How To Create Live Webinar Using Clickfunnels?

If you want to create and make a live webinar with the help of ClickFunnels, then you can do that by following the below-written method. Here you can have a look at the live webinar event.

These details will allow you to use a few of the methods that are induced and penned down in “The Perfect Webinar” extracted from the book titled as Expert Secrets and written by Russell Brunson.

With the follow-up of this live webinar, you will be able to collect leads. It will be easy for you to present your offer. You can close sales as well. So, let us have a look at the details:

This guide will also be able to address some of your other worrying concerns attached to launching live webinars on ClickFunnels.

So, if you have lots of queries linked to creating a webinar funnel or how to make a live automated webinar funnel on ClickFunnels, then this guide can help you out.

Besides, this guide is going to inform you how to process any of the Integrations with the help of webinar platforms. These little tricks will aid you in making your live webinars successful.

Do Webinars Still Existing Today?Webinars

You might be wondering do Webinars are still existing today and the answer is a big yes! No doubt, Webinars still work. They are not still dead. And hopefully, they will still be in use for a long time in the near future.

It is observed that a large number of marketers and business owners, they prefer to host a webinar and find it an extremely effective and best of all marketing strategy.

Webinars have turned out to be an ideal environment linked to the selling point of view. They give you the golden chance to get hold of your potential customers.

You interact with your customers in a setting where you can actually and specifically command attention. Most importantly, thee webinars deliver real value and let you sell any of the products of any kind.

ClickFunnels and WebinarClickFunnels webinar

All of us know about this fact that ClickFunnels is a popular and extensively utilized all-in-one marketing tool. It allows you to launch your online business right from the very scratch.

On the other hand, when it comes to creating or launching webinar funnels, then you can do that smoothly on ClickFunnels.

For webinar creation, you can either go on creating a live webinar. Or you are free to build an automated kind of webinar.

This automated webinar is at times called with the name of an auto webinar or with the title of the evergreen webinar. It depends on your business objectives and goals regarding what type of webinar you want to go for!

Firstly, you have a create a funnel as well as pages in ClickFunnels. Only then, you can create a live webinar on then. Same is the case with the making of an evergreen webinar/pre-recorded webinar.

Here we will only talk about creating a live webinar.

What do You Need to Create a Live Webinar Using Clickfunnels?

First of all, you need to have a ClickFunnels account. If you have not yet signed up for this account, then do that as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you will get a 14-Day Free of cost Trial. It is only through signing up that you can create a live webinar. Most noteworthy, Live webinars are events that simply and generally allow you to reach to your potential customers.

You do that by asking them to register and also attend a live presentation that you have launched and created through a live webinar.


The very first step that you have to follow is to create and make a webinar funnel. What you can do is to choose and go on selecting the Build Funnel right from the Clickfunnels menu.

The other option is to click on Add New present on the dashboard. After that, you can click on the button that says Create New Funnel. This button is present Below Classic Builder. This is how this proceeding and specific step is going to be done:

  • Click on Host Webinar.
  • Click on the option Live Webinar.
  • Enter the Name that you want to choose for your funnel.
  • Enter or go on choosing a group tag. This step is optional for you.
  • Click on the tab stating Build Funnel.


Moving to the second step. Now, it is required from you to add your desired Webinar Page Templates.

Below you can see a series of further steps that you have to process and commence to complete this stage

  • You need to select the option of step in the webinar funnel.
  • Then hit on the option of Webinar category.
  • Simply click and choose on the page template that you want for your page type.
  • Now, you can edit the page as according to your desired needs.
  • Simply repeat the whole process for each of the steps that you carried in the webinar funnel.


The third step is to set and fix the Live Webinar Time. It is on this date and time that your session will get started. And your target audience will be able to attend it.

So, do fix this time and date details in a careful manner.

  • Choose the Webinar Registration step that is present in the funnel
  • Then hit and click on the Gear icon option,
  • Select the Live Webinar Event details like date and time
  • Click on the option stating Update Page.

ClickFunnels Live Webinar Templates

ClickFunnels webinar

If you have checked out the Russell Brunson’s Perfect Webinar Script as well as a few of his free resources, then you are going to readily understand how much it is easy to create a live webinar template.

It is on the ClickFunnels that you can come across lots of available amazing and eye-catching templates. So, half of your job is already done by this platform for you.

Start launching a live webinar and share with us your feedback as well regarding how well it goes and turns out to be for you!

