Dental SEO – One-Stop Guide to Boost Your SEO Efforts for Your Dental Practice 

Nick Tsai, a certified expert in the field of dental SEO, shares some of the best-kept secrets for dental marketing that are guaranteed to attract more patients from the major search engines with no need to spend on ads.

Have you always wanted to get more patients online? In this short guide, Nick Tsai,’s founder, reveals a few helpful tips on how to ensure a higher rank for your dental website.

The internet is a very dynamic space that constantly and regularly changes every single day. One of these serious changes has something to do with competition. It doesn’t matter what specific industry you belong to because all markets have now seen a skyrocketing number of competitors.

The main objective of this guide is to help you take your SEO efforts and online visibility to the next level. It means that we will provide you with a few useful tips on how you can handle the most critical areas of modern-day SEO or search engine optimization that will help you put into practice the best possible techniques and strategies.

This is a one-stop guide because we will make sure that we will tackle every nook and corner. We will delve into all important steps you need to take for you to enjoy significant organic growth.

Why Do You Need to Boost Your Dental SEO Efforts?

Why is it essential for you to invest in Dental SEO growth?

You have to invest both time and money to grow and boost your dental SEO efforts. You have to make a substantial SEO investment for you to stay competitive and relevant. 

The number one reason why dental SEO is extremely important now more than ever is the fact that this holds the key when it comes to establishing trust and loyalty among your target audience or patients.

For the longest time, dentistry is one of those professions that people are afraid of because of the expenses and pain it entails. 

This is why it only makes perfect sense that you do everything and anything you can just to earn the trust of doubtful people.

You can expect to attract more patients once become the number one dentist in your area. This is because people have the tendency to trust the first choices they find in a Google search. It is very rare for people to go beyond the first page. If you want to be right there on top, you should start working on SEO as soon as possible.

It is also essential to know if this is something you can do all by yourself. The sad news is that many people are often too busy running and managing dental practices that they can no longer pay attention to this specific area of their business. This one-stop guide aims to help you and the people who are working with you.

Now, while this guide focuses on dentists and dental practices, remember that the main objective is also the same and applicable to other types of businesses and services. As long as you have clients that require or ask for services, it is important to make sure that you take time to evaluate how you should approach and go about SEO efforts.

Make Your Dental Website SEO-Friendly to Make It Professional 

Once you start working on SEO, you will be able to make relevant and significant changes to your dental website. This is important to increase the chances of securing a higher rank for your content. 

To make this possible, you need to spend some time looking into a few important factors.

Below are just some of the most essential and relevant changes that can help boost your SEO efforts:

  • • Active pages on social media platforms
  • • Create and upload quality content on a regular basis
  • • Earn backlinks and citations from local websites
  • • Quick loading times
  • • Intuitive navigation
  • • Come up with compelling title tags and meta descriptions
  • • Develop a secure website through SSL
  • • Structure the website to make it mobile-friendly
  • • Optimize your profile in Google My Business
  • • Pay attention to image optimization
  • • Create quality backlinks
  • • Manage your reviews
  • • Perform an audit to determine where you stand with your competitors
  • • Use internal links
  • • Be consistent and patient
  • • Work with a reliable dental SEO expert

Continue reading below to get a more detailed explanation of these different factors and their important role in your dental SEO campaigns. 

Intuitive and Seamless Website Navigation 

Seamless and intuitive website navigation is essential since it is a must to have a positive user experience. It means that every piece of content on your website must be easy to find and navigate. This means that people must never feel as if they are lost in the middle of nowhere every time they browse your website.

The menu on your website serves as the primary element that helps people discover and learn about the services and products you offer.

It also means that you have to organize everything properly to guarantee the best results for your site visitors.

You might end up losing prospect patients if they find it hard to navigate to specific information mainly because your website is too complicated and lacks intuitiveness.

Add Quality Content Regularly

Every time you come up with a blog post for your site, for instance, see to it that it is engaging and original at the same time. Never be like other site owners who just use clickbait titles and copy general news they find on the web.

For those who might not be familiar with clickbait, this is when the title of the blog or article sparks the curiosity of readers but its content doesn’t really offer the expected information.
Clickbait articles have become so widespread these days but major search engines have started to catch up to this rather poor and misleading strategy. 

The best thing you can do is invest money and time in quality writing if necessary. Good and quality writing will entice people to come back to read more of your content.

It is also important to ensure that you place all your keywords properly on your content. It will be completely useless to create quality content if people cannot even find it in the first place. This usually happens if you come up with engaging and useful blogs but you don’t optimize them using keywords related to your niche.

Quality blogging is essential for dental SEO. For instance, you can try sharing some helpful dental care tips with your site visitors.

 People will appreciate it if you offer them valuable content for free and this gratefulness will help establish trust in the long run.

You also have to remember that it will be better to create more content using different keywords. It will be easier for people to discover and find your services if you come up with more content as much as possible. 

