11 ClickFunnels Alternatives to Try Out in 2021!

Today we will present to you the 11 ClickFunnels Alternatives, which are amazingly popular this year.

Yes, you heard it correct,

ClickFunnels is a complete package of elegance and usefulness if you want to dominate the market related to your business. People are not content with just one product.

They want more options, more things to look up to when they implore the market.

Now you have many choices to choose from when it comes to the funnel building Software for your business. Every other software or service which can be a ClickFunnels alternative will be listed here.

Want to know the kicker here?

In this review, you will get to know all the essential and useful information about the top-of-the-line alternatives of ClickFunnels. All of these will be briefly described to allow you to compare them with ClickFunnels.

We will also give our opinion at the end too. This will allow you to analyze the things these alternatives have to offer and what flaws they possess. You will also be able to choose the best one for you.

It will help you to know what type of tools these alternatives provide and are ClickFunnels better than these alternatives or not.

This can be very helpful in the part of choosing the right kind of software and solutions. This is because everything will be creatively described and written briefly.

But first, let’s see what is ClickFunnels…

What is ClickFunnels?


You’ve probably heard about ClickFunnels from a lot of people before. Well, ClickFunnels is an all-in-one tool that has the capability to help anyone advertise and sell their products on the internet.

ClickFunnels was specifically designed for people who have a business mindset but lack the coding and the designing skills needed to set up an awesome and complete online business.

ClickFunnels is a must-have as you don’t have to rely on arrogant individuals to build the sales funnel for you. ClickFunnels, in turn, make it easier for people to build sales funnel pages by themselves.

These days, having an online sales funnel is a must. The concept of online marketing is very much like the advertising done offline, in the real world.

To grow a business, you need to approach the right kinds of customers, build better leads, show the value of your products and persuade them to buy your services or products. Doing so is not easy.

But unlike real-life skills, marketing online needs coding, designing landing pages, advertising, and many other things.

This is where ClickFunnels and other marketing tools alike come into play. ClickFunnels is an expert-developed tool that does not require the users to be specifically a master of any particular skill.

ClickFunnels is a perfect replacement and more effective than working with web designers to make your sales funnel. The setup of ClickFunnels feels like a plug-and-play setup and allows you to be ready just within a matter of minutes.

This saves time as it doesn’t require you to explain to someone the sales funnel you want them to build for you.

One of the best things about ClickFunnels is that ClickFunnels comes with pre-made funnels that go well with just about any business. ClickFunnels has a wide variety of ranges regarding coming in handing for you to make a successful yet effective sales funnel.

Features of ClickFunnels:

ClickFunnels Features

When it comes to the features of ClickFunnels, there are so many to mention. However, out of so many features, we are going to point out the best ones that there are and are going to be explaining them in details:

There are some specific features that make ClickFunnels a better fit than the other web designers that make your sales funnel for you.

ClickFunnels appears as a specifically designed tool to help people build their own sales funnel and make the changes according to them.

ClickFunnels offers a wide variety of additional features that will optimize your pages and improve your sales funnel in such a way that it will be able to generate better leads. ClickFunnels offer features such as:

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Custom Domain Hosting

One way you can use ClickFunnels to make your business thrive is by doing custom domain hosting. Having a custom domain registered will allow you to connect your funnels to a specific branded domain.

A custom domain hosting is like a unique branded name that is going to identify your website. For example, Microsoft’s custom domain is microsoft.com.

Custom Domains are also known as vanity URLs, show up in the URL bar on top of every browser. Having a customized domain can mean a lot in terms of making a good business image.

Allows the Users to Make their Own Webinar Funnel

Referring to the discussion above, ClickFunnels is one of the most simple and easiest software to use in the history of computers.

Having that said, it allows the users to be able to create their very own sales funnel with minutes and without having to put in a lot of struggle.

Regardless of the business field, you are in, ClickFunnels has got you covered and comes with already built templates.

