5 Best Autoresponder for ClickFunnels in 2020! (A Complete Review)

Do you know that the best and simplest way of converting your site’s guests into paying customers is via autoresponder automated email marketing mails?

Well, if you don’t already, no worries, in this article I am going to provide you with the top 5 best autoresponders for ClickFunnels. 

With the support of an email autoresponder – you will automatically be able to send emails promptly to your prospects and clients as a business owner so that they are connected to you and continue to buy your products.

An automated email responder, when combined with a strong sales and marketing funnel, can prove to be a great deal.

However, with so many options available, it gets difficult to choose the best one.

For this reason, I bring you this guide that is going to help you know about the 5 best autoresponders that will help you greatly. 

Before I start with autoresponder breakdown, let’s take a look at why you need an autoresponder for your click funnels and what benefits it has to offer you. 

Benefits Of An Autoresponder for Your Clickfunnels


Some people join ClickFunnels, their main objective is to use it for affiliate marketing because they might don’t have a product of their own to sell and I was one of them.

But, you don’t need to have the same reason to join click funnels or this is not the answer to why you need an autoresponder for Click funnels.

Here is a couple of reason according to me that you need an autoresponder:

  1. I don’t think you ‘d need to upgrade to the higher $297 package if you are just starting with sales funnels and marketing. You only need a few pages, funnels and features to run your business online. And no, you don’t need the integrated affiliate hub,  follow-ups funnels, etc. When you will have a look at the pricing table, you yourself will feel that you don’t actually need much as a beginner.
  2. I am sure that not everybody wants to lock or keep a business in one platform, even if ClickFunnels is a single marketing system. It’s very dangerous. I fully agree with that. And you know that all the email contacts that you have gathered from your sales funnel are stored within your ClickFunnels account. This is another explanation why a third-party email service might be integrated into your ClickFunnels.You may get the platinum plan for unlimited funnel fun, which is also quite reasonable. 

Here are some functions of an autoresponder that will give you a better idea and here you will understand the need for an autoresponder for your ClickFunnel

  • With the help of an autoresponder cycle, you can send messages to your clients. To make it a bit interesting and so your clients engage with you, ClickFunnels offer different templates for autoresponder cycle, newsletter or drafts. Moreover, you can even customize your message from scratch.
  • You can shift messages between days of the week with the help of an autoresponder cycle.
  • It is obvious that when you work on a global level, you have to deal with clients from all around the world. So, to adjust with different time zones and keep your workflow consistent, an automated responder is a great help. 
  • You sync your contacts with the autoresponder cycle you have selected. Your contacts can also be exported to another cycle. 
  • It allows you to perform different actions on your messages such as preview, edit or make a duplicate one.
  • With the help of an autoresponder, you can easily keep track of your message status and statistics. Besides, to help you strategize in pursuit to grow more, you can see the number of views, responses etc. 

5 Best Autoresponder for ClickFunnels In 2020

Here are the top 5 best autoresponders for ClickFunnels in 2020!



Actionetics is the automation tool for ClickFunnel, which not only addresses emails alone but also Twilio integrated SMS systems.

It brings automation to a new level with its feature listing that gives you more knowledge about your business, connect with your business, automate your contact with the market, etc.

All the features that make this automated tool a remarkable one. You would already know how amazing Actionetics is if you have used it before.

If you didn’t, then let me tell you that you are missing out a lot of amazing features and facilities. You may remove the trouble of using different tools to interact with Actionetics on your business.

Actionetic is an outstanding autoresponder as mentioned, particularly for those who have their own sales and marketing funnels already ready.

It integrates flawlessly into the platform and can be easily accessed through its user-friendly dashboard. 

Actionetics’ promising feature is its Smart Lists, which you can use to add or delete contacts automatically to a list based on the rules selected.

Contact rules, funnel rules, product rules and email step rules are included in rules that can be integrated.

The best thing about Actioneticsis how it beautifully blends with Clickfunnels as if it is an integrated tool. 



Actiontics service is actually affordable for most out there when it comes to premium service.

You can get it for $97 per month with ClickFunnels.

But you get an entire suite of tools if you choose to upgrade to $297 per month.

This includes Actionetics plus Backpack, the very own affiliate management platform of ClickFunnels.

