Clickfunnels Alternative – Is There Any Better Options To Replace?

Everybody knows that ClickFunnels is not the only website builder available to purchase. There are a lot of great ClickFunnels alternatives that you may choose.

ClickFunnels may be a good choice for funnel builder, but it is not good enough to build such an eCommerce site that uses a lot of navigations.

Clickfunnels Alternative – Is There Any Better Options To Replace?

Therefore, if you want to build other kinds of websites, you may prefer to choose other alternatives.

What are the best ClickFunnels alternatives?



The first option for the ClickFunnels alternative is Infusionsoft. InfusionSoft is known to be one of the most powerful builders that is suitable for online marketing.

Basically, it is suitable for small and medium business which needs enough features, functions, and customization.

How much does it cost?

You can buy the basic plan for only $99 or choose the Complete plan for $379 per month.



InstaPage becomes the second choice that looks more sophisticated than other platforms. With InstaPage, you may also build funnel pages easily.

Somehow, Instapage is not good enough when dealing with membership platform integration.

Somehow, it still becomes the most popular web-based editor for funnel building.

InstaPage offers three plan, they are Core plan for $68 per month, Opmizier Plan for $113 per month, and Agency Plan for $204 per month.



The next best ClickFunnels alternative is Unbounce which is really good for landing page building. Unbounce also has an intuitive drag and drop builder to make the editing process feel easy.

With Unbounce, you can easily convert visitors into customers with its custom templates.

The templates are various and you can even create one by yourself. Unbounce offers three plans.

The Essential plan costs about $99 per month, the Premium plan costs $199 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs about $499 per month.



OptimizePress is a great platform to build landing pages that highly convert.  But, if you want to use OptimizePress, you need to integrate it with WordPress.

So, OptimizePress is basically a WordPress plugin. This is the best choice just in case you want to build such a specific site such webinar page, event page website, and much more.

There are three plan options, they are Core, Publisher, and Pro. Fortunately, every plan is a one-time fee, so you do not need to pay it monthly. The Core costs about $97, the Publisher plan is $197, and the Pro plan costs about $297. ‘

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is also like OptimizePress which is a WordPress plugin. You can install Thrive to your WordPress to enjoy the feature.

Thrive is a really good choice if you want to build a website with wonderful theme options. Just like OptimizePress, Thrive also offers a one-time payment system.

In this case, you can choose to Thrive for a single site that costs $67 or $97 for multiple sites.

In summary, those are some ClickFunnels alternatives that you may choose. Somehow, if you do not intend to build sale funnels, you may not choose ClickFunnels.

But, if you want to build sales funnels, ClickFunnels is the best choice. Anyway, it is your decision either you choose ClickFunnels or other alternatives.