These templates can be customized according to the views of the customers and can also be used as it is. The decision lies in the hand of the users.

To these pre-built template sales funnels, the users also have the ability to add or remove any pages.

The users also have the option to remove or alternate any text, color, font style, alignment and much like features.

In much simpler words,

A webinar funnel is a marketing and sales tool that ClickFunnels offers. With this feature, the website visitors can be converted into leads, and further, leads to buyers.

With a webinar funnel, once a person signs up, they are immediately driven towards a “Thank You” Page.

Now, on this page, they will attend a live webinar or a recorded video. However, the motto for designing a webinar funnel is to generate better leads and generate better sales for the users.

A/B Split Test

This is one of the best features of ClickFunnels. An A/B Split testing feature allows the users to test two different kinds of conversions for two different variations of each page in your funnel.

This funnel can prove to be extremely useful as it will allow you to filter out the best page for your funnel, which in turn, is guaranteed to bring you better and improvised leads.

ClickFunnels is Easy to Use

When it comes to dealing with technology, this is one of the most important features.

For any software to be able to gain a lot of attention, it is imperative that it must be easy to use. People are likely to react positively and try out software that they find easy to download, install, and use.

If the software has all of these traits, people are likely to pay for such software as well. With ClickFunnels, the users are not going to believe how incredibly the process of making a funnel has been oversimplified.

With ClickFunnels, getting started is rather simple and doesn’t require you to go through a long list of rules and guides.

The designer of the software has made sure that using this software is rather easy and doesn’t require the users to learn any kind of coding language,

We are not exaggerating the fact that everything has been simplified; the developer has ensured that every integrated tool’s use is very self-explanatory and will allow the users to get hold of them without lots of technical knowledge.


ClickFunnels Pricing:

FunnelFlix Pricing

When it comes to offering features plans, there are a lot of different features. But mainly, there are only two different kinds of Pricing Options that are available for the users. The most affordable and the cheapest ClickFunnels pricing plan starts at 97 Dollars a month.

This allows the users to avail 20 Sales funnels, 100 Landing pages, and 3 domains. However, the expensive ClickFunnels plan costs about 297 dollars for a month. This plan has many features that include Unlimited Funnels, unlimited landing pages, and up to 9 different domains.

When you look in-depth, ClickFunnels has five different price models that vary on the available features in each kind of plan.

These price models are listed below: 

  • Standard – Costs 97 Dollars for a month.
  • Platinum – Costs 297 Dollars for a month
  • Two Comma Club X – 2,497 Dollars for a month.
  • Standard – Costs 997 Dollars for a year.
  • Platinum – Costs 2997 Dollars for a year
  • OFA Platinum – 997 Dollars for a year.

There are not many differences when it comes to choosing between the standard and the premium version of ClickFunnels.

However, the premium version of ClickFunnels comes with some additional features in the standard option.

The difference can be seen in the number of landing pages and the sales funnels allotted for each month.

However, the ClickFunnels marketing tool’s most priced version would be ClickFunnels Comma Club X, which Costs as much as up to 2,497 Dollars for a month.

The main difference between these landing pages is the number of available landing pages, custom domain names, and other different features that are not available in the other plans.

Having said that, if you are a beginner and want to develop a better understanding of ClickFunnels and making sales funnels, you should stick with the standard plan.

If you are an experienced Funnel designer, then feel free to use all the features of this software and choose the premium plan.

Who is ClickFunnels For?


For you to understand whether ClickFunnels is the one for you, you need to understand what it is exactly.

ClickFunnels is one of the best sales funnel builders and if you are looking to make a funnel that has high conversion rates and can bring in a lot of sales for you, then ClickFunnels is the one that you should definitely have.

Clickfunnels is the personal choice of business owners around the world, marketers, and people such as consultants. ClickFunnels helps them build a sales funnel that allows them to make a lot of profit from it.

