Clickfunnels Blog – How To Do Blogging with Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels blog can be your best choice just in case you want to increase traffic and reach more customers to your business.

If you currently use Clickfunnels, then you must realize that blogging is the most effective way to attract more and more visitors.

Clickfunnels Blog – How To Do Blogging with Clickfunnels?

clickfunnels blog

Maybe, you are quite confused about how to blog with Clickfunnels. Anyway, you read these following tips on how to blogging with ClickFunnels to increase customers.

How To Create A ClickFunnels Blog?

Basically, it is very easy and simple to create such a blog with ClickFunnels.  What is actually a blog? A blog is actually a simple web page that consists of articles related to your business products and services. In this case, all you need to do is to add a new blog post every day and write some blog posts for visitors’ information.

One good thing that you can find on Clickfunnels is that you can use the available blog templates in the Misc section. After you select a page template, then you just start your Clickfunnels blogging.

You may change the template if you wish. Once you choose the template, you can just add a new post again and again.

In general, blogging with ClickFunnels is as easy as blogging with WordPress or Blogspot, but ClickFunnels offers more professional blogging because you have your own domain.

Why Choose ClickFunnels for Blogging?

clickfunnels blog

Somehow, you can create any blogs for free using WordPress or Blogspot, but it does not look so professional anyway. So, if you want to build a professional blog for funnel bait, the ClickFunnels blog must be the best choice.

One of the benefits for choosing the Clickfunnels blog is that you can easily monitor your blog stats on the dedicated dashboard. Moreover, it is also very easy to edit your blog whether you want to crease easy buttons, set up pop-ups, and much more.

With Clickfunnels blog, you can just create such a simple blog for advertisement in order to attract visitors so they can read the blog posts and conduct a certain action.

You can also ask them to enter their email address to subscribe to your business. Not only that but blogging with ClickFunnels may also establish expertise or just make your product and service become so popular.

How To Sign Up for ClickFunnels Blog?

ClickFunnels blogging registration is very simple. Somehow, you only have to sign up for ClickFunnels to be able to enjoy the blogging feature.

If you sign up for ClickFunnels, you also have a chance to enjoy 14-day trial. You can choose one of the two plans provided.

The Startup plan costs about $97 per month while the Enterprise plan costs about $297 per month.

During the free trial, you can cancel the purchase at any time and you will get your money back.

Though it is just a free trial, you can enjoy the provided premium features based on the plan you choose including the ClickFunnels blogging. Do you really want to build sales funnels and create blogs?

So, you can just sign up for ClickFunnels or just simply click this link.

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