometimes they take days to get back to their customers, which really is not acceptable, considering the prices that ClickFunnels is asking to pay.


ClickFunnels Pricing:

ClickFunnels Pricing5

When it comes to the pricing plan, a lot of people will think that ClickFunnels is one of the most priciest options on the list. However, we are going to let you be the judge of that.

ClickFunnels has a lot of different pricing plans, but in general  ClickFunnels has two main pricing options. First of all, there is the basic plan of this funnel builder.

The basic plan of ClickFunnels costs about 97 dollars for a month and  comes with features such as 20 sales funnels, 100 landing pages, and 3 domains.

On the other hand, the priciest plan on the list is the premium plan of ClickFunnels. This Funnel building website charges 297 dollars for a month in turn for giving people the subscription of their premium plan.

The premium version is definitely an upgrade over the other kinds of plans and it may cost a lot, but it also comes with features such as unlimited funnels, unlimited landing pages, and 9 domains.

However, the main difference between the two pricing plans lies between the amount of landing pages allotted, the amount of custom domain names provided and many other features.

The basic pricing plan of ClickFunnels locks out many features that are seen in the premium pricing plan of ClickFunnels.

Having said that, ClickFunnels also comes with lower priced options. Now, these lower Priced plans will vary from time to time and they are not always given out publicly, but they are available for a lot less price than the basic plans.

But, regardless of the plan you choose, Along with ClickFunnels, you are also going to receive access to various other tools and the training and the guide to using the sales funnel builder for free.

To also help people decide whether ClickFunnels is right for them or not, ClickFunnels comes with a free trial plan. This trial plan is the best option for the people that are not sure about getting this online platform.

This allows the users to be able to make use of all the available features of ClickFunnels over the period of next 2 weeks.

In recent history, ClickFunnels has also decided to launch yearly plans. These plans are a great option as they save a lot of money to the users in the long terms. The pricing range of ClickFunnels yearly plans lie between 997 dollars to 2997 dollars for an year.

Should You Get ClickFunnels?

Now, a lot of people will tell you that ClickFunnels is pricey and that there are simply better alternatives available to it, you must be the judge of it and we are going to help you let you see that ClickFunnels is definitely worth having.

Granted that ClickFunnels is one of the most pricey options on the list, ClickFunnels comes with a lot of features that have not been placed by any other sales funnel builders in their tools. With ClickFunnels, the users are able to make use of so many tools from a single place.

This allows the users to be able to work effectively and saves a lot of time. This prevents the people from having to switch between a lot of third party apps.

This saves time and proves as a delight for the customers as they don’t have to stroll through the internet in search of that service and make another decision about trusting any other specific website.

As far as saving the time goes, ClickFunnels take a step ahead in the positive direction and comes with a lot of pre-made templates.

This is what makes clickFunnels so easy to use. Regardless of what field  your business belongs to, ClickFunnels gives you the option to be able to choose any pre-built funnel template and use it for your own purposes.

The users get the choice to make the changes as they see fit and they can customize just about anything on the existing template. They can also add or remove pages, and add in new features to that specific funnel.

Since the whole process of making the sales funnel through ClickFunnels is very simplistic, there is no need for the users to have any technical knowledge of any sort.

This makes ClickFunnels a better option than going with the web designers and sales funnel builders who would charge someone a hefty amount in return for building their sales funnel.

Moreover, in a lot of cases, the people would have to make do with what they get, even after spending a lot of money. The owner of ClickFunnels saw those problems and wanted to put an end to it. This is why he came up with ClickFunnels and that is the main reason behind the fame of ClickFunnels.

Whether you are a fitness coach, or a businessman, entrepreneur, or in any line of business whatsoever and you require a solid website or a sales funnel, ClickFunnels is the perfect choice for you.

Is ClickFunnels A Scam?ClickFunnels A Scam

The internet is torn into two different answers over this. We did some research of our own and our research and all the facts and figures conclude that ClickFunnels cannot be stated a scam.

A scam is basically something that asks you to pay money upfront and doesn’t deliver what it says that it would deliver.

If anything, ClickFunnels breaks free from the dominating scams of the web developers and sales funnel builders who would charge a huge amount to the users in return for building the funnels.

These funnel builders would usually charge a lot of money to build the funnel and would also take a lot of time to make the sales funnel. Whereas ClickFunnels allows the users to have much better results in a short span of time.

However, this is not the case with ClickFunnels. In the marketing world, ClickFunnels is one of the most renowned and one of the most trusted tools that people use to build their sales funnel.

Sure, ClickFunnels has adapted some advertising tactics in the past that would give people an image that ClickFunnels is a scam. But, in order for ClickFunnels to exist, it is essential for it to spread the word and advertise the services that it provides.

There are a lot of marketing experts and entrepreneurs on the internet that will say that ClickFunnels is not worth it and that there are simply better options available. To their surprise, ClickFunnels is one of the best and one of the unique tools in the field of marketing and gets the job done rather perfectly.

In terms of functionality, ClickFunnels remains unmatched to this date. Sure, the prices may be a bit higher than the other options on the market, but we would like to say that you should consider this as an investment rather than an expense.

ClickFunnels offers solid returns and lets its users be able to make a funnel that they can further use to generate their leads and in turn, increase their profits. The pricing plans of ClickFunnels are very fair when you see the services that it has to offer.