The functionality of ClickFunnels is rather wide and cannot be depicted by any specific field. ClickFunnels allows its users to be able to build a fully personalized sales funnel.

Now, ClickFunnels is known for offering a lot of features that the other builders just don’t have.

Now, ClickFunnels is a solid choice for anyone that is looking to build a sales funnel or a website. The websites made from ClickFunnels will be able to bring in high traffic and is likely to have a good conversion rate than the typical kinds of website.

ClickFunnels is also known for being very easy to understand and operate. ClickFunnels features tool such as a drag and drop builder which make it easy for people to use it. Since it is very basic to understand, ClickFunnels can be used by just about anyone.

This breaks the traditional bar set by the web designers and the sales funnel expert who would charge people a lot in turn for making their sales funnel for them.

ClickFunnels may have different availability of features for different pricing plans, but even the basic plan of ClickFunnels allows you to be able to create a sales funnel that is going to be really attractive and you will also be able to choose any personalization to go with it.

ClickFunnels Pros and Cons:

When it comes to mentioning the benefits and drawbacks of ClickFunnels, you will find out that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a mile.

However, it is essential for you to know about everything that you stand to benefit or lose from signing up with ClickFunnels.

This will allow you to weigh the pros and cons and see whether the platform is really worth it for you.

Here are the drawbacks and benefits of using the ClickFunnels for building Sales Funnels:


Includes Pre-Built Funnels

When a lot of people hear about funnels, they think that it is something really hard to make and they need to hire experts to build the funnel for them.

However, ClickFunnels shuts off this idea and comes with a lot of pre-built templates. This comes in handy to every user and can be used by anyone lest of any field of business that they are in.

The users have the ability to customize a template to make their own funnel, which makes ClickFunnels one of the best options on the list.

Works Efficiently to Generate Leads and Sales

A lot of people think that ClickFunnels is overpriced. However, on the other hand, we feel that the price tag of this Funnel builder is more than justified.

As easy as ClickFunnels makes it easy for the users to build their own funnels, ClickFunnels also goes one step ahead in generating traffic on their funnel.

The cycle further changes those visitors into leads and sales.

Drag and Drop builder

ClickFunnels is renowned between entrepreneurs and businessmen and for the right reasons.

What makes ClickFunnels one of the best options on the list is the fact that ClickFunnels comes with a drag-and-drop editor tool.

This allows the users to be able to add and try all kinds of dynamic content in making their funnel the best one that there is.


One of the Most Pricey Options

Believe us when we say that ClickFunnels is not Cheap. Now, ClickFunnels may be effective, but ClickFunnels charges its users a fairly huge amount as compared to the other Sales Funnel builders.

Granted that ClickFunnels comes with three different pricing plans, even the cheapest pricing plan of ClickFunnels costs more than the other funnel builders.

Below Average Customer Service 

ClickFunnels is one of the best platforms that can be used for making the sales funnel, even the best. However, it has some shortcomings.

If you were to need help from their customer service team, you are likely to be hung to dry by their customer service.

Sometimes they take days to get back to their customers, which really is not acceptable, considering the prices that ClickFunnels is asking to pay.

What is a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel

Before we go any further, it is essential for you to develop a basic understanding of what a Sales Funnel is.

Sales funnel is one of the best digital marketing strategies that you can adapt for your business and is bound to have a huge impact on your business in terms of bringing sales and high conversions.

Sales funnel is basically a process in which a lot of lead customers go through a process to become a sale. The building process of the Funnel can be broken down into different steps.

These steps are typically called the top, the middle, and the bottom of the funnel. The model of every sales funnel will vary depending on the company’s sales model.

Anyone that is involved in the world of sale knows that losing a customer or seeing a sale walk by hurts.

You put a lot of time and effort in pitching, demos, chattering, and charming the prospect but the potential customer falls out of the sales to funnel without purchasing.

