ClickFunnels Webinar: Integrations, Templates, Emails & Free Funnels

When you are out there creating Funnels for your ClickFunnels and if you want everything to be perfect and aligned.

Well, that is not possible as when you create a new Funnel the hosting, event, and other factors are in ming and if the process is disturbed by one tiny mistake then everything can fall apart. 

It should happen? Well, yes everyone has such type of complications and when it comes to hosting a ClickFunnel Funnel then you might be complexed by various factors in play.

There are several factors that are working together simultaneously by creating hosting for your funnel.

And to avoid any mistake here we have gathered around all the information that you should know about ClickFunnels Webinar Hosting Funnel so that you can implement all these factors and features just to get your Funnel started.

According to my, I think we have covered it all so that you can be relaxed and learn some fascinating factors about hosting a Funnel Webinar and creating an event for your Funnel. 

We have covered most of the topics that you might need to learn and answered a couple of complications that were endured by several users to solve your problem and avoid any misconnection.

So, if you were looking for how to Host ClickFunnels Webinar then this article is the place to learn as here.

I will tell you multiple factors and a little bit of overview of ClickFunnelsWebinar Funnel so that you can understand this event-based Funnel better and make sure that you never blend this with normal Webinar.

Now: without any further ado let’s get right into the article and start off with our first factor and a question by several users.

Here I will cover such types of concerns from different users. These are common concerns so you can also relate with this article who has the same type of concerns.

Do Webinars Still Work?


When someone asks this question I always liked to reply to them in statistics from but the simple answer to this question is Yes!

Webinar forums still work and if you thought they are dead then remove this thought from your mind.

As it has contributed to Funnels that I don think it will be out of picture sooner or later in the future. 

Now: coming towards the statistics and analytic answer as we gathered a survey from Wyzowl webinar statistics and from them.

We learned that when different marketers use this process and hosted their Webinars for their businesses then they found it to be 83%, effective marketing technique, and strategy than others.

When we talk about Webinars then these types of forums are engaging platforms for your customers, they are perfect for providing your Builds Rapport and they also work based on the customer journey eventually enhancing your sales and pumping that sales process.

This platform provided by ClickFunnels is proven to be the perfect environment for you when it comes to selling anything from a product to service at any time of the day.

With this Webinar, you are getting an opportunity to target your audience and your customers, and there you can also control all the attention.

With that, you can also provide them real-time value, and sell anything from the digital products at a high value.

But doing such a complex task can’t be easy as it seems. As to perfect a Webinar you need to convert great conversions and that is hard but not impossible.

To do such a technique you should know the magic of sales and you should be able to mix up different buyer psychology before hosting a Webinar event if you want that event to be perfect.

So, if you are feeling nervous or have a chill in your spine then that’s ok for most of the freshies in this Webinar community.

So, for the first time, it might feel like everything will go wrong and fall apart.

But if you want to create a perfect webinar event then you should be able to overcome those fears and chills to make sure everything is working just fine in its proper place.

Overview of ClickFunnels Webinars

If you are reading this article then you might know that ClickFunnels is an all-in-one software for all your marketing tools where you can build a business from scratch and launch it up without any recycled material.

And when it comes to creating a Webinar Funnel then you might be in lick as it works smoothly on ClickFunnels.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article that creating a Webinar Funnel is not that easy.

It is no like normal Funnel where you insert your Email to connect the Email solution, or building up pages, these things are easy to do but not creating a Webinar Funnel. 

When it comes to creating a Webinar then you would have two options in order to create a Webinar.

One you can do is a live Webinar and another one you can build an automated Webinar which is commonly referred to as an auto webinar or evergreen Webinar.

This can depend on your business goals and agendas. To create any webinar you need to create funnels and pages on ClickFunnels so then you can easily host a live Webinar session or an evergreen Webinar session.

Yes, I will tell and show you how you can create these webinar events but first I want to show you some important pages that you might require before creating a Webinar event.

