ClickFunnels Pricing (2021): How Much Does It Cost?

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Wondering what’s best Clickfunnels Pricing plan is right for you?

You may have read many Clickfunnels review and decide to jump in, this article will tell you the different pricing plan and discount.

If you are new to the software, there’s one thing you should be aware of. We are huge fans of the application, Clickfunnels.

And let’s get this over with…

We are proud Clickfunnels affiliates if you care to know!

That doesn’t mean we’re only in it for the cash, though. We fully endorse this software, as we have been using it for several years to create incredibly powerful marketing funnels.

So, writing this article on the Clickfunnels pricing comes naturally to us.

We’ll show you everything worth knowing about Clickfunnels pricing, together with the different pricing plans available and how to choose the appropriate one for you.

At the end of everything, we’ll break down all the steps we have taken to ensure Clickfunnels is profitable for our business.

Clickfunnels Pricing Table – How Much Does Clickfunnels Cost?

Starter Plan: $97

Enterprise Plan: $297




No. of Funnels



No. of Pages



No. of Unique Visitors



No. of Contact Leads



Custom Domains



A/B Split Test

Email Integrations

Optin Funnels



All Advanced Funnels

Sales Funnels

Membership Funnels

No. of Members



Auto Webinar Funnels

Webinar Funnels

Hangout Funnels

Order Pages

Upsell Pages

Downsale Pages

Share Your Funnels

Priority Support

Priority Template Requests

How Much is Clickfunnels?

Right now, there are 3 pricing plans for Clickfunnels:

  • The starter pack (which cost $97), which eases you into the world of funnel marketing with training
  • the Etison Suite (which costs $297), which comes with an array of features and benefits.
  • and Funnel Builder Secrets special bundle (6 months of Etison Plan)

Overview of the Starter Plan:

The starter plan costs $97/month, but most importantly you have access to all the functionality of the powerful ClickFunnels software.

That means you’ll be able to build your sales funnels, landing pages, webinars, and membership areas.

However with the starter plan, you are only limited to 20 funnels, three custom domains, 100 pages total in your funnels and to 20,000 visitors per month to your landing pages. You can have unlimited contacts.

With the smarter plan, you will have to get a third party email autoresponder service like Seva (formerly ConvertKit) or Aweber to integrate with ClickFunnels for building your email list and email marketing.

Not everyone will require the Etison Suite right away.

We understand this is a new marketing software and you need to try before you purchase.

That’s why Clickfunnels provides a third option that is free. They offer newbies a 14-Day Free Trial. The Clickfunnels free trial enables you to find out for yourself if this is the right platform for you.

We have tested many marketing tools all with the promise to make you money. They have unique features and benefits and some, honestly, work very well. Others are a complete waste of time.

Overview of the Etison Suite Cost:

The main thing you should know about the ClickFunnels Etison Suite package is that it’s their unlimited plan. You get access to everything.]

  • UNLIMITED sales funnels
  • and UNLIMITED pages
  • UNLIMITED traffic that you can direct to your funnels

And you additionally get access to two other powerful tools: Backpack and Actionetics.

So, why would you opt for the Etison Suite over the regular $97 a month ClickFunnels package?

In short, no limits.

If you’re just getting started with Clickfunnels and are only going to be using ClickFunnels to create a few pages or funnels, or maybe one or two membership websites, you’ll be fine with the $97/month plan.

But, if you don’t want any limits, especially with traffic and you’re planning on sending thousands of paid traffic visitors to your sales funnels or opt-in pages daily, you’re going to want to invest in Etison Suite.

And for less than $10/day it’s a pretty easy decision, considering all that it’s capable of.

ClickFunnels Pricing – Profitable?

ClickFunnels Pricing – Profitable

Clickfunnels stands out from the rest.

It’s a way of bringing together all your marketing in one place. It gives you complete creative freedom and puts you in control of your results.

You can monitor campaigns and amend them all within the Clickfunnels editor.

There’s no need to purchase tracking tools and run them alongside Clickfunnels.

As we say, everything is in one place.

We use Clickfunnels to set up powerful marketing funnels that convert like crazy.

We have followed all the training on offer and are incredibly impressed with the results.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans: Comparing ClickFunnels Startup vs. Etison Suite

When it involves marketing funnels, it makes sense that you want to invest in the best possible funnels out there.

After all, if you are to maximize conversions and revenue, you need state-of-the-art marketing funnels that have been designed to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Two samples of funnel systems that you’ll need are Clickfunnels Startup and also the Clickfunnels Etison Suite, both of which enable you to harness the strength of a marketing funnel while enjoying moderate Clickfunnels pricing.

