ClickFunnels Membership Sites: How to Build and Create them?

When it comes to ClickFunnels membership sites then it can be quite confusing to some people.

So as in this review of the ClickFunnels membership sites we are going to be discussing all the factors of the Membership site of ClickFunnels.

This can be advantageous or disadvantageous at the same time.

Other than that, in this article, we are going to discuss all the pros and cons of creating the ClickFunnels Membership sites.

AS there are several steps if you want to create a Membership site and with that, we are going to be covering all the aspects for creating ClickFunnels Membership Sites.

Why Create ClickFunnels Membership Sites?

ClickFunnels Membership Site

Advantages of ClickFunnels Membership Sites

Advantages of ClickFunnels Membership Sites

When it comes to creating a Membership site through ClickFunnels then most of the people in the marketing firms opt for this option for creating their Membership portal through ClickFunnels.

Because they would get several features and opportunities with it and in this heading, we are going to discuss those opportunities and features evidently.

But with that, there are some reasons that people hold for disliking this Membership portal for their business.

With that, I will discuss both of them to make sure that you make up your mind either to use ClickFunnels for Membership portal or not.

Starting our reasoning with the obvious that what are the special qualities and features for choosing ClickFunnels to create Membership portal.

ell, the first one is that in terms of creating Membership sites ClickFunnels is easy to use as it provides you with different pre-built templates to you can browse to match the perfect fit for your campaign.[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#009dff” border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#eaf7ff” align=”left”]

The best part about all of it is that you can easily integrate that membership site with your Sales Funnel to enhance your sales and business eventually

Other than that, if you already have a Membership portal or site then you can use that one too with the help of share funnel present in the ClickFunnels feature list.

I know when you see starting a business then you might feel empty well no worries as the startup plan is affordable and if not then there are several discounts that you can select from to aid you with proper backup.


Now: creating a membership site is easy and convenient for you and your business.

With that, if you chose the ClickFunnels Membership site then you might be able to set up your preferred payment gateway method in case you want the convenience of payment.

In addition to that, you can easily integrate any other third party application that can be profitable or necessary for your business.

When it comes to the advantages of ClickFunnels Membership sites then the more we talk the better it gets as to let me elaborate briefly on all the reasons and factors that I have started to convince you to use ClickFunnels Membership Site.

1- Payment Gateways

As far as it matters that I have talked about payment gateways in this heading and to elaborate I meant that here.

Payment Gateways

I will list down some of the preferred Gateways that are chosen by several users of the ClickFunnels Membership site.

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros)
  • ClickBank
  • Apple Pay
  • Warrior Plus
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Bluesnap
  • JV Zoo
  • Recurly

2- Prebuilt Templates

As I have discussed the prebuilt themes and templates that are provided by ClickFunnels.

Prebuilt Templates

But these themes and templates are attractive this they can be aiding you in boosting up your campaign and making sure you get the right amount of membership to generate enough from that.

To activate them you don’t need any skilled coding you just need to learn the basic and that’s all as they are easy to activate and edit with the drag and drop feature.

3- Makes It Easy to Market and Sell your Membership

ClickFunnels makes it easy to market with all the right tools in your hand.

Because it is a marketing software when you are creating or publishing the Membership feature then you will not feel that anything is missing to this as ClickFunnels is going to provide you with all the necessary tools and features that you need to market your Membership campaign.

Disadvantages of Using ClickFunnels Membership Sites

Disadvantages of ClickFunnels Membership Sites

There are a few disadvantages to this feature of ClickFunnels but when it comes to consideration then these disadvantages can mean a lot to some marketers that need extra support for their membership portal.

As nothing is perfect and you have to compromise in every stage of your life take these disadvantages as a compromise.

Here is the main factor that most people don’t recommend using the ClickFunnels Membership site.

1- No Built-in Video Hosting Support

The biggest flaw of this software feature is that it does not allow you to host any training videos on ClickFunnels as some people might want to do that but this software does not allow you to host any teachable and training videos on platforms like Teachable or Kajabi.