Now, we get it that it’s a part of the sales world. But with the right tools and the right strategies, you will be able to skim down the chances of it happening by a huge margin.

This is where the tools for making sales funnel come in. ClickFunnels is one of those tools that a person can use to make their very own sales funnel and can do any changes that people would like to do on their sales funnel.

However, the sales funnel is one of the most important aspects of online business. What makes it so important is the fact that a sales funnel will help you analyze the mind of the people that are visiting your funnel and purchasing from you.

ClickFunnels offers insight for every step of the funnel. These allow you to see where you lack and will allow you to place your money in the right place.

Examples of a Sales Funnel:

As it happens, the sales funnel is being adapted by a lot of businesses that you may or may not know.

Considering how effective a sales funnel is, it is no surprise that it is being adopted by a lot of bigger businesses of any business field to stay on top of their competition.

Here are some examples of successful sales funnels that are currently being used and will give you a picture of your sales funnel and will also tell you why it is best to have a sales funnel at this time.



Netflix is the biggest competitor when it comes to paid subscriber video services. Netflix allows users to be able to watch a vast variety of shows and movies. However, Netflix operates on its very own sales funnel.

The sales funnel of Netflix, according to research, has made them go over 80 million monthly users. They have one of the best sales funnel out of all the other options.

Their sales funnel is rather simple and straightforward. This ensures that people are not confused by anything and the customers will likely know what they are going to be getting.

ClickFunnels Alternatives to Try Out:

So let’s get started?

Without taking more of your precious time, we will head straight towards the best 11 alternatives of the ClickFunnels you can lay your hands-on, in 2021.

 1.  Builderall:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

When it comes to the best alternatives of the ClickFunnels, Builderall comes at the top of the list. It is one of the topmost options when users want the best ClickFunnels alternatives for themselves.

It is on top because of its amazing performance and outlook. The main thing in making sure you are getting the thing for a funnel creation is the software’s outlook.

Builderall provides the best outlook as compared to all the alternatives of ClickFunnels.

It is software that gives complete access to the user to make landing pages and attractive funnels. Builderall gives all the basic tools to generate better landing pages to attract more customers.

It also gives you access to better audience outreach. this creates a chance of gaining better potential customers for the product and a significant increase in the business progress.

The only problem that makes Builderall a little less competent than ClickFunnels is that it is not a marketing tool. Builderall consists of just the basic tools to manage your content and create better landing pages for your business.

But it does not have the advanced marketing tools for the job. On the other hand, ClickFunnels comes with all the essential and supporting tools that help the user build an effective funnel for their business.

 2.  Getresponse:


Getresponse is one of the most famous and efficient platforms that allows you to better market your sales funnels. It is a combination of an efficient marketing tool elegantly infused with an amazing funnel builder at the same time.

It is the best choice for the user who wants to manage their email marketing funnels better at the same place. This amazing software creates an automatic funnel that allows the marketing process to run smoothly and better.

One of the biggest advantages of using Getresponse is that it is extremely cheap compared to the other funnel marketing tools in the market. It gives all the services of funnel building and marketing at much lesser prices.

Get Response provides marketing automation, funnel building, email marketing, and landing page builders, all on the same platform. This gives the user easy access to everything needed to boost sales and gain better profits.

The only drawback of this alternative of the ClickFunnels is that it does not allow you to change the platform because of the inefficient software integrations. On the other hand, ClickFunnels have a potent integration capacity which makes it better than Getresponse.

 3.  Thrivecart:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

If you want to make your business funnels work more professionally, then Thrive cart is the answer to all your questions. It is one of the most sophisticated software of all time.

When it comes to handling numerical data on an online platform, Thrivecart can be the best tool for your business. It provides remarkable business integrations for your funnels.

It is an elegantly efficient system of getting payments for your products.

Thrivecart is considered a proficient software specializing in making sure the customer gets the accurate amount of promotions for their business.

It also gives responsive integrations for collecting payments from subscriptions, payments on physical products, and digital products and the services of the business.

