45 Bad Real Estate Photos Agents Actually Posted

45 Bad Real Estate Photos Agents Actually Posted

While most real estate agents are careful to present the best description and photos of their listings, some simply forget the importance of appearances. Real estate photos are often the first impression of a property, and that impression can either be positive or negative.

We’ve rounded up 45 of the world’s worst real estate photos that agents actually posted online. Some of these photos are laugh-out-loud funny, while others are so bad they’re almost incomprehensible.

From toilets in front of windows to food-covered plates in living rooms, here are 45 of the most hilariously bad real estate photos we could find!

Note: none of these photos are ours, and all are taken from real estate agents’ websites and social media accounts.

Horrible real estate photo

1. Messy rooms

It’s tough enough to keep a room clean, let alone take a great picture of it. But when real estate agents post photos of messy rooms, it can make buyers think that the seller is lazy and neglectful. Keep the room neat before taking a photo!

Messy room

2. Unfavorable angles

Sometimes real estate agents take photos from an angle that leaves the room looking small and cramped. If possible, always photograph a room in a way that makes it look as spacious as possible.

Unfavorable angle

3. Poor lighting

It should go without saying, but make sure the room is well lit before taking photos. Poorly lit photos make a room look dull and unappealing.

Poor lighting

4. Too much stuff

Clutters distracts the viewer from being able to appreciate the features and layout of a room. This photo looks like the seller stuffed a hundred things in one place and called it a day!

Too much stuff

5. Too many filters

Using too many filters on a photo can make it look like you are trying to hide something. Plus, the saturation of the filters can distort the natural colors of a room.

Too many filters

6. Focus issues

An unfocused photo looks sloppy. Make sure to adjust the focus before snapping any shots.

Focus issues

7. Poorly framed photos

Try to avoid adding too much of the floor, ceiling, or walls to your real estate photos. It looks lazy and unprofessional.

Poorly framed photo


We hope this collection of hilariously bad real estate photos reminds agents that photos are the key to a good first impression with potential buyers. Professionally taken photos will help your listing stand out from the rest—and maybe even sell faster!

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