ClickFunnels vs Infusionsoft: Which One is the Best?

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Life is all about getting better each day. People strive day and night to earn a little bit more than yesterday. Everyone is always in a sense of competition, a race.

If we humans are always trying to beat others, do you wonder material things are also a part of it? Confused, right? Well, we are discussing the constant comparisons going on between software.

As we need to progress with time, so do our methods needs to. The platforms, software, digital products, in short everything needs upgrading. The same is the case when it comes to digital marketing and business.

Today we will be sharing with you a detailed comparison. Between ClickFunnels and Infusionsoft. For all those people who question that if either of these can replace the other one?

First, both are two different software with their features and functions. Yet there are a few common elements too which make the choice difficult.

So let’s begin with the discussion that which one is the best.

Infusionsoft Overview:

Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft is an ideal option for companies like B2B and B2C interfaces. All those with multi-segmentation and lists above 10k can rely on this platform.

First coming towards Infusionsoft, let’s have a look at what it is. It is an email marketing and sales platform that you can use. One can work to promote his/her products and services via Infusionsoft. As it has broken down the work scope to help out the customers.

Apart from this, the company can also expand the relations between owners-customers. So you can use this platform for your benefit to organize the business and much more. All this is easy to do.

You need to only gather up some relevant data of sales, leads, marketing techniques, buyers, etc.

So the clients will be able to create and also host Web forms, gather data from them. Hence these are usable for driving the business-relevant things. These are then contributed to boosting income and profits.

The things best about Infusionsoft are:

  • It has a built-in split testing.
  • You can create landing pages on your own.
  • In only $99 for a month, there can be up to 500 subscribers.

But it has some pitfalls too:

  • There is no free set up for users.
  • You won’t get any refund.
  • You can’t integrate landing pages.

ClickFunnels Overview:

Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft

ClickFunnels come with their own set of features that can appeal to any businessman. If you are new in the market or a beginner and want your launch page, sale funnel, etc this is the answer.

Your ultimate choice should be ClickFunnels. As it is the best marketing for your services/products.

Now, comes ClickFunnels. So the best part is that you don’t have to create a whole website for the business. Instead, you can opt for building sales funnel, opt-in pages and things like that. These are far better approaches providing a boost by promoting the products offered.

The only thing required for Clickfunnel is a good set of instructions. And you won’t feel any difficulties in creating the funnels or pages.

With the help of ClickFunnels, you won’t have to hire a web developer. Instead, you can work on your own and save some money apart from earning.

Each feature needed for e-commerce sites is available on ClickFunnels. The most interesting part is the interface which is friendly and includes drag and drop.

It has amazing features including:

  • A free trial of 14 days.
  • A builder for creating desired landing pages.
  • You get the money-back guarantee of a month.
  • There is a split-testing (built-in).

But there is one con:

  • It doesn’t support landing page integration.

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ClickFunnels Features:

1- Features and Functions:

Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft

Though there are a lot of differences among these both. Yet when it comes to marketing, these are the greatest tools that one can use. If you want a comparison based on usability and features, etc stick to the end.

These two share quite a few common features, yet they have differences too. And these aspects make them suitable for specific types of users.

  • The design of ClickFunnels is unique so it tends to be a single tool for various purposes. Clickfunnel does serve as it’s designed. You can use it for blogs, for marketing or business, for funnels.
  • It is an optimal choice for small businesses and marketers who wants small projects.
  • This landing page allows you to manage your sales, split tests, products, services and so on.
  • Further, it has built-in templates so creating landing pages becomes facile. These templates are then customizable as per required.
  • The drag and drop interface saves your time and effort along with ease of usage.
  • For all the medium-sized businesses or enterprises, this is the superior choice. It turns out to be an all-in-one platform of sales and marketing.
  • You get to create landing pages of your sites along with email marketing tools. Further, it has a CRM platform to enhance functionality.
  • There are bundles of templates here to help in making a landing page. Then there are some short landing page templates and long-form.
  • The landing pages here have headings, embedded videos, widgets, bullet points, and paras.
  • It is suitable for email marketing as there is an option to program the landing page. So when the subscriber clicks the fields are auto-populated.

2- Opt-in Forms and Landing Pages:

Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft

One thing that stands mutual is that both are landing page builders. Hence allowing you to create your landing pages for the website.

Moreover, there are even templates with facile customization options. As a result, you get to design either from scratch or make desired changes as needed.

If we talk about ClickFunnels, the landing page builder is one of the easiest to use. The drag and drop interface is what makes the real difference. Even if you are a novice, you can adapt it within minutes.

You want to add a picture, headline or another element, it only needs dragging and dropping. And voila!

Apart from the basics, ClickFunnels also allows you to add videos. Want to know the best part? You can even configure the videos to auto-play when the user approaches the page.

Amazing! Isn’t it?