Webinar Pages

If you have got a webinar funnel, then you will generally come across three pages. And they are

  • Registration page
  • Thank You page.
  • Broadcast Room and Replay page.
  • These three pages are already pre-designed for you and make your job less hectic.

The registration or signup page, this is the very first part and section of the live webinar. Furthermore, it simply helps you to capture and grab your audience contact information so that you can reserve their seats for your webinar.

The confirmation page generally composed and consisted of information and data that confirm and verify the details regarding the date and time of your live webinar.

On the other hand, it is in this Broadcast room that is marked as the last component of your live webinar funnel creation process.

Here on this page, you will be officially given consent to broadcast your webinar live session or evergreen webinar session. It depends on your configuration concerning which of the webinar mode you want to choose.

ClickFunnels and Webinar Integrationclickfunnels webinar integration

You may have noticed that there are a large number of special webinar software or you can platforms that are required and exclusively needed to host your webinar session.

Besides, they help you add contacts for those who want to opt-in on your live webinar registration page.

There are generally four kinds of webinar platforms. You can connect with them through API. By doing so, you can easily and trouble-free send contacts to your audience directly from ClickFunnels.

And your audience can register for that session quickly and fast. Some of the noticeable and popular platforms are EverWebinar and WebinarJam and also GoToWebinar, Zoom.

As an example, if you want to Connect ClickFunnels with the platform of Zoom for your live Webinar, then you need to have a paid account. In addition, you need to have a Webinar set linked to a future date.

The first step will be to Login to your Zoom account. Then you can visit and check out Click on the button Manage that is present in the top right corner and section of your screen.

It is under the section of created Apps that you have to look for JWT API. Simply click on it. Enter all of the needed contact information and click on the button Continue. The last step is to copy down your API Key.

More Metails on Creating an Evergreen Webinar or Autowebinar Funnel On ClickFunnels

Autowebinar Funnel On ClickFunnels

You might be interested in knowing about the details as to how to create an Evergreen Webinar or Autowebinar Funnel On ClickFunnels. We will be more than happy to share these details with you.

Likewise, you have come to know the guide on making a live webinar. Now, comes the turn of making an Evergreen Webinar on ClickFunnels.

Most importantly, these sutowebinar funnels are the kind of events that give a consent to your targeted potential customers to get themselves registered for your upcoming session.

Moreover, they attend that pre-recorded session and presentation. If you are thinking that why it is called and identified with the name of the evergreen webinar, then we can tell you.

It is named so because it delivers and give fresh content and there is no need to be present and be there for the broadcast.

This Autowebinar runs and works on automation. It depends on you for how much duration you want this Autowebinar session to proceed and carry on. In other words, as long as you want, this session will take place.

In addition, the recorded video is going to be hosted right on some third-party platform. As an example, it can be hosted on YouTube, Vimeo or on the platform of Wistia.

Creating an Auto Webinar On ClickFunnels

Webinar On ClickFunnels

If you wish of creating an autowebinar, then the process is almost the same and exact likewise you are creating and planning to launch a live webinar in ClickFunnels

What you can do is to create Your AutoWebinar Funnel. For that, you have to choose Build Funnel. It is from the ClickFunnels menu that you can do that. Then click and hit on the option stating Create New Funner.

Select the option Host Webinar and hit on Webinar Replay. Finalize your funnel name and enter a group tag by clicking on build funnel.

Then add up and incorporate your Webinar Page Templates. This part can be done by selecting a step residing in the webinar funnel. Hit on the Auto Webinar category and choose your desired and suitable page template.

If you want to edit that page template, then you can do that too!

The last step is to add up your Recorded Webinar Video. Just select the Webinar Broadcast Room step. Hit on the option stating Edit Page. Select the option that titles video element and add your video URL.

Remember that it is right on this last part that you need to have recorded your video session beforehand. You can then upload it on any of your desired video hosting platforms.

You will be handed over with the URL of the video so that you can add it on the desired location.


So, what’s the bottom line? It is not at all harder to create and launch live webinars right on ClickFunnels. You can do that easily by following the above steps.

Furthermore, this guide will for sure work for you no matter it is your first event. Moreover, this guide promises that nothing will fall apart while you have your first webinar.

Launching live webinars on ClickFunnels will prevent all errors related to connections, integrations and also automation. By using this platform, you will avoid losing any of your potential clients or customers.

Hence, if you think that it is a frustrating job to launch a live webinar, then do this job by using ClickFunnels and make your life easy. If you have more questions specifically related to this topic, then let us know.

We will try and give our level best to give answers to those questions.

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