ClickFunnels For Lawyers & Attorney: Does It Work?

If you want to obtain new clients as a lawyer so you have to get a legal online business which is not very hard by using clickfunnels.

Let’s find out how we get the lawyers clients through clickfunnels.

As you all know that clickfunnels is the software by which you can do your online business easily.

Clickfunnels also works for lawyers and attorneys with the help of the popular sales funnel software.

It is the type of legal services no matter what. Many lawyers can use this software to make their clients online.

The lawyers used this software are the following:

  • Employment lawyer
  • Estate planning lawyer 
  • Intellectual property lawyer 
  • Personal injury lawyer 
  • Immigration lawyer 
  • Corporate lawyer 
  • Divorce and family lawyer 
  • Criminal lawyer and 
  • Bankruptcy lawyer

They can make their firms by using clickfunnels but they can also find out how they make many and those clients can be applied in general to the lawyers.

In the sales funnel and you can also go the extra mile on everything about making more money, clients and getting leads.

Clickfunnels is the mini-guide for attorneys and lawyers.

You can see how many clients can look for marketing agencies and legal practitioners searching on how to get more clients which can help the lawyers through this clickfunnels software.

You can also check how many clients are using clickfunnels to explore their sales and to discover the entrepreneurs.

Like they have to make strategies and implement them and get their exact funnels and can also get clickfunnels discount within 6 months.

And you can finally use the backdoor trick by getting the 6 months discount for this software so so let’s get start your work.

Sales Funnel For Lawyers

Sale Funnel For Lawyers

Did you know that there is a sales funnel for lawyers so take a deep breath we will tell you about the sales funnel for lawyers in this article?

You can walk your potential customers from one to the other with the help of a sales funnel.

Because it is a step-by-step process by which you can point out the buyer journey to another potential customer.

It can help you as a business owner on a map because this is a marketing concept and it can prospect out the entire journey which can go through until they convert.

You can start a process to imagine that it is in your sales funnel as a lawyer or an attorney.

Because it has the potential movement which can discover the clients about your services.

Then it is your decision whatever happens after this and if you want to become a client so you are responsible to convert for dropping them off along the way.

This is the reason that you must have a streamlined, coordinated approach and well structured in setting your sales to funnel.

It can make sure that how many people are in contact with your online business and you can convert the clients for the long term.

It is your responsibility that you must know how to get them to stay and you also need to be conscious because of the steps of your project journey of each state.

You can also right copy definitely with the precise message so what do you think does that make sense?

It can also describe the steps to your customers which go through the process of purchasing a product by following the typical 4 stages of every sales Funnel in your business.

The four stages of sales funnel in your business is called AIDA. It stands for attention, interest. desire and action.


In the attention phase, you have to create awareness for the prospects and for your legal services which can become aware of the things you have to offer.

This can get attention via Google, word of mouth and via social media or through other advertising media.


In the phase of interest, you have to develop the prospect stages and can also decide to embark on the keen interest in your services on further research.

This interest phase is where you have to consider, think and compare to take places.


In the desired phase the customer moves unconsciously and can be interested in your products and services.

If the marketing strategies and your messages are not in place so you have to and you are still likely to lose them in the desired phase.


The action phase is the actual version which can take place in the very bottom of your sales funnel.

And you have to love to buy your products downloading an ebook and booking consultations in this action phase.

You can also get the prospects to take the action on your CTA and it is the best in turning them into a lifetime client. You should do your possible ways.

Yes, you have to you might seem ambitious by putting all of the pieces together in this function. 

You have to understand the whole sales funnel principles and concepts by fair enough you don’t need to go crazy.

You must implement yourself in the sales funnel as a lawyer which is needed for you and it is also understanding the critical elements which are responsible for making the sales funnel to convert.

The lawyers without getting overwhelmed with this technology can quickly build their sales funnel.

Does ClickFunnels Work for Lawyers?

