Clickfunnels Share Funnel Plan – Where and How To Sign Up for It

Clickfunnels share funnel plans allow you to have Clickfunnels account with the ability to share your profitable funnels with the public.

We all know that Clickfunnels is a popular sales funnel builder available in the market. More and more internet entrepreneur use Clickfunnels to build profitable sales funnels they need.

Clickfunnels Share Funnel Plan – Where and How to Sign Up For It

Clickfunnels offers many features that enable the user to earn more profit with Clickfunnels. There are many ways to earn more money with Clickfunnel and share funnels are one of them.

So, what is clickfunnels share funnels plan and how to sign up for it?

What Is Clickfunnels Share Funnel Plan?Clickfunnels Share funnel plan

We have mentioned that Clickfunnels share funnels plan is clicking funnels account that enables you to share your funnels with others. For example, you have created professional and profitable sales funnel with click funnels.

Your funnel has a high conversion rate, you receive many enquire from your visitors, you made many sales, and your business is booming.

When you have a successful and profitable funnel, you can make more money by sharing your profitable funnels with others. People will love your funnels, and they want to have a successful funnel-like yours.

In this case, you can share your funnels with them, and you will get some commission from funnels that you have shared. Sharing funnels is the easiest way to boost your profit with Clickfunnels.

How to sign up Clickfunnels share funnels plans?

If you have Clickfunnels share funnel account, you will have the ability to share your successful funnels with others. Every member of click funnels community knows that successful funnels are get shared routinely.

For every funnel that you have created with Clickfunnels, you have to option to create an URL and share that particular URL

With other. Other Clickfunnels members who come to your page, they can add your funnels URL to their account.

For visitors who don’t have Clickfunnels account, they have to register to Clickfunnels first, and they will receive free14-days trial account

Before You Can Share Your Funnels with Others, You Must Have Clickfunnels Share Funnels Account

  • Go to this link
  • On that page, you will watch short introduction videos.
  • Enter your email and password to get 14-days free trial account.
  • Enter your detail billing information. Don’t worry; you can cancel your account anytime. If you are not happy with the service, you can cancel your account within the clickfunnels dashboard easily.
  • On the bottom of the form, you have to thick “Limited Share Funnels Only.”
  • When you have completed your sign up process, you need to go to the top menu bar and go to “Funnels.”
  • Now you have share funnels list in your dashboard. You can use and edit it as you wish.

Clickfunnels is powerful funnels that offer many features to help you to create profitable sales funnels you need.

Clickfunnels share funnels account to enable you to share your profitable funnels with others and allows you to receive a commission for the funnel that you have shared.

So, what you are waiting for, sign up with Clickfunnels now.

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