Clickfunnels Blog Template, How Does it Look like?

You might be wondering how Clickfunnels Blog Template looks like, here we have penned down the required and needed explanation for you. No doubt, Clickfunnels is by far the best funnels builder that are available in the market.

Furthermore, it is identified as the particular kind of site builder that is specifically made to help out and assist the internet entrepreneurs.

One has to understand that building and developing a website without a blog page is like you are making a cup of tea without adding sugar in it. Though your website will look good and alright, still it will lack charisma and going to be tasteless.

So, the point is to build and create a blog page too for your site. Your goal should be to make a beautiful and appealing blog. For that purpose, you can choose ClickFunnels. It basically and generally focuses its attention on funnel building creation.

Moreover, it provides the user with a blog. It is through this platform that you can select a suitable Clickfunnels blog template that matches and synchronizes according to your needs.

In this piece of writing, you will get to know how ClickFunnels blog template looks like, so let us jump on the discussion and see if you still have any queries:

Clickfunnels- Packed with Many Powerful Featuresclickfunnels features

It is generally observed that Clickfunnels is equipped and packed with many powerful features. It let you create and make some of the professional sales funnels immediately and instantly.

If you count yourself as one of the internet marketers and you are still wondering as to how to create a blog with the help of Clickfunnels, then this guide can help you.

Creating a blog is now a piece of cake with the usage of this tool.

Why use Click Funnels?


There is this conception that the blogging world has become dead. Individuals have started to believe on this fact that video making world has taken over the platform of blogging.

However, you can still enhance and amplify your blogging game and you can unlock a great amount of sales success by using Click Funnels.

What you can do is to create a high-end looking blog or website and then you can funnel the traffic right to your sales funnels. In this way, you can receive and get free organic traffic every day.

And Click Funnels make it super and immensely easy for you for converting your visitors exactly at your sales funnels.

You need to keep in mind that Clickfunnels is not at all blogging platform. But it allows and permit you to create and make a beautiful looking website along with click funnels.

Upon creating a blog or website with the usage of click funnels, you will not need hosting service or theme or any of the plugins. All of these features are provided are given by click funnels.

How does Clickfunnels Blog Templates Specifically and Generally Look Like?

Most importantly, these click funnels provide you with different types and kinds of click funnels blog templates.

You can see this entire collection by going and accessing the miscellaneous section and then simply choose any of the blog templates that are there currently available.

These Clickfunnels blog templates look like exactly that of the WordPress templates. Furthermore, you are given the options to choose and go on selecting different blog style templates that come with one, two or three columns.

Moreover, this same platform provides you with the option to use a static page as well if any user needs it. This template makes the job regarding editing your blog simple and easy.

As an example, you are free to change the title of your blog in a hassle-free manner. Besides, you can do that without writing any of the HTML codes. What you are going to be received is a readymade template.

And in that template, your only job is to add and incorporate your words. You can even change your blog font size and also its colour, pictures.

Other details on the appearance and overall looks of ClickFunnels Blog Template

The overall looks and appearance of ClickFunnels blog template, it looks like that of an ordinary blog template. Beyond, you may see and come across the same kind of templates on platforms like that of WordPress or Blogspot.

Upon using this Click Funnel template, your post is going to appear and come with its title as well as accompanied by the short contents. If you are choosing and going with the Blog Post Style template, then note down that this specific template is inducted with an ordinary design.

It looks immensely simple. It shows the blog post on the left side of it. And details on About Company Name appears on the right side along with the author details.

Or if you are going with another template, then the position of different sections may be different. However, no significant difference will be seen and noticed in the style. Some of the users prefer to try out and see some of the other Click Funnels blog templates.

They can do that by simply clicking on the option that says “Add New Funnel” and then you have to click “Build Funnel.”. After that, select and choose the “MISC” tab to further check and go through the blog templates.

Finally, you can scroll down on the respective page and choose your desired and most favourite blog templates that are currently there and available for you.

The other point that you always have to consider while using click funnels. As we are aware of this fact that this platform is not marked and called as a blogging platform. So, whenever you want to create and make a new blog post, then the user has to clone his or her existing blog part on repeated notes and basis.

Here creating and generating a new post does not work like we used to do in WordPress. Upon following this process of cloning your post, you will be able to accommodate your new post right on your blog.

Creating and Developing a Blog Using Clickfunnels

If you plan regarding creating and developing a blog with the help of Clickfunnels, then this process will come out to be as easy and seamless as if you are creating a funnel page.

Simply choose and select the right Clickfunnels blog templates. Furthermore, these templates are also available and included in the ClickFunnels template lists.

How Much Price to Pay for ClickFunnels Blog Templates?

ClickFunnels Blog Templates

If you want to get these templates, then you might be thinking about what price you need to pay for it, we are going to tell you about it.

As an example, if you plan to build and make funnel pages along with the usage of blog templates, then what you can do is to buy Clickfunnels plan.

Most noteworthy, you can carry out this process by signing up for Clickfunnels. And simply enjoy using all of its premium features.

Most probably, you will be provided with a 14-day trial to become part of ClickFunnels. Regarding the plan prices, there are two options. You can either go with the Startup plan that price for $97 per month.

Or you can prefer to go for Enterprise plan, it will cost you $297 per month. It is seen that the Enterprise plan is loved by users as it offers unlimited features and you will get some bonuses as well.

How Click Funnels pose great significance of creating blogs for your website?

As click funnels allow and permit you to build the desired kind of funnels, you can even try making blogs by using them. No doubt, Blogging is one of the powerful tools.

Moreover, blogs have turn out to be compulsion when creating and making a new website. Hence, it is these click funnels that provide and deliver you with funnels as well as templates for blogs. This way, you can direct free traffic right to your funnel.

Discover their variety of templates and create a blog with them. The best part is that you do not need and require any plugins or themes. You do not need hosting services. All job will be done click funnel.


So, what’s the bottom line? This is how Clickfunnels Blog Template looks like! If you have not used this template, then you can try it out now and share your feedback with us. We are sure that using this blog template system will make your blog page more appealing.

Just in case, if you want to make and build funnel pages or you wish to make landing pages and that too along with the blog, then use Click Funnels. Create your account on it and enjoy having its 14-day trial.

It will eventually help you as to how to create the most appealing and engaging looking website that you need and always wished for. Choose your blog templates that match and suit your business needs and start working on it.

More info on this specific topic is coming sooner, so stay tuned with us.