ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit Review [2020]

Clickfunnel turned out to be a hit in the market in minimal duration. People used its astounding features, offers, packages, and tools for boosting their work.

Meanwhile, the Clickfunnels team kept working to improve the services offered. One of these many tools included in Clickfunnels is the Affiliate Bootcamp.

Like other things, the structure of Bootcamp is also changed and it is here with a whole new twist. This training session has changed and upgraded to another level. From the previous Bootcamp, this one is a lot more different.

So if you are also curious to know what’s new and whether the improvements are worth or not. Well, we can ensure that you are in the right place.

In today’s article, we will share with you a brief comparison between old and new Bootcamp. Below we have jotted down a detailed review relevant to Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp.

Also, how it can help you with your affiliate marketing and business.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

People who are into affiliate programs or businesses have heard about Clickfunnels. Further, about all the features and splendid tools that one can use. But those who are novice needs to get a thorough outlook on it.

For this purpose, Clickfunnels offers you the Affiliate Bootcamp Summit. Most of us might be well-aware of it. Yet for those who don’t know much, it is a free online training.

The whole program comes with a lot of features like videos to help out the beginners. So one can learn how to start and build and further maintain a business.

Moreover, the major purpose of this Bootcamp is to help people, especially marketers. Hence they can start to promote Clickfunnels and at the end of the 100 days. You will be able to get hands-on a sturdy, passive income.

All you got to do is follow the whole plan step-by-step. So you will be able to generate at least $4000 per month. This hefty revenue and even a Clickfunnel Dream Car Contest.

Astounding, isn’t it?

This is another mind-blowing aspect and any affiliate can take part in this contest. The rest of the users can win the Dream Car too. It can happen when they get to 100 active users who are signed using their link.

If the affiliate has 200 active, signed up users Clickfunnels pay $500 or $1000 per month. This is for the Dream Car of the affiliate.

The Bootcamp comes with 4 days of training in which there are 16 plans to opt from. Further, you get 100 days and of course a Dream Car.

Affiliate Bootcamp vs Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

The previous program offered by Clickfunnels was the Affiliate Bootcamp. It has a series of videos that cover all relevant aspects of affiliate marketing.

The videos included creating an avatar, dream 100 lists, sources of traffic. This could be either paid or organic traffic. Also, how to use them along with other crucial aspects and concepts.

The Bootcamp program goes into in-depth methods and resources. It offers valuable training experience and proves to be a great source of help for new bees. Also, affiliate marketers tend to feel quite overwhelmed by the results.

Coming towards the Bootcamp Summit, which is a completely new thing. It comes with a unique structure yet a facile approach for marketers to adapt.

The Summit includes at least 16 super affiliates along with Russell Brunson. These affiliates present detailed, step-by-step plans so you get at least 100 people.

These people will sign up under you or your affiliate link. You get to win your Dream Car and gain a handsome, passive income every month. Moreover, it only requires you to watch 16 videos and opt for a plan that fits your needs well.

Next, you can implement the idea within 100 days. This helps you to able to initiate your own affiliate business or marketing.

Super Affiliates in Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

16 super affiliates in this summit teach their plans. So you can learn and use them to succeed in the affiliate programs and more.

These affiliates are the best as they have the highest monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

Let’s take a quick look at them and what you can learn from these super affiliates.

  • Russell Brunson is the CEO and co-founder of Clickfunnels. He was a number 1 affiliate for a contest and won a Ferrari. Also, he is a wonderful marketer who understands affiliate marketing like none others.
  • Steve Larsen was the lead funnel builder for Russell Brunson for at least 2 years. Not only that but he is an excellent creator of astounding offers. Furthermore, he is a winner of two comma club.
  • Rachel Pedersen is a queen when it comes to social media. She has a discerning hold on building and then strengthening relationships.
  • Jim Edwards is the one who developed Funnel Scripts along with Russell Brunson. If you look around, he is among the best copywriters.
  • Greg Jeffries has won his Dream Car as he is a master of SEO. This helped him in winning with his unique strategies. Also, he created a prominent sum of passive income.
  • Dana Derricks took the idea of Dream 100 to a whole new level. He used it to grasp his success in the affiliate market.
  • Spencer Mecham is another number 1 affiliate of Clickfunnels. He earned approx. over $1,000,000 in the commissions of Clickfunnels.
  • David Gambrill will guide you about cultivating happy clients. So they can stay out with you for the long term. This ultimately allows you to grow the monthly income
  • Jacob Caris is a master in providing time hacks and guidance. He will train you in using the best of your time even under hurdles of work.

Apart from these masters, below are the remaining super affiliates. These are also keen on sharing their knowledge within the Summit.

  • Joe Marfoglio
  • Marley Baird
  • JR Rivas
  • Josh Rhodes
  • Tyler S. Clark
  • Billy Gene
  • Peng Joon

What does It Teach?