No Built-in Video Hosting Support

So, in order to host your video for training and learning purposes, you need to host it on any other platform other than the one mentioned above such as Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube, etc.

2- Difficult to Track User’ Progress

When you built such a site then you might want to control your user traffic and guide them through your preferred methods. And you might even want to track their progress for good or worst.

But with the ClickFunnels Membership site feature, you can’t do that. Because this can be the worst thing for them as you might be violating some rules and guidelines of ClickFunnels.

So, now if you have reckoned with the disadvantages of using the ClickFunnels Membership site then I would like to tell you the process that you need to follow in order to create a membership site.

So if you are intrigued by the article then you might want to stay a bit more to understand how you can do it as it can be a bit complex creating such a life-changing scheme through ClickFunnels.

How to Create ClickFunnels Membership Site?

When it comes to creating a Membership site with ClickFunnels then there are several aspects that are at play and we are going to discuss them all.

Create ClickFunnels Membership Site

So that you can clear your mind and understand the versatility and process to set up a Membership site with ClickFunnels.

To this process, there are mainly two steps that should be followed in order to create a Membership site with ClickFunnels.

Step #1: Creating a Membership Funnel

Select the button build funnel from the ClickFunnel menu or you can also go to the dashboard and add new funnel.

In both cases, you will be redirected to the pop-up window where you will see Create a New Funnel.

Membership Funnel

By selecting that there you will see three different options and you have to choose to Sell your Product followed by Membership.

[box title=” ” border_width=”2″ border_color=”#ffae00″ border_style=”solid” bg_color=”#fffaef” align=”left”]

Step #2: Browse and Choose the Page Template

Well, this is no ordinary browsing of templates you need to select a few things in order to reach that point.

As you have selected the Sell your Product option to create the funnel with the help of or followed by Membership.

Then you need to distinguish some factors and decisions in order to create a membership. 

First, you need to select the Membership Access step that is provided in that very Funnel.

After that, you will see a Membership Category select that in order to proceed to browse the templates.

See this isn’t that hard as I have said that creating this Site is easy but maintaining requires some work.

And we are going to discuss that further in this article so stay tuned with it.


How to Add Membership Lessons In ClickFunnels?

Here I will tell you that how you can add some intriguing lessons to support your Membership program that you just created.

Add Membership Lessons In ClickFunnels

This comes in maintaining the reputation of your Membership campaign so it can matter to those who have just started their business.

This also is done in two steps which are:

Step #1: Adding Membership Section

As far as the lessons go this can be the perfect opportunity that ClickFunnels provides you to break down your Membership campaign into lesson videos to target and convince your audience.

And to create lessons you just simply need to click in the Add New Lesson Section.

Adding Membership Section

And after that, you can easily fill out all the occupancy fields that are provided on the page such as Name, Product Requirements, Tags, and Updates.

Step #2: Adding Membership Lessons

Don’t confuse this with the first step as that was all about creating a Membership section and this is about adding lessons to that section.

To create the lesson you need to go to Add New Lesson and go to the drop-down menu to select the Lesson Section of tour choice. 

Then you need to enter the name of the lesson, select the template for the page of the lesson, then you can set a field of numbers to drop the drip delay which is optional.

Finally, click on the Create Lesson button to finalize and save the lesson.

How to Test your Membership Site?

Now: testing is the key before applying anything either in your life or in your business. Without testing, you should neither buy anything nor sell anything.

So, in this heading, I will show you that how you can test your Membership site to save you from spending a lot of money in marketing as you will know how your Membership campaign will workout in the reality.

See, testing is important right so there are two steps to test your site these are the two steps:

Step #1: Create a New Membership Account

When you want to do this step then there is a procedure to that. First, you need to go to your Funnels, and there you have to select the membership area step to advance on the new page.

Create a New Membership Account

With that, you have to highlight and then copy the Secret Sign Up URL. when you have copied then open an incognito window with any browser and paste the link there.

