Clickfunnels 30 Days Free Trial: What You SHOULD Know?

ClickFunnels has created its name in the marketing game as this software has the complete base foundation that you need to establish your online business.

Nowadays this era is leading more towards online-based businesses and less towards the physical markets.

Have you noticed that most of the new businesses are now emerging on different online platforms?

And ClickFunnels is one of those platforms. In fact, it is the biggest platform among others. 

Thus there are several bonuses and packages that you can avail in different ways. Such as this 30-days trial of ClickFunnels.

Is there Really A ClickFunnels Extended Trial?

Clickfunnels trial

In simple words there no official trial variant of ClickFunnels the official trial variant is 14-days that’s it. I

know that there was be a 30-days trial variant but this is no longer available.

At this point, there is only one trial variant that is 14-days.

Elaborating this ClickFunnnls as there is a trial version of ClickFunnels available in both basic and enterprise plans.

But I think that 14 days trial is the best and accurate duration for using and understanding this software.

This can be enough to help you establish the foundation of your businesses.

It was ingenious to think of the extended trial plan as it boosted the campaign of ClickFunnels.

It can be the one that you should need and through proper precision and calculation, the team behind decided that they should update their trial version to 14-days.

This is the most accurate time period for understanding this software.

Is the ClickFunnels Trial Worth It?

ClickFunnels Trial Worth

When you were getting the Extended trial of ClickFunnels you were given the proper procedure of different marketing techniques and strategies.

With various Sales Funnels and different strategies, you were able to create some of the basic strategies that can lead your business to the top. 

With that, this extended trial was the best feature of ClickFunnels as it gave you the time to understand and learn this software and on the other hand, it also provided the basic necessity.

With the best technique what you should do?

And have you ever wondered any trial version of ClickFunnels is worth it or not?

Well, in my opinion, any version of a trial in ClickFunnels such as 14-days or 30-days is worth it. 

What is bad?

You pay your money and learn this software, or you are getting free time to learn this software.

And As well as I know the marketers in this market they will opt for the free version. 

So, if you want to take my word then take it that the trial version of ClickFunnels is worth your time.

You can opt for any trial version and this will be worth your time.

What Kind of Products Can You Sell during the Trial Period?

This is the main question that what type of products you can sell on ClickFunnels there are various products and niche and products that you can sell on ClickFunnels.

With ClickFunnels it will be easy to add products, their information of order form. 

There is extreme versatility to this software such as you can easily add your products, you will have the versatility to choose their prices, and eventually, enhance the selling process.

There are two types of products that you can sell on this platform that is:

Type #1: Digital Products

Digital Products

When you are selling online then you can add a membership program that can be used when your customer buys anything from you to provide them with the opportunity of selecting the membership of your store’s latest updates and premium features. 

With that, you can appreciate their concern to buy your product through the OTP message that you can send directly to your customer.

Type #2: Physical Products

Physical Products

With this, you can connect with the company like a shipping company that can help you manage your shipping process and make your customer your first priority.

This is why most of the physical products that various businesses sell to hire a shipping company that manages their shipment process.

How Much Should You Pay to Use the ClickFunnels Trial Period?


The best part of this trial version is that this is completely free and this can be the best part. As the trial version of ClickFunnels for free from the starter. 

There are various pricing plans that you can follow such as the basic, standard, premium. And the trial version is available in both basic and standard plans. 

With this, the pricing that you have to pay for the basic plan is $97/month, and for the standard plan, you have to pay $297/month.

Relatively when you see the pricing plan this can be the pricing is low according to the services that these plans offer you.

How to Generate More Sales during the Trial Period?

When it comes to generating sales with ClickFunnels then there are some effective ways that you can follow to do that and here are some:

A Two-Step “Trip Wire” or “Unboxing” Funnel

The basic goal is to get a customer and use the one-click Upsell process to generate the profit using a Funnel.

This method is used when the product is cheap or of low pricing.

A Launch Funnel

Launch Funnel

A launch Funnels helps you to create a hype of your new product that you are about to launch in the market.

This can be extremely profitable and most of the biggest firms in this world apply this method to enhance their sales. 

When you are launching a product and you know the pricing is expensive then you should apply this method and gather around your customers by creating a hype about that product and making sure that they buy it.

Thus you will eventually create more sales during this process.

Video Sales Letter Funnel

Video Sales Letter Funnel

This method is ideal for those products that require more publishing and marketing.

This is why you need either a presentation to present your product or you need a proper explanation to sell that product.

With that, the Funnel also uses the previously mentioned technique of one-click upsell to generate more profit from a click of your customer.

In addition to that, you can easily adjust the Funnel landing page according to your preference when it has created a proper framework and a  template that forms a landing page.

You can either add, remove delete or edit any page of the Funnel and below I have mentioned some of the pages that you can personalize:

One-Click Upsells

One-Click Upsells

You can easily add a cart value through different pages, this will help you in providing the information about the product or the service that you are providing to your customers.

If you appraise customers then that will be great and by this, you are praising them as they don’t have to go through an entire checkout process not once but twice. 

Affiliate Center (Backpack)

Affiliate Center

This provides you with the feasibility of adding a personal affiliate program to your Sales Funnel in just a few steps and minutes.

In this process or opportunity, you can easily manage your commissions for your affiliates and you can make most of the payment. 

Order Forms

With this feasibility, you can create order forms that can help your customers and you.

By these order forms, your precious customers don’t have to go through a lengthy process of check-out they just need two-step verification to check-out and that can be advantageous for you as their cart won’t be abandoned after all.

30-Days ClickFunnels Trial

When this trial was available then this was the golden opportunity for various marketers to try this new software and understand it.

