10 Best Magento Themes That You Should Start Using

no matter you are selling on Amazon , doing affiliate marketing or selling solo ads on Clickfunnels, having a great Magento theme will help you boost your business, today I will introduce 10 best Magento themes you should start using

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10 Best Magento Themes That You Should Start Using

Nothing should be stopping you from starting your very own eCommerce business once you take to your advantage any of the favourite Magento themes. We have done all the diligence for you.

Therefore, you’ll be able to begin building at once. These themes are your solution to any problems you may have regarding creating an online shop.

A mixture of a robust platform with incredible design and functionality help you realize even the most complex ideas you have for a webshop.

Whether marketing physical things or providing the digital and downloadable product, you can all do it with Magento themes.


The customization choices of Magento are near to endless. It is not only friendly for the developers but also for the top users, too. Plus, it’s safe to use and ensures the entire security for the consumers.

Moreover, together with its responsiveness, this free content management system is additionally very SEO friendly. Mobiles, tablets, laptops, search engines, your visitors, everyone will love your online store.

The shopping experience you’re getting ready to produce is an unforgettable one what helps you convert the consumers into loyal returning customers.

For all of you who can begin an internet business, below you’ll be able to realize the most well-liked Magento themes. Bear in mind, each theme on the list is full of features and amazing extensions which give you a chance to get as creative as you would like.

The one-of-a-kind eCommerce web site you usually fantasized about isn’t far away from being blasted to the web world any longer. Make it happen.

Check Out These Ten Best Responsive Magento Themes

To help you with the proper choice, these are a number of the most effective Responsive Magento Themes available currently.

The top ten are listed below for your reference.

You can pick any one of the following, or you can try selecting any other if you have a liking towards.

1. Porto


Another great sample of a responsive Magento theme should be Porto. It’s a high-quality theme package, which comprises so many features.

The themes are expressed to be responsive, versatile and might be customized simply for a Magento store of multiple descriptions.

• It comes with numerous customizable options.

• The services are widely available in Magento setting panels.

You can make use of it without even trying to change any of the coding levels. Even supportive developers are available to help.

2. Loftstyle


To help bring customers towards the proper platform, LoftStyle happens to be one of the most popular and best Magento themes to consider right now.

It is well-known to be of a minimalistic style and sleek that helps in showing the merchandise that pops up and not into any flashy internet texture.

• It comprises of the great user experience regardless of what flexible mindset the shopper might possess.

• Moreover, the theme is stated to be mobile and browser compatible and can adjust smoothly in the right instant.

This theme is additionally SEO optimized and prepared to assist individuals purchase whatever the theme has to offer.

3. Ketty


Ketty is understood to be a responsive type of a Magento theme, designed solely for a fashion store.

It is one of the most effective matches of all time if you’re on the lookout for rich functionality and uncluttered style.

It helps in raising the visual presentation of the said product, and the theme is made up of various product badges, videos, and even shows some of the thumbnails for opening products’ gallery pages.

4. Ultimo


Also, referred to as a fluid form of a responsive theme from Magento. Ultimo is a premium and familiar theme which comes with an advanced type of an admin module.

• It comes handy with an entirely responsive theme, which makes it somewhat suitable for any store type.

• It can be SEO optimized and happens to be customizable.

It’s additionally a perfect starter template for multiple projects.

5. Barbour


In Barbour, you’re about to discover a number of the most effective pre-designed layouts for the primary pages.

Moreover, it comprises around 20 or more colour skins, which makes this theme a prominent Magento theme.

There are helpful and friendly customer services available to ensure that you never get into any trouble while using this theme.

Whatever the barriers may well be, you are always going to find the right solutions, for overcoming the issues any time you want.

6. Fastest


Mostly referred to as a multipurpose responsive theme, Fastest is made compatible with some of the most extensive ranges of screen sizes.

• The design can be well-optimized for any size of the Magento stores.

• This is a responsive theme, which makes it excellent for larger online shoppers, who prefer mobile devices over PC for shopping.

It comprises more than ten pre-designed demos. Furthermore, it has pre-built blog extensions for Magento 1 and more.

7. Smarket


In case you’re running an enormous e-commerce platform, then Market is the name to be. It is a part of the Magento Development Services and includes of a classy and responsive theme to get right into the matter.

• You can quickly launch an online fashion website through this theme.

• It is also the ideal place for selling electronic gadgets or a more substantial online marketplace.

It is a multi-purpose theme. Therefore, you’re free to use this theme to its most potential.

8. Outstock


An extensive sample of a Magento theme for the furniture sector, Outstock comprises stunning types of front pages demos.

There are some tweaks in the kit, which consists of professional and minimal demos and they’re six in numbers.

These demos are designed to offer necessities for building that robust and long-lasting initial impression. The theme is often retina-ready and mobile-ready and might be optimized well for search engines.

9. Moza


To give the idea of minimalism at its best, Moza is the right option you can efficiently work on.

It is invariably considered to be a clean, minimal and complicated example of Magento theme, which will follow all the updated web and tech standards.

This platform has been optimized for the best user experience besides working hard with search engines.

