Clickfunnels vs Shopify – Find which one works for your business?

When you want to sell products and service online, there are a lot of tools to choose and buy.

ClickFunnels and Shopify are the two greatest options that may be suitable for your business purposes.

Clickfunnels vs Shopify – Find Which One Works for Your Business?

Which one works for your business between ClickFunnels vs Shopify? Let us find out the comparison between Shopify vs Clickfunnels so you can decide which one to choose.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is actually a kind of ultimate online shop tool that allows you to build fully-fledged eCommerce sites like eBay, Amazon, and other online stores.

So, we can say that Shopify is a great platform that you can use to build a beautiful online site portal.

In this case, you must sell a lot of products in your store and buyers can instantly buy products from the store.

What Is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is actually a kind of funnel builder that allows you to create a funnel page or landing page for product promotion.

You may only have one funnel page to sell one product. In this case, you only need to make people attracted to buy your product from a certain funnel page.

Buyers can also directly purchase products from the page. Usually, Clickfunnels funnel page does not have too many navigation buttons.

ClickFunnels vs Shopify Features Comparison

ClickFunnels vs Shopify

Why can Shopify be your best choice? There are a few great features that Shopify has such a powerful online store builder that allows you to build an online shop site with some amazing themes.

You can also easily edit the elements of the page using the drag and drop builder. You may also edit your website manually with custom HTML code and CSS code.

In addition, Shopify also includes an inventory management system that allows you to add products with images, number of items, and much more.

Other features of Shopify include Analytic Dashboard, Customer Management System, Sales Channels, App Store, Payment Integration, Shipping and Delivery, and mobile app.

Why is Clickfunnels be your best choice? ClickFunnels is really good for a beginner who has no knowledge about coding to build a simple funnel page.

Simply, you can build sale funnel pages using the Clickfunnels drag and drop builder.  All you need to do is to build a landing page or a funnel page that guides your visitor to purchase the product.

Whether you sell ebooks, courses, products, services, webinars, and others, you may use ClickFunnels. It also gives you an option to use web building tool if you want to build your funnel page from scratch. One of the coolest features that you will get is an Affiliate Marketing System.

With ClickFunnels, you can build your own affiliate program or you can join Clickfunnels marketing program. In this case, you can sell Clickfunnels to other people, and then earn some commission for every purchase.

ClickFunnels also has many other features like payment integration, CRM system, email marketing tool, and much more.

In conclusion, Clickfunnels vs Shopify, which one works for your business? Well, it is your own decision to choose Shopify or ClickFunnels.

If you want to build a total online store, Shopify is the best choice. But, if you want to build simple and nice funnel pages, then you can choose ClickFunnels.