This was the way of presenting ClickFunnels at its early ages as this also became the foundation of the publicity that ClickFunnels gained throughout the years.

This provided marketers to create their own terms with ClickFunnels and make it more versatile than it is now.

30-Days ClickFunnels Trial

Talking about the free trial of ClickFunnels it creates opportunities for complete Web Hosting, one-click upsells A/B split testing, and this also provided you with a vast range of templates that are completely responsive in any type of screens.

With that, there is drag and drop feasibility for landing pages, efficient payment processing methods, and different webinar funnels that you can create within just the trial version of ClickFunnels. 

At first, you have to pay for the basic plan and that is $97/ month to get this 30-days trial, but unfortunately, this offer finished as there was a sufficient amount of audience present in the community.

Thus now you can only achieve the 14 days trial that is more than enough just to understand these features of ClickFunnels. 

The 30-days trial was a marketing technique to attract marketers to create their foundation with ClickFunnels.

So, if you are thinking that 14-days is not enough so trust me when I say they have calculated this duration and provided this trial version so that you have enough time to understand it and use it according to the pricing later. 

Otherwise, people were overusing this software and that was disadvantageous for the founders of ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels 60 Day Free Trial, Does It Exist?

ClickFunnels 60 Day Free Trial

There never has been such a long term trial version for CLickFunnels but I agree there are some packages and bonuses that you can buy to get a long period of ClickFunnels trial but that also comes for a cost. 

ClickFunnels Coupons

Such as there are various coupons of ClickFunnels that you can get for a cost and that cost is not efficient to trust me but you can get the ClickFunnels trial for a long period of time and if you are lucky then it can be more than 60-days.

ClickFunnels Coupons

But When it comes to the pricing of these coupon deals then they are not budget-friendly. 

So, I would suggest that you get the basic plans instead of opting for different coupons for ClickFunnels as they require lumpsum payment and the payment sometimes can be large.

And I know when you are starting off with a new business then you are short for money thus getting coupons can be risky. 

Although there are coupons that are budget-friendly they don’t provide you with a 60-days trial of ClickFunnels.

Builder Secret for ClickFunnels!

With that, if you want more than 60-days trial period for ClickFunnels then I would suggest you to pt for the Builder Secret that you can get separately aside fro the packages.

What it does is that it can be extremely helpful for building your business and with that there are various opportunities that you can learn with this package. 

Builder Secret for ClickFunnels

You are getting in start 6-months of ClickFunnels for free so you can say it is a trial but the pricing for Builder secrets is also expensive and when you relate it with the opportunities that it provides it can be considered as value for money.

How to Get ClickFunnels Free Trial?

When it was new and fresh then ClickFunnels offered its users with 14-days and 30-days trial and that was extremely well set up.

But now you can get 30-days free trial from bonuses and packages that make ClickFunnels more intriguing. But from the start now you are getting 14-days of a free trial of CLickFunnels and that is enough.

So here are the steps that you can follow to achieve any of the trial version for ClicFunnels.

Creating Your ClickFunnels Account:

If you want to achieve any of the trial versions from ClickFunnels then first you need to signup to that software.


Because by this the team behind it will know that you want it that’s all.

Creating Your ClickFunnels Account

Other than that creating an account on ClickFunnels can be extremely helpful as you can lay the foundation for your business and you don’t even need to pay for the first 14-days as it is atrial for that and in that trial period you can learn and understand ClickFunnels.

Choose a Plan:

Then there you would see a plan option that will help you determine that which plan option is better for you.

Such as there is mainly three plan option and the most popular of them is the standard package that can provide you with fascinating features and the pricing is also budget-friendly. 

But there is no trial feature on this plan that’s why most people opt for the basic one to get the 14-days trial. So to get the trial there are only two opportunities for you.

One you can get the basic plan and another you can get the Etison Suite to achieve that 30-days trial.

1- Basic Plan

With the help of this plan, you will be able to create some of the best features for your business such as you can create high converting sales funnels and with the help of different templates style, you can create a professional-looking landing page for your Funnel.

There is membership access that can help you gather more and more audience for your business. With this plan, you are getting 14-days of the trial at the start.

2- Etison Suite

With this suit, you will be able to not only use ClickFunnels as it is but you will also get the support of Backpack and actionetics.

So, now with this suit, your ClickFunnel will not only run as the store but it can be your affiliate centre and an autoresponder at the same time.

And with this, you can get 30-days of free trial but the pricing is what you should consider.

Get Your FREE Bonus Training!

When you start with ClickFunnels then you will get several things as the bonus of using CLickFunnels it’s their way to appreciate different marketers of using CLickFunnels.

So one of them is 4 training videos that will help you have an overview of ClickFunnels and understand what a Funnel, sales funnel, and other webinars are.

Why You Should Sign-up for ClickFunnels Free Trial?

The basic instinct of a human is that they reach for anything that is free that is the first reason.

Just kidding” the question is why you should sign-up for ClickFunnels free trial?

There are various reasons and those are the reasons that I will explain to your so be patient and read this section fo this article. 

Sign-up for ClickFunnels Free Trial

When you sign-up for a free trial of ClickFunnels then you can get time and resources to understand the basic need of ClickFunnels and why it was created in such a format.

Through this trial, you will understand that this platform is the best and what it can do for you and your business to make sure that you can make it permanent. 

With that, you can also make sure that when you are creating your products or launching them then you don’t make any type of mistakes and that can be a precaution that you should take by choosing the free trial for ClickFunnels.

Other than that, you should choose it because it is free and you would be out of your mind if you opt for the standard plan ignoring the basic plan for a free trial.

I agree that Standard Plan offers more features but without understanding them you wouldn’t know that these features are for you or not. So, I would suggest that you opt for the free trial of ClickFunnels.

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