10 Best Sales Funnel Software in 2020 [Complete Review]

You might be wondering which are the best sales funnel software options for you; here, you can check out that list!

If you want to stay a further step ahead of the rest of your competitors, then you should try out these recommendations.

Furthermore, these options are embedded in a modern climate.

Moreover, they allow you to carry out intelligent digital marketing strategies. These sales funnel software options become you an expert in inbound marketing.

So, let us have a review of the vast number of these sales funnel software builder options. If you have used any one of them, then share with us your feedback about them:

What is a Sales Funnel Software?

What is a Sales Funnel Software

First of all, we will answer your question about what do we mean by sales funnel software!

If you have been associated with the field lines of selling or marketing, then you must be aware of this term.

Also, setting up and creating a sales funnel helps you in streamlining your online business. Your customers manage to get a better and satisfactory all-round buyer experience.

If you want to make loyal customers for your online business, then building a premium quality sales funnel is essential for you.

For that, you have to use the best sales funnel software.

These sales funnels are generally composed of large numbers of marketing assets. Like it creates social media campaigns and landing pages and email campaigns for you.

Besides, through this medium, you get a holistic view of all of your sales and marketing efforts just at a simple glance.

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What To Look For In A Sales Funnel Software?

Before plan to use and buy a sales funnel software for yourself, make sure that you keep in mind below-written essential points:

It is in large formats and flavors that this software is available. You have to decide which builder or software is suitable for your online business.

Most importantly, you have to see whether your chosen sales funnel software is user-friendly or not. It should be easy to use.

Your chosen option should not be giving you a daunting experience. Low-quality software options end up the user fighting with code and ask him to experiences countless glitches.

Secondly, your selected choice needs to come and packed with the right integrations. It has to be fully functional software and requires no assistance from any third-party software.

Thirdly, your chosen product should be composed of pre-made templates. If your sales funnel software offer you a comprehensive and immense variety of page templates, then that is great.

Next, you have to be very much sure that whether your chosen version is packed and installed with support channels or not!

You need to aim and buy that software that offers you the option of live chat, or it can be phone support.

Lastly, your selected sales funnel software version has to be utmost and extremely secure. The approach of security has to be your top priority.

As you are going to be taking payments and you will be handling ‘sensitive and personal information,’ for the reason that you should be choosing top-level security linked software.


Best Sales Funnel Software in 2020:

Best Sales Funnel Software

Below you can see some of the best and reliable sales funnel software options.

We have mentioned precise and comprehensive details for you.

We hope that after reading these details, you will be in a clear position and clear mind to choose the best sales funnel builder:

1. ClickFunnels:


The top-recommendation here we have for you is this ClickFunnels.

It is designed for all online business entrepreneurs out there. Most importantly, this sales funnel software does not need any of the coding skills.

If you wish to systemize your online marketing skills, then do use this software. Its landing page editor is extremely and immensely easy to use. This is a great looking option for all beginners. It is one of the helpful sales funnel software tools that you can try out.

Its starter plan comes with $97/month. In this package, you will get 20 funnels, 100 pages, and also 20,000 visitors. Moreover, you will be getting unlimited contacts and three custom domains and too opt-in funnels.

If you are interested in using their Etison Suite, then it will cost you $297/month. Here you will get the unlimited stuff, and you will be given entirely to all of the in-built email marketing services.

So, try out this one of the highest quality sales funnel builders and share your comments over here. It has received immense popularity and love from its users.

What are you thinking about now?

Get your hands on ClickFunnels now!

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2. Kartra:


Next, we have this Karta recommendation for you. It is marked as an all-in-one platform. With the usage of this sales funnel software, you will be getting a website and also landing page builder.

The package is included with a lead database (CRM) and email marketing and to lots of automation.

Its other features are included with opt-in forms and ticketing and live chat. You will get the option to use video hosting and user-friendly checkout forms.

By using this software, you will be allowed to host and optimize all kinds of videos. This same software is composed of call-to-action buttons.

This sales funnel software cost you around and $79 per month. In this respective package, you will get 2,500 leads and 15,000 emails per month.

The customer will be provided with 50GB bandwidth per month, and you can easily host 100 pages upon using this one of the supreme quality sales funnel builders. You will get the opportunity to sell 20 products and two membership sites.

What else are you expecting and demanding from any sales funnel builder model? This is a fantastic option that we will meet all your expectations.

[button href=”https://www.magentheme.com/kartra/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#0c87e1″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with Kartra Today![/button]

3. Thrive Architect (by Thrive Themes):

Thrive Architect

The next recommendation is this Thrive Architect. With the usage of this specific software, you can build some high-quality web-pages. In other words, you can go on making professional-looking pages with the use of this sales funnel software.

This is a robust sales funnel that you can try out and marked as one of the best players and best of all page editors.

