5 Day Lead Challenge by Russell Brunson: A Complete Review

In this article, we would be telling you about the 5 days lead challenge by Russell Brunson which would be helping you get instant results for sure. 

By using the techniques that you will be taught, you will get a lot out of the business of yours and you will surely fall in love with the results

If you want to know more about this challenge, just read this complete article as it would be clearing out all your confusion easily. 

The 5 Day Lead Challenge:

Day#1- Unlimited Leads

Unlimited Leads

Indeed it is a very exciting challenge for sure as on the first day of the 5 Day Lead Challenge you will be getting the perfect and high-level strategy that would be used that would be generating leads for you on your demand.

This will surely be showing you the perfect method that would be taking your business to the next level with ease and you’ll be surely getting a lot of benefit from it. 

It is basically the first day of the challenge so you will mostly be getting the lectures and after that, you will be needed to implement the things you are learning.


Day#2- Creating YOur ”OnePager”

Creating YOur ''OnePager''

After you have learned about the customers of yours and the techniques of finding them too, you will then need to build the lead management of yours first. 

You will then just have to build a “One-Pager” for yourself by just simply working on the simple process which you have been taught. 

This “One pager” would be helping you out a lot as it would be more like a magnet so you can easily catch more people without any problem.


Day#3- Your Lead Funnel

Your Lead Funnel

You will need to put the “One pager” into the funnel called “Lead Squeeze Funnel which would then be helping your way out. 

You might be thinking what will this funnel do? So it will just be helping you to convert the customers of yours into the actual leads which are just perfect. 

After that, you will be receiving the different pre-built free ClickFunnels which would be helping you to change the graphics of yours easily.


Day#4- Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)

Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)

Once you will be getting the leads in the funnels of yours, you will;l also be needed to make a relationship with those leads which you have got. 

In this process,  Yara Golden, the guest trainer of yours would be teaching you the simple 6 email follow-up funnel technique which would be helping you to create a relationship with your leads.


Day#5- Launch Your Funnel

Launch Your Funnel

At the end, when everything is going perfect so you will then just be needed to launch the funnels yours and our guest trainer Rachel Miller would be helping you with that. 

You will be getting the tips so you won’t need to get the paid ads at the time of launching your funnels which would be perfect enough. 

Yes, in this way you won’t need to spend money to get the leads and you will easily be building the lost of yours without the paid ads

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Final Verdict!

In the end, we would like to conclude that by getting this 5 day lead challenge, you will be having a lot of benefits for sure as you will be getting instant results for yourself. 

This training session would be helping you out a lot and you will probably benefit from it as the instant results will surely shock you. 

Now if you liked the article or having trouble understanding, so just comment below and we will surely answer your questions. 

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