If you need to know about this industry so we have to plan to tell you the plain truth about the clickfunnels.

In the first step, it is very much hard for lawyers to get online clients. 

If you solely rely on inconsistent referrals so your law firm will never be successful or if you have to lead generation services to get your clients.

So this will also make you fail by making your firm successful. You can also be fierce in the law industry competition.

That makes sound bad news to you but it does not have to be that way because the implementation of a sales funnel model would give you a fair advantage over.

The other lawyers in your business and who have a bad day growing above their current level with lawyers.

Clickfunnel software enters here.

ClickFunnels Work

Click Funnel

Clickfunnels is a pioneer in collecting leads from the root of the traffic and turning them into customers.

It can help you to develop the market of your whole product from one end without thinking about a specific tech team because clickfunnels is simply an online marketing tool.

It can also allow you to imagine having a system which is quickly built lead generation pages, web pages.

Easy designs, email collect, build membership sites, automate follow-ups and many more.

The entire premise behind clickfunnels is to connect people in need of legal expertise with the appropriate information and support that you use to get the law practice out there fast.

You will not learn until now as a lawyer because you have to require a website to gain endless customers.

If you are hoping your reference or website can produce leads for you then through and scaling up your law firm would be challenging.

What you need is a less complex streamlined web platform that creates marketing programs for law firms you can easily install on clickfunnels.

This can be done in a few steps:

Step #1:

In step 1 you have to make your clickfunnels account and can pick the type of funnel you want to use.

You can decide to choose to generate sales, generate leads and run the events like a webinar as a lawyer.

So it is your goal to always be lead generation.

Step #2:

In the second step, you have to customise your funnel in a way you want.

You don’t have to create a sales funnel or lead capture page from scratch because of your law firm and that is the coolest thing about using clickfunnels for lawyers.

Templates are for downloading, customising and using.

All are already customised for conversations and it is where you may opt to insert your autoresponder and add your name than the colour of your store etc.

Step #3:

In the third step, when anyone submits the contact information on the clickfunnels built catch page of your law firm.

They will be immediately added in their place where they can give them a customised email.

Or it is better to send them a short call based on how you wanted to line up.

Clickfunnels provides work with attorneys or lawyers that let you arrange your site’s correctly and deals with the functions like a virtual agent who takes lines to your doorstep.

Take click funnels with attorneys to justify to you and you have to click on the picture below to find out how small business owners.

Like you use simple online sales funnels to work with their dream customers in their business.

How to Use ClickFunnels for Lawyers?

ClickFunnels for Lawyers

It takes years of learning the time and sweating on how to properly market your law firm.

As an attorney, you could have spent days and nights looking for ads on YouTube and Google and can also expand your company.

And trying to find out how you have wasted countless months by managing it on yourself and you are making no single improvement.

In the worst-case scenario, you have a programmer and marketing agency to hell and collect the pieces by which you help a professional website design agencies.

Then you realize after spending thousands of dollars that you are still at the spot where you work before and can also pay those people. Still, you have no clients.

What could that do they don’t realise what they are doing or what they are not? Familiar sound!

Hey, I agree very well why you have to concentrate on supporting your customers at the maximum possible standard and also delegate certain things such as publicity and web designs right?

To some extent, I agree with you.

But in this article, we would also recommend you to understand the bit of sales marketing and copywriting work.

On the corner at least it is very important for the psychology behind a selling funnel which converts and these skills.

Which can put you far away of your competitors as they struggle to spend few sums on web designers and can also acquire the leads to copywriters and coders then you are going to do it all on your own.

Therefore saving money and becoming the best marketer for firms doesn’t that sound terrific?

Strategies for Lawyers to Use Click Funnels


The key aim for a law firm as we mentioned earlier is to catch the targeted leads through their funnel and then you have to follow up with them through phone calls or email.

No matter how you buy the leads, it is great to reach the prospect personally as early as possible.

If they can be converted on the phone-great depending on your experience so you have to convert them in person.

