How to Use ClickFunnels For Dropshipping? (Complete Guide)

Clickfunnels for Dropshipping

If you want to hack some sales funnels then here you go.

Clickfunnels for Dropshipping feature can help you hack AliExpress sales funnels and with the help of that, you can make crazy money.

If you are wondering what is the secret behind dropshipping then you have it right here and you have known it already.

This business model allows you to source AliExpress sales funnels product around $0.50 and then you can sell those products by marketing them on your own up to $10 to $15.

At many times you can import a product from AliExpress of just $10 and then the shipping money of $4 will make it $14 and then you can sell the product for $30. 

With the help of this, you can earn huge money as you can earn a profit of $16 and if you calculate the profit of hundred products then you can get $1600 and if still, you exclude all the back amounts like adverts then still you will earn a profit of $1200. 

If you are thinking that you have to make an investment first to gain profit then you should not worry because you can pay your supplier after you have sold your product to your customer.

It will keep you out of risk and you do not need a product inventory either.

All you have to do is to make your marketing even more successful so your product can be sold quickly and even at a larger cost than you have expected. 

As we are not talking about dropshipping, AliExpress sales funnels in Clickfunnels dropshipping business model is out of this world.

The advantage of this business model is that it heightens your marketing strategy to increase the sales conversion and makes your profit increase at a rate that you have never imagined as it maximizes the profits sales by a large number. 

However, the work we are talking about is not so easy.

It can contain certain loopholes and as we say this its always easier said than done means that it is easy to say but when it comes to achieving the goal you have to work hard for it and it is never too easy to achieve.

But when there is will there is a way so if you are willing to push yourself harder there might be a way and that way is a certain formula which is Winning Product + Right Audience = $$$. 

This article is published so you can learn all the information regarding Clickfunnels Dropshipping with the AliBExpress sales funnels.

It all starts with choosing a winning product then goes to the end where you can set up your sales funnels for AliExpress products and items.

So without any further due let’s just get down to the business.

What Is Clickfunnels?

So before going to the main topic as we have mentioned in the heading as well, you should know something about Clickfunnels that is at the centre of this soapbox.

So let’s learn something about the most popular online business platform in the world right now. 

Let’s go back to the year 2014 when Russel Brenson thought of this idea and then make it happen.


The idea of creating an online business platform from where people can learn and start their own online business and make real money for their own good as the digital world is increasing day by day and coming to life day by day so this idea was extremely marvellous from the guy behind all this success.

So the question is from where this idea pops up into his head?

The idea came from its own experiences and struggles that he has done before 2014.

As we go further with this Clickfunnels platform I would like to suggest you if you want to learn his secrets and how he became so successful and where he came from to make this beautiful platform for the people to earn great money.

All of these answers lie in his book Dotcom Secrets. This is a very powerful book that can teach you to increase geometrically your own outside traffic, conversions and sales online.

Clickfunnels offers every possible thing that makes sure your market goes rapidly and helps sell products through websites that you can build on your own without learning anything about web development.

If you are thinking of making an offer with a coder or a developer so they can create your website.

Do not do such a thing as you know Clickfunnels provide you with every single tool that will help you create your website without asking any developers help. 

The same thing goes for AliExpress.

As AliExpress sales funnels will give you choices of sales funnels so you can choose one of them. 

As we talk about sales funnels, it helps you gain customers and improve your marketing status.

You can make your marketing increase by using squeeze pages, landing pages, upsell, down sell and in the end the most important thing in email marketing

Below are some steps that will help you learn more about AliExpress sales funnels.

Step #1: Finding Your Niche Products

niche Products

If you are looking for the best option to replace and move on you should buy more niche products.

If we talk about AliExpress sales funnels which is not a typical drop shipping business model.

So you can buy a niche or if someone wants to sell a niche and you have to put a new man in power as well. 

The reason behind that we are selling niche products to gain the trust of our customers and then increase the market of their business.

The advantage that you will gain is that customers will like them and maintaining its criteria will increase the sale by the available audience. 

Choosing Your Winning Products

If you want to make this work, you should first take an initial product, after that, take some complementary products that you will be using for and up-sell and down-sell of the initial product as bait.

The initial product can be anything such as a free plus shipping or a 70% or 80% discount off as you like.

The free plus shipping offer can be defined as you can give the product for free and then ask them to pay for the shipping fee only.