These pages are necessary in order to create any Webinar event that I have mentioned above.

ClickFunnels Webinar Page

Within this Webinar page, you will come across three different pages to go for. Through these pages, you will be able to create a proper normal Webinar event.

ClickFunnels Webinar Page

These pages are considered to be registration pages in your Webinar: Thankyou message, Broadcast Room, and a replay option. These are for auto Webinar sessions.

ClickFunnels Webinar Registration Page

This page helps you collect your audience information such as sign-in details so that you can reserve their seats and make sure they attend.

ClickFunnels Webinar Confirmation Page

This page of a Webinar event possesses all the information about the webinar hosting time and the confirmation details such as fate time and other factors.


This is for your audience and it also contains an access link with a Welcome video for generosity.

ClickFunnels Webinar Broadcast Room

Now: The broadcast room is the final step that you will face.

Here you are going to host all your events either from live or evergreen Webinar sessions this might depend on the configuration that you selected. 

Creating a Live and Evergreen Webinar Funnel

Here we are going to talk about both of the main features that ClickFunnels Webinar offers you.

Evergreen Webinar Funnel

These are ways that you can create or I would prefer to say host a Webinar on ClickFunnels.

I have mentioned these methods above but here we are going to discuss all the factors and step by step process to use of the method to create a proper well-equipped Webinar host for enhancing your product and business.

One is an automated method and one a virtual method through which you can set each and every detail to start a Webinar hosting.

How to Create a Live Webinar on ClickFunnels?

Create a Live Webinar on ClickFunnels

Live Webinar allows you to create a live presentation setup for your customers who will register to see your live event and through that, you will be marketing your product or service.

This is a step to step process to create a Live Webinar hosting:

Part#1- Create a Webinar Funnel

  • Step#1: Select the Built Funnel option dashboard or choose the Add New Funnel from the menu.
  • Step#2: Here you have to click on the new Funnel. This is similar to how you create a sale Funnel or another funnel. There you will see all three funnel options.
  • Step#3: When you see all three Funnel options you have to click on the Host Webinar option to proceed further.
  • Step#4: There you will see only two options and you have to select on the Live Webinar option.
  • Step#5: Here you will enter the name of the funnel that you want to have this is completely dependant on the niche for which you are creating Funnel.
  • Step #6: Then when you have selected a name and entered it you have to finalize all the details to start the Hosting and click on build Funnel.

Part#2- Add a new Template for your Webinar Page

  • Step#1: Here you have to select a step in the Webinar that you have just created.
  • Step#2: Now: you have to click on the Webinar category within the webinar.
  • Step#3: Here you have to select a particular page template that suits your type of niche.
  • Step#4: Now an editor will be opened when you have selected a template. And here you can easily edit the page as you want according to your preference.
  • Step#5: Then you have to repeat every process that you went through for each step of the Webinar.

Part#3- Set a time for your Live Event

  • Step#1: Here you have the choice of different webinar registration funnel and you can create them within the funnel that you created.
  • Step#2: Then click on the gear cog icon that is situated underneath the registration tab to open the settings.
  • Step#3: Then you will see options to set a particular date and time on which your Webinar will be hosted.
  • Step#4: Then to save all the settings you need to click on the update page to save the changes.

How to Create Evergreen Autowebinar Funnel on ClickFunnels?

This is a pre-recorded presentation that your customers register to attend and this is called evergreen webinar because you can pitch your product or service without being present in that presentation.

This can have a duration of your preference and it can run as long as you want. This type of Webinars is hosted on third-party platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia.

Part#1- Creating an Autowebinar Funnel on ClickFunnels

  • Step#1: You have to repeat the same process as you have to by clicking either Build Funnel tab or Add New option which is present on the dashboard or in your account profile.
  • Step#2: Here you will again click on Create a New Funnel option.
  • Step#3: Then you have to select host a Webinar.
  • Step#4: There you will click on Webinar replay option the second option on the page of Host Webinar.
  • Step#5: After that, you will enter a personalized name for the funnel that you have chosen. 
  • Step#6: There you will enter or select a group tag for your Funnel.
  • Step#7: Then finally click on Build Funnel tab to finalize all the settings.

