Clickfunnels backpack – what’s the feature of business

This Clickfunnels is a popular funnels builder that helps internet entrepreneur to create high converting sales funnels or any other types of e-commerce site they need. Designed by Russell Bronson, Clickfunnels has become the most trusted funnel builder in the market. Clickfunnels offers many interesting features to help the internet marketer to build a professional e-commerce site instantly.

Clickfunnels backpack – what’s the feature of business

With Clickfunnels backpack is one of the Clickfunnels features that enable the internet entrepreneur to make an affiliate program easily. Today, we are going to discuss the clickfunnels backpack and its features. Before we go any further, we need to know why internet marketer needs an affiliate marketing program for their business.

Why internet marketer need affiliate marketing?

We all know that affiliate marketing is a very effective method internet marketing campaign. Unlike impression or click advertising, affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing. This means that you only need to pay a commission if your affiliates make conversion successfully. Affiliate marketing offers many benefits for the internet marketer. This kind of marketing allows you to save money as your affiliate will do a marketing campaign for you. Additionally, affiliate marketing help you to drive massive traffic to your e-commerce site with minimum afford,

What is a Clickfunnels backpack?

We have mentioned earlier that Clickfunnels backpack is an affiliate management system provide by Clickfunnels. We all know that Clickfunnels offers many useful features and Clickfunnels backpack is one of them. This particular clickfunnels backpack enables the clickfunnels user to create easy to manage affiliate program they need. A backpack is a Clickfunnels native application. This means that Backpack will work smoothly with your sales funnels. When you use clickfunnels backpact, you will not require any other third party affiliate software anymore. That fact is that Claickfunnels backpack is the best affiliate management software available in the market.

Clickfunnels Backpack features.

  • Dashboard section. You can see all your general affiliate information in the dashboard section. It will show how much your affiliate earns, how much commission you have paid and how much you owe commission on them.
  • Affiliate section. All your new affiliate will be added in the affiliate list. However, you can add your new affiliate manually.
  • Commission section. This commission section will show commission for all affiliates, a purchase made, the amount due and so on.
  • Payment section. This is the most appreciates section by affiliate creator. Payment section enables the user to track payment due; the commission made and so on. In this case, you will never miss out to pay your affiliate anymore.
  • Commission plan. This commission plan section allows you to set up how much commission you will give to your affiliate.
  • Affiliate types. This section enables you to create affiliate types. Affiliate type related closely to your commission plan. Clickfunnels allow you to create a multi-tier affiliate program.
  • Affiliate funnels. All your funnels with affiliate program will be listed here. If you don’t have any affiliate, this particular page will be blank

Clickfunnels is the best funnels builder that equipped with many powerful features. The backpack is the best clickfunnels feature that enables the user to create and manage an affiliate program efficiently.

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