This is a massive way to sell and make them buy your product and then with the help of upselling and down-sell you can use them as bait for your complimentary product. 

Requirements for Choosing Hot and Winning Products:

Winning Products

i- Lightweight

The lightweight products are the best way to make more money than the heavier.

As a matter of fact, the heavier product can be charged more money for his money when the shipping is done as the lightweight will cost a little money because of its lighter weight.

If you did this you will be spending less money than you will start to make.

ii- Best Sellers

Best Sellers

The winning products can be best sellers and with the help of them, you can make a whole lot of money.

Best way to find if the product is a best seller or not is that you can go and see on Amazon best sellers or just check AliExpress that how many orders have been placed for this product.

iii- Products around Hobbies

Products that relate your or any customer’s hobby can be profitable and can make you a lot of money.

The hobby can be anything such as sports, cooking, fishing, camping and much more.

Products of such hobbies can be sold in very less time than selling any other product.

iv- Pleasure\Stress Reliever

Stress Reliever

This factor can also be taken into custody when finding a winning product.

As you all know how much people have stress and they will do anything to make them self relief from it.

This can be your advantage to sell a pleasure or stress reliever product to that customer that wants to have pleasure even for a second and almost every customer in the world will want it.

This can make you a huge amount of money as well.

v- Cheap Products

If you are a new seller or old one never put a product so expensive that people do not get attracted to it.

The best way to sell a product is to make it cheaper and attract an audience and if you are attracting the traffic from social then you should work with the cheaper because if the price of the product is expensive they will be stopped from going further.

Choosing Your Initial and Complementary Products

If you want to make customers come back to you.

You will have to make the initial product look attractive and catchy because this is the start for your business and if the product is loved by the customer he will come back as your product should be related to up-sell and down-sell. 

Complementary Products

If you want to look good in front of customers or if your product wants to look good then you will need something which is great already.

You can search or Google trends as well as Amazon best sellers and after that on AliExpress as well.

We can give you some tips on what an initial product should be like.

  • First, you should make sure that the product price you put is below because you will have to apply a free plus shipping strategy. Even if you are offering a huge discount, the product will still be at large and will be guaranteed
  • If you go with ePack shipping then it can be really effective. But you will have to make sure that the product should also be ePack so there will be no trouble in future, if you do this you will be able to avoid the AliExpress long shipping time
  • The supplier seller score can be also effective as it can be a story that touches the heart so avoid that so make the supplier score up to 95% first
  • You should check products reviews so if there is any complaints from a customer you can change your product so first see the review then start selling your product

After you have processed the initial product then look for the complementary product, this will not be a big deal you just have to find a related product to the initial. 

Step #2: Creating Your AliExpress Sales Funnels

AliExpress Sales Funnels

Now the time is to create an account for you on Clickfunnels if you want to create an AliExpress sales funnel.

The best part is they give you a 14-day trial and if after 14 days you do not like the platform or their service you can cancel your account immediately.

To attract customers to your sales funnel you will need a catchy offer that will lure them to your sales funnel immediately.

For this to have you will have two offers.

The first one is free plus shipping and the other is a huge discount, both are mentioned above, in brief, you can read them again.

Step #3: Marketing Your Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

When your sales funnel is set you will need marketing to make it popular and for this, you will need help from adverts. 

Google Ads

Google Ads

This can be effective because people that will take action will be most attracted to your product and can approach to buy.

I will recommend that before initializing the Google Ad plan consider downloading the Facebook pixel so you start marketing on Facebook as well.


This platform can be also effective as you can approach influencers to market your product at a cheap price.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

This platform is the best as when you are done with your pixels or your traffic is done with the pixels they start optimizing your Facebook ads for site conversion.

This method can be really effective. 

Step#4: Fulfilling Orders on AliExpress

Since you have done everything to set your Aliexpress sales funnel.

You have applied every strategy and every other step that we have told you and now you are attracting traffic as well.

So nor all you have to do is to sell your desired product to them and start fulfilling orders.


As the article is at the end, we would like to tell you that this feature from Clickfunnels can be highly effective to make more money then you generally make in a business.

Clickfunnels Dropshipping will help you conquer your AliExpress sales funnel and will make traffic attract your sales funnel more.

We hope that you make a lot of money with the help of this article and pass on your review if you like this article and is helpful to you in any way. 

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