Nevertheless, the Etison Suite is much more costly than the Clickfunnels Startup plan, although it is undoubtedly much more potent than its counterpart.

Regarding Clickfunnels pricing, the Etison Suite comes in at $297 a month, while the Clickfunnels Startup plan retails at $97 a month.

Both plans include a free 14-day trial, although it makes more sense to acquire a free trial of the Etison Suite and discover what the transformative power of marketing funnels can do.

Although the Clickfunnels pricing varies from model to model, the systems are amazingly cost-effective and may enable you to multiply your sales seamlessly exponentially.

Differences Between Etison Suite and Clickfunnels Startup Plan!

Differences Between Etison Suite and Clickfunnels Startup Plan

You may be thinking about what the difference is between these two systems, as the Clickfunnels pricing vary wildly depending on the system you are using and the number of features/power you will subsequently have at your disposal.

Although we will not get into detail concerning everything, the main differences between Clickfunnels Startup and also the Etison Suite are as follows:

The Total Number of Funnels

The Clickfunnels basic plan allows you to set up a maximum of 20 marketing funnels, while the Etison Suite will enable you to set up an unlimited number of funnels.

Of course, you might not need more than 20 funnels, but the more you set up and try out, the higher your chances of striking gold and seeing profits soar.

The Number of Pages

Clickfunnels also limits you concerning pages, allowing you to utilize a maximum of 100 pages.

On the other hand, the Etison suite will enable you to use an unlimited number of pages, at the same time providing you with more chances of creating conversions and making sales.

The Allowed Number of Visitors

With the Clickfunnels Basic plan, your highest number of visitors is limited to 20,000 visitors, while the Etison Suite system enables you to have an unlimited number of visitors.

Although 20,000 visitors may be excellent for a mom and pop shop or small-to-mid-sized e-commerce store, more substantial (and evolving) ventures could soon outgrow this limit and require unlimited power regarding their number of visitors!

Custom Domains

Custom domains are an exceptional way to personalize your business and funnels, but Clickfunnels Startup only allows you to use three custom domains.

On the opposite hand, the Etison Suite provides you an unlimited number of custom domains, enabling you to spread your label far and wide across all your marketing funnels without worrying about paying more than $297 a month for it.

SMTP Integrations

If you are looking to make use of SMTP integrations, you’re going to be greatly limited with the Clickfunnels Startup plan, which only enables you to perform 1 SMTP integration.

Conversely, the Etison Suite permits you to perform three SMTP integrations, presenting you with more scope to expand.

Billing Integration

The basic-level Clickfunnels Startup package will allow you to use one billing integration per type, while the more advanced Etison Suite package will allow you to use up to 3 billing integrations per sample, making billing more accessible and more diverse than ever before!

What Further Features Does The Etison Suite Come With?

Clickfunnels Pricing

When you look at the differences mentioned above in Clickfunnels pricing plans, you probably want to know what additional features you’re spending for!

Although it would take too long to discuss all the Etison Suite’s additional features in detail, here we skim over the essential extra elements to take into account when assessing your Clickfunnels pricing and monthly budgets.

First of all, the Etison Suite offers what is referred to as the “Actionetics” system, the value of which you cannot underestimate.

In short, the Actionetics system enables you to identify and process data about the individuals who are visiting your website, using the data to modify your marketing funnels as appropriate, appealing to the individual user and thereby maximizing sales.

What is Actionetics?


The Actionetics system also mostly values “follow-up funnels” which has been designed to hook in your website visitors and former buyers for future sales opportunities.

For instance, the system may upsell certain things to specific buyers based on data about their location, identity, job, and salary.

Personalizing your funnels is one of the most effective ways to appeal to totally different individuals organically.

The Etison Suite conjointly comes with features like a visible email builder and email list management tool, enabling you to greater manage your email lists and ensure that you reach the proper individuals with the proper messages and bespoke Actionetics-fuelled funnels.

With the Etison Suite, you can also track the clicks and opens of your funnels, providing you with in-depth data analytics which allows you to identify the marketing techniques which do and do not work for you.

If one of your funnels has an unusually high bounce rate, for example, the Etison suite will allow you to identify this and take preventive measures sooner rather than later.

Actionetics MD Pricing – What is Actionectics MD?

Upgrading to the all-new Clickfunnels Actionetics MD is effortless.

If you have an existing package at Clickfunnels priced at $97 per month, you can have the choice to upgrade to Actionetics MD.

Your latest bill will be priced at $297 a month, but this will be prorated for the present month.

If you’ve got an existing regular Actionetics account and you’re logged in, you can select to upgrade the account all for free.

Remember that if you don’t have a Clickfunnels account, you first have to sign up for the regular Actionetics plan at $297 and then upgrade when it becomes necessary.