Aside from this, Google and other major search engines also love to rank sites with more activities per day.

Structure a Mobile-Friendly Website

Bots crawling the web for quality and original content are actually intelligent enough to identify websites with a mobile-friendly structure.

It is the reason why it is important for your website to have a responsive design. In fact, this is one of the most crucial aspects of proper website design now more than ever. It means that your website will inevitably be overtaken by your competitors if you don’t optimize it for mobile use.

You also have to keep in mind that Google’s mobile version also offers propriety to mobile-friendly sites.

Quick Loading Times 

While it is essential to have a mobile-friendly site, quick loading pages are equally important. The sad news is that there are a lot of website owners who don’t seem to realize that their loading times can make or break your dental SEO efforts.

How fast your site content loads on the mobile screen of your visitors is crucial.
It is very relevant because people today have become very impatient. This is why most site visitors often go back to the browser after just waiting for 3 to 5 seconds.

That 3-second waiting time may already be reasonable but for most people, this short span of time is precious. Sadly, there are a lot of websites that take 8 up to 10 seconds just to load one page and this can be very damaging for your dental SEO efforts.

The main issue here is that this can drastically increase your bounce rates. The bounce rate refers to the very short span of time that a visitor spends on your site actively. It will be a bounce if the visitor only stays for several seconds. And even if they stay on the site for a few minutes, this is still a bounce if they don’t interact with your site content.

Those bounces that take place in a matter of seconds are actually the most crucial. These indicate that visitors are not interested in your website content at all. Conversely, this can also indicate that while the visitor may be interested in your site content, the bounce might have occurred because of loading times.

How will you be able to improve the loading time of your website, then?

If you ever feel as if you have slow loading times, you can optimize your site in different ways. The most useful and common one is to reduce the size of images you include in your website. There are websites with very heavy headers that can lengthen the loading times.

The important thing to remember here is that websites that load fast will constantly get better results. You can expect this through conversions and engagement.

Some other improvements that can help boost the loading times of your website include the following:

• Stay away from inline JS and CSS files
• Stay away from redirects
• Reduce HTTP requests
• Work on cache optimization
• Utilize G-Zip encoding

These improvements can all help improve your loading times. Always keep in mind that those few seconds could make a big difference between getting a new patient and making a visitor leave your site to look for the next best dentist available.

Get Quality Backlinks 

Backlinks have long been considered as an extremely reliable and helpful means for websites to get higher search engine rankings. The only problem here is that many site owners are clueless on how to get quality backlinks in the first place. The main objective here is to link your website to other sites with high rankings.

The backlink’s quality will be better if it comes from a more credible and popular website. It means that it will be more beneficial for your website if you publish the URL of a top-ranking site on it.

Search engines always love it if highly ranked websites recommend other sites. It gives your SEO campaigns a considerable boost as far as your ranking is concerned. Thus, it will always be better if you can get more quality backlinks as much as possible.

To make this possible, you can try to reach out to top websites and be active in their respective comment sections and forums. You can also try sending URLs from your own publications to the top sites and hope that they will take notice.

Another good alternative is to seek the help of a professional who has relationships and connections with these top sites. However, it will be better if you post your content on these top sites.

Other tips for getting quality backlinks include:

• Come up with evergreen content
• Encourage links that include HTML code options
• Try guest blogging
• Give interviews
• Link to sites that you wish to link to your site

Above are just some of the most important dental SEO techniques that have a direct relationship to your site. 

However, aside from these, there are still several other external methods you can employ to boost the growth of your dental website to ensure that you are always on top of the game.

Stay Active in Social Media 

Social media continues to be a reliable and compelling way to ensure business growth. Your dental SEO efforts will be better if your social media pages are popular. Promoting your content will be easier if you have a bigger social media following.

However, it is no longer easy to gain momentum on social media since you need to compete with more competitors in the dental field.

If you wish to take advantage of social media for your dental practice, make sure you offer something unique. It is a must to actively post social media content. It is also relevant to know when to post content.

You also need to consider the value and power of live streaming that helps put a face on your dental services that is essential to establish trust. Social media is also ideal for streaming as it is easy and practical to set up with no need for technical knowledge.

Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are all helpful platforms for growing a follower base.

Manage Online Reviews 

It is imperative to provide the best dental services to your patients. You can boost your credibility if you build a solid database of reviews.

People will less likely hesitate if they see more positive reviews. You can establish your dental business better if you gain good standing through reviews.

Since a single negative review can easily affect hundreds of positive reviews, managing your reviews is imperative when it comes to reputation management.

Use Compelling Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

If your titles and page descriptions are not engaging and active, the URL of the search results might make you lose potential patients to another dental website with better meta content.
All of your site pages must have enticing titles and meta descriptions. 

You will never know which of your pages will be the URL people will see on search results.

Image Optimization 

The size and quality of images you use play an important role in your dental SEO efforts since you might attract some site visitors through an image search. Aside from this, website images can also be a point of attraction to certain content.

