How To Clone A Funnel In Clickfunnels – [Quick Methods]

Clickfunnels is one of the most amazing platforms to create efficient funnels to automate your business and increase your profits.

You can even clone the high converting funnels and alter them according to your business requirements.

Want to know the interesting thing here?

In this article, you will get to know the process of cloning a funnel in Clickfunnels. You will get to know the whole thing is a step by step process. It will not only help you to understand it but also follow the steps in a regular manner.

Everything about the whole process would be brief and to the point. It will help you make sure that you understand everything properly.

So without taking more of your time, we will head straight towards the step by step process of cloning a funnel in clickfunnels.

So let’s get started,


Clone A Funnel In Clickfunnels

The first and foremost thing which you need to do for cloning a funnel is selecting the right funnel for cloning. Clickfunnels after a large number of funnels that you can easily add in your list.

Choose the one which you need to clone from the list of the existing funnels you have at your disposal. In this way the selected funnel fro your list of funnels will be nominated for cloning.

These funnels will be in the funnel step list and it is extremely easy to choose from any one of them without any problem.


Clone A Funnel In Clickfunnels

The second step is also easy to perform and anyone who knows a little bit about clickfunnels can perform it well.

The one thing which you need to know is that you need to click on the Funnel Step List. 

It opens a list of all the active and inactive funnels which are in your possession. They are the ones which you can easily alter ad use whenever you like.

You would be able to choose a funnel from this list for cloning and using it for different purposes.


Clone A Funnel In Clickfunnels

In the third step, you will need to select a new funnel step. You can easily do this by going to the Other Funnel Steps. When you hover over this option or just click it then a drop-down menu will appear.

In the drop-down menu, there will be an option named “option”. Click on that option and some more options will appear on your screen.


In the last step, you just need to click on the edit page option. It will be in the options popup. This will allow you to edit your whole page and provide you the liberty to copy the contents of the existing funnel.

After copying or cloning the funnel, click on the “Add To Funnel” option. It will add your cloned funnel to your list of existing funnels. It will add the cloned funnel to your main funnel step list.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

So these are the steps for cloning a funnel in Clickfunnels. If you find any kind of difficulty in understanding anything about it then you can ask us anytime. We will be there to help you.