The embeddable cart integrations can be the best tool for boosting your sales in business. The funnels created with Thrivecarts are changeable at any point. You can include different kinds of amazing offers in the middle to attract more customers.

The best part of Thrivecart is that it gives a built-in sales tax calculation feature in all its embeddable funnel integrations. The only flaw of this alternative of ClickFunnels is that it is not a marketing tool.

This is the main reason why it is not suitable for building high-end business marketing funnels.

 4.  Leadpages:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

If you are familiar with the work of ClickFunnels and are a marketing guy himself, then you would have heard about lead pages. It is one of the finest funnel-building software in the market.

Leadpages come with an amazing package of making sure that your clicks turn into real potential customers. This is because of the efficient landing page generation and funnel marketing tactics of this ClickFunnels alternative.

Leadpages mainly focuses on the process of building landing pages in a faster and simpler way. It comes with all the tools to make the landing pages look more attractive. His results attract more customers and have a better way of converting a regular audience to efficient buyers.

It has a wide range of previously made templates for the landing pages. You can also buy the premium ones from their marketplace. It is the most amazing landing page building tool to gather more customers.

The best part of using lead pages is that you don’t need to write any code to generate high converting funnels and landing pages. All the strategies of building these landing pages and the templates are easily available in the leadpages marketplace.

The only things which can be a disadvantage for this ClickFunnels alternative are that it only allows you to build a landing page.

It does not give you the right tools or the platform to build a whole funnel for your business. This is why it is not a suitable choice as a ClickFunnels alternative.

 5.  Convertri:


Convertri is and can be a suitable alternative for ClickFunnels because of the value it provides to its customers. The real power of this amazing software is that it boosts the speed of the funnel generating process.

It is one of the fastest and finest funnel-building software in the market. The landing pages built with the help of Convertri have a faster response rate compared to the other similar types of ClickFunnels alternatives.

The best part of this amazing ClickFunnels alternative is that it comes with a drag-and-drop page builder. This eases up the process of funnel building to a remarkable pace.

In this way, the funnel building process is accelerated, and a better response is expected to come. Convertri comes with an integrated shopping cart and a wide range of amazing templates for page building.

The only flaw of Convertri is that it is not a marketing tool. It is efficient in building the funnels, but it does not possess the right funnel marketing tools.

 6.  WishPond:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

Wishpond is an amazing tool and a better ClickFunnels alternative than any other tool in the market. It is amazing because of its efficient and responsive features.

It comes with all the features like a faster landing page builder, social promotion feature, and other important ones.

It is almost a complete package for the users who are finding the right ClickFunnels alternative.

The best part of this amazing software is that it is mobile-friendly.

It helps you get the job done with customizable popups on the page-building process.

It has an amazing attractive look and comes with a wide range of different templates. It allows Wishpond to convert leads into sales at a tremendous rate automatically.

It also allows you to connect with 30 different types of platforms too.

This ClickFunnels alternative is best in almost every way, but the only problem is that it does not have powerful integrations. It is the reason you can not shift your funnels to any other software.

 7.  Unbounce:


When it comes to performing well and having the best attractive outlook, no other ClickFunnels alternative can leave behind the efficiency of Unbounce.

It is the best platform to convert leads into sales at a much higher rate.

This is done because of its efficient performance and powerful designing integrations.

Customers are generated from leads if they are attracted to the funnel’s landing pages and the offers on it.

The Unbounce integrations work like designing software such as photoshop. It allows you to customize every inch of the landing page along with remarkable suggestions from a wide range of built-in templates.

Unbounce is an amazing software that allows you to create split test landing pages along with easily built funnels. It specializes in making sure you get the right type of tested landing pages.

The only problem with Unbounce is that it does not support and manage your whole marketing funnel simultaneously, so if you want to do that, ClickFunnels is the best choice for you.