Moreover, you cannot buy both of these separately because they work complementary to Click Funnels.

When you go with $297 per month, you get the complete suite of ClickFunnels packed in a whole new dimension, with great features to prepare for and assist you.

Personalization and Automation

This not only helps you to build self-respondents and to send emails.

But also lets you incorporate into a suite of resources to personalize the experience that a client or subscriber takes in your funnel on the trip. The key function of Actionetics.

So what exactly do I mean from this? 

Well, now funnels have become intelligent enough because as they make different decisions through your funnel, it sorts them out.

In addition to these, you’ve also got a lot of information to help you develop marketing content that targets customers based on their needs and activities, based.

On their social media preferences, their behaviour on their funnels, their purchases from your funnels etc., etc.

Convert Kit

Convert Kit

ConvertKit is another remarkable auto responder in the list of best ClickFunnels’ autoresponders.

This program offers users an automated email marketing platform similar to most of the ones mentioned here.

ConvertKit ‘s ability to segment emails quickly, while being still a relatively economical solution is one thing.

ConvertKit provides a powerful automation framework for designing, receiving, and automating mail based on your audience’s needs.

This automated email responder is well known among content creators such as Bloggers, YouTubers, and Podcasters.

Bloggers Recently a free ConvertKit plan was introduced, which allows up to 1,000 subscribers to use their landing page feature (when there are drastic limits).

ConvertKit offers its users with a lot of exciting features such as creating their own signup-forms, configuring how the email is presented, and organizing subscribers according to their preference.

Here are some of its key features;

  • Allows simple landing pages and forms.
  • Offers its user automated emails and sends broadcasts.
  • Stylish dashboard for reporting
  • Amazing automation of visuals.

This could be your best investment if you are more into content production then selling a product or providing a service.  



As mentioned about the free plan where you get 1000 free subscribers, however, you get the same number of subscribers if you consider the paid package and there are advantages to it. 

If you consider the paid package of 1000 subscribers, you get access features like visual automation funnels, free migration, reporting and automated sequences. 

You cannot utilize such features on a free plan. 

The package of Convertkit starts from $29 per month where you get a maximum of 1000 subscribers to about $700 per month. 

Who Should Buy a Convert Kit?

As mentioned previously that ConvertKit is a platform ideally suitable for content and blog production.

This is the best platform that people associated with these niches can find.

Since it was launched recently so its popularity is rising every day and you will be listening to its name from everyone who is associated with the work of content or blog production.



AWeber has already been around for quite a while and many bloggers depend on it as an automated email responder.

According to many experts, this is one of the most open tools to use.

It has a simpler campaign builder that allows people to drag and drop pieces so that they are able to construct messages and sequences as they like.

AWeber is a famous service for email marketing that comprises effective autoresponder tools and features.

This is not a sophisticated service because its automation capabilities and other features are pretty basic based on what you need. 

AWeber offers a free trial lasting 30 days in 2016. You must send an e-mail to the support team to cancel the accounting details.

Upon registration, AWeber shows the email address that you will use to cancel, which is good as some software makes you jump through hurdles to find that detail.

The Auto-Responder features have also been extended. The Legacy Followup Messaging feature allows you to give all new subscribers a number of messages. 

“Campaigns” (currently beta) another feature that offers several ways to send self-responders: by day and by date, either by user activity or by marking your database contacts.

You can also stop and pause self-respondents at all times. 

Tracking the campaign tells you how far your subscribers are in your email/campaign follow-up series, and what prompted you to withdraw the most, so you can change them when required.



As compared to other autoresponders mentioned in this article, AWeber is a bit expensive.

It provides you with 500 subscriber fo $19 per month to start with. 

This package includes every feature or facility you need to run your business successfully.

These features include sign-up forms, landing pages, segmenting, templates and analytics. Then, after some time you will be paying $29. 

And if you want to increase to 2500 subscribers you will need to spend on a $49 per month plan.

Why Should You Buy AWeber?

There are many reasons that I can point out why you should consider AWeber!

