ClickFunnels Shopping Cart: Does ClickFunnels Have a Shopping Cart?

If you are already a member of Clickfunnels then I guess you know about the shopping cart feature.

As I am not here to talk all about the shopping cart feature that Clickfunnels is offering his members.

We will be talking about shopping carts and some of the software functions that Clickfunnels is offering you.

As I move on to my main purpose of this article, I would like to tell you that a shopping cart can be an important tool for your sales funnels and can be used to make your business or even it can break your business. 

There are many shopping carts offering solutions that will provide you with their shopping cart solution but only a few keep their promises and the rest just occupy space.

So the question is what are the features and characteristics of the shopping cart feature of Clickfunnels? 

This article is made for this purpose to tell all about the shopping cart feature of Clickfunnels but before going on to that let me answer you about a little question that might be bugging you.

Does Clickfunnels Have a Shopping Cart?

Yes! Clickfunnels has its own shopping cart feature, unlike many other business sites Clickfunnels offers you its own shopping solution cart which will increase your customer rate and sales rate.

It will help in growing your online business from scratch and will increase the sales funnels functionality.

You can do many other things as well with the help of Clickfunnels.

As you can build a complete marketing funnel with the help of this platform which offers you these features to make a marketing funnel that are page creation, automation, membership sites, affiliate centre and a bunch of other cool stuff.

ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

Click funnels are offering you a shopping cart feature as well to increase your market rate and this feature even helps you with putting checkpoints on pages.

But there is a problem. 

You all know that Clickfunnels has its own genuine shopping cart feature but this platform has not much to offer when it comes to shopping cart service.

There are alternative platforms that people refer to more than Clickfunnels genuine platform.

Those alternative platforms that people refer to are Thrive cart and Sam cart. 

Although, Clickfunnels have more to offer than this little feature and that is the most important and dedicated thing of this platform. 

Criteria Using a Shopping Cart Service vs Clickfunnels Checkout Page


I would like to tell you that we have been putting a list of tools that have a special ability to create checkout pages.

So without further let us check those special tools that can create checkout pages. 

  • Sam cart
  • Thrive cart
  • Pay Kick Start
  • Send Owl
  • Gum road

These all are those platforms that are used to design checkout pages and then those features come that accompany other built-in and genuine marketing features and functions which are affiliate management system, A/B testing and many other tools as well. 

I will tell you about all the features that these designing checkout pages tools have and then we will compare with the Clickfunnels shopping cart tool that it is better than these tools or is it bad and different. 

Accept Payments

Your solution tool that is creating your checkout page should accept all the card payments and should also accept payment from Paypal, Check, Cash, Apple pay.

Accept Payments

The second thing is that you should consider the support of digital sales tax and you should also have the ability to choose what is the best business model for your business.

Such as if it is a one-time payment or recursion or instalment. So according to all these things this shopping cart tool battle is won by Thrive cart.

Comparing to Clickfunnels Shopping Cart!

As a matter of fact, Clickfunnels supports millions of payment gateways and also permits the third party product access via API.

ClickFunnels Shopping Cart

There are plenty of gateways but the only gateways that are indulging via API are Apple Pay, Android pay, Authorize Net, Easy Pay Direct,  Keap, NMI, Recurly and Stripe.

 If you want to know about the third-party payment accessibility then they are Click bank, JV Zoo, PayPal, Warrior plus.

Able to Boost Sales

Now we will talk about boosting your sales and for these, we have mentioned a few conversions that will help you in boosting your sales in the shopping cart system.

  • A/B testing
  • Countdown Timer
  • Customizable templates
  • Coupons and Discounts
  • Bump Sells
  • One-Click upsells

We would like to recommend all these features to be in the shopping cart platform because they are the most basic features and they should be in every shopping cart platform.

Comparing to Clickfunnels Shopping Cart!

As we have mentioned above all the tools that are supposed to help in the shopping cart platform as for that we will be honest with you, these all tools are basically part of the funnel building tool and all those features are a part of the sales tool in Clickfunnels.

But this does not mean that the checkout page of Clickfunnels is better than Thrive cart is just that Clickfunnels offers you more and offers you to serve. 

Enough Integrations

As you know a shopping cart can be a checkout page as well so it should communicate with any outside or your favourite marketing services and tech needs.

It should take care of Email Marketing, Membership Platform, and every single tool outside the software.

We can not compare Clickfunnels in this case as we all know and as I am a member of this platform, hence there are plenty of third-party tools that this platform supports and they are out of this roof. 


As we have put this article in our learning skills. We have gained more information on Clickfunnels features and functions.

Shopping cart is a tool that every business platform needs to increase its marketing rate and sales rate.

If any platform does not have this feature they usually borrow someone else but Clickfunnels does not buy or take help from any other platform they already have their own shopping cart so their members stay with the platform in the future as they are staying today.

If you have any queries regarding this article or regarding any Clickfunnels feature or function you can ask us anytime.

To ask us a question in our comment section as we will approach you as soon as we can.

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