Images can be optimized to guarantee good quality but it may drastically reduce the file size. If this is not your forte, you can also get professional help.

PNG and JPEG are the two image formats most commonly used online. However, PNG is not really recommended because of file size. JPEG is the better option despite the lower quality. The naked eyes will barely notice it unless it is lowered further. JPEG also lets you decrease little by little until you strike the perfect balance of quality and size.

Use keywords to give the relevant names to your images then upload these using that file name. It comes in handy since your images are found through image searches in Google. These searches are quite common, with Google showing images with file names related to top searches.

Come up with a quality alternative text to be sure that the image description will always be available to users. This section should use all relevant keywords that help with dental SEO.

Secure Your Website with SSL

SSL certificate is the latest standard essential to get a higher search result ranking. The SSL certificate is the best way of making your visitors feel more confident about visiting your site and this alone is essential for higher SEO rankings.

Pages enjoy a remarkable SEO boost once their site goes to HTTPS from HTTP. Due to the different security advantages of the certificate, the SEO benefits make for an excellent package.
SSL certificate is great because it is no longer expensive as it once was. The growing demand for this kind of security measure helped reduce the cost and made it more accessible.

Whatever the cost is, it is a significant investment for online businesses searching for the best results. Doing this sooner will ensure better SEO outcomes and overall security.

Take Advantage of Internal Linking

Using internal linking is a great way to improve your dental SEO. It will be better if it is easier for people to find all relevant content on your site. It is among the reasons why your content needs hyperlinks. Just don’t overdo the links and ensure that you have at least two on every content piece.

Earn Backlinks and Citations from Local Websites

Backlinks and citations are both essential but there are people who confuse these terms and don’t really understand them well. Citation involves posting business details like name, address, and phone number. While the citation doesn’t necessarily include a link, this still helps with dental SEO.

An article that mentions your business is an example of a citation. There is no need for the article to contain a link to your business although it can also include this. Being active with your content and ensuring its quality is one easy way of getting citations.

Many citations will come once the citation’s source feels that you earned their trust. It means that building trust takes time. Once you achieve this through quality content, it will be easier to get more backlinks and citations from local sites.

Optimize Your Profile in Google My Business 

Google My Business is among the most relevant facets of dental SEO because of the directory’s enormous credibility and popularity. 

But, the Google brand is what makes this directory very strong. 

This is why it is a trendy place for listing your dental business.

One more benefit of GMB is that it makes your dental service more credible. People will find your services more trustworthy if you have a GMB listing.

Google My Business optimization is a crucial process that helps your business to stand out. This is also a great platform that can help you gather reviews from people. These reviews are reliable and beneficial for your dental practice.

You will start to enjoy the benefits of this process after fine-tuning your profile for optimal results. This is why you need to pay extra attention to Google My Business as it plays a crucial role for your dental SEO efforts.

Perform an Audit to Determine How You are Doing Against Your Competition

It is also recommended to perform an audit of your marketing efforts to know where you actually stand against your competition. After you are done with the audit, this will give you an idea of your strategy’s weakest areas to help you upgrade them more effectively and efficiently.

An audit can be extremely powerful as it offers insight to things that you probably didn’t even consider before. But, take note that it also means that improvements may be necessary so you might need to invest in more aspects of your marketing campaigns.

Be Patient

This is probably one of the most important parts of this one-stop guide as this will let you see things exactly how they are. You need to work consistently and take time if you really want to see and enjoy good results. You need to make sure that you use all the tips and strategies mentioned above to see the actual fruits of your hard work.

A lot of SEO efforts become a failure even after months or years of intensive work. The use of the wrong strategies can easily create frustrating and less than optimal results.

Don’t forget that SEO is a practice that requires consistency and time for guaranteed success.

Dental SEO offers a long list of benefits and you can choose to use paid ads or opt for 100% organic journey to growth.

While organic growth requires more time, its advantages are longer lasting. Paid ads, on the other hand, offers faster results that could happen in just one day although these effects might not last for a long time. Paid ads’ results will only be available throughout the time when you actually pay for the ads themselves.

These two options can both lead to exceptional results provided you do everything right. How you approach these marketing efforts for your dental practice determines its effects. Now more than ever, dental SEO is something you can never take for granted. Keep this in mind and sooner or later, your dental practice will become popular and enjoy long-term engagement.

Work with the Best Dental SEO Expert

At this point, you have already learned how dental SEO and marketing work. You have also discovered the things you should do.

But, not all people have the luxury of time to do all of these. 

Good thing that is here to offer professional SEO services. The dental SEO experts of the team will be there to handle everything on your behalf.

Working with expert professionals is the best way for you to conquer the dental SEO world and reach the top.

Through our extensive field experience and long years of successful marketing combined with hard work, you can be sure that each and every decision we make will benefit your SEO campaigns in the best way possible.

Get in touch with us today and learn how we can make a difference in your dental practice!

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