Here are some of them:

  • AWeber is user-friendly.
  • It provides you with more options in templates as compared to other services mentioned in this article.
  • There are more support choices than any of the main rival items that would be strong based on AWeber’s Stevie customer service awards. 
  • It is reasonably priced — although not the cheapest on this list, it is cheaper than several similar solutions.
  • Integrated landing page builder.
  • AWeber offers AMP for emails, first of its kind service among all the other email marketing tools.  
  • It allows you to monitor who subscribes to your list. 
  • It has strong flexibility to import, with the possibility to import a wide variety of file types and to connect the email addresses directly to the autoresponder process.
  • It also has a few built-in third-party apps and tools.
  • All the available templates for emails are responsive.
  • It offers a 30 days free trial.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign

Next in line in the list of the best autoresponders for Clickfunnels, we have for you is this amazing tool Active Campaign.

In addition to its own CRM, this tool offers marketers a complete solution for email marketing. This CRM system is also known as “Deals”.

It is also important to remember this ‘Deals’ feature that allows you to add notes to contacts, schedule appointments or even to give them direct messages. 

Active Campaign also has the customer messages feature. You can send targeted messages directly to your website users so that the overall customer experience is optimized.

ActiveCampaign is proud of its commitment to helping you create positive relationships with its customers.

The Visual Automation Editor offers a very user-friendly way of allowing organizations to create custom email workflows for them.

The platform, however, does not restrict you only to e-mail activities. Users may also opt to schedule actions, such as sending SMS texts if appropriate.

This is a perfect way to centralize a large portion of your marketing and provide your visitors with a great all-round experience.

Moreover, Active Campaign is actually one of the most powerful automation tools that you get online. It actually allows you to execute what you are thinking about.

 This could get better than this.


The initial plans of Active Campaign start from $15 per month in which you get 500 subscribers per month.

But if you want to enjoy advanced features CRM and lead scoring, you will need to pay 70 per month.

Why You Should Buy Active Campaign?

Now, as you already know about Active Campaign, here are a few more reasons to buy this amazing tools:

  • Active Campaign is not just a powerful automation tool, but also user friendly.
  • It provides you with reports on all areas that includes page visits, clicks maps and geo-tracking. 
  • One of the most responsive and effective tools out there when it comes to the delivery of emails.
  • If you are switching from a different marketing tool, you get free migration of your account from Active Campaign. 
  • Contacts and lists are much simpler and streamlined compared to other instruments as they can organize people into lists using their automation features.’

Get Response

Get Response

Last but not the least in the list of best autoresponders for Clickfunnerls is Get Response.

You will find it easy to learn and use as compared to Active CampaBign and provides you with more oriented features to enhance your marketing experience. 

In getting Response the landing pages are especially important as they belong to Conversion Funnel.

A modern technology that facilitates the generation of roads and can also function as an online shop including the processing of payments.

The implementation of advanced digital promotions based on conditions, such as the position of sales is another feature worth noting.

While automation offers other tools, most are not as powerful or user-friendly.

You will also have access to their webinar feature in higher rates and an integrated CRM-bonuses that you typically don’t see in email marketing platforms.

It was surely sufficient to capture my interest and ultimately my business. 



The basic plan of getting Response is starting from $15 per month. The plus plan will cost you around $49 per month.

While professional is around $99 per month and enterprise plan is almost $1,199 per month.

Why Should You Buy Get Response?

There could be many reasons that make Get Response a great autoresponder for your ClickFunnels.

Some of them are the following:

  • It is also one of the powerful automation tools out there that allows you to add conditions to help manage your subscriber’s list. 
  • It is user-friendly and includes many useful features.
  • With lead generation feature “ Conversion Funner”, it lets you create landing pages and sales funnels for different sections of your business.
  • GetResponse provides tools for you to push further sales if you’re an online shop owner – integration with platforms like Magento and Shopify, abandoned cart promotions, interactive email content ( e.g. buying), and sales monitoring.  You can select from the given plans and take benefit of the features.

Wrapping It Up!

So this was my review of the top 5 best autoresponders for ClickFunnels.

Keep in mind that everything mentioned in this article was my personal experience with these tools.

The only way you can choose the best one for yourself is if you know what your needs are and what you will be doing.

Choose accordingly so that the tools support the type of work you will be doing. Having said that, I come to the end of my review of the 5 best autoresponders.

Thank you for taking out time and reading my article, I hope that you liked my review. You may leave your feedback because I appreciate your comments and look up to it.