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

The next and important question that arises in everyone’s mind is what one can learn from it? Yes, we understood what the Bootcamp Summit is and what it offers and more. Yet the question remains the same that what do we learn out of it.

The Bootcamp Summit helps marketers to learn various strategies and in-depth plans. The above mentioned 16 affiliates will share the plans they used to become a super affiliate.

Also, how they earn passive incomes and won the dream car so you can also do the same.

For instance, Jacob Caris will break down things like how to incorporate traffics. So you will learn about organic and paid traffic strategies.

Or when you can do so to maximize the results you get. Next, he also teaches how one can use the Facebook group in the right manner. So you can enhance your audience and build a hefty reputation for your brand online.

Another example is Steve Larsen and his approach; using stories to sell. He shows how you can create a distinct offer and a sales message while subsuming stories in it.

Further, he explains how to send that offer and the message to the right market. So this plan and technique have a hefty value out there.

Apart from these, there are many more examples out there in the affiliate market. The Bootcamp Summit also has various videos for training.

These videos comprise of hours jam-packed with valuable info and quirky strategies. So in the end, you can learn and succeed in your affiliate marketing and business.

Astounding? Well, here is a catch!

To learn all these plans, strategies and opt for anyone, you only have 4 days.

Now, you might feel that 4 days are pretty much enough and anyone can do it. But that’s not as simple as you think of it. Yet, imagine if you can get access to all these videos of those super-affiliates forever.

Yes, you heard it right! Forever!

So to get the unlimited access to Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit, you need to do this 1 thing. Sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge.

When you do so, you will get an ebook of all the 100-day plans from all the super-affiliates. Want to know the best part? There will be also an extra affiliate program that you won’t find elsewhere.

This is not the end of the amazing deal. You will also get a behind-the-scenes look at various funnels used by the super affiliates.

What does it Offer?

Affiliate Bootcamp Summit

You can’t learn unless you don’t have the idea about things offered in the package. The same goes for the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit.

Clickfunnels has always offered the best when it comes to affiliate marketing. Also, it promises to take good care of its affiliates by paying 40% recurring commissions.

So on Clickfunnels sign-up and selling of any product, they offer commissions. Clickfunnels pay these commissions twice a month and have ‘sticky cookies’.

Anyone who clicks on your link these cookies connect them to you. Hence you get the commissions for all the purchases they will make in the future.

The team tends to work to make the affiliates successful in promoting the products. For this purpose, they provide you with the required assets for the promotions.

If you consider this example, they provide social media messages, email swipe files. Affiliate links with the option of using sub ids estimated payout amounts. A dashboard to see the commissions and progress you have made.

In short, affiliates have everything needed to be successful. The Dream Car Contest is another huge perk of an affiliate program.

All you have to achieve is 100 active users signed up under your link. And voila! Clickfunnels will pay for your Dream Car.

Is it Legit?

It is pretty obvious for human nature to be curious or doubtful. And especially when something as good as Clickfunnels Affiliate program is there. Anyone of us can feel this question rising inside their mind. Whether Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Summit is legit?

Most of us would also wonder why would Clickfunnel pay for a whole car and much more. But it is completely okay to have such questions and doubts in your mind.

Here comes the truth!

Clickfunnels won’t be as successful without its affiliate marketers.  They are not only helping in promoting but also making sales.

The team working behind Clickfunnels knows this fact pretty well. Hence they ensure that the affiliates get everything they require to be successful.

As the affiliates become more successful, so will be Clickfunnels. And in the end, it would be a win-win situation for both sides. So you can conclude that it is legit.

It is the most reliable and the best free way for all those who want to start affiliate marketing.

Further, there would be only a single cost; when you join One Funnel Away Challenge. Even this gets you the bonuses along with unlimited access to the Bootcamp video series.

No matter what level of affiliate marketing you are at, the training is of premium-quality. It’s loaded with massive chunks of useful, valuable information for affiliates.

The people providing you the training are the masters. They have known the best ways to gain passive incomes. They have earned from it and even got their Dream Cars.

So if they can, they anyone among you can also do it. We all can be successful in our lives by only choosing a plan and follow it until the end.

Wrapping It All Up!!!

Clickfunnels has always worked to provide you a way to generate hefty revenues. And this new improved, well-structured Bootcamp Summit is yet another example.

The training program is without any doubt, an ideal choice for all beginners. Genius minds are behind these training sessions that will only help you to gain the best.

These affiliates are daily working at the back-end, endorsing new techniques. So without any further put-off, start investing your time into this amazing Bootcamp.

If you find any kind of difficulties understanding the contents of this article then there is no need to worry about it at all. Just ask us all the things bothering you and we will provide you an easy and efficient solution for your problem.

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