Part#2- Add a new Template for your Webinar Page

  • Step#1: The same process again you have to select a step in your Webinar Funnel.
  • Step#2: After that, you will select the auto webinar category option to proceed further. 
  • Step#3: Here you have to select a page template for the same type of funnel.
  • Step#4: Then edit the page according to your preference.
  • Step#5: Then repeat this process for each and every step for the Funnel.

Part#3- Add Your Pre-Recorded Video

  • Step#1: First, you will choose the Webinar Broadcast room and then upload a video there. 
  • Step#2: Then click on the edit option to edit the page of the Webinar Broadcast room.
  • Step#3: there you will see a video element click that to enter the video URL of your video.

This won’t allow you to browse through your computer your video must be pre-recorded and it should be uploaded on any video hosting platform so that you can get the URL of that platform and paste it here.

ClickFunnels Webinar Integrations

ClickFunnels Webinar Integrations

When you are integrating a third-party Webinar hosting platform then that can be the best decision that you made as it can be extremely well-equipped with tools that you can use.

It is important to select a proper Webinar Software or platform to opt for.

Then you need all your contacts for that are interested in your Webinar program and who will opt-in your Webinar hosting. This is also done in the ClickFunnel registration page.

Here I’m going to show you four main Webinar hosting platforms that you can integrate with your ClickFunnels and in them, you can directly send all of your ClickFunnels contacts to these integrated platforms.

And they can easily attend your Webinar session. I will teach you to step by step to integrate them properly.

Connect Your Webinar Integration to Your Funnel

  • Step#1: Under the setting menu within your Webinar page editor you have to select the Integration option.
  • Step#2: When all is done then you have to select the webinar integration that you like or consider using.
  • Step#3: Then you have to add that integration to your Webinar as a default action and this is done by selecting Add to Webinar option.
  • Step#4: there will be a list from which you can select from a drop-down menu.
  • Step#5: then save all the changes by saving your Funnel Page.

Integrating Everwebinar to your ClickFunnels

Before connecting this to your ClickFunnels you need to make sure that you are signed in to own an Everwebinar.

Part#1- Get Your Webinar API key

  • Step#1: For the starters, you have to signup in the EverWebinar account.
  • Step#2: Then navigate to my Webinars.
  • Step#3: Select a webinar that you have already created and underneath there will be a Gear icon that means advance settings click that.
  • Step#4: After that, you have to select the API custom option for adding an integration. And you can find it on the right side of the page.
  • Step#5: there will be your API key copy that.

Part#2- Integrate Everwebinar with ClickFunnels

  • Step#1: within your ClickFunnels integration settings add a new integration.
  • Step#2: you have to browse the options to find EverWebinar and select that.
  • Step#3: provide a nickname to your integration so that you can differentiate it from others.
  • Step#4: Then you have to paste the API key that you copied earlier.
  • Step#5: then to save click Add Integration.

Integrating WebinarJam with ClickFunnels

The same is the case with this one you need to sign-up with WebinarJam and create a Webinar in your ClickFunnels.

Part#1- Get your API key for WebinarJam

  • Step#1: first log in to your WebinarJam account.
  • Step#2: At the top click on My Webinars option.
  • Step#3: To enter the advanced settings you have to click the gear icon on top. 
  • Step#4: select the custom API integration option.
  • Step#5: finally you have to copy the API key that you see on the screen.

Part#2- Integrate WebinarJam with ClickFunnels

  • Step#1: add new integration within your ClickFunnels account.
  • Step#2: search for WebinarJam integration and select it.
  • Step#3: give a nickname to your integration for the same reason as the previous one.
  • Step#4: Then here you have to paste the API key that you copied earlier.
  • Step#5: click adds the integration to save the settings.