When done that, you will see a signup option so you should use a unique and different Email id and password to signup and check whether the Membership site is working properly or not.

Step #2- Manually Add Purchases

The most complex thing when it comes to creating a Membership site is how the customers or your traffic is going to purchase your service or product.

So as you have signed up with different Email in the incognito mode then you should also test the Membership site with purchasing the merchandise this you can do that by manually adding different purchases. 

The things that you need to follow are:

  • Create a New Membership account: by doing this you will be able to test the Membership site purchase feature. The link that you copied for creating a new membership site do the same process and copy the Secret Sign Up URL and paste it in new incognito windows. Then provide that page with the access of login and password.
  • Add Purchase: for this in order to add purchase you need to go to your ClickFunnels Membership Area site and there you need to go to members. Select that member that you have created and go to edit. After that, click on purchase and then click on add purchase. This will give your customer the product access for your funnel.

How to Restrict Membership Access?

As in the previous heading, I have shown you how you can easily set up a membership account and how you can manage your membership members.

Restrict Membership Access

But what if you want to restrict any users from your membership site list? This also has 3 options to choose from if you want to do this process.

Option #1: Product Purchase Requirements

First, if you want to restrict the membership access then you would want to go to your Membership Area Step.

Then you have to choose the Restrict Access option, this is for the lesson that you have provided access to your consumers.

Product Purchase

But you have to identify the lesson that you want to restrict access before you click on the restrict access option.

If you want to do this process for multiple lesson sections then you might have to repeat this whole process as there are some minor addition to the process. 

So, in the next step, you will select all the products from the dropdown menu that are requested for access. And then you will also update the lesson section for feasibility.

Option #2: Tag Requirements

Now: coming to tag requirements. With this option, you need to repeat the same process but with a twist.

Instead, of selecting the membership area you need to select the Funnel and then select the Membership step Area.

With that, there you will select the lesson that you want to restrict access to, and with proper tags, you should be able to restrict access. ( Be sure that you use comma to separate the tags evidently).

You can click on the Update lesson option to make sure all your changes are saved and applied.

Option #3: Add an Upsell to Membership Area

When you are using such a Membership site then this allows you to add a preview of any section that you want to your member’s area that is only accessible if anyone has purchased your product through your Funnel.

And if you want to promote your Membership site then you should make sure that the product that you added for accessibility is added on the ClickFunnels Upsell page to enhance and provide you with opportunities.


Upsell to Membership Area

To do this process you need need to select the Membership Area Step which is present on your Funnel. And then click on restrict access option.

This will guide you to your Lesson Section area. There you will need to select the Product requirements and select the Upgrade Offer Funnel Step to advance further. Then click on update lesson to save the changes.

How to Remove Members In ClickFunnels Membership Area?

As far as you know that how you can add a Membership to your ClickFunnels Membership site, then I have told you how you can restrict members form specific access to your Membership Step Area.

And now: I will show you how you can easily remove any member that you don’t want in your Membership area list. There are two simple steps to do that so stay tuned for that.

Step #1: Product Purchase

This can be the most beneficial thing for you if you have enabled the Product Restriction on your Membership Area. And to do that you can easily remove any member from your list.

Product Purchase

To remove member you need to go to the member’s option within the Membership Area Step and search and browse for any specific member that you want to remove.

Then you need to click on the purchases tab and then the detail option. Scroll down to delete the member.

Step #2: Remove Member from Membership Area

When you are in the Members area step then there you will select or choose any member that you want to remove.

And in front of their name, you will see the trash bin icon and click that icon to remove any member from your Membership Area.


As I have put together all the factors that you can use to create a proper ClickFunnel Membership Site and I have also reviewed all the factors that can be of your use in order to understand this Membership Site provided by ClickFunnels.

As you have read the article then you might know that this can be extremely advantageous if you want to start your business through a Membership Site that you can easily create with ClickFunnels.

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