For further details to set your strategies follow these steps:

Squeeze Page Funnel

Squeeze Page Funnel

In this step, you have to use a squeeze page Funnel in which you can build a simple lead magnet funnel in just two steps.

Which can squeeze your page form with a lot of templates inside the clickfunnels?

And if you want to download tons of squeeze pages so you have to click on the link where you can find lead magnetic ideas for lawyers like templates, checklist, tutorials and worksheets.



As a lawyer, you can use templates which have patterns and forms to make your model something.

And can also give legal templates of different types of documents as a lead magnet.



In the checklist, you can create your prospective clients whatever area of speciality it is.

This function is very easy to read the whole information by which you can check the preparing list for the court date.

And it can also get ready for tax audit etc.



You can pass on a ton of knowledge to your audience.

By which you can only record video for 10 to 30 minutes and can also create headlines for engaging the free training and also watch them in the opt.

It can relate to anything of the law area you are involved with or any other magnet concepts driving by lawyers include the lists of a how-to guide, ebook, quizzes and papers.



A worksheet is similar to template function because it can lead magnets in the form of paper or document.

Which is printable for recording task progress and for listing.

For example, the process of creating all the documents in a workbook that walked through the process can need to apply for a patent.

Use of Application Funnel

Application Funnel

This application funnel is a form of filling funnel which can work better when you are trying to schedule the calls, meetings or connections with consumers and after that, you might have shown interest in your services.

That’s one of the easiest faces to close hot qualified leads for you as a legal attorney.

Fast in certain cases, this might be better than the lead magnet process in many scenarios.

If you are getting their email on this website so you can also get some creative and wonderful application pages after sending them.

In the first step, you have to give out all the information after a lead on the first page.

In the second step, you can Email your Marketing software inside your click funnel which is a built-in automation tool and you can also automatically Drop your leads into your CRM.

In the third step, you can email your lead immediately with the help of text or calls by knowing their application is working or not if it is possible so you have to close them all at once.

In the fourth step, the clients can automatically be added to another list when you close the client list.

In the fifth step, you have to receive another set of emails for some time if the lead did not convert after series to follow up that touches.

And you can also drop them into another list before finally deleting them from your list.

Use of Webinars


Virtual conferences are another perfect opportunity to bring attorneys to the house.

Webinars encourage you to spend some time with your prospective clients before working with you for legal services.

You can also set the greatest strategies with the webinar to find tone into some main points and can also target your audience which might be experiencing.

For example, taking legal real estate services you can offer the following steps.

A webinar on the advantages and drawbacks of planning a real estate to demonstrate the audience is planning a real estate.

Which is required and they can also teach a webinar to the consequences of what will happen without getting a strategy for the house.

Webinars have so many advantages which can educate and introduce the target market audience to do something they have never learned.

You can close or directly convert this webinar which is so effective and you can also show using the perfect webinar strips by which you would show all the structures about webinars.

The Discount of ClickFunnels


This section is just to clickfunnels attorneys, advertisers and for company owners who need to get going.

Clickfunnels to get a backdoor discount or you may already be a user so it is all well for you.

If you got your clickfunnels which provides two-third of pricing so you can avail the discount of $97 per month and 297 dollars per month.

297 dollar per month is the Platinum plan and in this Platinum plan, you have to pay the half price if you have to pay for a 6 months Platinum package. 

This Platinum plan is called the secret master class plan. It can give you some insane bounces to the clickfunnels discounts and can also access the training to your courses.

Which can easily help you in your law firm business?

With this clickfunnels, if you are a marketer you have to avail one funnel away 30-day challenge in 1997 dollar and for a clickfunnels 6 month Platinum account.

You have to avail 1782 dollar value but in 10x secret master program you have to avail 997 dollar value and in visual daily funnel hack-A-thons you have to avail 9997 dollar value.

But in traffic secret or A/D skills you have to avail 9997 dollar value so get it today for only 997 dollars.

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