It allows you to experience total control as well as flexibility while you use it. Also, it is a user-friendly all-in-one solution for you.

This is a budget-friendly option and a worthy option to be considered by you. If you plan to use and avail the whole suite of plugins, then you will be able to enjoy the wide and massive variety of tools at a super and best low price.

This one of the experts recommended sales funnel builders is composed of Conversion-focused elements.

You can use the Page A/B testing feature of it. This is fully-responsive software and remains to stay compatible with different screen sizes.

We think that this software will fully meet your demands. You will see huge conversion rates the minute you use it,

[button href=”https://www.nicktsai.com/thrivethemes/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#0c87e1″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with Thrive Architect Today![/button]

4. GrooveFunnels:


Moving to more of the incredible recommendations and suggestions, we have this GrooveFunnels for you. This is the best sales funnel software that one can try out.

It provides you with a stunning and fantastic array of features. This software has built-in apps and marks itself as a serious competitor.

In this respective and subjected software, new tools and latest features are continually being added and incorporated.

Hence, we can say that this is one of the promising sales funnel builders that you can get for your business. Its suite of products is included and packed with GroovePages and GrooveSell.

You will be allowed to enjoy using GrooveMail, GrooveMember, and too GrooveVideo.

You can make some complex funnels by using these sales funnel software. It is integrated with lots of functionalities and ideal to be used by small businesses.

So, hurry up and try out this suggestion right now!

[button href=”https://www.nicktsai.com/groovefunnels/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#0c87e1″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with GrooveFunnels Today![/button]

5. LeadPages:


If you are looking for some more useful options, then why not try out this software that is named LeadPages.

It allows you to make and develop your very own mobile responsive website. These respective sales funnel software is a simple looking drag and drop editor.

You can collect unlimited leads with the use of it. It is billed and charged $37 monthly and $25 billed annually. In these packages, you will get one website and unlimited landing pages.

Furthermore, you will get pop-ups, alert bars. This package comes with a free custom domain, free hosting, and also Facebook & Instagram ad builder. Users will get weekly group coaching.

If you are tired of using cheap sales funnel software providers, then this is a reliable recommendation for you.

When it comes to their template collection, this is one of the entirely new looking sales funnel builders. This software claims and guarantees to sort out your conversion rates.

[button href=”https://www.magentheme.com/leadpages/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#0c87e1″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with LeadPages Today![/button]

6. ThriveCart:


How about using Thrive Cart! If you are eagerly searching for shopping cart software, then grab this product right now.

This sales funnel software is extremely and immensely feature-rich. Furthermore, it is getting much and more impressive with each pass out the day.

This is marked as a trustworthy, and highly reliable all-in-one sales funnel software that you can choose.

It allows you to add upsells, downsells, and also OTOs right to your customer’s order.

This software is composed of the essential and needed components that you are looking for!

No doubt, this is one of the robust sales funnel builders that is marked and believed to incredibly versatile. It has got lots of integrations and suitable to be used for all kinds of scenarios.

7. SamCart:


This one is an industry-standard shopping cart tool software that has been in popularity and huge demand for years and years. Furthermore, these sales funnel software comes with great functionalities.

It has got these A/B testing capabilities. It manages to give you wide and very in-depth reporting time.

Moreover, with the use of this software, you can enjoy becoming a part of the great and best affiliate-management platform. 

This one is a ‘proper’ sales funnel tool software that can give you an amazing time, If you have got an e-commerce store, then this is an ideal suggestion for you.

Talking about its key features, this software has got bump offers and 1-click upsells. In addition, this software has an A/B testing feature.

This one of the professionals suggested sales funnel builders fully and completely support all of the payment plans. This tool remains to be widely compatible with lots of various integrations.

Like, it can be integrated with any of the email service providers. You can integrate with all sorts of membership site platforms.

If you feel like integrating it with any of the payment gateways and also marketing automation platforms, then you can do that.

[button href=”https://www.magentheme.com/samcart/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#0c87e1″ textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with SamCart Today![/button]

 8. PayKickstart:


You may make your mind to try out this PayKickstart sales funnel software option. This is a premium-quality shopping cart software. It is embedded and injected with a great and best set of templates.

You can say that this sales funnel builder is categorized as one of the excellent affiliate management platforms. It offers you with various options regarding and concerning enjoying flexibility and customization.

This is an undoubtedly useful tool that you can make use of for creating and making funnel. If you want to make 1-click upsells, order bumps, then use this one of the satisfactory sales funnel builders.

Or, if you want to make and develop exit-intent pop-ups, then it is suggested to use this reviewed software.

If you count yourself as one of the medium-level marketers or you include yourself as an advanced marketer, then this one is a highly customizable option available for you. 

We recommend you try it out as PayKickstart might be the best and suitable choice for you. 

Moreover, it supports various and large numbers of payment gateways. This software has 50+ checkout page templates. The best part is that it is infused with Pop-up forms and also embeddable checkout forms.