Not only that, ClickFunnels has been proven to bring positive results to the people that consider using it for uplifting their sales and generating better leads on their funnels.

Considering everything, ClickFunnels does what it says and proves to be one of the best options when users are looking to buy a sales funnel builder.

ClickFunnels Alternatives:

Where we believe that clickfunnels is the best choice for building a sales funnel, if you are not satisfied by it and are looking to consider other options, here are some replacements to this sales funnel builder.

We prefer ClickFunnels as it offers so many tools from just a single place. Nevertheless, here are some alternatives that you can consider instead of ClickFunnels:



BuilderAll is one of the most recent programs that came into the market not so long ago.

This sales funnel builder tries to follow in the footsteps of the older clickfunnels and tries to offer a all-in-one solution for marketing tools and sales funnels.

This tool takes the win over ClickFunnels in multiple areas as it comes with a total complete set of all the marketing tools.

However, since this platform is fairly now, the community on this platform is rather new and comes with bugs and glitches.

Reasons why is it better than ClickFunnels: 

  • Costs fairly less.
  • Offers a lot of marketing tools.
  • Offers countless pages, domain names, and data streams.

Why it falls behind ClickFunnels: 

  • The Customer service is bad.
  • Comes with a lot of bugs and glitches.
  • Ontraport:

When it comes to offering features, this sales funnel builder does the same as ClickFunnels However, this is a relatively larger marketing tool and has a lot of tools that make it a good fit for the people that fall in this criteria.

Where OntraPort takes lead over ClickFunnels is during the process of automation. Ontraport focuses on the process of automation much more than ClickFunnels does.

This proves helpful for a small team or a small-sized company, but for the bigger companies and complicated businesses, ClickFunnels is the clear winner.

However, when it comes to making a Sales Funnel, ClickFunnels remains unmatched and does a fairly better job than Ontraport.

Reasons why is it better than ClickFunnels: 

  • Comes with Automation Process
  • Good Payment Integration.
  • Focuses on everything.

Why it falls behind ClickFunnels: 

  • Automated process might get a little too extra sometimes.
  • Not a good choice if you want to use individual sales funnel features.
  • Samcart:


When it comes to one of the best options in terms of shopping cart services, Samcart is considered as one of the primary choices. However, Samcart does not really focuses on designing the funnel part of the sales funnel.

The main focus of Samcart lies at the optimization of cart transaction and checkout page. This is where it falls behind from ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is simply a better option for building a sales funnel and Sam cart lacks the ability to make interesting or attractive sales funnels.

Moreover, Samcart also doesn’t have any email autoresponder or features to let the users manage their emails, which clearly makes ClickFunnels the ultimate choice.

Reasons why is it better than ClickFunnels: 

  • Integrating with PayPal is much easier.
  • Checking out on websites made by Samcart is more optimized.
  • Offers a better retain rate.

Why it falls behind ClickFunnels: 

  • Bad support for sales funnels.
  • No options provided for email marketing.

What is a Sales Funnel?

What is a Sales Funnel1

This is the most important part in the whole article. For you to be able to understand the proper functionality of ClickFunnels and to truly understand its features, you must know what a sales funnel is.

There are a lot of marketing strategies available in the market today. Now, Sales funnels happen to be one of the most effective marketing strategies in the world of digital marketing.

There are a lot of businesses around the world that are adopting this business strategy and are seeing good, strong profits on their investments.

A sales funnel is made in such a way that it generates more traffic to the internet and leads the dragged prospects into becoming a sale for you.

Sales funnel is a name given to a procedure where lead customers undergo a process and when they are through it, they emerge as sales to a business. The building process of the Funnel can be broken down into different steps.

Labelled as “top, middle, and the bottom” are the three important part of a sales funnel. Depending on the sales model of every company individually, the sales funnel of every company will differ.

The people that know a lot about sales are accustomed of the hurt that a person feels when they lose a customer or when they see a potential sale pass away from them.

There goes in a lot of efforts, lots of times, demos, pitching and talking the prospects into being sales, but at the end the customer falls out. However, with a well-developed sales funnel, you have the means to stop any sales that you stand to lose.

A sales funnel must be attractive and catchy for it to generate lots of leads and high prospects, which is why, it is essential for you to use highly efficient tools such as ClickFunnels to make your sales funnels.

Clickfunnels and the other funnel builders allow the users to be able to develop their very own sales funnel.

When you make a sales funnel with a funnel builder, you have the ability to make any changes that you see fit and you can personalize your sales funnel according to you.

However, You must make sure that the process of making a Sales funnel must always be done right as it will allow you to evaluate the weaker points in your business models and will let you determine where you need to spend the money.  is one of the most important aspects of online business.

Examples of a Sales Funnel:

Sales funnel is one of the best business strategies for doing business online, and as it happens it is being adapted by a lot of business to make it to the top in their respective field. Below is an example of a Sales Funnel:



You have probably heard about Netflix, as a matter of fact, you might have even signed up with them.

Netflix is one of the most grossing services of this time period and when you see their sales funnel, you understand why.

Netflix has a great sales funnel that collects the user’s data and in return for that, offers a month of free subscription.

This aspect allows it to be able to grab a lot more visitors and allows it to go bigger daily.

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