 8.  Simvoly:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

When it comes to building efficient websites in a funnel, no other software can beat the performance of Simvoly. It is one of the finest website builders for the funnel creation process. It is easy to use and provides efficient results.

The good thing is that it comes with a drag and drop feature, making it highly suitable for faster funnel generation. It allows the funnel builders to design and implement all the things they want to portray their products with.

The best part is that it is accurate for creating eCommerce websites for funnels and CRM to manage customers efficiently. It also gives the testing feature of your website on the spot.

The only problem is that it does not allow you to create funnels for your business. You can only design websites, landing pages and manage your sales with Simvoly.

 9.  Kajabi:


When it comes to marketing funnels, no other software can beat the efficient Kajabi in that particular area of expertise.

It comes with all the essential tools to market the products of the user. It also can run proper marketing campaigns to promote the whole funnel too.

It is software that will give the users access to all the code-free landing pages. This software also provides amazing marketing campaigns that can be engaged with just one click.

The best part is that it comes with a built-in shopping cart which is embedded amazingly.

It also provides full customer support for the users in the form of email and assistance messages. This makes sure that your sales are boosted in such a way that you gain proper revenue.

The only thing lacking in Kajabi is the powerful integration ability which is essential in every funnel builder.

 10.  Hubspot:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

If you want to mark funnel-building strategies and implement them, Hubspot is the answer to all your callings.

It gives the right kind of tools and tactics to make sure that your leads are converted into loyal customers.

Hubspot provides a combined platform for many services that can help you in building and marketing your campaign.

It gives you easy access to building landing pages, email templates, marketing campaigns, and even posts for your blogs in the same place.

The only flaw it has is that it does not allow you to shift your funnels to a different platform because of the weak transfer integrations of Hubspot.

 11.  Landingi:

Clickfunnels Alternatives

Landingi is one of the top ClickFunnels alternatives which you can use to create landing pages.

The landing pages made with Landingi are efficient, fast, and attractive in a lot of ways.

It helps the user to attract more customers and boost sales to increase revenue.

The only flaw that comes with Landingi is that it is not marketing software. It is just a builder that can help you generate landing pages.

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Are All These Alternatives Better Than ClickFunnels?

As you have gone through all the possible alternatives of the ClickFunnels, you will be able to know about them very much. You would have studied all the benefits and the flaws which these alternatives have.

This is the reason ClickFunnels is still the best funnel-building software for your business in every manner. It does not have any flaw which its alternatives possess. It also consists of potent tools, which makes it the best choice for you.

With all this at hand, it is fear that there is nothing that can come near the services that ClickFunnels provide to its customers. It is by far the best funnel-building tool that you can have on your side if you want to dominate the market.

This is why you should go with the ClickFunnels because they are the best in every way. These alternatives can never match the performance and efficiency of ClickFunnels in any aspect.

ClickFunnels is a complete package with updated tools and best customer support.


Wrapping It All Up!

So these are some top-of-the-line alternatives of ClickFunnels in the year 2021. These alternatives are the ones that are in the market and have the best reviews in terms of working.

I am sure that you will love all the content of this article. This is because all the pieces of content about the ClickFunnels alternatives are properly researched and authenticated.

This will help you understand every aspect of these ClickFunnels alternatives in an amazing manner.

We sincerely hope that as you have gone through all the bits of content related to the ClickFunnels alternatives, you will be able to understand everything perfectly. All the advantages and the downfalls of these alternatives will be clear as day in front of you.

But if there is still something which you think is not yet cleared in your mind somehow, then there is no need to fret about it at all. This is because we have the perfect solution to your problem.

You can ask us anything you need to know about these ClickFunnels alternatives that are bugging your mind. We will thoroughly research all the questions you ask and provide the most viable and perfect solution for your problem.

So we just want you to stay tuned with us for more amazing and efficient content which will help you increase your knowledge. We will also try to give you informative content related to the topics you desire.

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