You can enjoy having a PayKickstart 14-day free trial. You can go on choosing among its three pricing plans.

Also, you are given the option to either pay every month or an annual basis.

9. Instapage:


The list of these sales funnel builder options, it can go on and on. The next suggestion we have for you is this Instapage. This is marked and termed as a landing page builder.

Upon using this sales funnel software, it is promised that you will see a 400% increase and a boost in your conversions. Most importantly, this software is accompanied by these conversion-optimized templates.

The catchy part about this software is that it has use-case based kind of templates. It allows and permits you to enjoy sophisticated A/B testing. 

This one is a great software that you can utilize for your business needs. If your website needs landing pages, then use this software.

Besides, you only have to pay $129 a month. This Landing page builder and one of the best sales funnel builders consists and comprise of 89 templates. It has got immense numbers of integrations, A/B testing.

Heat maps and conversion analytics surround this software option. It has 30,000 unique visitors and further fused with around and about 30 published landing pages.

10. Builderall:


The last suggestion is this Builderall! This is an exciting and useful alternative that is available in the form of sales funnel software.

It is packed and composed of an infinite list of properties and features. You will be amazed by checking out and using its funnel-building capabilities.

This software offers you endless and golden possibilities no matter you are a beginner or you are an advanced marketer.

So, are you ready to try out this Builder all’s ‘canvas’ funnel builder? You should be! This one is a great and highly popular visual tool that is included in this list of sales funnel builders.

It has 20 pre-built sales funnel, and you are free to customize them. You can integrate it with any kind of email marketing software.

So, do try out this real and genuine ‘all-in-one’ marketing solution and share your feedback with us.

The last thing about this exceptional sales funnel software is that it is a reliable built-in Email marketing platform.

It offers you with unlimited membership areas. It is composed of various checkout options.

Sales Funnel Software FAQs:

Sales Funnel Software FAQs

1. What is a funnel building software?

The definition of funnel building software is entirely and pretty much bright.

Sales funnel software refers to those kinds of platforms and resources that assist aid and facilitate online business-owners to automate their business line.

Furthermore, these software options help them in creating assets like that of landing pages and too follow-up emails.

These software options give tools and provide the users with exclusive features so that they can turn out their interested prospects all into paying and regular customers.

2. What are the best sales funnel software?

There are lots of sales funnel software options that are currently available these days. You can have this GetResponse; it is marked as an All-in-one machine.

For agencies’ use and purpose, you can use Kartra.

Furthermore, one can use and avail ClickFunnels for unlimited contacts. You can prefer buying Keap as it offers you plenty of several options.

To get beautiful and stunning templates, you can use Wishpond. Besides, one can go for Thrive Themes and Lead Pages to collect and gather unlimited leads.

3. What are the cheapest sales funnel software tools?

When it comes to the cheapest and budget-friendly sales funnel software tools, there is an immense variety that one can come across!

You can go on having a basic monthly plan that charges and starts from $69/month. Under this pricing category, you can have Kartra, ClickFunnels, and also Thrivecart.

There are their beginner and initial price points.

On the other hand, if you want to see and acquire a lot of traffic, then the price will go a little bit up, and you will be charged with $499/month.

4. How do I map out my sales funnel?

To map out any sales funnel, it is a hassle-free and straightforward job to do so. When it comes to funnel mapping, then what you need to do is to create a diagram or you can go on making a visual representation of your respective sales funnel.

You can use any sales funnel software for this job.

It will be this visual model that will be able to layout all essential aspects and sections of your marketing process.

Before you finalize a sales funnel, make sure that it has traffic sources, landing pages, and other essential elements in it.

5. What’s the best WordPress sales funnel builder?

The best WordPress sales funnel builder tools; they are LeadPages and Active Campaign.

These are powerful sales funnel software options that are meant and designed for your WordPress website.

Moreover, you can use Elementor Pro if you are looking for a sales funnel builder that is injected with the elements of sales funnel functionality.

6. Which sales funnel software and builder do you recommend?

Our recommended sales funnel software tools; they are HubSpot Growth Platform, Wishpond, Leadpages, and ClickFunnels.

Or you can use GetResponse Autofunnel and Kajabi. One can have Karta and Keap. To acquire unlimited leads for your business, it is suggested to go for Leadpages and Landingi.


So, what’s the bottom line?

You have read out all of the details about top-most sales funnel software options.

Now, which one you want to use, you can share your comments with us.

All these recommendations are functional and work straightforwardly. Their detailed processing makes your business transactions more streamlined.

With the use of these sales funnel software versions, we hope that your prospects will turn into regular customers.

Besides, this software will be facilitating your online business proceedings.

You can easily create landing pages and payment gateways by using them.

So, stay tuned with us as more new and useful sales funnel builder options are coming up on this page.