It does not end here as further it has live countdown timers. So the whole conversation is improved with a sense of exigency.

The overall concern, focus, and aim of ClickFunnels is to provide simplicity and ease. The usage and interface offered are facile enough for any sort of user. Either you are a newbie or an expert in the field, you will adapt in no time.

Now, coming towards Infusionsoft as a landing page builder. This builder is designed for power and flexibility from the ground. It also offers a drag and drop interface for users making the page creation less hectic.

As for Infusionsoft too, there are a lot of built-in templates for much ease. You can drag any item and just drop it or opt for a short landing page temp. If not then go for a long-form one and keep doing the changes till required.

Furthermore, it comes with all the basic elements one might need or expect. You name it and Infusionsoft has it like bullet points, headings, and text blocks. Also embedded YouTube videos, social media widgets, and paragraphs.

If you tend to use Infusionsoft for email marketing too, you get to have a perk. You can program the landing page hence the fields get auto-populated. When a subscriber will click via his/her email, it will get populated.

Despite all the features and perks and ease, Infusionsoft is not that easy. You will find yourself spending a few good minutes while understanding the builder. Later only you will feel comfy to get used to it and start the work.

Coming towards the ruling comparison, both offer the finest functions and interfaces. So many of them can be your choice to create opt-in pages or a complete sales page. ClickFunnels is a better choice for new beginners and those with less knowledge.

Whereas Infusionsoft is for skillful and edges in total features.

3- Sales Funnels:

Sales Funnels

Unlike Infusionsoft, ClickFunnels has a perk that we all love. It comes with various built-in funnels that are of great help. You can use these funnels to guide and educate the clients.

About the benefits that your products offer to boost the conversion rates.

There are a total of 6 pre-built funnels with the easiest customization options.

Below is the listed jotted down:

  1. Best Seller Book: This one is for authors who aim to sell their physical books, eBooks to certain customers.
  2. Product Launch: This funnel is for all marketers who have any product coming up. And they want the clients/audience to know about the launch day, etc.
  3. Perfect Webinar: The funnel is for people who intend to create a huge possible audience for webinars.
  4. Real Stuff: The next funnel is for businesses that sell goods via Amazon or other such platforms.
  5. Fishbowl: It is a funnel used for offline companies that tend to generate foot traffic and local leads.
  6. Network Marketing Bridge: This funnel is for such marketers who want to expand the sales network and generate leads.

Moreover, Infusionsoft is also equally efficient in creating effective sales funnels. Yet once again the problem or setback is the complexity it has.

The pre-built funnels make things pretty simple for ClickFunnels users.

Even people with solo marketing aims, small teams, and projects can handle it. As for larger ones, Infusionsoft is the ultimate choice.

4- Email Marketing Automation and Broadcasts:

Clickfunnels Vs Infusionsoft

Coming towards the next aspect for comparison. Both are optimal for email marketing and automation features. But once again Clickfunnel wins the game with its user-friendly interface.

As for Infusionsoft, it does offer some of the most astounding features, unlike any other apps. If we talk about email marketing then Infusionsoft is the strongest player in the game. It is the strongest platform in the market when it comes to email marketing.

Infusionsoft comes with a most striking automation platform. First, the campaigns are created on a blank canvas. Later, you can add automation rules to decide whom/how/when the software should send content.

Apart from that it also includes CRM tools that let you integrate email marketing. So you can integrate it with offline, “real life” marketing and sales processes.

It’s ensured that emails sent via Infusionsoft are responsive and look splendid. These emails will look, read and will convert well on laptops, tablets, PC and even mobiles. All this is due to email marketing being the center of Infusionsoft.

You can even track your campaign’s performance using built-in analytics tools. With its A/B testing features, you get to optimize your emails for high response and conversion rates.

Whereas in the ClickFunnels vanilla version, there is not an automation feature. The Actionetics module yet adds smart action funnels. These let you automate both; email and SMS marketing campaigns.

You can also create custom follow-up sequences for users who chose your email list. Also, can customize the behaviour rules which allow you to send content to subscribers.

Furthermore, ClickFunnels can also integrate with marketing automation software. The list includes MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip. If you prefer a familiar interface you can use your existing automation software.


Wrapping it all up, if we look at ClickFunnels, it is without a doubt an excellent choice. For all the solo marketers, small projects, info product develops. Nothing else can be better, reliable and easy to use than ClickFunnels. It comes with the best of the value for such people in the market.

As for Infusionsoft, this tool is a far more powerful one. So those who need a solid platform, this is it. It is jam-packed with features and is an ideal choice for large businesses. Yet it will cause you trouble as the usage is not so facile.

Also, it requires a bigger share of money as it has higher prices compared to ClickFunnels.

We will try our best to assist you in everything you find a problem understanding. So stay connected with us for more amazing and interesting pieces of content produced just for you.

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