What does Actionetics MD offer?

Actionetics MD (Multi-Dimensional) brings powerful cross-channel marketing automation to your fingertips.

Meet your buyers where they are using the right message at the right time on the right medium.

The Actionetics MD Package comes with:

  • Clickfunnels Full Suite
  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Actionetics MD SMTP for high email deliverability
  • Actionetics MD FB Chat BotMessenger
  • Unlimited Follow-Up Funnels (email sequences)
  • And so much more!!

How to Get Clickfunnels Discount? – 3 Major Tricks

Trick#1: Get Clickfunnels For 55% Off – Funnel Hacks

funnel hacks

Right now there’s a cool way to get an enormous discount on Clickfunnels!

Russell Brunson has a unique training package he calls Funnel Hacks which includes a ton of value including:

  • 6 Months of Clickfunnels Enterprise Plan which would typically cost $1,782.
  • The 6 Week Funnel Hacks Masterclass which will teach you to master funnels and offers, showing you exactly how to be successful with Clickfunnels.
  • Instant Traffic Hacks which teaches you all about running traffic to your funnels to get leads/opt-ins, build your email list, and sell products no matter what market you work in.
  • Inception Secrets that are copy/paste sales scripts for your funnel (one of the toughest things to get right, in my opinion!)
  • SOAP & Seinfeld Email Sequences which are email templates and sequences to help you market and sell to your leads once they are opt-in. Email marketing can be difficult, and I know that many marketers drop the ball here, leaving a ton of money on the table. With these, you are ready to go in minutes.

This is an awesome deal because Funnel Hacks is selling for $997, but the value and tools you’re getting are easily worth 100x that.

It’s for this reason that I like to recommend it to newcomers who are trying to dive in and start building their businesses.

Trick#2: Get The Best Chance To Succeed with Clickfunnels – Funnel Builder Secrets

Clickfunnels Pricing

This is an addition to the Funnel Hacks Package since the whole Funnel Hacks Package, however on top of that’s the excellent Traffic Secrets subscription and Funnel Builder Secrets training.

The Funnel Builder Secrets Training is the single most exceptional training you’ll discover in the marketing area today.

Despite all different additions, this training is alone worth your loan.

It is exceptionally full and will teach you the way to promote far better and make appropriate use of funnels from scratch to advanced.

Then apart from all that likewise a Traffic Secrets Membership which can teach you all the strategies to get traffic. Not merely any traffic, however high quality, transforming traffic.

FBS is a covert package simply used for you behind long webinars. However, I have a secret link, that you can access by click on this link.

Trick#3: Clickfunnels $19 Plan For Tight Budgets

What is the clickfunnels $19 plan?

This is the acute budget version with all-time low ClickFunnels price.

This package is limited but nice for getting your feet wet (and revenue rolling in).

Read This Article To Learn How You Can Get Clickfunnels $19 Plan.

What is Included with the Clickfunnels $19 Plan?

It’s limited to only having three funnels, which have to be shared with you by someone else. You can edit and use these funnels and will not have the ability to add new ones or any new pages.

Speaking of share funnels, keep reading to get my favorite share funnels into your account with a single click.

Know more about Clickfunnels from here.

When is the $19 Plan is An Excellent Choice?

It’s a good plan for people who want to create a sales funnel or need a simple opt-in page or a simple website.

Due to this, if you want to build a membership site, auto webinar, or even product launch series, the full plan (or the Funnel Hacks discount plan) is much better suited.

I’m a funnel “hoarder” and have amassed a considerable collection of share funnels from some of the best companies and marketers in the world.

When I need to use one, I clone the original, modify the clone to suit my needs, and I’m off to the races.

Which ClickFunnels Plan is Right For You?

If you are a small company or a beginner and don’t have many products to promote, the $97 per month plan is going to be perfect.

If you are a bigger company or aware that eventually, you will be building more funnels, you’ll probably nd yourself upgrading to the Etison Suite, which will allow you to send an unlimited track to those funnels each month.

You won’t even have to be compelled to pay the additional expense on an autoresponder or a paid shopping cart to take payments online.

If you also intend to scaling fast with aliases, you can track it all with this plan.

So, if you haven’t grabbed your ClickFunnels account yet, hopefully, this helps you decide which one to go with when starting.

Final Thoughts!

So there it is guys…

No matter the choice you selected, you are in good hands with the power of Clickfunnels.

I have the Etison Suite myself and use it for a variety of my online ventures. Thus I do suggest this tool from experience.

I can honestly say, I have never come across something so awesome.

It’s better than the feeling I had when I first discovered WordPress, and it’s more potent as a Sales tool.

No Obligations, No Contracts, Cancel at any time, 100% Risk Free.

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