Integrating ClickFunnels with GoToWebinar

With this webinar integration, you don’t need to copy any sort of API key.

Integrating ClickFunnels

What you have to do is that you need to make sure that you are logged in to this GoToWebinar account before following the same process which is being used normally up till now. 

  • Step#1: in ClickFunnels go to your setting and integration tab and add your integration. 
  • Step#2: search and select GoToWebinar as your default Webinar in ClickFunnels.
  • Step#3: as before adding a nickname to your integration.
  • Step#4: then select on Add integration option.
  • Step#5: you will be promoted by GoToWebinar, there you need to allow access.

Integrating ClickFunnels with Zoom

Unlike others, this platform is paid and you have to get a paid account from Zoom.US to work this as a webinar platform.

  • Step#1: here you will sign-in with your zoom account or create a new one.
  • Step#2: a visit to for further settings.
  • Step#3: there you will see three dots on the right top corner then expand it and click manage.
  • Step#4: Under created apps section search for the JWT API key and select that option.
  • Step#5: enter active and complete contact information.
  • Step#6: Then go to the continue button and select that to advance further.
  • Step#7: Copy the API key that you just got.

When that done you need to connect Zoom with ClickFunnels and you can do that with the same process that we have been using up till now.

Free ClickFunnels Webinar Templates and Funnel

There are free resources provided by Russel Brunson and he has also shared free perfect Webinar Script with some extreme marketing tips and tricks that you can use to enhance your webinars skills.

Through these, you can up your marketing game and increase various conversions.

The pattern to a successful Webinar is to get a proper theme and template through which your audience will be intrigued and registered right away.

These are the links for the best templates that you can download and use in your Webinar hosting.

Live Webinar funnel template:

Evergreen Webinar funnel template:

Critical Things You Should Know

Which Webinar Platform Is Perfect for ClickFunnels?

As it is said, there is no perfect match for such a phenomenal tool. Yes!

It has been argued in the community to set a perfect and ideal webinar integration for ClickFunnels bu yet there was no solution for that.

This depends on a particular business that Webinar integration that they use. But I have to say, EverWebinar has been the most popular among the ClickFunnels Hacking community.

How to Write a Perfect Webinar Script for the Course or Product Launch?

There are several materials available to understand how to write a perfect script and through that, you can gain all the knowledge that you want to write a perfect Webinar hosting script.

These materials are Free Copy Training, and there is a Funnel Script book that can help you with this problem.

How to Embed a Webinar Chat Generator to ClickFunnels?

A webinar Chat is required when you are hosting an Evergreen webinar as this can stimulate a live environment as you are presenting a pre-recorded presentation.

To achieve a char generator first you need a membership to Funnel University and access to Dotcom Secrets labs in order to achieve Chat Generator for your Webinar.

Tips to Increase my Webinar Registrations Opt-in?

Whenever there was a tactic introduced in the marketing game it was invented through optimizing snd testing different strategies. This can be the best way to find a method to increase your Webinar Registration

Here are the best ways to enhance your members in a ClickFunnels.

  • You will be able to add or include a social proof for your viewers in your Webinar registration page that you created.
  • Use evident headlines and obvious titles to your Webinar hostings.
  • Using images for curiosity is a smart strategy.
  • You can also use testimonials in your Webinar.
  • Enabling your exit pop-up on your registration and arouse interest from your audience.
  • The use of urgency and scarcity functions can be profitable.
  • You can also split-test your video versus the image that you upload to get a vivid idea about them both before uploading.

Final Verdict!

When you are hosting a Webinar can be the best trick to apply for your business as it can increase your upsell and cross-sell.

And increasing this can be profitable for your business and to enhance your sales.

Through a Webinar hosting, you can achieve the target what you preferred and expected. A Webinar has been and always will be the backbone to enhance and increase your sales by a lot.

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