  •  Moza happens to be a promising theme, which will present ten pixel-perfect index pages for the quickest launch of your online store.
  •  It is perfect for driving traffic to your page in the most organic manner, not only from social media areas but from Bing, Yahoo and Google too.
  •  It is suitable for store selling products like clothing, shoes, bags, accessories and even handmade items.

The template comprises remarkable forms of admin features, alongside easy management and quick demo data. This platform is the one to assist you to stand out in the crowd and play against norms.

10. TopzStore


If you own a jewellery store, a fashion store, a sport-wear store, and are willing to head online with that, you have TopzStore as the best Magento theme to try your hands on.

This is an excellent example of an advanced multi-purpose theme that you can use for any online store.

  •  The theme has unlimited colour styles.
  •  Video blocks are supported.

Furthermore, the theme has dozens of pre-built extensions that help you to customize your Magento store even better.

ClickFunnels – Best Alternative for Magento


Clickfunnels is different from all other available platforms. Because with Clickfunnels, you already get pre-built, 100% proven-to-convert sales funnels. All you are required from you is add your images and text.

Plus, you also get an email marketing automation tool, a CRM, and an affiliate program creator. All which are complete marketing tools themselves.

With Magento or other software, you’ll have to pay an additional fee for another service to have access to all these features. But with Clickfunnels, all this are embedded together in the box.

Now that you have more knowledge about whats ClickFunnels is capable of doing, let’s talk about the platform a little more in-depth.

To do that, we will talk about how it fares in these two aspects which are Features & Functionality and Value for The Money.

But before we commence, it’s imperative to let you know that none of the software is ‘the perfect choice.’ It all up to you to determine what matters to you.

Ultimately, it’s for you to decide which platform is best for you based on your unique situation.

With all we have said, let now make the comparison!

Functionality and Features

In this section, we’ll discuss the functionality of Clickfunnel – and see why it is the best alternative for Magento.

Pre-Built Sales Funnels:

This is the most notable feature of Clickfunnels. With Magento and other tools, you have to organize and develop several pages of the funnel yourself.

Additionally, A/B test the pages to get the most conversions. But Clickfunnels embeds all the funnel pages in a single package.

For instance, the webinar funnel will include an opt-in form, the landing page, and thank you page. Plus, all the pages are already devised to get the maximum conversions possible.


With Backpack, you can build your affiliate program. So every time someone sells your product or service on your behalf, you get more sales, and they get a commission.

A/B Testing:

Let’s assume you don’t want to make use of the existing funnels and want to create your own. If you do that, you’ll be prompted to split test with different variations of your pages to acquire maximum conversions.

Clickfunnels allows you A/B test and compares the performance of different varieties of your funnel pages.

Etison Suite:

This feature of Clickfunnel has various tools in it you can utilize to automate your funnel. Here are the things you get with Etison Suite:


See the information and activity of individuals in your funnel. View their location, social media profile, email, which funnel they’re in, what product they’ve bought and how much money they spent.

Email Autoresponder:

Create and automate effective email marketing campaigns. Then send them to the various email lists you’ve segmented based on demographics and activity.

Action Funnels:

Automate all your marketing method by automatically sending your customers text messages and emails based on their activities inside your funnel.


Concerning functionality, Clickfunnels is the best alternative to Magento because of the ‘Etison Suite’ and ‘Backpack’ features.

That’s because you get a functioning Email Autoresponder service and CRM in addition to the sales funnel builder.

Value For The Money

Now that we are more familiar with ClickFunnels’ features, why do we think ClickFunnels is the best alternative? Does it give the best value for the money?

Yes, Clickfunnels gives the best value for money.

The main reason why is because, with Magento and other applications, you only get tools to create a funnel that captures leads. But even here, you have to build your sales funnel yourself.

Clickfunnels lets you have pre-built sales funnels to get you started. Building a funnel is just the stepping stone.

How will you forward emails to those leads? Where will you store them?

There are no such things like this in Magento. You must subscribe to a third-party email marketing service and CRM software. Both of these apps start at an average of $40/month and might be even free to get you started.

But as you acquire more subscribers, the cost of these services might rise to over $350/month and maybe more, depending on how many audiences and leads you have been able to acquire.

This integrated with your landing page tool, i.e., Magento can add up to a cost of $550/month.

Plus, you’ll have to set up each of these applications yourself, which takes time and effort.

But with Clickfunnels, you only pay $297/month, and you get all the features. It is unlimited forever, which is why ClickFunnels is the best sales funnel tool if you’re starting your online business.

Final Verdict!

I hope you feel more than excited by these beautiful templates.

However, you’ll be even more excited as I should tell you that all of them come with 24/7 Live Support. So, whenever you run into difficulty, you’ll be able to contact a Support Operator and acquire their qualified recommendation.

And that brings us to an end. I hope you have enjoyed the list of Magento themes and also the best alternative for these Magento themes. Have I missed your favourite one?

If you have tried out one or a lot of themes out of this list, I would love to hear your opinions. Also, please share your recommendations for where to find the best themes and Templates for Magento.

Feel free to share your thoughts through the comments section below!

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